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Jessica ryan will get an a plus next class pornstars hardcore
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As Lynn pulled into her parking spot in front of her house, she reflected on what just happened to her. Roger was a true man, even though he was half her age, he knew how to get the sexual animal out of her.

The taste of his big juicy cock still remained in her mouth. His dried cum was caked on her skin and it made her feel so bad but in a good way. Roger has brought out the inner slut in me, and I need that, Lynn thought to herself. Before she got out of the car, she programmed Roger's cell phone number into her contacts.

As Roger instructed her, Lynn saved his number as Owner. As Lynn typed it in her pussy started to get moist again. After she finished bringing in the laundry. Lynn walked upstairs to the bedroom to change into a pair of shorts. As she walked in, Pete was standing there naked just out of the shower. She said rather annoyed, "thanks for the help today with the clothes" shaking her head. Pete said " sorry babe".

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He walked over to her naked still to give her a kiss. Lynn couldn't help comparing Pete's out of shape body and small cock to Roger. She loved Peter but didn't lust after him ever. He was a good provider to her and their two kids. Lynn kissed him back, little did Peter know, those lips were wrapped around Roger's big cock about 45 minutes before. Lynn made dinner for the family and was finishing the dishes, when she received a text from Roger.

"Meet me at walmart in an hour slut!". Lynn protested that she couldn't just leave the house out of the blue.


Roger told her " then I'll find someone else to please me". Lynn conceded and said " I will be there sir". Lynn told Peter that she needed to go to the drug store because she felt a migrane coming on. It was 8:15 pm as Lynn entered walmart. Roger texted her that she was to meet him in the sporting goods section. The store was pretty empty at this time of day.

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Lynn spotted Roger talking to a young dark skinned malewho was an employee at the store. They looked like they knew each other. Roger saw Lynn approaching them and said to her rather condescending "you're late. I said an hour didn't I?" Lynn's face turned red as the two young men waited for her response.

Lynn feeling like a teenage girl reponded meekly " sorry sir. It won't happen again." Roger nodded to Lynn with a smirk on his face. Roger turned to the young man "so Devin are we good?" Devin said " yea my brother. No one will be in the back until 10." They shook hands and Roger said "I'll be breaking this one in for awhile".

They both laughed as they looked over Lynn's supple body. "Damn bro, she got a fat ass, I don't know how you do it. I would love to tap that all night." Devin said. Roger took ahold of Lynn's upper arm and led her through the door to the stock room.

As they entered the stock room Roger led Lynn to the wall to the right of the door. Still having a grip on Lynn's bicep, he had her face the wall.

His next move was done very quick and very matter of fact. Roger pulled down her yoga pants and wanked her top off. With one hand he undid Lynn's bra and took it off in a flash. Lynn was in total shock and tried to cover up but Roger overpowered her and told her to put her hands against the wall. Lynn did so without protest. Taking his cell phone out of his pocket, Roger snapped a pic of Lynn completely naked with her hands up against the wall. Her big fat ass was then smacked very hard at least 10 times with rapid fire.

Lynn ass was stinging now but her pussy was heated up from the rough treatment from Roger. "You like that slut!" Roger asked. Lynn unsure what to answer, remained silent. Roger taking this as a challenge delivered ten more hard smacks to Lynn's bare naked mounds! "How about now?? You like this treatment boss?" Roger said sarcastically.

"Yes sir I do." Lynn replied. "Well let me check how much you like it" said Roger as he stood behind her and brought his hand to Lynn's pussy. It was juicing real good now. "Oh yeaa big momma's pussy is liking this treatment. I know how to treat you older white wives! You stay right there while I go get some toys. Don't move!" After a few minutes passed Roger returned with a black leather dog collar, a matching black leash, a pair of fleece short shorts with "hot stuff" stamped on the rear and a purple top with a vneck, the kind popular with teenage girls.


He dropped the stack of clothes at her feet and held onto the collar and leash. He then walked out into the store and in a a minutes came back into the stock room followed by Devin. Lynn still standing against the wall completely naked. Devin eyes almost popped out of his head seeing Lynn's supple nude sexy body. "Roger brother, you have outdone yourself. Look at all of that white ass and nice big breast my man." Devin said.

"One day I'll show you how its done my brother. but these things on the floor and the collar and leash will be paid for by my slut when we leave." Roger responded. Devin nodded and went back to work. Alone again, Roger told Lynn to turn around to face him. He looked at big perfectly proportioned breast and nipples.

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He reached out and caressed her left tit and twirled his finger around her erect nipple. He backed her up against the wall and continued to massage her breast as he took him free hand and ran it down her tummy until he reached her drenched pussy.

Roger inserted his finger into Lynn's hot wet box taking another finger to play with her swollen clit. Lynn started to moan, her breathing was becoming rapid as Roger continued to play with her. "How does it feel to be controlled like a slave? I can feel how hot it makes your pussy? " Lynn barely able to speak from her worked up state, blurted out "I love it sir. Omg I'm gonna cum soon." Roger instantly withdrew his hands from Lynn and told her "not yet slut.

I'll let you cum when I want you too. Not when you feel like it. Now put those clothes on that you are buying". "Please let me cum sir! I have to get back home quick. My husband will wonder what's taking me so long!" Lynn pleaded. Roger forced her to turn around and told her to get her tits against the wall. "I'm gonna turn that white ass red now for speakin out of turn." He grabbed a handful of Lynn's brunette locks and slapped her fat ass over and over, switching from cheek to cheek like a pro.

"Now get those clothes on now. Call that pussy and tell him you ran into you friend Tina and you are gonna have a cup of coffee over her house." Lynn nodded obediently and got dressed. The fleece shorts Roger picked out were way too short. The whole bottom half of Lynn's big ass was exposed and the purple tee plunged way too low and didn't hide her 38dd's at all, especially without a bra.

Roger looked at her and liked what he saw. He is going to enjoy himself with this one he thought to himself. He told her to look up as he fastened the leather collar around her neck. "Call him now!" Roger said handing Lynn her purse. "But get on your knees." He told her.

Lynn got down on her knees in front of Roger. As she took her cell out of her purse, Roger slid down his shorts and started to wank his huge cock inches from Lynn's face. Lynn opened her month and took it in like a starved whore. "Now dial your husband" Lynn raised the cell and dailed as she continued to swallow Roger's thick meat. After a few rings, Pete answered, Roger could hear Pete on the other end saying hello repeatedly as he got sucked by his wife.

He took his rigid cock out of Lynn's mouth and motioned for het to speak. She told Peter that she was going for coffee with Tina and would be home later.

Roger had a long bead of precum oozing out and Lynn gobbled it up as she hung up the phone. "That's a little treat for you. Now stand up." We are going for a walk." It was now 9pm and as Roger and Lynn exited the stock room there were still a good amount of people in the store. Roger took Lynn down each aisle making sure whoever was in the store saw how his new married cocksucker looked in her new clothes. He walked a few steps behind her to get a good view of her big ass swaying back and forth in her short shorts and to also see how the other shoppers responded to her outfit.

He handed her the tags for the clothes she had on before they left the stock room and told her to walk down every aisle until she reached the register. Roger noticed that he wasn't the only person walking behind Lynn. There were at least ten guys that were also checking out his ex bosses assets! As Lynn entered the last asile before the register, Roger caught up to her and grabbed her and made her turn around to see the following she attracted with that outfit. He reached out and picked up the bottom of her shirt and lifted it, her heavy tits popped out.

Roger slapped both meaty breasts and pulled the shirt back down. The group of guys loved it and wanted more but Roger said "be here next week at this time and you'll see more of my pet." As they walked toward the cashier Lynn was completely embarrassed but her pussy was so wet that a wet spot from her juices showed through her tight shorts.

They were third in line to pay, Lynn felt like everyone was staring at her and that made her feel so naughty. Her face was flush red and her legs were weak. Roger directly behind her now, moved closer so that his cock nestled between her ass cheeks through their clothes. Though flaccid he made his cock twitch a few times which drove a tingling through her ass all the way to her flooded pussy. As the cashier rang up Lynn's order she noticed a smirk on the young woman's face.

She then realized it was Liz, a girl her son dated for a week or so last year. Lynn couldn't stand her. Liz was eighteen and although about forty pounds heavy by today's standards, she was very sexy herself. She dumped Peter Jr.

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for an older guy. She broke his young heart and Lynn remembered that. But now she was dressed like a teenage slut in public in front of the girl that broke her son's heart.

Now Lynn felt like white trash. "Hi Mrs. Sullivan. Your out pretty late tonight huh?? Nice choice in clothes." Liz snickered and laughed to herself. "Oh hi Roger!" Liz said with excitement. "What bring you here?" " Hi baby. Just working on a special project." then turning his eyes to Lynn. They both laughed as Liz handed Lynn her receipt. As Lynn and Roger turned walked towards the back of the store, Liz said " Mrs Sullivan open wide!" They spotted Devin on their way back to the stock room, "yo Roger, only a half hour until the inventory people come in man." Roger nodded as they disappeared into the stock room.

Roger wasted no time. He connected the leash the Lynn's collar and quickly tore off her top and shorts. With his married pet collared and leachec he walked her to the far corner of the stockroom where the employee lockers and breakroom were located.

There was a love seat in the room and a few tables and chairs. Roger took off his clothes and told Lynn to get on her knees. He stood there looking like a greek god, his caramel complexion really made his muscles stand out more.

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Lynn was practically drooling looking up at this young dominant hunk. His washboard abs and defined obliques led down to a juicy thick light brown cock that Lynn's pussy was aching for. "Do you like how I walked you around the store in that unfit?" Roger asked, looking down at her. Lynn responded that she did. "Does it make your fat pussy drip being controlled? Being treated like a piece of meat for my pleasure? Show me how wet I made you." Lynn took her hand and stroked her pussy and showed Roger her juices left on her hand.

"Now rub it on my cock and suck it off of it slut!" She eagerly worked her sticky fluid on his big tool. Lynn then started downing Roger's fully erect cock. Sucking like it was her last supper, making alot of noise and moaning while working his big dick.

It made her pussy flood more. Roger could see a few drops from her pussy hit the floor directly between her legs. He told her to get more on his cock and feed herself again. This went on for at least five minutes. Each time more fluid was produced. Roger led Lynn over to the couch by the leash, making Lynn crawl on all fours like a dog. Her big ass swaying side to side as she did. Roger got to work quickly making sure Lynn was bent over the couch with her ass propped up, he got behind her and ran his hard cock all over her fleshy fat white ass.

seeing her dripping pussy before him, he ran the head of his cock along her pouty lips. "How much do you want this he asked her".


Lynn responded quickly by saying "oh please sir I need a good fucking. I need your hard cock inside of me right now please sir please give it to me. I need to feel what a real cock feels like in my pussy". Roger parted her lips with the huge mushroom head of his cock. Instantly felt lynn pussy clamp down his manhood. He liked the tight feel of her and slowly pushed further into her hot wet snatch. Lynn moaned with delight as slowly opened her up. He was now a good six inches in her and still had more to give.

Roger pulled out and entered her again with the same pace he did before but he pushed further in this time. "Who owns this fat pussy now?" Roger asked as he dug deeper into her box. Lynn hardly could even speak now with Rogers cock hitting places in her that she never felt before. He grabbed a handful of her hair and slapped her right ass cheek and started long stroking in and out of her. " I said who owns your pussy!" he asked again.

"Ohhhh my goood sir. You own my pussy. Please do what you want to me. Just please keep feeding me that big dick sir.

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You have turned me into a junkie for your cock. I can't help myself." Lynn said. Roger really started to pound her pussy good and hard, he held onto her shoulders for extra control as he continued his all out assault on his married whore.

Her big tits were swinging as she felt her pussy starting to cum. Lynn couldn't contain her moaning as the sounds of fucking echoed loudly in the breakroom.

Roger feeling Lynn's pussy spasm on his rigid cock as her orgasm reached its peak. As Lynn continue to cum the door for the break room opened and Liz came walking through. "Oh what do we have here." Liz said smiling. "We have mommy getting fucked properly for the first time in her life baby! Isn't that right slut?"Roger asked " ohhhhh yeaaaa sir. I'm cumming again!! Ahhhhhh" oh fuck that's good sir.

Sooo fuckin good!" Lynn said, she was in total heat and didn't care that Liz was watching her getting pounded. "Damn Roger you are really dogging her! Fuck. you have my pussy on fire too now! I need to get off! We have ten minutes until this place is full of people." Liz stripped her clothes off and walked over to Roger and Lynn. She got on her knees besides Roger and watched his cock stuff Lynn's pussy over and over.

Liz and Roger started making out as he kept giving it to Lynn. "Baby I'm getting jealous, let me have a taste please? Liz said. Roger pulled his cock out of Lynn's pussy and let Liz suck on his massive cock covered in Lynn's juices. "Mmmmmm honey. She has a sweet cunt. Good choice!" Roger rammed his dick back into Lynn's pussy.

" baby let her lick you as I finish her off." Roger said. Liz pulled up by the leash and sat down on the couch in front of her and spread her legs so her pussy was right in Lynn's face. She grabbed Lynn by her hair and mashed her face into her shaved young pussy.

Lynn began to pull away in protest when Roger said " you better lick my girl's pussy or no more cock for you fatass!" Lynn hated Liz but loved the way Roger's cock was feeling in her pussy so she obeyed Roger's order and started going down on Liz. Even though she despised this girl, it made her even more excited being used by both of them. "Oh Roger she is gonna make me cum soon.

She is a good pussy licker baby. She should teach her son because he doesn't know how to eat pussy at all. Plus his cock is tiny." " I guess like father, like son." Roger said. Lynn couldn't believe what was being said, but she couldn't believe how much it turned her on even more! Her third orgasm erupted, stronger than the first two.

The contractions from her pussy were too much for Roger to handle, causing him to explode into Lynn. He unloaded spurt after spurt deep into her womb. Liz came all over Lynn's face, squirting her juices in her ex boyfriends mother face. To be continued.