SUGARBABESTV Lick my pussy under the sun

SUGARBABESTV Lick my pussy under the sun
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Alice Lee skirted down a darkened alley, fear glimmering in her eyes. She had not seen her pusurers for some time, but she new better than to hope they had given up.


They never gave up. Hearing a thump somewhere behind here, she glanced around frantically, and, spying an old rusted dumpster, dived behind it.

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There she hid, silently crying, though whether it was from fear or the acrid smoke that lay in the alley she could not know. Desperately she tried to calm herself and stay silent, hoping they would not find her. She heard someone yelling as a large group passed by her hiding spot, though through the drumming of her heartbeat in her ears she could not make out what was being said.

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Soon she heard them move on and sighed in relief. She was saved. Alice dashed out from behind the dumpster, hoping to make a break for it, when she ran headfirst into a solid object. "Where da ya think yur goin bitch?!" yelled the black man she had nearly bowled over, as he grabbed her arms and held her flailing.

Alice screamed and kneed him in the groin, but it did nothing to phase him and earned her a quick backhand.

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He laughed as he tore off the ragged clothing she had been wearing and lifted her up by her long blonde hair. "Stoopid girl! Yo think I run all the way back ere just to get kick'd in da nuts bah yo? I knews yo was hidan here, an if yo scream, I calls back mah homies and we have a fun ol time, gottit?" He pulled down his pants and a huge veiny black cock popped out in front of the girl.

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He reached down and slid back his foreskin to reveal a purple cockhead glistening with precum, and shoved it in her face. "You suck mah cock bitch or I fucks you up!" he yelled, pointing a glock 17 at her forehead.

Grudgingly Alice slid the head of his cock into her mouth, wincing at the dirty taste of it. He however, was not a patient man, and grabbed her head, forcing his thick cock down her throat. Alice gagged and tried to gasp for air, but just as soon as she was about it puke he pulled out and left her gasping for breath.

She did not get a long respite though, before he slid it down her throat again, furiously facefucking her. It went on for what seemed like hours until he finally grunted and started filling her mouth with hot cum. She swallowed as, knowing that if he did not she would likely drown from it, but could not keep up and it flowed out the sides of her mouth, dripping to the pavement. The rapist grunted and sighed, his cock popping out of her mouth and falling against his leg.

Amazingly it was still semi-hard. "Yo fucking slut, yo love that nigga cock don't ya?" he said. "Please, just don't hurt me, I'll do anything you want!" whimpered the girl, her face dripping cum. "I do what the fuck I wants to bitch!" he yelled, kicking her in the face with a heavy boot.


Alice collapsed to the pavement, her ears ringing from the blow. Behind her she felt her legs spread, and something push against her asshole. "NO, NOT THERE!" she yelled. The rapist rammed his cock into her unlubed asshole, pushing it all the way up into her guts.

She shrieked in pain and he tore up her insides, thrusting in and out of her ass. He leaned over her and grabbed her tits, slamming his huge cock into her ass as she buckled in agony.

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''ARG I'M CUMMING!" he yelled, and donkey punched her in the back of the skull. Her ass clenched against his cock, and he filled jerking body with cum as she sagged to the ground. He fell away and sat heavily on the ground, his face showing nothing but pleasure as Alice slumped to the ground in pain and tears. She could barely move and it felt as though her entire body had been ripped apart. She crawled against the wall of a building and leaned against it, hoping that the rapist was finished.

"Dat was fun cunt." he said while pulling up his pants.

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"But now it time for yo to die." He walked over to where she was cringing and grabbed her by the hair, shoving his pistol into his pussy.

Alice closed her eyes awaiting the inevitable.


"Say gudnight bitch!" the rapist laughed and and forced her eyes open so she could see his face as she died.

Then suddenly his jaw exploded in gore and Alice was showered by chunks of blood and flesh. The rapist slumped heavily over her, the remains of his head leaking blood all over the pavement, as Alice stared into space too surprised to move. Slowly though she regained her senses and looked around to see who had saved her, she would see nothing but the darkness and smokey fog. She pulled away from the corpse of her would be killer, being careful to pull the pistol out of her pussy, and lay back, exhausted and scared.

But she would find no rest. The rest of the dead man's gang could return at any time, and Alice knew she had to get out of there.

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She pried the gun out of the hands of the corpse, pulled on some of her clothes and, stopping only to spit on the the body, ran off into the ruins of the city.