Erotische Kunst Performance

Erotische Kunst Performance
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I've always have a very active imagination when it comes to sex. even as a young boy from the age of 8 I'd fantasize about all sorts of things. group sex, science fiction, gay, beastality, incest, etc. Of course it was all just fantasy. As I got older the fantasies were more realistic but would still be taboo to get me turned on. It became mainly fantasies about my cousin as I knew she was secretly very horny.

I also fantasised about having another man dominate a girl with me and also about being seduced by an older man. It was the last fantasy that was easiest to 'explore' using the internet.

For the last six or seven years with the advance of technology it has brought my fantasies to another lever. Being able to stay anonymous but interact online has brought a whole new lease of life to my fantasies. at first I used to look at porn, then look at profiles on dating sites, then joining free sites - gay sites; then emailing. online chatting using messenger.

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Keeps getting easier and more till now I cam 2 cam, phone and exchange cock pics with gay men. It fuels my fantasy but I seem to need more and more all the time. I remember seeing the first porn pics so many years ago and getting so turned on. now watch porn videos is boring. I'm a very good looking guy, do well with girls, I'm very fit with a lean muscled body and quite successful in my career. Lead a happy straight life.

Of course this urge and fantasy keeps creeping in. might resist it for a few weeks - delete all my accounts, etc.

but then I'd be back again when I get really horny. The thought of finally being seduced. giving in completely. unable to resist.

experiencing cock for real. sucking it. feeling it in my hand. on my back. rubbing against my hard cock. entering me. all this I just crave. I've got chatting to plenty of men, camming, etc. but few of them really fitted the bill. Few of them really understand or have the same (opposite) urge as I do. They don't really understand the mental part, how badly I need a man to seduce me.

getting inside my head and getting me to let go. getting me to admit it bit by bit. really getting of on controlling me and talking me through it all the time. I did find one man that really seemed to get me going. This man was about 50 - he was gay and civilised, really liked to seduce me and was so good at it.

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Each time we were online we'd go further and further. he was the first man that I had phone sex with. and showed my face on cam. I'd go further and further with him. All was going very well - had the most pleasurable time ever with him online. Then I found it harder to contact him. he became less responsive. and then I found out he was dating a guy. We still had the rare online fantasy but it became less and less - no response to my emails, texts, etc.

he was very happy in his relationship and obviously didn't want to spoil it. It was quite frustrating as the one guy I really thought would be able to get me to give in and do it for real was now no longer interested. I tried to get things going with many other guys, but none of them could quite get me going the same way he did. It was strange. I always thought that I'd be the one hanging back with a gay man coming forward, now I was the one wanting it more than him!

What this did was that anytime he was online and willing to have a little online fantasy, I would completely let go and immediately get naked on cam, be on the phone, show him my face and do anything for him. Unfortunately he kept refraining more and more till I only got the odd reply ever couple of months.

I kept trying, sometimes I'd try to refrain for a while thinking he might come forward, but he didn't and invariably I'd get too horny and contact him again. Time went on, I kept checking to see when he'd be online. Months later I noticed he was online more often, even managed to get some response. Then one Saturday I was online - I had the weekend off and my flat mate was away. Suddenly realizing I was on my own for the whole evening I got horny thinking I could have a good online cam2cam session.

I was hoping I'd find him online but to no avail. I went to some gay chat sites and some porn sites and had some fun - I kept checking to see if he was online. I was getting so horny - I normally don't have a whole evening to indulge so I was getting extra horny!

At this stage I was in my room, naked on my bed, cam setup and hard as a rock! At 10pm I checked and he was online!

I got very excited and just prayed that he'd contact me. He was online for a while before I got a response but then he messaged me to say hi. I was so excited. still hoping that he'd have time for a session. We got chatting and he was horny. We got chatting, he was telling me how busy he was with work. I asked him about his boyfriend, he said things were going well, then he told me that he was away for the weekend.

He was home alone! This caused my heart to race a little. I knew that if he really really wanted it, I could end up visiting him. If this was to happen I knew he'd have to get really horny.

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We got into some horny chat, I put on the cam and let him see me. It felt so good to be back having a session with him. he really knew exactly how to seduce me. talking dirty to me and getting me to give into the urges more and more. Then I told him I was home alone. He started teasing me with the idea that I would go to him and be his boy if he wanted it. I had to agree. not really thinking it would happen. The fact that I was online for about 5 hours now, getting hornier and hornier allowed me to be more open than ever.

we started chatting by voice too. normally I'd be so shy I'd only be whispering a little, I began talking more normally. really wanted this session to last. It was so hot. We started chatting about the prospect of meeting. rationalizing it more and more. convincing each other that it would be fine - its natural, that there's nothing wrong with satisfying our urges.

it wouldn't hurt anyone and would be mutual fun. Also knowing that it would be completely discreet - no one would ever know. He told me he suspected that his b/f might have strayed on one or two occasions. Then he said it. "Ok, boy. I want you to come over now and be my gay slut". My heart raced so fast. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. it was so overwhelming. I was completely in a trance and I knew the only reply was yes. It was like I was only an observer.

that I was trapped in a body but not in control. I heard myself saying yes. I kept thinking of the incredible feeling of pleasure throughout my body. knowing it would be even better if I went to him.

I think we were both in shock. like rabbits in headlights. He calmed down from the erotic voice and chat we were having and so did I.

We needed to agree this in a normal state. "Are you sure you really want this?" - again I replied I do. I told him I was very nervous. He said he was too. that there'd be no pressure - we wouldn't have to do anything and that I could go at any point and that would be fine. I thanked him for being so understanding.

I lied there on my bed trying to get my breath. It was now 1am. Couldn't believe how the time flew. He had a few drinks of red wine which is why I think he took it further. We started planning it. I kept the cam on and let him watch me getting dressed. I had my headset on so we could continue talking. I knew that I needed to stay in this trance. keeping my focus on the erotic feeling all the way over to his place. It was about a 15 min drive (no traffic at this time!).

The fact that it was dark made it easier. I got into the car and started to drive. my heart was pumping so hard. I was completely erect the whole time. I stayed on the phone with him so he could keep me in the trance. he kept telling me how my urge was taking over completely. that I've been waiting my whole life for this. that I was destined for cock - soon I'd be sucking his big fat cock. I had never been so horny in all my life. just wanted sex and nothing else. I arrived by his house and parked outside.

This was the most nerve wrecking part. getting out of the car and going to his door. I didn't allow myself to stop and think, I knew if I hesitated I might not go through with it. I went to the door and knocked lightly, the door opened and he said to come in. I was just in a complete state of shock and unable to think - the only thing I could manage was to follow his instruction.

The house was dimly lit which made it easier (just as we discussed). He ushered me up the stairs and directed me to his room. It was dark, just with the light from the TV. I sat down on the bed and he handed me a glass of red wine, already poured and ready. He sat down with a glass too. I drank the whole glass quickly, only taking 3 goes. I could feel the effects immediately - think the fact that my heart was racing allowed the alcohol to work faster. He poured another glass, I sipped at this one a bit more civilised.

it did help relax me a little. He knew to keep quiet at first, to allow me to slowly let go. The only sound was from the TV. He had a porn movie on. it was straight porn just as we planned.


He sat down on the bed beside me, very close where his leg was pressed against mine. He had his hand on his knee, but I could feel his fingers against my leg too. We were both just looking at the TV, almost ignoring each other in order to make it easier to relax into it. He started very slowly to rub his hand on his lap back and forth. knowing his fingers were rubbing against the outside of my leg too.

Then he allowed his outside fingers to move ever so slightly onto my lap. This made me so hard. this was the first ever real life experience of a man making a move on me. Slowly but surely his hand got more comfortable on my lap, now completely on it and moving up and down.

each time moving closer and closer to my crotch. I noticed his other hand on his own crotch, rubbing himself. My eyes were glued to the TV, pretending nothing was happening.

Then I felt his hand right up on my crotch, feeling my balls at first, then my cock. It was nice and firm, good pressure on my shaft. I knew this was good for him, that having his hand on my cock and seeing how hard I was would give him the sign to keep going.

While rubbing my cock, he took my hand with his other hand and placed it on his crotch. This was amazing. feeling his bulge under my hand.

the first time ever feeling a cock after a lifetime of fantasizing about it. He was now firmly in control. rubbing me and having his hand over mine on his cock. I started to very gently move my hips back and forth into his hand. letting him know that I was game. He moved closer. his face right up against mine. I very slowly, almost in slow motion, allowed my head turn towards his. seeing this he moved in and pushed his lips against mine.

his mouth was parted and I allowed mine too also. he started kissing me. it was so owerwhelming I almost came. He put his arms around me so we could kiss passionately. allowing ourselves to relax more into it. letting out our breaths as he kissed my ear and neck. We needed to squeez each other tight so to release some of the tension.

He was now getting very horny. moving faster, like a steam train gathering momentum. this turned me on even more. He undid his trousers and undid mine too. putting his hand down my pants, skin to skin. it felt so good. My cock was moist from the sweat and precum. but very hard too. Then he took my hand and placed it down his pants.

I felt his hard cock in my hand. it was so exhilarating. He then started to whisper into my ear. "that's it boy. this is what we've always wanted". I managed to whisper back a weak yes.

Then he took down his pants and trousers further. exposing his daddy cock completely. He got me to keep stroking it and moved me around a bit so I was facing down towards it.

He slowly pushed me further. It was so erotic to see it as I stroked it. it felt so hot in my hand. I knew what I had to do next and I felt his hand on my shoulders pushing my head closer. I parted my lips and holding his shaft in my hand I allowed his cock head into my mouth. His movements became stronger and more demanding. I could sense he was getting very horny.

Feeling my warm moist mouth around his cock really caused him to let go. It tasted very good. I was afraid I wouldn't like it. that it would be musky like an old man but it was nice and salty - from the precum. As it went on my tongue I knew there was no going back.

I was now a cock sucker. His voice got stronger and sleazier too. "Oh yes boy. suck daddy's cock. you're my gay cock sucking boy". The words entered me and enveloped me. it felt so good knowing he was in control. that there was nothing that could break this trance I was in. completely helpless and unable to resist. We knew this was it.

we didn't need to hold back anymore. we had passed the point of retreat. He told me to take off my clothes as he took off his. I did this with no hesitation. Now we were both completely naked. he told me to get on the floor on my knees and give him a proper blow job.

His instructions just bypassed my mind and I just found myself doing what he said. This was such an indulgence. I let myself completely enjoy giving my first blow job ever. Licking his shaft, stroking it. sucking it and feeling it deep in my mouth.

"Look at me son" he demanded.

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I looked up into his eyes while his cock was in my mouth. I completely felt him take me over completely with his eyes. completely submitting to him. I knew I was his boy at that moment. He was so turned on and so sleazy. the fact that he had a b/f and was doing the dirt made him so manly and dirty. He started dominating me by talking dirty to me. and getting me to tell him that I was his gay lover boy. that this was just the beginning and my urge would only grow stronger.

Then he pulled me onto the bed. on my back. he went between my legs and started licking my balls. then my shaft. sucking my balls. then pushing my knees back, he started rimming me.

Licking my hole and then pushing his tongue inside. I lay there just wanting him to fuck me. I didn't want this to end until I experience my fantasy completely. and that was his cock inside me. I tried to relax more, wanting this to last longer.


not to cum too soon. He was so horny. he wasn't holding back at all. really indulging himself on this virgin straight boy. knowing he had me under his control.

He then told me he was going to video me sucking his cock. He reached over and got his laptop and cam. he straddled me, sitting up on my chest with his cock at my chin. then he told me to suck daddy's cock.

this was such a turn on. I started sucking it while he video'd me. he told me to to tell him I was his gay cock loving slut boy. that I loved sucking him.

so he could have it all on video. Then he moved back down. lying on top of me. his cock pressed against mine. my legs spread wide and knees up. he kissed me a bit then leaned back a little.

looking me in the eye. with a strong intense commanding glare. "tell me what you want me to do to you boy". I knew what I was to say. "Fuck me", I murmured. "tell me again. and what's the magic word?". "Please Fuck Me", I said, a little louder. "BEG ME BOY. KEEP SAYING IT. AND LOUDER", he demanded me. "Oh god. please daddy. please please fuck me. I need it. I need it so bad. I'll do anything for you". - "That's it boy.

you're mine now. you fucking gay slut boy". It was out of control now. so erotic. so overwhelming. everything I ever wanted.

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Then he leaned over and got some lube in his hand. he massaged it all over my ass. and his cock. then he started fingering me. it felt so nice. just wanted him inside me more than anything. He put my hand on his cock and told me to guide him in. He got into position where his cock head was just at my ass opening. "Now promise me you'll do anything for me. that you'll come back for more anytime I want you". I told him I promised I would. this is what I always wanted.

"You love me boy, don't you?". I paused for a second. then told him. "Oh yes. I do. I love you daddy, I love you so much". As I said it, he pushed slightly forward. I felt the pressure of his cock head against my hole. "Tell me you're completely gay and I'll fuck you deep". My heart was going to explode now. "I'm completely gay, I only want cock. want it more than anything".

"Oh yes", he pushed forward and I felt his cock head slide in. it felt incredible.

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I pushed my hips towards him as hard as I could to feel it deeper inside me. He was in control and only let it in as much as he wanted.

But slowly he went deeper and deeper. I could see his eyes roll back in his head. "oh fuck yeah" he said, pushing in completely. Feeling my hot virgin ass around his cock drove him wild. he grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed as hard as he could.

Then he leaned down and kiss me passionately. This was it. this was the ultimate feeling of ecstasy. it was happening for real and there was not a care in the world in my mind. nothing could stop it now. "Oh yes boy. I love you. you're mine completely.

and now I'm going to plant my seed inside you". "Oh yes daddy. I love you too. seal my fate with your seed. cum deep inside me". He clenched my ass cheeks to push around his cock and rubbed his cock deep. I could feel it against my prostate.

causing my body to go weak with pleasure. he felt so strong and dominating. I was so weak and helpless. I felt myself almost fainting, knowing that I could never resist him ever.

His whole body tensed up. I could sense his balls swelling as they were against my ass. then his face went red as he body erupted. his whole shaft grew inside me, like a tube expanding to allow a flow of cum shoot through it. I felt the sensation inside me. his spurts of cum.

each one bigger than the last. It was like he was having multiple orgasms. I grabbed by cock and started wanking furiously. then I came. more than I ever did before. this was the build up of 8 hours of online fun, followed by what turned out to be over 2 hours of sex! I came all over my chest, tummy and even face. my ass went into spasm around his cock and caused him to cum even more. I felt my ass filling up. we were both still horny and he kissed me. with some of my cum on my face he licked to add to our saliva.

We both must have squirted about 6 or 7 times. We both laid there for a few mins. his cock still inside me. both completely satisfied like never before. I thought I'd be immediately disgusted as normally when I cum online I feel guilty straight after. But I felt ok. think it was a combination of the wine, the length of time being horny and the complete feeling of satisfaction. I actually felt ok lying there. Sometimes, but rarely, when I have sex I am still a tiny bit horny after and can keep going to build up another session.

This was on of those times! I cleaned up and went home. I felt very guilty the next day. but as soon as I got horny again I had to wank thinking about. The next day I was online with him again, we both felt mutual. we would allow ourselves to have this secret life.