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Doctors jerking off male patients gay After having him get bare and
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This is a rewritten version of the Angel Babysitter 1, which will soon be deleted. ------ Shifting his position on the couch, Shane re-adjusted his laptop on his legs. Laying his head back on the arm of the couch, Shane sighed happily.

In just fifteen minutes, his parents would be out of the house, and away for a week. He'd been planning what to do for months, and was looking forward to it. As soon as they were at the end of the road, he was calling a bunch of mates to come round and stay over. It would be utter bliss to just have a week where he had to do absolutely nothing, except for mess around with his mates, and maybe get drunk a few times.

It was a tough old life. Shane's family wasn't exactly poor.


His dad had been a surgeon before he'd left, and had left a good amount of money for him and his mum, who worked in some bank anyway, so she earned a decent sum of money as well.

As for the guy his mum had married, he'd been an architect and was living off a generous pension. Due to the amount of money they had saved up, Shane lived in a large, open plan house. From where he was lying he could see the front door, the stairs, and near enough most of the other rooms on the ground floor of his house. The wide staircase led up to the open landing which Shane could also see.

Due to this, Shane could see his mum racing around upstairs, trying to get everything packed. "Where are they?" He could hear her ask impatiently. "What're you looking for?" He called, briefly looking away from his laptops screen.

"My bloody shoes!" she answered as she disappeared into a room.

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Sighing, Shane leaned to the left of his laptop, looking on the floor. "Here." He called. As she rushed down the stairs, he hooked her shoes on a finger and held them up. "Thanks." She said breathlessly, and hurried back upstairs. Laughing, Shane turned back to his laptop. It was a good ten minutes until his mum re-appeared down the stairs.

"Right, I'm off now." She said. She was going to meet her husband at the airport, because he was driving there straight from the football game he was at. "Have fun." Grunted Shane, a lot more excited at the prospect of an empty house than he was showing. "Cheers, I will do!" She said, rushing towards the door, each hand carrying a heavy suitcase.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention," She added, reaching for her keys, "Kerry'll be here in." She looked at her watch, "About ten minutes, don't give her any grief." ".what?" asked Shane slowly, putting his laptop down and standing up. "Why is Kerry coming, mum?" "Well, she's here to babys- look after you while we're away. You didn't think we'd trust you on your own, did you?" She laughed, putting her hand on the door handle.

"Yes, I did!" Exploded Shane, stepping towards her. "Why didn't you tell me? I don't need a bloody babysitter!" He was fuming. "Well, because I knew that you'd react like this. Oh look, you're going to have a great time, Kerry's nice, and I don't have time to argue.

I'll see you in a week, and don't forget to say thanks to Kerry." And with that, Shane's mum opened the door and closed it behind her. "Arrgh!" Growled Shane, falling back onto the couch.

His mum was such a bitch. He didn't need a babysitter, for gods sake! This was going to ruin all of his plans, and how awkward would it be? Kerry was only eighteen, two years older than him, and they hadn't seen each other for four years. True, among his first thoughts were those of the prospect of spending a week with an eighteen year-old girl, though his anger and disappointment dispersed these childish, hormonal thoughts. Groaning again, Shane buried his head in his hands. The utter silence of the house was enough to move Shane into action.

Standing up, he made his way to the fridge, from which he withdrew a can of beer. His thoughts were, 'If I can get drunk in the ten minutes before she gets here, it'll be bearable.' But it was to no avail.

He had only finished half the can before the doorbell rang. He managed to hurriedly down the rest of it, something that made him feel sick, and throw the can in the bin before he strolled grumpily to the door. He dragged his feet, but no amount of procrastination would make the babysitter go away. He finally resigned himself to the fact that he might as well get it over with, and reached for the door handle.

"Hi." He said lamely as he opened the door. Kerry was standing on the doorstep, a bag over her shoulder.

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The first thought that sprang to Shane's teenage, ragingly hormone-driven mind was, God she's hot! It'd been a few years since he'd last seen her, and she'd definitely done some serious growing up.

"Hi Shane!" She smiled, showing rows of white teeth. "Can I come in?" She laughed, because Shane was standing open-mouthed, right in the doorway. "Er, yeah, yeah sure." He mumbled as he stepped aside, looking away. "It's been a while since I last saw you." She said as she stepped over the threshold, flicking her dark brown hair over her shoulder. "You're what now, fifteen?" "Sixteen a couple of days ago." He replied, closing the door behind her, careful not to trip over his words, as he often did when in close company with girls like Kerry.

The long, awkward silence that followed was finally ended by Kerry asking, "So, what d'you feel like doing?", and sat down on the edge of the couch. Shane hesitated when she patted the seat next to her, then added, "You can sit down, you know." She giggled.

"It is your house, and I don't bite." When he sat down tentatively next to her, she added "-much." With a wink.

" I dunno." Muttered Shane, answering her earlier question. He hadn't really thought about the answer, as he hadn't been listening properly. He was too focused on Kerry's body. She wasn't wearing anything especially revealing, just a breezy white summer skirt and a pale blue tank-top, but Shane could still tell she had an awesome figure. "Okay, then!" She laughed.


"I remember you used to be so chatty when you were younger, what happened to him?" Standing up, she added, "Must be the teenager in you!" Shane laughed, though with anyone else he would have reacted angrily at being spoken to like he was just entering puberty.

But Kerry, she just had a certain charm about her. Maybe this wouldn't be such a boring week, after all. "Well, should I get the dinner on? Your mum mentioned there's a pizza in the fridge?" Asked Kerry, dragging Shane back to the world of the living. "Er, yeah sure, yeah." Said Shane. "Cheers." He added hurriedly, not wanting to appear as if he was spoilt.

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"No problemo, champ!" Kerry started walking over to the kitchen. "Fridge, fridge, fridge." He could hear her muttering to herself. "It's over in the corner!" Called Shane, lying back down on the couch. "Under where the toaster is!" "Cheers!" Kerry called back. Shane pretended to be looking at his laptop as he watched Kerry over the screen. He watched, as she bent over to take the pizza out of the fridge, her ass pushing the thin fabric of the skirt out.

What he wouldn't give, just to reach out and grab it.and then she stood up, and tiptoed over to the cooker. She opened the stainless steel door, before bending over again to put the pizza in.

He could hear her humming to herself. Shane was quite oblivious to his surroundings as he watched her. He silently scolded himself. He was being so childish! Surely he could ignore this over-averagely pretty woman in his kitchen, without having a primal, hormonal desire pop into his head every two seconds! On the other hand, maybe not.He thought to himself, as Kerry stood on tiptoes and reached up to a shelf, to retrieve some plates.

Her tank-top had ridden up slightly, revealing the very top of her black thong.

He tried distracting himself by watching some YouTube videos, to no avail. Every few seconds, he had to look up. He did manage, however, to keep his attention on the screen for a minute or two, if he concentrated. It was within one of these brief spells that he was interrupted from, as Kerry's voice floated through the air.

"Shane?" Shane meekly poked his head above the laptop screen. "D'you mind if I grab a quick shower? It's really hot today and I didn't manage to have one this morning." Shane struggled not to trip over his words as he replied, "Yeah sure, go ahead.

Make yourself at home." He was trying to be as polite as possible without letting his raging hormones get a grip. "Thanks," Smiled Kerry, "where is it?" "Well, there's two, so you can choose if you want." Replied Shane. They had one downstairs bathroom, and one upstairs. "I think I'll use the upstairs one, if that's alright?" "Yeah, that's fine.

It's just at the top of the stairs, then you turn right." Damn. Thought Shane. He had been hoping to catch a glimpse of her, as she came out after her shower. It seemed that Kerry had been thinking along the same lines, too. "Thanks." She repeated. She turned towards the stairs, and started to tiptoe up them. She had removed her shoes before, and her tanned, totally bare legs travelled up to meet the dancing hem of her skirt before she arrived at the landing.

The landing was totally open, and could be seen from anywhere downstairs. Shane watched as she disappeared into his parent's room (which she had adopted for the length of her stay) for a few seconds, before coming out again and going into the bathroom. As soon as the door clicked shut, Shane sighed and relaxed immensely. It was amazing how much tension a pretty hot girl could create.

It was only now that Shane noticed his raging boner. He found it unnerving how easily this girl had got a grip on him. It suddenly occurred to him that if he left himself with this boner, he'd be extremely uncomfortable. He discarded his laptop on the couch and raced upstairs. A few seconds later, his bedroom door slammed shut. ----------------------------------- (Line indicates changing POV) Kerry stood in the spacious bathroom, looking at her reflection in the full-size mirror.

She wasn't being vain; not totally anyway. She was just making sure that there was nothing stupid about her appearance, or maybe she had something in her teeth? She checked, to make sure. Nope, nothing there. It was just, Shane had been staring a lot and it was quite unnerving. It was making her feel conscientious. Or maybe.Kerry turned in the mirror, and surveyed her body in the mirror.

Of course! How could she have been that stupid? Shane was sixteen. Sixteen equals hormones. Kerry nearly laughed aloud. She knew that she had a hot body, and knew that she was relatively pretty. She spent enough time on her appearance.

She had often dreamed about being a model, but never had the confidence to send any pictures to an agency. She couldn't believe how she had missed it. Spurred on by the threat of a burning pizza, Kerry pulled herself out of her stupor and started to strip.

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First, she pulled her tank-top over her head, revealing an unexciting black bra. It didn't have any laces or strings, yet it still looked amazing. Kerry had started to dress less seductively since her boyfriend of four years dumped her the week before. She was still gutted, but kept going. Her boobs seemed to hang in the air as she removed her bra, they weren't massive but they were a good size, big enough to hold, but small enough so that they didn't sag.

Kerry didn't waste any time in pulling her skirt down, her boobs jiggling as she did so, and stepped out of the folds of the clothes. This revealed her most appealing asset; her ass, which was tanned and blemish-free. She slapped her hands on each cheek affectionately before pulling the black string thong off.

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She then proceeded to dance over to the glass-fronted shower. It was one of those tall, square-based showers, with a glass door on the front. This opened with a small squeak, and she stepped inside, letting the door close behind her. A few seconds later, she had turned the stream of water on, and stood underneath the jets, getting thoroughly soaked. It was only after she had stood there for a few minutes when a sudden realisation hit her. She glanced out of the front door to the shower, to make sure she was right, before tentatively calling, "Shane?." Now was her time to see if what she thought Shane was interested in her for was true.

------------------------- The soft slapping sound of his jacking off was all Shane could hear, as he slowly drew his hand up and down his shaft. He was rudely interrupted by Kerry's voice. "Shane?." He cursed. He waited to see if she'd call again, and she did.

"Dammit." He growled, clambering off his bed, and shoving his cock back in his pants. "Yeah?" He called, stepping onto the landing. "Would you.would you be able to get me a towel?

I forgot to bring one in." Shane could tell that she was embarrassed, but his heart leapt. "Err.yeah, sure!" He said, "Just give me two secs." He didn't wait for an answer, but instead raced into his room, where the towels were kept in a cupboard. He opened the cupboard, and surveyed the contents inside.

He reached his hand out for the top towel, but slowly withdrew it as the beginnings of a plan started to form in his mind. He shifted the top few towels away, before he found the one he wanted.

He raced back to the bathroom, before knocking lightly on the door. "Come in.keep your eyes shut, though!" Shane smiled before he pushed the handle down and entered the bathroom. "I'll just-just leave it by the door, okay?" He had entered the room with his eyes slightly shut, in case she was looking, but there was no need. She was facing the other way, giving him an awesome view of her bare ass and back. "Yeah, that's fine!" Said Kerry, and Shane thought he saw her head flick over her shoulder as she said it.

Slowly dropping the towel on the floor, Shane took one more glance, before he started out the door. Then, he remembered a vital part to the plan, and crept into the bathroom, picked Kerry's clothes up, and raced back out. Outside, he threw the clothes in the laundry basket, then made his way downstairs. If all went according to plan, he'd have a good view from downstairs. He lay down on the couch, and waited for the show to begin. ------------- "Da de du daaaa." Hummed Kerry as she stepped out of the shower, smiling.

She'd been watching out of the corner of her eye, and Shane had definitely been checking her out. Aww. She though, as she reached down for the towel.

She picked it up and started drying herself off, rubbing her tanned, smooth body up and down until it was dry. It was only when Kerry brought the towel up to her face to dry it when she noticed something.

"The little sneak!" She whispered. The towel she held in her hand was at least four times smaller than a normal one, and had no hope of covering all of Kerry's vital parts.

Of course, it could have been an honest mistake, but Kerry doubted that. She bit her lip, holding the towel in her hands. A sudden idea struck her, and she started breathing again. She'd just have to put her clothes back on. Kerry looked around the spacious bathroom, wondering where she had left her clothes.

She searched, pulled cupboards open and looked almost everywhere, she just couldn't find them. "Dammit." She growled. She knew the game Shane was playing, and it was a very dangerous game indeed.

She held the towel in her hands again, and started chewing on her lip. There was only one thing for it, she'd have to make do with the towel she had. She tested it, and wrapped it around her waist. Stretched as much as it could, it still barely reached around, and only just tied at one side. This still left her boobs to cover, which she combated by grasping as much of each breast as she could in each hand.

Taking a few deep breaths, Kerry shifted towards the door, and lowered her elbow. She pushed down on the handle, and it slowly swung open. Stepping out onto the landing, Kerry felt horribly exposed. She knew that somewhere, Shane was watching her. A brief glance down towards the living room confirmed this fact. Shane was lying on the couch with his laptop on his knee. Shane was staring a bit too convincingly at the screen, and Kerry was sure she'd seen his head flick down as she looked across.

She bit her lip again as she felt her face grow hot, and she tiptoed across the landing, trying to keep as much of each boob in her hands as possible. ------------------------ Shane kept flicking his head up from his laptop, in ecstasy because of the display before him.

Kerry's long, tanned legs travelled upwards before they ended beneath the white towel, but by far the most erotic thing was her boobs, nestled in her hands. It would only take one slip, and they'd be free.

Shane was intrigued how she would open the door to his parents bedroom. Unlike the others, it was a doorknob rather than a handle.

Meaning, you couldn't open it without holding and twisting it. As he watched, the thought also seemed to dawn on her, for she slowly stopped before the door, and even Shane could see her face starting to fill with colour.

She glanced down towards him, and he flicked his head towards his laptop as if he wasn't watching. His breathing was coming heavily now, and he was starting to feel the pressure beneath his pants.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Kerry look back towards the door, and he flicked his head up again. She was biting her lip anxiously, and she kept lifting her feet up, then replacing them where they had been.

Surely she wouldn't stand there forever? It couldn't be long now.yes. Shane practically rose of the chair as Kerry cast one more glance around, before getting as close to the door as possible. Still, Shane could see everything. Slowly, almost too slowly to be possible, Kerry started shifting her seemed as if it was in slow motion.slowly.yes.finally, Kerry let one of her hands lose its grip on her boob, and it fell minimally, giving a slight bounce as it rested.

Her face went bright red, and she started scrambling for the door knob. This left Shane with the opportunity to survey this wonder in front of him.

It was perfectly smooth, and blemish-free, tanned to perfection. It's rounded surface seemed almost impossible to resist, and Shane audibly (although softly) groaned. A few more seconds, and Kerry had opened the door.

But the show was not yet over. -------------------------------- Kerry felt her face flush as she fumbled with the doorknob, still gripping the other boob with her hand.

Was this the hardest door to open, ever? She seemed to be standing there for minutes before the door finally opened, and she didn't hesitate rushing through.

It was her rushing that was to be her downfall; as she sped through the doorway, the towel came looses, and fluttered to the floor.

Her ass was on show, and without even thinking, she turned round, stooped down and picked it up. As she looked up, she realised she was now totally naked, stooping down and letting her boobs fall free. She stayed where she was, staring at Shane. This time, he didn't bother to look away. Kerry's face was scarlet, and they shared a glance before she stood up, and sprinted back into the room. She slammed the door shut behind her, and leaned against it. She had never been so embarrassed in her whole life.

Shane had seen her totally naked. Her heart was pumping, and her breathing was coming far from steadily. It took her a few minutes before she came away from the door and over to her bag. There was one thing for sure. She was not going to let him get away with this. She had a plan. She was going to tease that little shit, and she was going to tease him on her terms.

He wouldn't know what had hit him.