Just arriving to tampa for vacation from kansas spring break reunion

Just arriving to tampa for vacation from kansas spring break reunion
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Please read parts 1.2. and 3 so that Kathy can introduce herself to you before continuing Kathy (white trash whore) part 4 It was 12.45pm on Saturday. Kathy was in the bedroom dressing for work. Well……&hellip. she was actually dressing as if she were going to go to work.

She unwrapped the towel around her, then gave her freshly shaven snatch a careful inspection in the mirror. It looked as smooth as it felt. She put on her blouse, at Lenny's request she did not wear a bra, then sat on the bed to get into her sheer black tights.

She would have preferred stockings, but Lenny had asked for tights and she didn't want to disappoint him. After slipping on her skirt she was ready for the day she had been anticipating for so many months now. Jeff was out in the garden, raking up fallen autumn leaves, when she got downstairs. Kathy opened the patio doors and called out to him, "I'm just off, honey, see you later." "Yeah, OK sweetie, bye" She shut the door, picked up her bag, then went to leave by the front door.

She was so excited on her way to the hospital. She looked at the bag containing her requested," Special things" that she had bought for Lenny on Friday morning, wondering when and where she would be able to change into them. She arrived at the hospital car park shortly after 1.30pm, she was glad she had allowed herself plenty of time for her 2pm appointment, being late was not an option.

Fortunately, the staff car park was within sight of the general public entrance, so she positioned herself for a clear view of all entrants. Time seemed to pass so slowly as she sat and waited in nervous anticipation.

She began doubting herself. She was sure that she would totally enjoy all of the things she had told Lenny she would like to do with him, but could she actually be the white trash whore that he was expecting? Could she really be the perfect filthy slag that she had promised she was? She reached down for her handbag in the footwell of the passenger seat placing it on her lap and opening it to get the half bottle of vodka inside. She unscrewed the cap and raised it to her lips before pausing for a second and then sipping at the contents.

Kathy didn't often drink much. Usually a couple of glasses of wine would make her woozy, but she felt that today she needed a little Dutch courage.

She tipped up the bottle and swallowed another mouthful. She almost choked as the neat vodka burned her throat. She looked at the almost half empty bottle before screwing the cap back on and replacing it in her bag.

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She popped a tic-tac into her mouth to refresh her breath then continued her surveillance of the car park entrance. She got out of her car as the Jeep approached the entrance.

As soon as she was sure it was Lenny in the driver's seat she began waving her arms. He saw her and within seconds had sped round the car park to come to a screeching halt beside her.

The window opened to Lenny saying, "Get in bitch" Kathy hurriedly grabbed her stuff from hr car then ran around to get into his. "Where's your stuff bitch?" he said as she clambered into the seat next to him. She explained that she had had to leave home like she was going to work and she would change as soon as possible. Lenny revved the engine and sped out of the car park. He was a reckless driver, quite unlike her careful considerate Jeff.

He only just got through the traffic lights before they turned red and was soon travelling 20 miles per hour over the speed limit on the main road. After a few minutes he turned off the main road and headed out on the coast road, then turned into a car park that was popular with "doggers" and "cruisers" Dogging was something that Kathy had always fantasized about trying.

Generous husbands would take their wives to places like this to be used by anyone that happened to come along, or to fuck them in public while guys watched and jacked off.

Cruisers, on the other hand, were guys, very often married, that were looking for other guys to have fun with, yet another thing that Kathy found a turn on. Lenny stopped outside the public toilet block. "Get out and get changed Kathy" Kathy was unsure whether she liked him calling her by her name, somehow it softened his persona, but she done as instructed and took her bags to the ladies room. It stank in there. For some reason, public toilets in car parks are always inadequately ventilated, and develop there own special kind of stink.

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For some reason this was another of Kathy's weird turn ons. She searched for a cubicle with no pools of piss on the floor and an unbroken toilet seat and went in locking the door behind her. She lowered the toilet lid and placed her bags on it then slipped off her skirt. She went to hang it on the back of the door but someone had pinched the peg, so she suspended it on top of the toilet roll holder while she got out the micro mini black lycra skirt and put it on.

Fuck it was short. She unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, noticing that her nipples were hard and sticking out considerably further than normal. She then slid the shear see-thru silver top over her head. Her stiff nipples and dark brown aureoles could still be seen quite clearly through the flimsy material. Finally she slipped off her regulation hospital shoes and slipped on the ridiculously high, red stiletto heels that she just knew she was going to have trouble walking in, took another sip of vodka, picked up her bags and then unbolted the toilet door.

It may have had a little to do with the drink, but in the stiletto's she was walking like a drunkard. She steadied herself on the frame of the doorway, and then tentatively crossed the floor to the exit.

She was momentarily blinded as she left the dark, dank interior of the toilet and stepped into the hazy autumn afternoon sunshine. Lenny had gone. The fucking bastard had disappeared.

She was still wobbling as she walked out onto the car park, fully aware of the eyes of the people around, staring at her. Her stilettos were fighting a losing battle with the gravel beneath her feet. She went back to the concrete path surrounding the toilet block and started to walk round, occasionally holding onto the wall for support.

She was passing the entrance to the gents when a middle aged guy came out, he looked at her with a shocked expression on his face. Kathy could almost feel his eyes burning through her top and onto her tits. In her, more than tipsy state, she flung her arms open, a bag in each hand, then followed his gaze down to her crotch. Her skirt had ridden up clearly displaying the camel toe of her cunt in the almost see through gusset of her tights. She held the pose while he feasted his eyes on her; and then he tutted and humphed and continued on his way out.

Kathy really didn't give a shit now, all she was concerned about was finding that cunt Lenny. She walked on until, reaching the end of the block, she turned the corner and saw the back end of Lenny's Jeep on the other side of the toilets. She quickened her pace, as best she could, until she was within a few feet of the passenger door. Lenny drove 10 yards further. She screamed at him. She was already attracting quite an audience from the 30 or so people in the area.

Not least of all from a group of young lads sitting at a picnic table, drinking strong lager and shouting abuse at her. She lengthened her stride, her skirt rode further up, exposing most of her bum, but she no longer cared. She reached the car, got her hand on the door handle, and then flung the door open.

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Lenny was laughing, "having fun darling?" he asked as he made the car suddenly lurch forward, forcing her to fall heavily into the seat. Kathy was fucking livid. She struck out at him with her arm, giving him a back-hander on his broad chest.

"That's my girl" he laughed, "just gotta love a tart with plenty of spirit" Kathy had to laugh with him, she suddenly felt in good company.

She felt almost undressed as she sat with her skirt now revealing everything below her hips; and her top, so dishevelled, and so see through, it left nothing to the imagination, but she felt perfectly at home. She looked up at him. He was a really handsome guy. His shaved head fully complimenting the finely chiselled bone structure of his face.

The bright orange figure hugging singlet he wore displaying his upper arm muscles as he put the car in gear and began to drive. A flash of sunlight illuminated his black spandex cycling shorts as he reversed the car and turned.

Kathy's mouth opened and she drew in a sharp breath of air. She could see the outline of his magnificent member lying in his groin. She knew it must be quite soft, but it was still bigger than the erect penis of her husband.

She looked up at Lenny, and then suddenly began screaming, "Stop the car! stop the car!! Fuck sakes Lenny, STOP" He jammed on the brakes. "It's my husband's car, look, over there" she pointed at the spot, about 50 yards away where Jeff was sitting in his car. Lenny looked at her and laughed, "Why don't you go see him, trash girl?" "Wait…&hellip.

Look" Jeff was being joined by someone else. Another guy. The same guy that Kathy had encountered at the gents toilet! They sat and watched as the "toilet guy" talked to Jeff through the open window of the driver's door, and then Jeff got out. They were both smiling as they chatted and started walking towards them.

Kathy sunk down in her seat, then turned, her top half lying face down. "Get going Lenny, Quick!" Lenny drove, and after a minute or two Kathy sat back up. "What the fuck is HE doing here?" Lenny said that, "Jeff may well have asked her the same question.

"Yes, but why would HE be here?" "Probably looking for a bit of cock fun" Lenny replied, matter of factly. "Nah, not him……… not Jeff, it's all I can get him to do to fuck me" Lenny grinned at her and raised his eyebrows.

"Fucking crafty bastard, do you think he would rather have cock than cunt?" "What do you prefer?" Lenny asked. "That's different…………&hellip.I'm a wo…&hellip." Lenny interrupted her, "You are just a white trash slut on her way to getting as much big black cock as you can get, you can't blame him if he's getting some of what he wants too" Kathy went quiet.

"Besides, you might be able to use it to your advantage" Lenny winked at her as she laid her head against his shoulder and put her hand on his cock.

It was soft, but still more than a handful. Lenny pulled her hand away, "You'll have to wait a bit longer for that" She sat up and looked at him, a look of extreme disappointment on her face. They drove through a select area of town, where Kathy had always dreamed of living, and then turned off along a road that Kathy thought only led to a riding stable.

Kathy was still wondering what the hell Jeff had been doing at that car park, and was determined to find out if he was one of the, locally named, "dirty old men" that frequented the area.

After the equestrian centre, he turned into a narrow, tree lined lane, no more than a dirt track. He stopped the car and opened the glove compartment, taking out a blindfold. "Put this on" He commanded. She dutifully obliged him, but he tightened the strap, making sure she could not see. She put her hands on her crotch, feeling the ever increasing dampness of her gusset as she bumped blindly along the track. The car stopped and she sat and listened as Lenny turned off the engine and got out.

She heard a crunching of gravel before her door opened and she felt Lenny's hands around her waist. He squeezed her, lifting her. She banged her head on the top of the door frame as she was transported outside. He pushed her against the side of the car as he closed the door, and then she walked, still a little wobbly in her heels, as Lenny held her shoulders and guided her from behind. The sound of her footsteps changed from a crunch to a tap as she stepped onto the concrete path.


Then Lenny pulled on her shoulders bringing her to a halt before opening the door. "Mind the step" She stubbed her toe, despite his warning, and stumbled through the doorway.

Another pair of hands grabbed her waist and yet another grabbed her tits, a rough hand pushed between her legs as she was propelled further inside. "Wow Lenny, she's a real white slut" "Better than her pictures" "Got a nice rack on her" "And a cute little shaved slit by the look of it" "Yeah, cant wait to get a piece of that" There must be at least 5 of them, she thought, as the cacophony of voices praised and degraded her. She was being pulled and shoved, felt and slapped, an occasional wet tongue forced into her mouth as a set of lips pushed roughly against hers.

She was being passed around in a circle of mauling hands, at times almost falling as she struggled with her balance, and then, for a few seconds that seemed like minutes, the room fell quiet and she was standing alone. She felt a hand push on her forehead before falling backwards in her enforced darkness, her bladder involuntarily releasing a trickle of piss as she fell, frightened but excited, onto the mattress behind her.

She was lifted from behind and her arms were raised above her head before her top was pulled off. She could feel her tights tightening against her bum cheeks as they were pulled out at the crotch and then releasing as the "snip" from the scissors cut them open. Her skirt was left on, but was now no more than a belt around her waist.

"Fucking bitch has pissed herself" Her legs were pulled apart, "Fucking dirty cow" Raised upwards, "Yeah, dirty slag" And her arse spanked, "Should have asked permission" Before she felt the roughness of a stubble face on her inner thighs and a tongue on her slit. It was a good tongue too; it licked all around her wet hole before going deep inside, poking and wriggling in her peehole. Kathy was really beginning to enjoy herself, feeling a finger invade her arsehole as the tongue brought her to orgasm.

The finger was removed and then pushed into her mouth. "Let's see how the cunt likes her shit" Kathy sucked at the finger, she loved it. She relieved herself of another small squirt into the mouth at her crotch.

The mouth disappeared, then, a pair of lips were on hers and her piss was spat into her mouth. "Horny little tart loves a taste of the gold stuff too" She felt a splash on her face…………… Another on her belly…………… Yet another on her cunt and over her legs…&hellip. And then a cock, still pissing, on her lips. She opened her mouth and drank, her hands reaching down to play with her soaking fanny.

"There's a good girl, show us that sweet lil cunny" She parted the lips of her bald snatch displaying the wet pinkness inside. "Open the fuckhole up you piss loving cunt" She pulled at her lips, stretching her fuckhole wider, longing for the moment it would perform its proper use and be filled by big black cock.

She looked like a real slapper as she lay there holding her cunt open as the 5 black guys showered her with piss.

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She was covered from head to foot. Her red hair matted, straggled and soaking wet, her tits and belly glistening with piss in the flickering light of the candle lit room, her skirt drenched and still wrapped around her waist, her sodden tights ripped wide open, framing her smooth white urine covered pubic mound and stretched open pussy.

"Turn her over", Lenny commanded, before six hands lifted her and placed her on her stomach. She once again heard the snip of the scissors as the waistband of her tights was cut and they were pulled down to rest like tattered stockings on her thighs. A pair of hands pushed under her belly, pulling her up. "On your fucking hands and knees you dog" It was Lenny's voice. Her tits hung underneath her as she adopted the chosen pose, her knees as far apart as she could manage offering an excellent view of her "sweet lil cunny" and the dark brown ring of her back passage.

She felt a creamy moisture on her lips as her chin was lifted up and a cock was pressed against them. She licked it, savouring the flavour of the pre-cum. "Suck it bitch" She parted her lips as the engorged head pushed harder against them, her jaws aching slightly as the purple dome stretched her mouth still wider. Then she heard the swish of a riding crop before it landed painfully on her buttock.

"Take it bitch" the same voice insisted. She tried to suck, but her mouth was not producing saliva and the fat cock inside offered no room to allow her to move her tongue. The cock pushed into her throat, its size prompting her gag reaction. She would have coughed but could only manage a splutter which sent phlegm from her throat to her mouth and up into her nose.

She gurgled as she gasped for breath, the cock now moving easier in her slime filled mouth as it began to face fuck her. Her scream was muffled by the face fuckers dick as a cock was viciously thrust its full, enormous length into her twat. It was the biggest thing she had ever had inside her, pushing through her tight and previously un-opened cervix as it ravaged her. She was being hog roasted like a pig on a stick, pushed from both ends by the unforgiving shafts of black delight.

They drove into her mercilessly; developing a rhythm as together they pushed in and withdrew from her slutty white trash holes. Her cunt was spurting, sometimes farting as the huge member pumped in and out of her. She puked phlegm as the cock in her mouth was taken out and used to whip her face, before being shoved, brutally, back into her throat. They increased their rhythmic pace and they all began to clap and chant……… Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Kathy was in ecstasy; her orgasms pulsing through her body almost constantly as the rhythm quickened towards its crescendo. Two voices started to grunt and moan. "Eat my spunk whore" "Yeah, take my seed you piece of shit" Kathy wanted it more than anything; she wanted to eat it, to play with it in her mouth and to swallow it. She was a perfect cum loving slag, just there to take their sperm. She felt her mouth filling with sex cream as they continued to drive furiously into her, the guy in her cunt slapping his thighs hard against her arse cheeks as he started to dump his load.

Both cocks still filled her as they started to soften inside her, but she knew they would soon withdraw. She consoled herself, knowing there must be others to take their place. The cock in her mouth pulled out first, allowing her to swallow his muck, before re-entering to squeeze out the last drops. The cock in her fanny pulled out, accompanied with a cumfart. "Hey Leon, you really opened up the whores gash, your cum's really running out of her" Leon laughed, "I reckon the slut can take just about anything now" Kathy was confident that his remark was true and she quietly congratulated herself on becoming a white trash whore.

The guy in her mouth pulled out his cock, but it was quickly replaced with Leon's, who said, "Clean this up for me baby" Baby didn't quite fit her vision of herself as a dirty cum slut, but at least it was better than sweetie. She enjoyed Leon's cock, tasting not only his cum, but also her slit slush.

She felt the finger that was tickling her clit as Leon pulled out of her mouth, then she felt more fingers being pushed inside her as a stiff, pre-cum oozing, penis was presented to her lips. She licked and sucked at it as the fist was formed inside her spunky twat. She orgasmed instantly. The fist was pulled from her and a finger inserted into her bumhole. "You may need a bit of lube here Lenny" "Her cunt juice and Leon's spunk ought to do just fine" Lenny replied. "Holy shit" thought Kathy, "I'm gonna get Lenny up my arse" She braced herself as the finger pulled out of her shithole and dipped into her cunt.

She tried to squeal when a hand slapped her face and a voice told her to, "Keep sucking ,Bitch" She had been concentrating so much on what was about to happen to her back passage that she had momentarily forgotten about the huge dick in her face. She sucked harder; in fact she sucked the hardest she had ever sucked by way of an apology for failing in her slut duty. The juices and cum from her cunt were being transferred, by fingers, to her arsehole until she felt Lenny's cock working its way down between her bum cheeks and pushing on her ring.

She sucked even harder on the cock in her mouth as he pushed into her pooper. Lenny was just over half way into her when she felt the pain. Her muffled cries, barely audible as Lenny pushed her forward forcing her to gag and gurgle on the cock she was blowing. Her cunt was now being fingered as Lenny eased his length into her, the pain increasing as he filled her. She had never experienced anything like this before, she felt like she wanted to vomit to relieve the pressure in her throat and shit to relieve the pain in her arse.

The only thing familiar to her was the orgasm she was having from the fingers that were working expertly inside her pussy. "Oh Fuck. Yesssssssssssss you greedy fuck meat" Lenny shouted, as his balls made contact with the back of the hand that was working her cunt. Kathy's natural instincts would have told her to wriggle free and escape from the agony, but, beside the fact that escape was impossible from these fit black guys, she was enjoying the torture. She now felt exactly as she imagined a truly dedicated slut should feel, dominated, used and abused……&hellip.

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Lenny began to fuck her properly, at first, keeping deep inside her and withdrawing only a short way before plunging back in. Then he gradually lengthened his stride She tasted the bitter sweet slightly salty flavour of cum as Benny blew his load in her mouth.


She new it was Benny because he had shouted,"Eat Benny's spunk you fucking whore bag" as he shot his seed in her. Kathy enjoyed her cum feast as Benny squeezed his final drops in her, and swallowed every bit as he pulled his cock out. Lenny's cock was feeling better and better in her bum as he pumped her with increasing force.

She was fucking loving it. Suddenly, Lenny pulled out. "You fucking dirty cunt" he shouted as he spanked both hands on her bum cheeks "You fucking filthy, dirty slag" He slapped her again. He ripped the blindfold from her, catching a few strands of her long red hair as he tore it off.

She looked up at Lenny standing in front of her holding his giant cock right in front of her eyes. Benny was standing next to him, his equally huge cock now hanging limply between his legs. "Look what you done to my cock, you piece of shit" Kathy looked but could see nothing wrong with his fine example of manhood. He grabbed her hair, shaking her head. "Look, you fucking dirty whore" He held his foreskin back as she focused on his bell end.

She could see two tiny pieces of her shit just below his bell end. She stuck out her tongue but was just a little too far away to reach it. "Yeah, you better clean it up you fucking stinking cunt" Lenny pulled her forward by her hair and her tongue touched on the shit. He tugged harder on her hair as she licked both pieces from his prick, and then yanked her head up, looking down on her open mouth. He spat on her, "Eat it you cunt" She continued to look up at him, her mouth open and tongue out like an expectant dog begging for a tit bit from its master.

Lenny spat again, "Eat the fucker you bitch" Her tongue disappeared inside her mouth, she looked as if she were chewing, but she was rolling her tongue around to investigate the bitter, yet not unpleasant, taste. "Eat the fucker you bitch" Lenny repeated. Benny was laughing and the other guy had come to stand on the other side of Lenny, wanking his cock. Kathy swallowed then displayed her empty tongue. "Now clean the rest bitch" Kathy eagerly started licking, sucking in his bell end and wiping it with her tongue, licking and sucking down the whole length of his shaft, developing a hunger for more.

Kathy was savouring the moment with her eyes closed and hadn't noticed the other guy walk round behind her. He positioned his slightly smaller, but still 8 inch cock at her gaping shitter and rammed it in, vigorously pumping her dirt box. She lurched forward, only being stopped by Lenny's cock as it stabbed her throat.

After a very short minute he stopped and changed places with Lenny, allowing her to eat more of her shit from him. Lenny once again invaded her arse, but was quick to pull out, telling her to get on her back.

She rolled over and the other guy grabbed her under her armpits and hauled her up until her head was hanging over the end of the mattress, making it easier for him to resume fucking her throat. Lenny grabbed her ankles and pushed them over her until her knees were on her shoulders, then once again, aimed his cock at her arsehole.

Kathy still relished the pain that she got from Lenny's cock, but in this position it was not as severe as it was doggy style. The two guys changed positions several times, and once, just before the other guy offered his dirty cock to her mouth, Benny announced, "I got something for ya darling" whereupon he straddled her face with his balls either side of her nose and let a long stinky fart go right in her mouth. She poked her tongue into his opened hole as he let rip, changing the tone of the "raspberry" to a much dirtier wetter sounding fart.

She had hooked her hands around his thighs pulling him onto her as she kissed and tongued his dirty, tasty hole, but he pulled himself away, laughing, as the other guys fed her arse to her with there cocks. Lenny was the first to cum, but only by a few seconds, the other guy was filling her arse as he exploded in her mouth.

Kathy had never felt so good, as the guys left her, stinking with there piss and cum. She rolled her tongue around in her mouth still tasting her arse through the flavour of Lenny's cum, and dipped her fingers into her shithole to retrieve the cum inside. She sat up, still fingering her cunt, and looked around her. The curtains were all drawn and the sparsely furnished room was illuminated by several candles.

She was sitting on the mattress that was laid on the wooden floor in the centre of the room between two sofas that the 5 guys were now sitting on, watching her. She stood up and bent over to offer them a fine view of her arse, and then with her hand beneath her dirt hole, farted the last wad of cum out, and ate it.

She stood erect and turned to them, licking her lips. "O.K. boys, what do you want your White Trash Whore to do next?". .to be continued. Please comment