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Laura bit down hard on her lower lip. Her fingers were slightly shaking as she pulled open the closet door and beheld the sight of her desire, Andy, sleeping soundly. Hesitations filled her head, but her feet weren't listening. Soon enough she was beside him, listening to his soft, steady breathing.


He hadn't been sleeping for long, Laura knew. His breath still smelt of toothpaste, and his cheeks were still a little red from being splashed with water.

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It took every ounce of her self control not to pounce on him at that very moment and lick him up, head to toe she couldn't. It wasn't in the plan.

Instead, she pulled from her pockets 4 red silk scarves, running them along her fingers and smiling to herself. Being careful to only move what she had to, Laura started to tie. Wrist to wrist, ankle to ankle first, all the while listening to Andy's sweet soft breathing for any changes. She took the third scarf and wound up his legs, making sure the knots were tight, but not tight enough to wake him.

The last scarf Laura shoved into his mouth, causing Andy to stir and open his eyes. They became wide almost instantaneously. He gave Laura a confused look, and then, realizing he was tied up and gagged, started to squirm and scream through the cloth. Laura licked her lips and pounced on top of him. He froze with shock for only a moment, and Laura grabbed the chance.

"You know Andy, I do my research." She started to run her index finger down his front, then back up again, feeling beneath it Andy's quickening fearful heartbeat.

"I KNOW that your parents are on holiday this week.

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I KNOW your brother is at his friends for a sleepover today. I KNOW the key to your house is in the flower pot with the rabbit on it. Wanna know how I know?" Andy swallowed. "Because YOU told me." Laura smiled slyly and started to run her fingertips down Andy's silky chest, digging with her fingernails as she progressed downward. He shivered. "And I also know you love that feeling Andy. English class is on so much more fun with you around to play with. Scratching down your arms, stroking your fingers." She dug even deeper into his skin with her nails and he cried out into the fabric.

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He shivered again, and Laura leaned forward, lightly kissing his neck. She moved to his lips, and pulled with her teeth on the scarf that was jammed inside.


It came out easily and the second it did, Andy sighed. Licking his lips, looking up at Laura. Into those captivating eyes of hers he had looked so longingly into every single day during third period English class. This must be a dream, he thought. But as Laura's warm, soft tongue slid down his body, he moaned, making it all the more real. She grabbed his boxers with her skilled teeth, and slid them downward, exposing Andy's erect cock to her. He tasted blood, as his lip gave, from his non-stop biting.

Laura moved her mouth inches from him and blew gentle warm wisps of air. She flicked, once, at the very tip of him and waited for a reaction.


Andy could barely contain himself and pulled as hard as he could on the scarf binding his poor wrists, to no avail. She could tell, he wanted her - and that made her smile. As she pulled him into her warm, wet mouth, he moaned, thrusting his hips up at her, forcing her to pull him deeper.

Her tongue rippled and tugged, his throbbing cock tickling the back of her throat. Harder and harder she pulled and sucked, his whole body now shivering, trembling, as her arms snaked round his legs. He opened his mouth wide, as his whole body gave in to the tidal wave of pleasure Laura was giving him. She could do nothing but swallow, and he was still shooting.

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Ropes and ropes of creamy, delicious pleasure slid down her throat. As Andy collapsed back against his pillow, Laura sprung up and attacked his mouth again. Her hands moved to his sides and she stroked up and down, his hips thrusting up at her curvy body, almost rhythmically - and she couldn't get her pants off fast enough.

Within the minute, she had his hard, thickening cock in her grasp, thrusting him slowly and carefully into her. With every go, he moaned louder, eventually starting to groan, making fists and squeezing.

His wrists were hurting and burning, but he didn't care. All he could feel was Laura's pussy, gripping and sliding on his hard. And oh god did it ever feel heavenly. He took a chance then, and bit down lightly on Laura's bottom lip, causing her to smile and quicken her hips speed. Andy could do nothing then but hold on, as his body started to shake again, pleasure building to an unbearable peak. Laura moaned out his name as her sweet, girl cum squirted all over Andy's pulsating cock, giving him the go ahead to let go.

He went tense all over, and collapsed, his sticky pleasure filling her full up.

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The both of them lay there, breathing hard, trying to collect their thoughts. Laura slid off of him quickly, her arms and legs still slightly unstable.

She looked down at him all bound up and exhausted, blew him a kiss and stepped out his bedroom door.

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He called after her, but she ignored him, giggling quietly. Her fun might be over, but his. was just beginning.