Gruppen Sex Mit Reifen Frauen

Gruppen Sex Mit Reifen Frauen
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I was 13 and my sister was 10. Because of her age my parents insisted we have a baby sitter when they went out. Usually it was a woman from the next street. One night she couldn't come so she arranged for another woman to come and she turned out to be a 16yo girl. I had seen her about and she always seemed to hang about boys. She had red hair and freckles.

On the second night she sat us I went to the bathroom and she was there before me sitting on the toilet and seemed to be rubbing her vagina. When she saw me she got a bit cranky with me and accused me of perving on her. I said I wasn't I just was going to have a pee. She stayed where she was and said let me see it. I said no that's rude I am not allowed to let girls see my willy, only my sister when we have a bath together. She talked to me for a bit and as she did she slipped herself forward on the toilet seat and I could see her vagina all covered in red hair.

I had never seen a girl with hair there before my sister doesn't have any there. I must have been staring at her there because she realised I was looking at her there and not her face when I spoke to her. She said do you like the look of that do you. I said I have never seen a girl undressed and I never knew you had hair there. She said how about your mother. Havnt you seen her. I said yes but she doesn't have any there. Well well she said now that is interesting. How about I clean myself up and we go and do some investigating.

I said what do you mean. She said have your pee and then I will see you in your bedroom.

I hadn't really noticed but my cock was a almost hard and I hadn't realised. I learned to masturbate a year or so before and I masturbated it a bit sometimes because it felt good.

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Some of the older boys do it in the locker room and sometimes have races to see who can cum first. I had seen the guys doing it there and did it to myself when I got home but mine didn't spurt. I had the feeling but nothing came out. One day I got game and asked one of the boys who did it to himself on his own and he did it to make it spurt and show me.

A few days later he told me why I couldn't spurt I hadn't got to puberty yet so I read up about puberty on the internet and found out it would happen soon I hoped. When I got to my bedroom she was there but she had taken all her clothes off and she was in the nude. I had never seen a girl nude before I had seen my mother a few times but she is older and bigger. I had seen her titties and where my Dad puts his willy in her to make babies I knew that much.

The kids at school called it fucking. I was a bit shocked and she said don't worry I just want to show you a few things. Now you take of your pyjamas and we can both see each other. By now my cock was really hard. I was a bit reluctant but she talked to me and it soon felt nice talking about sex and I was getting good feelings and touching my cock.

I listened to her telling me about some boys she had sex with and asked her a few questions because I wanted to keep her happy I was liking seeing her all naked. While we were talking she looked at my cock and asked me how old I was.

I said 13. She said that is a big cock for a 13yo, Its bigger than the boys who have fucked me and they are 16 or 17, you have a beautiful cock. Can I feel it. I wasn't sure if she should so I said nothing and she came to me and she took my cock in her hand and it felt absolutely amazing, nobody had done that to me when it was hard before and she had nice soft hands and she stroked it a couple of times like I do when I masturbate.

That feel great she said do you like me feeling it. I said yes. Do you masturbate she asked me. I said sometimes. Will you do it for me or can I do it for you then I will show you what I do. I said you want me to pull it. She said yes or I can for you has anybody ever done it for you before. I said no. She said hop up on the bed and I will do it and see what you are like when you cum. I love watching boys cum and spurt.

I let them do it on my titties sometimes. I said I cant spurt yet. She said well maybe I can just see you cum boys like it when I make them cum. I said nothing and let her play with my cock and stroke it. She said are you sure you don't cum. I said positive. She didn't say anything and just stroked me for a while then I saw her get down close to my cock to look closer and she said you are certain you don't cum.

I said positive I have never cum only have that feeling and go all weak and stuff but nothing comes out. I have seen the guys in the locker room spurt it out but I don't. Then without a word she put her mouth over my cock and began to suck it. It gave me the most wonderful sensation I have ever had. She sucked me for a few minutes and I said its cumming the feeling is coming.

I looked down at her sucking my cock and with it in her mouth and her tits swinging a bit as she sucked it. She kept sucking and then I had my orgasm, I had this amazing sensation just like I normally do but the fact she was doing it for me with her mouth made it feel a 100 times better.

Ohhhh God I said OOohhh God & I jerked each time and she kept sucking It was the most amazing sensation I have ever had. I must have jerked about 10 times as she sucked and the top of my cock was so sensitive. After a minute when I stopped jerking she stopped and said how was that. I was all out of breath it was so amazingly good.

I said that was amazing. Where did you learn to do that. She said some of my boyfriends like me doing it too but I hate it when they cum and it goes in my mouth. I love it better with you because you don't spurt. She said I am glad you like it. I said it was amazing. Then I said can I suck your titties they look lovely and I have never sucked a titty before. She said ok but they don't have milk in them. I said that's ok, I just want to see what its like to have the nipple in my mouth.

She came up to me and I held one and sucked it.

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After a couple of minutes she said now suck the other one and she seemed to be liking it. After a while she said can you kiss. I said I have never kissed a girl like they do in the movies. Good she said I can teach you the right way and she explained what we were going to do.

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To cut a long story short she taught me to French kiss and I liked the feeling and she rubbed her body against me and that made it feel better. After about 10 minutes I really liked it and she told me I learned fast and I wasn't bad.


It took a bit of getting used to putting your tongue in her mouth and having her tongue in yours but it made me fel really good and my cock got hard and stayed hard while ever we kissed. She let me feel her titties while we kissed and that was great.

Then she said would you like to look at my pussy. I said if you like I have never seen one with hair on it before. She said I am special very few girls have red hair on it. Mostly its black.

She sat down and opened her legs and used her fingers to spread her slit open wider for me to see it. She was all pink and wet in side.

I was fascinated. She explained what each bit was and told me the right names and the wrong names like her vagina was a cunt as well. She pointed out and showed me her clitoris or clit as she called it and explained that's what makes girls cum and what they rub when they masturbate. The she rubbed it herself and then got me to rub it and put my fingers in her and she told me how girls like being masturbated but she said that can wait.

There are better things to do first. I was learning so much. While I was looking I could smell her a bit and it was a fascinating smell. I asked her if all girls smelled like her. She laughed and said they do but some are and sometimes the smell is a bit stronger.

Then she said I want you to kiss it and lick it. I didn't hesitate I didn't realise how erotic it was going to be but I soon learned. She told me how and where to lick and suck and slip my fingers into her cunt and where to rub inside her.

After a few minutes I was doing it to her liking and she was enjoying it and not having to tell me what to do. I had learned to do what she liked and she was happy. I kept doing it for about 7 or 8 minutes and she began to moan a little bit and seemed to be really enjoying it more and more.

She told me she was getting close to her orgasm or as she said I was getting ready to cum. Then she explained what was going to happen when she came and what I had to do as she did. She lay back and let me do what I wanted which is what she had told me to do. I loved the feeling of her cunt lips and stuff as I licked and sucked it, it was all soft and moist and she seemed to have stuff coming out of her that I could taste when I licked her.

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It was quite nice after the first minute or two once I got used to the strange taste. The only thing I said when she asked me if I liked it was that her hair was getting in my mouth. She said I will fix that for the next time for you. I hadnt thought about the next time I was enjoying this time. Then she came and I saw a giel cum for the first time. She moaned and bucked and forced her cunt hard against my mouth and I had to work hard to keep licking her cunt as she came as she bounced about a lot.

I had to hold her bum to hang on. She was pulling on her nipples at the same time I noticed. I kept doing it to her until she told me to stop. That was almost a minute after she came and when she told me to stop she seemed to be hurting. After I stopped I said I am sorry if I hurt you. She said I wasn't hurting it was just her clit had become very sensitive and my licking it made it super sensitive and a bit hard to bear, but she was still enjoying me doing it.

She was gasping for breath it had made her all out of breath like me. When she calmed down I asked her and she said that is normal and boys have the same feeling sometimes.

I could remember I was a bit like that when she sucked me but not as bad as her. She told me to cuddle her and we both lay there and cuddled and I played with her titties and she loved me doing that. We kissed some more to and that made me all worked up again and it must have done the same thing for her because she said now you are going to do something that you can only do once and you will remember it for ever.

I though getting sucked was the best thing I had ever done so far - I was fascinated. Then she said I want you to fuck me.

I couldn't believe it, she is 16 or 17 and I am 13 and she wanted me to fuck her. I hadnt even given it a thought I was happy with all the kissing and sucking. Then she told me what we were going to do and how I was to do it.

She lay back and put her legs up and I got between than and she said now just put your cock into my cunt. I looked down and her cunt looked magnificent, All her red hair looked lovely and her slit was nice and pink and a bit wet, Then she opened her legs and the lips of it opened a bit and I could see her clit and everything.

I shuddered with anticipation. I got hold of my cock and put it at the opening and then pushed down and I could feel it going in. The sensation was something I could never have imagined as it felt awesome as it went further and further into her As it went in I could feel it all warm and wet and tight around my cock as it went deeper into her.

I have never ever imagined what it would be like but this was even better than being sucked. It felt amazing as I pushed my cock into her and she must have liked it too as she gave a little moan like she was enjoying it. I got it all the way in up to where my balls started. I said how many boys have done this to you. She said two and you are the third - and the best. I really like the feeling of you in me it feels great. Your cock is the biggest one to go into me.

I was now right inside her and she told me to stop and just let her feel my cock inside her. I lay on top of her and we stayed like that for about three or four minutes. I could feel her tits all squashy between us as I lay on her and kissed her.

She was telling me how good it felt and how big I felt inside her. She could feel my cock right up inside her and the tight feeling of her cunt lips holding me in. I said I could feel it right up in her too and it felt great all warm and wet and how I could feel her cunt holding my cock in to her all the way up.

I have never felt so good ever.

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She said you are no a virgin boy any more you have lost your virginity to me you will remember me for the rest of your life and what we are feeling now for ever. I felt good - she is older than me and more experienced but she liked what we were doing.

Then she said ok now we are going to fuck and I had a pretty good idea of what I had to do. The only problem I had was I pulled my cock out a few times but it went straight back in and she giggled a bit when we were doing it. As I was fucking her we talked about it and she then started to tell me about how wrong it was and I must never tell anybody about what we were doing. She said I must never ever do anything like this to my sister. I wanted to tell the world I was so proud of myself.

Any how we fucked for ages and she changed position a couple of times and I did it to her from the back. I thought she wanted me to put my cock in her ass but I could see her cunt and that's where she wanted me to put it. After that she got on top of me every time it felt so good. She loved being on top of me and she said it will be great not having to worry about me making a baby in her as I couldn't cum yet.

The two times she has done it before she said the boy had to wear a condom so when he came it stayed in the condom and didn't get her pregnant. She said it was the first time she had done it without a condom. We had the most wonderful time together fucking and kissing and playing with her tits. I was enjoying it so much and it seems so was she. She said she couldn't believe she could be fucking with me and it being so good as I was 4 years younger than her but my cock was as good as the older boys.

Eventually she got back on top of me we changed positions quite a few times because we both were having so much fun. Then she said she was going to get herself to cum, she said she can always do it better on top.

She told me it wouldn't matter if I came first but I had to keep my cock in her until she came if I did. Then she said we have to do it faster and harder and she really bounced up and down on me and we really made the bed squeak.

Then she said quick get on top and we rolled over and said harder harder harder go faster faster and I did exactly what she said. It was even making me feel really good and I know it was for her as she moaned every time I got my cock in all the way before pulling it back. Then we both came at the same time and we were so noisy I have never ever felt like that before, I was grunting and groaning as I could feel this amazing sensation as my cock slid up and down inside hr cunt. It was the most amazing feeling and she was feeling the same as me.

She was making noises and rubbing our cunt and cock together and lifting her bum off the bed to force her cunt onto my cock to get the best feeling on her clit she said later.

After we had both had enough I rolled off her and we lay there gasping for breath. It felt absolutely magnificent.


After we had both recovered we told each other how much we enjoyed it and she said we are going to have to do that again. I don't know how but I am going to have to work out something. Maybe at my place after school, that was the best time I have ever had.

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You are he best fuck I have ever had she said, I want to do that again with you and soon. God I have never enjoyed sex like that before ever. After that we both went to the bathroom hand in hand and we washed ourselves. When we went back into my bedroom to get dressed she said shit open a window or something it stinks of sex your parents will smell the sex if they come home soon.

I could smell it too it was really strong. She said we will have to be careful when we do it again to make sure we don't leave a smell for them to know what we have been doing. I hadn't realised at the time we were making the smell she said it was all the sweat and her cunt and cum smells. By the time my parents came home we were both a bit sleepy and had a DVD on. They didn't realise that we had been having the best time of our lives having sex together and she left and I went up to bed.

Fortunately the smell had gone but I could still smell her and our sex smell on the sheets, I sniffed her smell in remembering the wonderful time we had together. A couple of days later she was waiting for me in the street when I was coming home from school.

She said you have to come to my place I cant go any longer without it we have to do it again. I said I will run home and get my bike and ride to her place which is only a couple of blocks from my place.

When I got to her place she was already undressed and met me at the door and we kissed and we felt each other all over and we went to her bedroom and I undressed and we did everything we did the night at my place only it was better - I knew what to do and I could not erase the memory of our few hours of sex together.

We kissed and sucked and fucked for two hours before her parents came home. One thing she had done this time was to shave some of her red hair away from around her cunt which made it better for me to suck her.

She had kept it in a plastic bag for me to keep to remember her. There was quite a bit of it as she had cut off a lot. I told her how good it was and she said next time I can do it for her and we can both have some fun. We also had to be careful about the sex smell there too but its like honey to a bee to me I love the smell and what we do to make it.

That was six months ago everything was going well for about two months and we were fucking two or three times a week we couldn't stop ourselves and we would sneak away at weekends into the bushland nearby and do it in the open- it has a different feel when you are in the nude and doing it in the open air.

Her nipples stay hard all the time then too. After those two months we were fucking and sucking and fingering like we always do and I came for the first time and spurted cum. Ironically she was sucking me and I actually came into her mouth and it was a shock to her she wasn't expecting it and neither was I. When I came it spurted into her mouth and she didn't realise for a few seconds what had happened she got off me and said Yuk that's tastes like shit.

It felt a bit different for me but when I came it always felt good but I had never spurted before. Evidently it took hr by surprise and had never had a boy cum in her mouth before.

She said she didn't know whether to spit it out or swallow it, but she swallowed it and after that we talked about it and what it tasted like. Then I did it by hand to myself to see if I could do it again. I did and this time we both watched it spurt and we put it in a saucer to look at it. We were both fascinated. I actually tasted some on my finger.

She said I should to see what it tasted like as she didn't like it much. Then she tasted it again on her finger to see if it was the same the second time as it was for the first time. She said it was but she didn't really like it and neither did I actually. Then we both realised then when I fucked her in future I would cum in her and she would have a baby. We talked about what we could do and from then on and for a few days afterwards every time I fucked her I pulled my cock out of her and wanked it off to finish each time.

I found out how to get some condoms and we used those a few times. Then she heard of one of the girls at school who had a sister, and worked in a pharmacy. She got her birth control pills and she started to use them and from then on most of the time I fucked her. After I came inside her she was a bit messy. She still wanted me to suck her cunt so I had to get used to the taste of her cunt after I had cum in her because we both loved sucking on each other a lot.

I tried wanking at home and drinking some but I often couldn't swallow it after I had cum. Then I learned if I lay with my legs up I could get a lot into my mouth when I came and that was better it didn't taste any better but I could do it. I soon got used to it and we were virtually back to normal sucking each other before and after I had cum in her a few days later. A few people talked about us as we went out a few times together her with a 13 yo boy friend was not seen as being normal.

It didn't bother us because we had learned we liked each other so much and we fucked each other so well we couldnt bear to be apart for long and neither of us wanted to go out with another boy or girl.

We were together for most a year when her father got moved and she left me. I think it had something to do with the fact her mother had realised we were having sex together. Her mother told her to stop but we wouldn't. Then her parents tried to break us up but we wouldn't.

Then my girlfriend told her mother she would have a baby with me. That stopped her trying to break us up, but then they decided to move away. Her mother never said anything to me but I got some very funny looks from her. Her father never said anything to me but he winked at me a couple of times, so I knew he knew what we were doing together. I will never forget my red headed lover.

Over the year she kept shaving her hair off and giving it to me. By the time she left she only had a strip of hair on her cunt and I had a bag full of it. We both shaved her and made different shapes in her red hair. It was good fun. She always looked beautiful no matter what shape she had.

She even shaved all the hair around my cock and off my balls once but neither of us liked the look of it. Neither of us liked hers all shaved off either. We did once and she grew it back but we always kept her hair short and shaped. We tried to work out one day how many times we had fucked each other and it was over a hundred.

My cock was spurting cum almost every day if not in her then when I masturbated. After she left I was heartbroken I had nobody to fuck and I wanked at least twice a day. It took me a few weeks to find another girl but she was younger than me and no where near as good as my 'Red hot beauty' as I used to call her. At first she just let me fuck her so she had a boyfriend. She wouldn't do it as often and didn't like sucking me at first. She rarely came when I fucked her but she did when I sucked her cunt or fingered her.

After a while I got her to get on top of me more often, and she began to cum almost every time she did. Then she wanted to do it more and more. Once more her mother found us in bed and stopped it.


Not long after that I found another girl and she was even more innocent at first. After a couple of times with me she became more interested and realised how good sex can be. I was back to fucking her three or four times a week doing everything my red hair flaming beauty had taught me.

We are still doing it.

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