Cute babe gets tempted by some dude and drilled without mercy

Cute babe gets tempted by some dude and drilled without mercy
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The herb on the table was fantastic, a brilliant dark green, with crystals large enough to see from 10 feet away. The red-orange hairs were long and prominent. Sarah sighed with happiness. Her friend at work really came through. You could smell it, even sealed inside the medicine container. But now, it was broken up and ready to load. For tonight, she just wanted to taste the green. With the roommates finally out of the apartment, she was free for the rest of the day.

She turned on the stereo, closed her eyes, and let herself get lost in the beat and the pulse of the music. When she opened her eyes, she decided to go ahead and try her new bud out.

She retrieved her grinder and other assorted paraphernalia from her hiding place in the closet. The knock on the door jumped her out of her preparations. It was Dominic, and made for a happy surprise. He wasn't due back in town for several more days.

She invited him in, laughing when he started sniffing in earnest, searching the room for the aroma he could easily detect. "Would you care to have a smoke with me? I just got some new bud in, and was planning on giving it a try." Sarah knew he'd never be able to turn it down, now that he had gotten a whiff. And she was right, because he immediately plopped onto the sofa, with that crooked little grin he always got when he was looking forward to a particular interesting experience.

It actually made her nervous, because, while the bud was quite nice, that gleam in those dark chocolate eyes usually held a bit more in store. She passed him the sack to examine while she finished breaking up the hydro and loading her favorite piece, a six-inch glass pipe, with a ribbon of 24-carat gold winding inside the glass.

It changed colors when you smoked it, and hit like a dream. "Who'd you get this from?" he asked, as he passed back the sack. She handed him the bowl, giving him the green hit as she answered. "JD gave it to me. Said it was called Shoreline. Just came in from Austin." She studied him, as he snatched the lighter from the coffee table. He was lean, about 5'11, but he wasn't skinny.

Corded muscle showed under his black wife beater, and he was still hot from just the walk across the apartment complex in the hot Texas sun. Even his hair hung in damp curls around his ears. He had also apparently had a new gauge put in his ear. She smiled, thinking about the surprise she had just acquired earlier that summer… Dominic was in the process of cornering the bowl.

The bud caught, the cherry curling and settling, as the smoke rushed through. He inhaled, then released the carbon, sucking in that last hot hit. It was good bud, piney, and he could feel it begin absorb through his lungs, straight to his groin.

As he exhaled, he rolled his eyes. It never failed. It was part of the fun of smoking, because it made both his heads rise. Of course, sitting next to Sarah didn't do much to assuage that condition either. He handed over the pipe and lighter, and watched as she pressed it against those petite little lips. Her mouth opened, letting the tip in. Her dark eyes closed behind her black, rectangular glasses. He loved those; they made her look like a naughty librarian, with pale, creamy skin, and dark red hair that fell below her shoulders from the half bun it was in.

His eyes drifted lower. As always, her low cut tank top strained over her generous bosom. They were large, but they suited her, unlike those girls in the pornos. She was no stick figure.

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She had curves that flowed across her body, down to her flat stomach, flared hips, and long legs. She never dressed up, but those jeans and tanks were always flattering.


And what they held underneath, well, that didn't help his stoner boner either. Her eyes were closed, but she was well aware that he was looking at her. From her experience, he got as horny smoking bud as she did, but there was no reason to rush anything. And he had been gone all summer, so he was going to put a little bit of effort into it if he decided to pursue what she saw in those lovely eyes. So that's how they passed the afternoon, passing the pipe back and forth, catching up on all that he had missed during the summer when he had gone back to Fort Worth.

After they had been through a few bowls, they were both feeling pretty good. Dominic leaned back, letting his arm flop behind Sarah's head. She had missed him a lot, and allowed herself to lean against his shoulder for a while. His arm lowered again, encircling her, pulling her against him. She sighed, and looked up at him. He was gazing at her with half lowered lids. She loved that look; it made her melt for him.

His head lowered, brushing his lips against hers for a brief moment, and the buzz she had been feeling shifted, coalescing and heating her pussy. He smiled when he saw her shift slightly, and slid his other hand along her jaw line, under chin, then behind her head, pulling her back in, for a harder kiss this time.

As he pulled back, he let his tongue tickle her lower lip, nibbling, then sucking it into his mouth. Her lips opened in a moan, and his tongue slid between them, stroking her tongue, teasing it, drawing it into his own mouth. When her tongue finally thrust eagerly, he captured it, suckling and stroking it with his own tongue. Her hands came up, gripping his shirt, then stroking the hard muscles beneath it, lingering when she got to his nipples. His cock answered, straining against his worn jeans.

She smiled against his mouth, then used the tip of her middle finger to softly make circles around his nipple, then finally over it, teasing the hardening point, cause heat to make his stomach clench. Two could play at that game, he thought. His hand released the back of her head, as she needed no encouragement now to keep kissing him. Her head spun as his hand followed the curve of her body until her breast rested in his hand.

His thumb was driving her mad, and heat and moisture flooded her as he pinched her nipple lightly over her shirt. He moved to her neck, nibbling and licking until he got to her ear, pulling the lobe into his mouth, making buck against him when he scraped his teeth over it. She couldn't take any more. She pushed him against the back of the couch and straddled his lap. Now it was his turn to moan, as she slowly rubbed her crotch over the length of his cock.

He was thick and rock hard, and the thought of it sent yet another rush straight to her pussy. Sarah decided to take the lead, attacking his neck, nipping at his collar bone.

Dominic's hands pulled her shirt off of her, leaving just a black lace bra restraining the breasts he was seeking. Her fingers buried themselves in his hair as his mouth found her nipple, sucking and nuzzling on her pale flesh till they were grinding against each other.

He had had enough. He flipped her over, got rid of the bra, then moved on to her jeans. The belt was gone, then he slid her out of her jeans, pausing to admire the black satin thong. Obviously she had been expecting him. It was what was beneath the thong that made him stare. She was completely waxed, but even that wasn't what held his complete attention. She had gotten pierced! A vertical clitoral hood! The little barbell peeking up at him was multi-colored: metallic pink and green and purple.

"Holy shit babe!" Dominic was floored. He looked up into Sarah's eyes, and she winked at him. "What do you think?" He had no idea what to say, so he grinned and started drawing a line down her stomach with his tongue. He made his way down and moved to her thighs, licking, and lightly biting, making her jump and twist in an effort to draw his attention where she wanted it.

Damnit! He was determined to make her go crazy.

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Finally, his tongue ran over her outer lips, skimming over her soaked opening. His finger stroked her again, gathering her wetness, and sucking it off, enjoying the taste even more thanks to his buzz. He buried his face between her thighs, now paying very close attention to that adorable piercing. He ran his tongue over the bottom ball, pressing it against her clit, then rotating his tongue.

She rewarded him by bucking her hips against him, grinding herself against his chin. This time he found her little hidden clit, tormenting it with his tongue and teeth, causing Sarah's eyes to roll back in her head. When he took the clit between his lip and suckled hard, nonsense words poured from her mouth as she babbled and alternately begged him to stop and never let go.

Watching her, he felt her start to come. He then thrust his finger deep inside of her, curling it, feeling for that special spot. He knew he had found it when she screamed, and he felt her cream pour down his hand and onto his waiting lips. He lapped at her swollen cunt, savoring the sweetly salty cream, and causing her to shudder with each pass of his tongue. Her eyes were glazed as she sprawled back on the couch.


Dominic stood up, finally removing the last of his clothes that Sarah hadn't gotten off of him yet. Her eyes finally focused again when she got a look at that throbbing erection. She had forgotten just how surprising that delicious piece of meat was. Easily 8 and a half inches, with a large, mushroom shaped head and well defined veins.

Dominic leaned over her, running that head between her pussy lips, and over the barbell, causing her to jump, and raise her hips, inviting him in.

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He took the invitation, pushing deep inside her, as that drenched velvet fist gripped him tight. He groaned, and was grateful for the extra stamina that toking always gave him.

He pulled back, looking down to watch that barbell rest against his cock, giving him a little thrill as he thrust back again. Sarah was in heaven. His cock was fantastic, filling her, stretching her, and even stimulating her clit he was so wide. But he wasn't giving her what she wanted. Not yet anyways, and she intended to get it. She glared up at Dominic, then thrust hard against him, reaching to dig her fingers into his ass, pushing him deep into her pussy. He grinned mischievously, but started to saw in and out of her, fast and hard, the way she liked it.

Her breasts were moving and bouncing hard. Little gasps were thrust from her throat every time he hit the back of her pussy walls. She felt the pressure begin to build, causing her throat to close, keeping any air from leaving as she climbed, unable to even moan anymore as the tension in her body curls her toes and fingers.

But suddenly Dominic withdrew, laughing out loud at her cry of rage. He pulled her up, and pushed her over the side of the sofa, lifting her hips and ass to his display.

Looking at that lush, creamy slit, he couldn't help himself; he took another long, lingering lick, from her clit, down inside of her, then mounted her again. He didn't tease her this time. He pushed her hard and rode her fast. She thrust back against him in rhythm, giving him a wild ride, bringing him with her as she finally started to scream. He adjusted himself again; this time the head of his cock was rubbing directly over her g-spot. She screamed again, feeling the orgasm take control of her body.

Her pussy began to spasm, clenching and shuddering against him, but he gave her no mercy. Dominic kept up the rhythm, holding her hips, pulling her against him until she was whimpering and babbling again.

He pulled her up, not pulling out, but moving, till he was sitting on the couch, with Sarah in his lap. She spun around, then straddled him, crouching like a jockey over his cock. He kissed her as she rode him hard, using his cock to push herself again up into the clouds. She leaned back, giving him access to her nipples. He leaned in, and attached himself to her breast, suckling hard as he felt her pussy slide over him. He moaned against her nipple as she stared to move her hips in a circular motion, the kind that brought every inch of her entire pussy in contact with is aching cock.

He felt her begin to contract again, as her head fell back and her tits slapped against him. Once again she screamed her release and collapsed. When she recovered a minute later, she slid off his lap, and gave him an evil little grin.

"Oh my god!" Dominic held on hard to her hair as she lowered her mouth, and began to tease him with the very tip of her tongue.

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Sarah ran her tongue in little circles around his slit, then ran a line down the underside, then back up, to circle directly under the crown.

Abandoning his cock, she moved lower, gently bathing his testicles with her entire tongue, worshiping and suckling each, one at a time.

Dominic pulled on her hair, silently begging her to return to his straining arousal. She smiled, and continued, teasing him as he had teased her. Finally, when she was done playing, she moved back, slowly taking his head between her lips, and swirling her tongue around him as she began suckling at just the head.

She increased the pressure, pulling a growl from Dominic. Then, suddenly, she thrust his cock further into her mouth, pulling the head down her throat. She moaned, enjoying the taste of her own cum on his cock.

She buried about two thirds of the cock in her throat before she withdrew, letting her saliva coat him. She gave him another grin, then opened her mouth wide, and pushed down again. This time, inch by inch, she took him in. Dominic pulled hard on Sarah's hair when he felt his head enter her throat and keep going.

Finally he looked down. His entire length was being swallowed by that petite little mouth, all the way to his balls.

That's when the most amazing thing happened. Her tongue, always long and agile, escaped her overstuffed mouth and managed to give his balls another lick. He couldn't take much more of this. She allowed him to escape her mouth once more, laughing when he gave her a pleading look. She once again began to bob her head on him, taking the two thirds again, while using her right hand to stroke the exposed cock. Her other hand gently cupped his balls.

She began moaning and humming, and Dominic felt the vibration burning down his tightly drawn balls and he began thrusting against her mouth. She held her head still, and allowed him to fuck her mouth, deeper and deeper until she was gagging at every thrust.

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Dominic gave a shout and began cumming deep in her throat, enthralled at the sensation of her swallowing the juices while he was still abusing her throat. Sarah held on, swallowing and sucking to get every drop. She loved the taste of their cum mixed together. Dominic kept cumming, until some escaped her mouth, and slid down her chin. When he finally settled, she gave him one more gentle lick, stood, and looked him in the eye as she gathered the cum that had spilled down her face, and sucked it off of her finger with a smile.

He pulled her onto his lap, and she cuddled against his chest, feeling his heart beating wildly. Sarah sighed, she had missed him more than she had admitted to anyone this summer, and couldn't wait till the fall semester she would spend with him. And based on the past spring, there wasn't a place on campus that would be safe from their play…