Hübsche deutsche blondine macht geile nackt und sexbilder 2 videos

Hübsche deutsche blondine macht geile nackt und sexbilder 2 videos
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Chapter 24 ELENA'S PARTY On the way home Claire stopped at the park. Naked and kneeling with her legs spread, she pissed and masturbated herself to a very satisfying orgasm.

Rather than barely tasting her piss as she had in the past, she cupped her hands and scooped whole handfuls to her lips for her to drink. It reminded her of her sexual experiences today with Sluthole and with Jim and it tasted oddly good; she came quickly and hard, shuddering for long minutes afterwards. In front of her as she masturbated was her slut-abuse porn from her wallet.

Her father was out when she got home, so she got inside without comment on her pissy clothes or her wet pussy. She ran up to the bathroom and had a quick shower, before heading to her bedroom to dress for Elena's party. All her clothes now were sexual - there were no "nice girl" options - but she could at least try to look semi-classy.

She picked a very short red mini-skirt, a belt to go with it, and a loose red top that managed to show both cleavage and side-boob. She thought she looked like a prostitute, but at least an expensive prostitute. She was halfway through picking out panties when she realised that no one had specifically asked her to wear any tonight, and that therefore per her rules she would have to go without.

She checking in a mirror and found that while standing upright with her legs together her skirt covered her pussy adequately. However, if she bent, sat, or moved her legs too much it would be clear she was wearing no panties. She reached down and idly fingered her smooth, bare cunt. She wished she wasn't going to this party as she was sure she would reveal her new sluttiness to all her old friends.

But she'd promised Ben. She moaned, and then suddenly realised her idle toying with her pussy had become masturbation without her even realising it. She had two fingers buried to the knuckle in her cunt. She withdrew them guiltily and licked them clean, and then swiped her pussy with her hand and licked it again to clean up the juices she'd just produced.

What kind of slut had she become? What if she started masturbating without realising it at the party?

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Her face grew hot as she blushed. She was suddenly uncomfortable aware of her stomach-full of semen and piss. She felt like everyone would be able to somehow tell that she'd spent most of the day with men's cocks in her mouth. Ben arrived shortly afterwards, and Claire ran downstairs to meet him. He had brought his car, a large four-wheel drive, and Claire jumped happily into the passenger seat.

She leaned across and gave him a warm hug, and he put an arm around her in response as he began to drive the car away from her house. 'It's good to see you, Fucktwat,' he said as he drove, one hand on the wheel and the other around her shoulders. 'It's good to see you too,' she said, and then became aware that the car was stopping. They had only just gone around the corner from her house; it was only just out of sight.

'What's up?' she asked, still hugging him as he was still holding her. Ben cleared his throat uncomfortable. He looked down at his pants. Claire followed his gaze and saw that his cock was hard, straining against the crotch of his trousers. 'I thought maybe we could, you know, mess around a bit.' He wanted her to masturbate him, she knew. But if she did he would cum, and make a mess.

And besides, Claire had learned a new trick. She leant down into his lap and pulled his cock from his pants. Then she wrapped her lips around it and began to slowly fellate him.

Ben gasped happily and began to softly stroke her hair. 'Thank you,' he said. Claire said nothing in reply, just kept sucking. The position she needed to be in to do this worked mischief on her clothes.

She was basically on all fours, her knees on the passenger seat, her ass pressed against the passenger seat window, and her head in Ben's lap.

It made her skirt fall down to fully expose her bare ass and pussy, and it made her tits swing free of her dress and bump against Ben's legs. Ben seemed to enjoy the view. He hesitantly reached beneath her to feel her breasts, and she moaned appreciatively as his hand brushed across her nipple. Encouraged, he began to squeeze and rub her boobs as she bobbed her head up and down on his dick. 'It feels so good, Fucktwat,' Ben moaned. 'So good. You're so good at this.' The praise made Claire feel special and loved.

She wanted to touch her pussy but was trying to control her sluttiness, and so just let it get wet and drool. When her ass bumped against the car window, she felt her slut juices smearing on it. She didn't care. Soon Ben came, filling her mouth with warm, salty jism, which she swallowed greatfully. She sucked him a few minutes longer, extracting the last of his juice, and then took her mouth away.

She looked down at his cock and realised that something felt wrong. Suddenly she realised - she was supposed to have waited for instructions to swallow. She couldn't fix that, but she also realised that Ben hadn't wiped his cock clean on her face.

She didn't want to do that because then it would be visible at the party, so she compromised by lifting her left tit, and smearing the last bubble of sperm on the tip of his cock over the underside of her udder.

That done, she adjusted her clothing, pulling her skirt down and tucking her fuckbags back into her blouse. She looked at her cunt slime smeared on the passenger window, and, without even thinking about it, leant forward and licked it up with her tongue.

Ben looked at her in amazement. 'You really are a… sexy girl now,' he said. Claire could hear the word he'd meant to say though.

He was going to say she really was a slut. She blushed. 'Thank you,' she said quietly. And then, remembering she needed to compliment men, she said, 'Your cock tasted good. Thank you for letting me suck on it.' 'Any time,' he said. He tucked his cock back in his pants guiltily, and then started the car again and headed on to the party. The party was at a large, attractive suburban house.

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Elena's parents were moderately wealthy, Claire remembered. There were already other cars parked outside. Ben and Claire parked and headed for the day, Claire tugging at her skirt and hoping she didn't look like too much of a whore.

The door was answered by Elena herself, a pretty, buxom blonde. Claire's eyes automatically went to Elena's tits. It never occurred to Claire - and nor would it, the rest of that night - that there were no cameras here and no Titcage employees, and no one would know if she broke her rules.

They were rules, and so Claire followed them. 'Hi! Oh, and Claire! I'm so glad you could come!' Elena gushed. She wrapped Claire up in a hug. Feeling a big-breasted slut cuddling her, Claire had a sudden urge to kiss Elena, which she only just supressed. She felt scared, that she wanted to much to randomly kiss a good friend from her school. Ben and Claire were shown inside, where they met the other attendees.

There were three other girls - Amy, a lithe redhead; Sally, a busty brunette, and Soo-jin, a think Korean girl. Claire greeted each of them, staring at their tits. There were also two other boys - Adam, a tall, burly boy with a moustache, and Jace, a short African-American with a shaved head.

Claire greeted each with inappropriately long hugs, feeling her tits press against them. Jace she knew from school but Adam was new to her. Her dress got looks from everyone - jealous, bitchy eyes from the girls (but thankfully not from Elena herself) and lustful, interested stares from the boys. Claire sat on a couch and put a cushion over her lap to try and conceal her bare pussy. Her skirt rode up at the back and she could feel her bare buttocks pressing against the couch seat.

Adam passed her a glass of something alcoholic and she began sipping on it gratefully. After Claire was seated, everyone gave Elena their presents. Claire had brought some cordial from work, in an attractive glass bottle. She didn't know why she was giving her friend a drink made from cunt juices and piss, but for some reason it didn't bother her, and in any case Claire hadn't had a chance to shop for anything else.

Elena seemed to love the bottle, and insisted on pouring herself a glass immediately. Claire just watched as her friend unknowingly drank piss and slut slime and called it delicious. Adam got Elena a teddy bear; Jace got her a DVD of a recent comedy film. Soo-jin got her bath salts, Sally got her a decorative pillow, and Ben got her a book. Amy, though, had bought Elena a frilly lace bra and panties. Everyone hooted and cheered as this present was exposed, and Elena blushed.

Claire found herself saying, without really thinking about it, "You should try them on now." "To check they fit?" asked Elena. "No, so that we can see," said Claire. That wasn't right, was it? She didn't want to see Elena in underwear? But she did. She wanted to see Elena naked. She wanted to see what Elena's cunt looked like. "Yes," Amy was agreeing. "Us girls will go up to your room and you can show us it." And before Elena could protest, she was being bundled up the corridor to her bedroom by Amy.

Claire and the other girls followed, leaving the boys behind, who clearly wished they could come too. Elena's room was pretty, and decorated in shades of yellow and pink. It was soft and inviting and Claire had a sudden wish - immediately dispelled - to strip naked and writhe on that smooth, silky bed.

Elena was blushing bright red. "Fine," she was saying. "Turn around and give me some privacy." "No, it's just us girls," said Amy. "Don't worry. Here, let me help." She started to lift Elena's shirt over her head, and Elena let her, blushing. Underneath she was wearing a white bra. Claire knew she was supposed to generally degrade other girls. She wanted to tell Elena she was pretty, but she self-moderated her intended compliment.

"The boys must love your fuckbags," she said instead. Elena just blushed redder. Amy was still struggling to get Elena's shirt un-entangled from her arms, so Claire knelt in front of Elena to help.

She uncinched Elena's skirt and let it drop to the ground, exposing Elena's panties.

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Elena's pantied cunt was inches from Claire's face. She looked up, and waited until Amy was starting on Elena's bra, effectively occupying Elena's arms, and then put her fingers into the waistband of Elena's panties and pulled them down.

Elena squealed a little but couldn't stop Claire. The panties fell down, and there was Elena's twat, right in front of Claire. It was pretty, but it wasn't shaved. Claire would have preferred it shaved. Claire stared at it for a few seconds, until Elena's detached bra fell on Claire's head. Claire looked up and confirmed that Elena's tits, now exposed, were indeed gorgeous, and then went back to looking at her cunt as her rules required.

Elena, now nude, took a couple of steps backwards, attempting to hide her tits and twat with her hands. Then she snatched up her gift underwear, and pulled them on as fast as possible. 'You look so cute!' gushed Soo-jin. Elena did look cute.

She also looked sexy. The bra was probably a size too small for her and it made her tits bulge in a way that did interesting things to Claire's cunt. The panties, too, were a little tight, and while Elena's twat was fully covered, it bulged against the cloth in a way that left nothing to the imagination. 'Show the boys!' cheered Amy. 'What? No…' started Elena, but suddenly all the girls were cheering, including Claire.

'Show the boys! Show the boys!' It felt right to Claire. The boys should get to see Elena's body. Elena should feel humiliated and slutty. That was what she was for. The girls dragged Elena back out into the main room, and Claire noted the boys' cocks immediately bulge against their pants. They made Elena turn around, showing off her ass and her tits through the bra and panties.

And then they made Elena sit and go on with the party, ignoring her requests to go and get the rest of her clothes. Elena curled up on her chair in embarrassment, trying to minimise everyone's view of her groin and chest. She sipped at the cordial Claire had brought her and tried to avoid everyone's eyes. Afterwards Sally suggested they play truth or dare, but with a difference. Each player would ask a question of one other player, and if they answered truthfully, that player would be able to dare the question-asker.

Sally went first. "Jace, how many girls have you had sex with?" she asked. "Mmm," said Jace, smiling. "Nine in the cunt, five in the ass, two in the tits, and eight in the mouth. But some of them were the same girls, so - 12, I guess. Now, I dare you, right? I dare you to skull the rest of your alcohol." Sally smiled and swallowed her glass of whiskey in one mouthful. Soo-jin went next, and asked Ben if he'd ever had sex in public.

He said he hadn't, which Claire thought was a lie as she'd sucked him off in the car just that night. But she didn't say anything, of course.

Ben's return dare to Soo-jin asked her to demonstrate the pole dancing he heard she'd been learning, and Soo-jin accordingly did a short erotic dance that ended with her pressing her (be-skirted) cunt right up against Ben's face. Claire felt jealous, and also horny, as she watched. Now was Amy's turn. "Elena," she said, "is your cunt wet right now?" Elena went red.


"No!" she exclaimed. But she hadn't seen what everyone else had. At the crotch of her new panties there was a visible wet patch. "Liar!" cried Amy, laughing. "Prove it!" "No!" said Elena. "Then I will," said Amy, and sprang at her. The two girls fell to the floor, wrestling, but less than a minute later Amy was the victor. She had pulled Elena's panties off entirely, and had Elena's legs pulled apart so everyone could see her cunt, and the sticky clear slut-juice slathered all over her pussy lips and inner thighs.

"Look at her, she's creaming," laughed Sally. Claire could see Elena was crying a little. It made Claire feel good somehow to see another slut crying. Afterwards Amy refused to give Elena's panties back, and Elena was forced to try and hide her pussy from everyone using the decorative pillow she'd been gifted. Elena tried to take her revenge on Amy in her question. "Are you a vicious bitch?" she asked.

"Yes," laughed Amy.

"And now my dare for you is to throw away that stupid pillow and keep your legs spread for the rest of the game." With that, Elena jumped to her feet and ran from the room crying.

They all heard a door slam. Amy went to investigate. "She's locked herself in the bathroom," she called out. "I'll talk her down." An awkward pause followed while Amy talked quietly to Elena through the bathroom door, and every sat around wondering what to do. During the pause Claire realised she needed to piss. The bathroom was obviously in use, but Claire wouldn't have been able to pee on a normal toilet anyway thanks to her rules.

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She quietly sidled out of the room, and, after some searching, found the door to the backyard. It was blessedly dark outside. Claire found her way to the darkest corner of the backyard, knelt with her legs spread, and began to slowly piss.

Her intention had been to catch a lot of her piss in her hands and lick it up, to help her with her horniness, but after a couple of seconds a better thought occurred to her, and she placed her whiskey glass between her legs and let the piss dribble into that instead. The urine mixed with the dark liquid, leaving no obvious trace there was anything strange about the glass.

And as she pissed, Claire masturbated. She was hoping to make herself cum but she had to suddenly stop as she heard footsteps coming towards her. She stopped pissing and hastily tugged down her skirt.

She brought her masturbation hand to her mouth and quickly licked it clean. The intruder turned out to be Ben. "I thought I saw you come out here," he said, looking down at the still kneeling Claire. "God, this party has been hot. Do you think you could&hellip." He gestured at his groin. Claire wanted nothing more. She reached out, pulled his cock out his pants, and stuck it into her mouth. It already tasted pleasantly of pre-cum, and she sucked on it happily.

Ben's hand came down and grasped the back of her head, which he had not done before, but Claire liked it. She moaned happily. She couldn't believe she had only really started sucking cock that day, and already she was so used to it. Ben's grip was firm and Claire realised she couldn't have pulled her head away from his dick even if she'd wanted to.

"Oh, Elena," moaned Ben, and suddenly Claire realised he was thinking about Elena's bared cunt. She was just being used as a masturbation aid for his Elena fantasies. She squawked and tried to get his cock out of her mouth, but he wouldn't let her. And after a while she just relaxed and went back to sucking. She felt horrible and used, but she really liked the taste of his dick. Shortly afterwards he moaned again and orgasmed, and as his sperm flooded her mouth Claire knew that he was pretending her mouth was Elena's cunt.

She let the semen fill her mouth, and then withdrew from his dick and looked up at him with her mouth open, showing him the spunk she had harvested from him.

Ben looked confused for a minute, but then said, "You can swallow that, if you want." Claire did. She swallowed the tasty sperm, licked Ben's dick, and then took out one of her tits and used it to wipe the last semen off his cock.

"Good girl," said Ben, absently, patting her on the head. It was an enormously condescending thing to say, and yet Claire almost orgasmed when he said it. She had no idea why, but it just made her feel so… good… to be patted and called a good girl that way. She used her hand and mouth to mop up most of her cunt fluids from her twat, re-covered her boob, and then picked up her urine filled drink and followed Ben back into the house. As she walked, she took a sip from her drink. It tasted good.

More like cordial. Inside, Amy had a surprise for them. She had talked Elena out of the bathroom. Moreover, Elena still wasn't dressed. She was sitting on the chair wearing only a bra, with her legs spread to show her wet twat, and though she was sniffling a bit she was no longer crying. "Elena has agreed that she wasn't being a very good host," said Amy, "and she's going to try and do better. Aren't you Elena?" Elena sniffled and nodded.

It was Jace's turn to ask a question. "Amy, are you interested in fucking your friend Elena there?" Now it was Amy's turn to turn bright red and refuse to answer. Elena blushed too and avoided looking at Amy. In the absence of an answer Jace was entitled to a dare, and he got Amy to strip down to her own underwear. Sitting there in her bra and panties, Amy looked much less bothered by Elena, but she still had a little blush. Then it was Claire's turn to ask a question.

She had to think to come up with one, and finally realised that she should ask something that would degrade women, to fit with her rules. "Adam," she said, "which of the girls in this room most deserves to be raped?" Adam looked at Amy in her bra and panties, then Elena with her cunt exposed, and then Claire in her slutty outfit with her twat practically showing.

"That's a hard choice!" he laughed. The girls blushed. "I think Amy does, for teasing Elena so much tonight. And Claire, for your dare, all you have to do is this - spread your legs, and keep them spread." Claire went bright red. But the thought of disobeying Adam never even crossed her mind. Slowly, still sitting on the couch, she parted her legs, and then pushed them as far apart as they would go. The action pushed her skirt up, rending it as little more than a belt around her waist.

Her bare pussy was visible to everyone, the shiny metal of her clitoris ring winking lewdly at her friends from the midst of her sopping wet twat. Adam and Jace immediately looked fascinated by her bare pussy. So did Amy. Elena blushed and looked away. Sally and Soo-Jin just tried to ignore it. Ben tensed up, and Claire realised he was jealous. "Nice clit ring, Claire," said Amy. "How long have you had that?" "A couple of weeks," said Claire, trying to ignore the fact that her friends were staring at her pussy, and that it was visibly drooling onto the couch as they watched.

"Don't you think it makes you look like a slut?" asked Sally cattily. Claire struggled for an answer. She had to defend her objectification if asked, and claim that she enjoyed it. "It's appropriate for me," she settled on, blushing. Adam laughed in a way that sounded cruel to Claire. And now it was his turn to ask a question. "Claire," he said, "what's the sluttiest thing you've ever done?" Claire froze.

Let a man piss in my mouth in public, she thought. Sucked on a popsicle made of pig cum. Urinated on my clothes and then wore them while letting a slut finger me to orgasm. Sucked on a slut's twat while she pissed in my mouth and stuffed her foot into my cunt. Did she have to answer? It wouldn't be arguing with a man. It wouldn't be defending her objectification.

It would just be staying quiet. She thought it was probably okay. "No comment," she said. Everyone hooted and laughed. She sipped from her mix of whiskey and urine and tried to avoid their gaze.

"Well, in that case I think you should take your tits out for us. In fact, hell, you may as well just take off the rest of your clothes." Claire felt herself on the verge of tears.

Why couldn't she even be a normal nice girl with her friends?

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How had this turned into her being a total slut? Was she just inherently such a whore that this is what happened to her even without Titcage interfering? But nevertheless, she again didn't even contemplate disobeying Adam. He was a boy.

She did what boys said. She could hear her own voice telling her that, in her head. Sniffling, she pulled off her blouse, and then unbuckled her skirt, leaving her complete nude except for her high heeled shoes. She tried to cover her boobs with her arms, mostly unsuccessfully. Through her humiliation she heard Ben vaguely say, "I'll look after these for you, Claire," as he scooped up her discarded clothes. He sounded angry. Claire couldn't bring herself to look at him. Instead she just stared at Elena's cunt.

Soo-jin asked her question next. "Amy, how many men have you had sex with?" "Two," said Amy. "Not telling who. For your dare, you have to go touch the twats of our two sluts there and tell us all which one is wetter." Everyone laughed. Soo-jin crawled across the room to Elena, and pressed her fingers against Elena's cunt.

Elena looked like she was starting to cry again and looked away. Soo-jin's fingers came away a little damp. She then came over to Claire and put her hand against Claire's fuckbox. Her hand was instantly soaked in slut-slime. Claire moaned slightly at the touch. "Definitely Claire," said Soo-Jin. She reached up and wiped her hand dry on Claire's stomach.

"She's soaking wet. What a whore!" "She sure likes everyone seeing that little slut-nubbin of hers," said Jace. Ben was the last one to ask a question. He looked at Claire. "Claire, how many cocks have you sucked today?" He still sounded angry. Claire didn't even know. She couldn't remember. More than five. "No comment," she said. Ben suddenly stood up. "That's it. We're going. Come on, Claire." Claire was confused. What was happening? Why was Ben angry? Her pussy was so wet and the alcohol was taking an effect.

But then she felt Ben's hand in her hair, pulling her to her feet, so she stood up. "Can I have my clothes?" she asked. Ben was holding them. "No," said Ben. "Come on." "Bye, Claire!" laughed Amy as Ben hustled her to the door, still nude. Soon she was outside, completely naked, and being pushed towards Ben's car. Inside the car, as she sat in the passenger seat, Ben looked at her.

"I thought what you did for me today was special, Fucktwat," he said. "It was!" protested Claire. "Was it? What's the sluttiest thing you've done, Fucktwat? And no 'no comment' this time." "I haven't…" she started, but then gasped in shock as he reached out and slapped her face.

"You lying whore!" he yelled. "What is it? What have you done?" She looked at him. He'd been so nice to her before, and now he was angry. Because she was a slut. It was her fault. He'd been trying to be nice and she'd brought her slutty actions and spoiled it. She spoke quietly. "Today at work I let anyone who wanted to fuck my mouth and cum down my throat." He looked at her for a long while, then said, "You're a whore, Fucktwat, you know that?

You say Titcage makes you do this stuff, but no girl I know would let someone make her do these things.

You want them done to you." Claire wanted to say, "No!" but it would be arguing with a man. She stayed silent. "Do you want to keep being friends with me?" asked Ben. "Yes!" sniffled Claire. "No more lying about what a slut you are, then," he said. "You're going to be honest about it." "Yes," sniffled Claire again. "Do you want to suck my cock again, Fucktwat?" he asked. "Yes," said Claire. Ben unzipped his pants and extracted his dick, already hard.

Claire realised she needed to say something.


"And…" she started. "And if I don't give you a good blowjob, you should hurt me." Ben looked at her, and then laughed. "Start sucking," he said. He caressed her head, and then pulled her down onto his dick. She opened her mouth, took it in, and began happily suckling on his member. With Claire completely naked and lying across the front seats, with his dick in her mouth, Ben started the engine and began to slowly drive her home.

(To be continued.)