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She was not really in a mood for a wedding. But Katie had been her friend since college so Jennifer felt like she had to go. Besides Joe was a great guy. So she went through her closet to find just the right dress. She had recently lost thirty pounds so she was a bit excited to try on one of her sexy older dresses. She found the right one. It was sleek and black.

Not too short but not nun long either. Not a lot of cleavage but enough to get second glances.

No nylons after all is was summer. And her smooth legs were looking very sexy lately. A red scarf and her strappy open toed red heels. Oh yeah she was ready. As she laid it out on the bed she had a thought. Maybe she would go a bit more conservative to the church. Black slacks and light red blouse with the same shoes, yep-good idea.

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The ceremony had just started and Katie looked beautiful. The tissues came out quickly. Jennifer was dabbing her moist eyes. Suddenly, "Excuse me, pardon me." God she hated latecomers and they always felt the need to sit next to her. She turned and as he slipped past the old lady he nearly fell and bumped her.

"Oh I am deeply sorry." Came the deepest voice she had ever heard. She turned and was staring into the most soulful and sexy eyes she had ever seen, deep dark brown almost black. That matched his very dark smooth black skin. He was very tall, shaved head and warm smile. "Please forgive me I am so clumsy." He said as he sat down.

Normally Jennifer was not attracted to black men but he as gorgeous. And he smelled wonderful. She tried to hide her wry smile. Later that afternoon, after changing into her sexy outfit, Jennifer arrived at the reception dinner. It was in a modest hall, but a lovely set up.

She noticed little place cards on the tables. So she looked for her name and sat down. There was an older couple already seated at the table and after she took her place there was one extra chair.

She introduced herself as she sat down. The couple it turns out was friends of Joe's parents; their last name was Edwards. Since there were only four people to a table she wondered whom she was paired up with tonight? Katie was always trying to set her up with someone. Suddenly as the food was being served and most people had arrived Mr.

Late pants from the church shows up and quietly looks at the card next to her. "I guess this is me." He said as he introduced himself to the Edwards couple. Apparently his name was Mark Stevens. Then he turned to Jennifer and that warm smile from the church came across his face. He was actually she thought very handsome. "Well hello there stranger. Notice this time I didn't fall on you. I must be getting better. Such a pleasure to meet you I'm Mark, Mark Stevens." "Well hello there, Mark Mark Stevens, nice to meet you.

My name is Jennifer." She said feeling a little devilish. He chuckled as he gently took her small hand into his very large strong yet soft hand and kissed it gently. "My pleasure, Jennifer, such a beautiful name." Came his straight reply. As the night progressed it was almost like the other couple wasn't even at the table. She and Mark talked endlessly. She discovered that aside from being tall, strong, a great dancer, gorgeous, and smelled like heaven that he was also an only child and worked as an architect for a very large firm.

She told him a bit about her life, which she considered very boring. But he actually seemed interested in her job of working with preschool children. As the tables cleared and the dancing started so did the laughter and drinking.

Jennifer was loosing up a bit and having a wonderful time with this gorgeous dark lovely man.

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While dancing she either didn't notice or didn't care, maybe both. That Mark's hands were getting a bit more and more familiar with her hips and backside. He was touching, rubbing and even at times squeezing her ass. She actually liked it a little. Okay she liked it a great deal. It was making her pretty hot. Each time they sat back down to rest, which was not very much as he really liked to dance, his hand landed higher up her thigh.

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She didn't mind that either. If Jennifer had been paying attention she would have noticed that her hand was resting on his leg as well. After one particularly fast and energetic set of numbers she sat back down and slid off her shoe and was rubbing her soft pedicured dark feet. She loved these shoes but they were only for show. They were not made to dance the night away. As she did so I took her ankle and asked, "Do you mind?" He put her foot on his lap and began rubbing her foot; he was very good at it.

He smiled and confessed that he kinda had a little bit of a foot fetish and had always found women's feet to be very erotic. She didn't know if she agreed with him. To her feet were just feet, but damn he was good at rubbing them.

He finished with one and she offered her other. The night continued a little grab here a little squeeze there. One time Jennifer even was rubbing her bare foot along Mark's leg. This obviously was turning him on big time. She loved the idea that just the feel of her foot on his skin was making him so horny. She reached over and meant to feel his thigh. But she must have miss judged his distance, because she was a little off.


What she felt instead was his very thick and very hard cock. It was from what she could tell very, long and thick.

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She pulled back quickly but not before feeling a shiver run through her body. Wow she thought, she had always wondered about the thing people would say about black men. But had never ever thought something like this would happen. Mark smiled and took her hand very gently and placed it back on his cock. She slid her hand up and down the shaft. This was making her so hot. His dick was very thick and extremely hard.

Jennifer was so lost in what she was feeling that she barely realized it until it was too late. His hand was up her dress and his fingers were rubbing her wet pussy. Jennifer rarely wore underwear. And any panties with this dress broke the line of the material so she never did with this dress. The idea of no underwear seemed to excite Mark even more. He slid a finger into her wet hole she let out a gasp. He slid it in and out a few times making her lean back in her seat and tilt back her head.

This man sure knew how to work a wet pussy it felt so good. She stroked him and he fingered her for a while. Then he leaned over and whispered into her ear, "What's say we get out of here and go someplace more comfortable?" As he did so he softly kissed her neck and nibbled her earlobe.

She said yes and then surprised herself by kissing him hard on the lips. "Just let me grab my sweater and I will meet you out front." She said but waited a few seconds before removing his hand from her dripping pussy. After a few more moments she took his wrist and said I will meet you out front. She was so horny for this man right now. She stood and as she did she felt a bit dizzy and had to steady herself against the back of the chair.

It was then that she noticed that there were only a few people left at the dance. She checked her watch. It was a quarter past twelve. She remembered seeing Joe and Katie off. But had it really been that long ago? Jennifer walked to the coatroom. The coat check girl had already gone home. So she had to pass through the swinging little saloon type doors to enter the room. She saw the few remaining coats lying on top of a large table. She approached it and was looking for her small red sweater wrap she brought with her.

Just as she found it and was reaching for it a large hand covered her mouth and another grabbed her breast. She knew in an instant from the cologne and the scent of her wet pussy on his fingers that it was Mark. He pulled her head back against his broad chest and whispered into her ear in a very deep voice, "I couldn't wait!" He squeezed her breast hard but not too hard.

It just made her moist and wanting more. As she tried to right herself she brushed against his crouch. She could tell that not only was his cock even harder than it was earlier but it was also out of his slacks. She reached back and began stroking it hard. His cock felt wonderful in her hand.

He pulled his hand off her mouth knowing she would not scream and cause a commotion amongst the few remaining drunk guests. He pushed her forward so she was laying face down on the table. Then he lifted her skirt revealing her soaking wet pussy. Oh my God she thought he is going to fuck me.

I have never even considered the idea of being with a black man. One time Jennifer had dated a man from England and that was as interracial as she had ever gotten. As she thought he slid that thick dark black cock into her waiting and willing pussy.

She let out a loud moan; his hand came back and muffled the sound before it escaped the small room. He kept thrusting harder and deeper. This was easily the biggest cock she had ever had. But her tight little pussy was so wet she took it all willingly. "Yes." she mumbled through his large strong hand.

"Yes!" He continued to thrust his other hand had freed her tits from the top of her dress and he was pinching her dark round nipples, she was loving it.

"Fuck my little pussy. Fuck me deep." Jennifer commanded. Mark obeyed. His thrusts were getting harder and deeper.

She could feel his cock so deep it was wonderful. As he thrust more he leaned over her so his mouth was at her ear. "You are such a hot fucking sexy woman.


Your pussy is so wet and tight." He told her. "I love how much of my cock you are taking. I love what a good fuck you are." He said in between breaths. He moved his free hand to her swollen clit and rubbed it until she was completely lost in ecstasy. "Yes slam that little pussy. Fuck it hard! I love your thick black cock!" She said both were past caring whom if anybody heard.


He continued thrusting and rubbing her clit as she felt the gush of an orgasm hit her. She let go and felt it drench is big throbbing cock as he continued to thrust her hard and steady. She shouted, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming all over your fucking huge cock!" "Go for it!" He replied.

"Drench me will all your juices while I fuck you." She did so. She felt his cock get wet with her pussy juice. And the added wetness just made her hotter and hotter. She kept pushing against him. Saying over and over, "I'm cumming so hard!" "Yes!" He shouted.

"You are such a great fuck. I love your sweet tight little cunt! Take all my cock!" As he shouted this she felt his thick load of cum filling her pussy as well. As he came and shouted he buried his face into the back of her neck.

They both moaned in pleasure, and were out of breath. When suddenly they heard voices. They jumped up and righted themselves just as another laughing drunk group of people came into the room.

Mark and Jennifer walked out of the room.

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As she waited at the door he got his car and pulled up to the curb. "Hello there gorgeous do you need a ride?" He said she loved the irony of that statement she got in.