Frau fickt mit fremden Fremden im Hotel

Frau fickt mit fremden Fremden im Hotel
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These are my writings.please respect that and give credit where credit is due. Johncrinshaw1 Sara is such a wonderful grade A student. Known as a joy in high school, she was the envy of many students as well as teachers. Many tried to persuade her to give herself to them but having never needed a favor to pass a class, it never happened. She was usually the one found tutoring her classmates or serving as assistant teacher.

With beautiful hair and stormy eyes, her amazing curves in all the right places always teased and tantalized. As an exceptional student, she has always received a 4.0 through her academic career. Her first year of college was a breeze and studying became more and more mundane for her. During the second semester of her sophomore year, Sara went to register for a poetry class she has always wanted to take. Two teachers are available during that semester and she picked the one that she has heard is a challenging thinker but easy "A" when it comes to course load.

He is still a good teacher, but his social life is a priority and he has never wanted to spend a lot of time grading tests or papers. Unfortunately for Sara, that class is full beyond capacity so she is forced to take a class from Professor Terrell. He has a known reputation for being a by the book professor who loves the subject and requires a lot from his students, no grading on the curve.

Superficial thinking and short essay answers is a known killer to students who hope for a good grade. The first day of class is the usual syllabus and policy discourse. Completely comfortable in her element, Sara turns her attention to the professor's appearance. At 5'10 and 170 lbs.

he makes quite the attractive dark haired man that many women fantasize about bedding with. While not completely athletic in build, he stands as more of a construction worker type.

Sara is fascinated by the class material but finds it is moving too slowly and soon becomes bored. As the days go by, Sara finds herself quietly teasing him with low cut shirts or tight fitting jeans. It gives her heart a shudder and her pussy a throb every time she catches him walking past her desk and seeing him linger his gaze over her curves.

Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence. She begins to find excuses to bend over when he is near, a drop of her pencil, or a low bend over his desk when asking a question. Unknown to her, Professor Terrell noticed this pretty student from the first day.

He never let on, but would often enjoy the quick peak down her low cut shirt which revealed ample cleavage disappearing into a C-cup lacy bra. On one rare occasion, there was a hint of color as part of an areola peaked out from the edge of lace. He never missed a chance to catch an unnoticed glimpse of her lovely ass from the back of the class as Sara bent over to pick up a dropped book. After class, he would disappear into his office, his thought usually on one student in particular.this tantalizing morsel that is starting to really bother him.

Knowing nothing would ever happen, Sara enjoyed the game she was playing a little too much. Regrettably, on a warm spring day, Sara received a notice that she had missed two classes too many and with finals fast approaching her status in the class was in jeopardy. With no way to make up for the two unexcused absences she would be facing an incomplete on her transcript that would void her scholarship.

The only option would be to try to reason with Professor Terrell, which was known by all on campus to be a futile effort. Two days after receiving the notice, she quietly knocked on his office door.

He politely listened to her pleas but was unwilling to lift his policy, which was explained on the syllabus from day one.


Defeated, she left his office feeling betrayed, frustrated, and alone. A day later, she received an email from Professor Terrell, telling her to stop by during normal office hours. Deciding to wear her favorite clothes, which always make her feel a bit more sexy than usual, (a burgundy color low cut shirt that shows off her ample titties…and a pair of flair jeans which cup her nicely round ass cheeks and accentuates her luscious legs, she knocks on the office door.

A surprising discussion extends and Sara is both worried and excited about what is to come. An agreement has been reached for extra credit that would allow a passing grade for the poetry class and a validation for her scholarship. Three days later, Sara finds the house she was given the address too.

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Having been instructed to show up promptly at 8:30 pm wearing that same favorite outfit she knocks on the door. Enveloped in a smokers robe, Professor Terrell opens the door, holding a drink in his hand. Sara steps across the threshold knowing that there is no turning back now and finding a tingling deep inside at the thought.

Offered a drink, she accepts and is instructed to sit on the chair in the center of the room. Her senses at their highest, she smells the scents of Nautica cologne mixed with deep woods pine and sees an accent light shining directly on her.

Her ears pick up on the soft mood music playing in the other room. Turning her attention to the Professor, she notices a deep desiring look in his eye that both shocks and entices her.

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Polite conversation is attempted for a few minutes, but it is strained with his sexual desire and her wonderment. Not being able to take anymore of the view, the Professor makes his disappointment of her unexcused absences known, and explains to Sara what is expected. The music is turned up louder and Sara rises from her chair while the Professor sits down in it making a go on gesture.


She begins to dance, slowly and sensually. Knowing that each moment will bring her closer to complete nakedness and an eventual pounding worth remembering, Sara begins to seductively pull her shirt up…inch by inch showing her white bra. Finally flinging the shirt over her head and tossing it to the floor, she undoes her fly and tantalizingly slow begins to pull her jeans off.

Dancing in front of Professor Terrell in nothing but her bra and panties, Sara is becoming a part of the music and with every beat she feels the pulsating wetness within of what may come next.

Professor Terrell has let his robe fall open and nothing is underneath but a stiff erection that he slowly starts to rub. After several minutes of swaying to the music, the professor signals for more.

With a deep breath, Sara turns her back to the chair and reaches around to unclasp the bra. Keeping it held in place with her hands she turns back around and lets it slowly fall from her milky white breasts. Her eyes are locked onto the professor and she sees the animalistic desire flicker behind his brown eyes as her nipples immediately harden from the cool air in the room. Shaking and swaying to the beat she hooks her thumbs in her panties and brings them to her ankles, gracefully stepping out of them.

Turning her back to him, she bends over so that she can pull off her socks. She hears the professor command her to reach around and spread her ass cheeks with both hands and she complies with his request. Feeling the cool air in the room surround her now parted pouting pussy lips and tight asshole she feels very exposed and vulnerable.

After several seconds of being watched in that compromising position and baring all, she is told to stand and continue dancing. Completely naked she again realizes that this is making her moist with anticipation and is really quite enjoyable because the part of her that has never done anything like this is finding it very naughty in a good way.


Finally she is signaled to approach the chair. Not knowing what to expect, she dances up to the chair where the professor touches her hips and pulls her onto his lap. Seeing what is expected, she grinds and rides his lap to the music.

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Her first lap dance and she wants to make it the best ever. Being the gentleman that he is, Professor Terrell keeps his hands to his sides and lets her fluid motions flow over him. Her wet pussy glides around his lap until he finally signals her to stop and stand. Leading her to the table, he instructs her to bend over it.

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Taking some rope from the counter, he proceeds to tie her hands to the table legs across the tabletop. He then ties each ankle to the other two legs leaving her bent over the table at the waist with her breast pressed firmly onto the table top. In no time at all her world turns black and her senses heighten even more.

While trying to pear through the blindfold that has been placed over her eyes she hears the professor loud and clear. Not expecting his next statement, she tenses upon hearing it. The professor lectures, "due to your absences for class you are now in my home taking up my precious time, you have been teasing me all semester and now your actions have come full circle.

You need to be punished" and with that, he slaps her left ass cheek, leaving a red handprint. She jumps at the impact and squeals which only makes him smile. Not wanting to really hurt her, he rubs the red print for a few moments and then slaps the other cheek. A yelp emits from Sara's lips as she hears the second slap and then moments later feels the second sting. She hears him tell her that this was the first of five for each cheek. With four more to go, Sara is unsure of what is happening feeling as if she is in a dream.

Smack on the left again followed quickly by a smack on the right brings her back to the reality. Then the soothing rubbing of his hands over her stinging ass soothes her again. She can feel his hard cock poking at her as he presses close. Without warning, smack again on the left, then another to the right.

Three down and two more to go she thinks wondering why he is holding back. She is at his mercy and yet he is not really hurting her, just a slight sting, almost a good hurt. Smack and smack again, followed by more rubbing of the cheeks and poking of his even more hardened cock.

Gasping for breath she a second to compose her self. She feels him rub his hands across her back, down her arms to her fingertips and back. Over and over he feels her soft skin, relishing every inch of it. A slip of his hand and she jumps at the startling sensation of a finger rubbing her moist pussy lips. Her need to be penetrated grows even more as she tries to buck her hips on to his hand but his quick withdrawal leaves her wanting.

With one to go the Professor steps back and again slaps her left cheek with the final spank…then waiting a few tense moments he follows with the right making sure this one counted for it was far harder than the others. He must really be getting worked up she thinks. More rubbing and more teasing of her pussy and he cannot contain himself any longer. He steps up to her entrance and presses his head right to her hole, but hesitates a few moments letting Sara wonder when he will begin or what may happen next.

In one quick fluid motion he sends his stiff cock deep into her pussy. As a gasp emits from Sara and without a moments hesitation he again withdraws all the way and sinks it in deep again. Knowing she should be punished, Sara takes the rougher treatment without hesitation. Feeling him withdraw and plunge back into the recently emptied void is not the most comfortable, but still necessary in order to pass the class.

So she takes it&hellip.over and over she feels him leave and enter until he finally only pulls out to the head. With each passing thrust it becomes apparent that he is going all the way this time. Faster and faster he plunges deep and hard until she can hardly breathe and her feet, tied to the table legs, are nearly lifted off the floor. Then without warning it all stops. He withdraws and begins to rub her back and arms again, a seemingly soothing massage as a thank you for the past treatment.

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Slowly untying the bound limbs he helps her to the chair where he sits down and he pulls her onto him. Her gaping pussy easily finds his cock and she sinks onto his lap impaled to the max. His hands encircle her hips and she is pulled to a rhythm up.down.up.down. His hands leave her hips and begin to massage her titties taking a moment to pinch each nipple in a way that exhorts both pleasure and pain…punishment and justice. Up…down…up…down she goes until finally after an exhausting workout he releases his seed deep into her love channel.

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Holding her tight and bucking he rides the wave of an intense orgasm. Embracing for what seems like hours he holds her until his cock withdraws on its own accord. Sara, exhausted, thinks that the night is over but to her surprise he leads her to the shower where the lights are kept off, and the blindfold is finally removed.

In total blackness they step into the cascading water and he proceeds to wash every centimeter of her flesh not once but twice. His touch is a loving caress; a sincere appreciation is conveyed through his fingertips. It is a wonderful feeling especially on her tender nipples and ass.

Again, Sara thinks that his gentle touch is soothing and his caress is beyond comforting. Just before he finishes his final pass over her body he returns to her tender cheeks and gently rubs them. He presses his hand between her shoulder blades and bends her over at the waist.

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Wanting to feel a virgin hole, he very slowly rubs around her puckered untapped bottom. She is unsure about this invasion but wanting to please the professor and wondering what it would feel like, she allows him to do his will. He pushes a little finger into her puckered untapped bottom&hellip.

carefully until the one finger is in up to the knuckle. He is very slow and cautious as he explores her tender spot and after a short time pulls out and expresses his gratitude for a wonderful evening. Her grade in class is secured and she willingly follows him to the master bedroom where they fall asleep in each others arms exhausted.

The satisfying eventful night is over, but morning is but a few hours away.