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Joanne Eyes i need love
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The Horror At The Bruja House By rutger5 (An Original Story - Copyright 2012) DISCLAIMER - This is a work of fiction. All similarities to anyone living or dead is in your imagination. Only fictional characters were hurt in this story - its not real. ____________________________________________________________________________________ The pretty dark haired girl climbed from her little yellow VW and after smoothing out her short denim skirt turned toward the gas pump.

After swiping her card she waited for the prompt telling her to proceed. Once it did she unscrewed the gas cap before lifting the nozzle from its holder and raising the lever. "Hey sweetie, do you want some help with that? After I pump your gas maybe you let me pump something else of yours?" The comments were followed by the sound of crude and raucous laughter.

The girl turned and scowled in the direction of the man who had spoken. He was standing on the other side of the island filling his big black pick up truck while his two friends sitting in the cab laughed and watched. He appeared to be rapidly approaching middle age and already had a paunchy midsection though his arms were still muscular as well as being adorned with some bad inkwork. It appeared as if he was a construction worker or something similar as he was wearing blue jeans with work boots while his shirt was sleeveless and his skin appeared to be burnt a bronze tone from too much time in the sun.

The girl turned away and ignored him as she filled her gas tank when she heard the sound of wet kisses from him followed by some more comments. "Oh come on sexy girl, don't be that way. Here I am trying to help you out and you won't even talk to me. What are you, some kind of stuck up snob bitch?

So what's it gonna be sexy, you wanna give me a ride baby, if you know what I mean?" She whirled in his direction and without thinking let him have it. "You don't have a chance in Hell with me so stop dreaming, okay! Not if you were the last man on earth would I look your way. So just do me a favor and get lost!" "You don't have to be like that bitch.

Your loss though 'cause if you took me up on my offer you would be the one dreaming about me every night." The girl did her best to ignore him as she slammed the nozzle back into place and put the gas cap back on. Without a look back she got into her car and started the ignition.

There was a diner across on the other side of the parking lot and she pulled into a space next to it and went inside. She originally had planned on just grabbing something quick to eat but she was now upset and figured taking the time to have breakfast would improve her souring mood.

She slipped her slim frame into a booth and within a minute the waitress had brought her a steaming cup of fresh coffee. She ordered the pancakes with blueberries and sipped the strong beverage as she waited for her food. It was very good and definitely helped to relax her. Shortly after the waitress brought her plate and asked if she needed anything else to which the girl politely declined. Leaving as large a tip as she could afford the dark haired beauty headed out after eating.

Even though it had taken less than an hour the lot already seemed much more crowded than it was before she stopped. Sighing to herself as she pulled out she realized that it would only get busier. She had started later than she planned as her mother had asked her to do a favor and drop something off for her at the pharmacy on her way.

With breakfast it was now already past eleven in the morning. There went her chance to enjoy some solitude at the beach before the hordes of people arrived and ruined it for her. As she drove a red convertible flew past filled with some of the kids from her school. They took no notice of her as she wasn't part of the popular crowd and consequently barely registered to their minds.

Great, just what I need she thought to herself as she drove. If it wasn't bad enough the beach would be crowded with people it appeared as if the elite from her school would be there as well to further make the day a rousing success.

A mile later she came upon a stop sign and hit the brakes. The road to the beach continued straight forward with another road bisecting it. Turning to the left her green eyes followed the other road as it wended its way up into the rocky hills that overlooked the coastline. On the spur of the moment she signaled a turn and took the left hand road. For the next fifteen minutes her car mostly ascended although there were some slight gentle dips down but overall it climbed until reaching the hill's summit.

She motored forward at a steady speed until she saw what she was seeking. There before her were the stark walls of a lonely and abandoned structure. The Bruja house everyone in the neighborhood called it as allegedly in the distant past a suspected witch had lived there.

Be that as it may no one had lived there in her lifetime though on occasion young people from the vicinity would hold parties there in order to escape the watchful eyes of their elders. It was during one of those nocturnal gatherings five years earlier that a bonfire had gotten out of hand and engulfed the building. No one had been hurt thankfully and the town had considered razing the place totally but in the end decided the cost was too great.

Instead they agreed to let nature finish the job for them but so far the building was winning. It had been built in the previous century when things were made to last and though the fire had destroyed the roof and the floorboards of the upper level the outer walls seemed as strong as ever. The girl parked her car on the shady side of the house and a moment later emerged carrying a small bag. Pebbles crunched under her sandals as she approached the doorway, the door itself long gone.

A few birds took flight and she thought she heard the scurrying of tiny feet from somewhere nearby when she entered the house. The sun was just beginning to peak in over the wall as she looked around. The girl had been there a couple of times previously but only at night when the place was filled with music and teenagers. It seemed so different to her in the daylight, somehow lonelier and more desolate.

Two of the walls had been blackened by smoke from the fire and there were many sections where the plaster had cracked from the heat.

The other walls hadn't been damaged but they were virtually covered with graffiti. Most was just names or curses crudely scrawled but one section had been done by someone of a more artistic bent. They had turned the wall into a virtual rainbow of colors, arranged in somewhat geometric patterns. The girl walked across the concrete floor as she explored the place but there wasn't much else to see.

In one corner there was a stone stair that led down to blackness to what she assumed was the cellar but she had no desire to explore down there. There was also another empty doorway in the back wall that led outside. Putting her bag down on the floor she headed out to the back. Around fifty feet beyond the structure the ground sloped down steeply as it headed in the direction of the beach.

She strolled that way and cast her eyes in the direction of the beach below. There was already a fair number of people she could see who appeared to her eyes no bigger than bugs from the hilltop.


Gulls wheeled about in the sky from over the azure waves and beach up to the surrounding hills and she could hear their shrill cries filling the air. Somewhere in the distance she thought she heard something else but the wind had increased in intensity so she wasn't sure what.

She listened for a minute but when she heard nothing further she turned and retraced her steps. Once again entering the house she knelt by her bag and pulled some items out.

First was a large beach towel which she set out in the center of the floor where the sun was already warming with its rays. Next she took out sunglasses and sunscreen and finally a bottle of water. She pulled her white scoop neck shirt over her head revealing her bikini top beneath. It was white as well and contrasted dramatically against her tan flesh. She sat on the towel and began to carefully apply the sunscreen to her delicate skin as she promised her mother she would.

Once finished she slipped her sunglasses on and lay back on the towel. She had a book in her bag but at the moment didn't feel like reading, instead she enjoyed the feeling as the sun's rays warmed her. She was just starting to feel drowsy when the unmistakable sound of a sole scuffling against the floor came to her ears.

Sitting up with an alarmed expression she turned toward the front entrance where she was confronted by the man from the gas station who had entered the house and was walking in her direction with a leer on his face. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?

It seems we meet again baby, only this time in a much better location for a little fun." The dark haired girl sprang to her feet and backed away as he continued to advance towards her.

"What are you doing here? And what do you want?" she said in a trembling voice as she tried to keep some distance between them. He smiled at her before replying. "I could ask you what you're doing here as well but it really doesn't matter, does it? Fate has brought us together baby and I plan on taking advantage." Suddenly the man lunged for her and his speed caught her off guard.

She had tried to sidestep him but he was too fast and his burly arm encircled her waist and pulled her bodily to him. She placed her hands against his body and attempted to push him away but he just laughed before he leaned down and forced his rough lips against hers.

He tasted of tobacco and tequila and she felt sick as she continued to struggle futilely against his greater strength. The stubble on his face irritated her smooth skin and the man smelled of stale sweat and smoke. His tongue had forced its way between her soft lips and hungrily explored her mouth when she felt his free hand roughly grab her covered breast.

The dark haired girl reacted instinctively, her hand clawing at his face and leaving four long scratches. For a moment he loosened his grip and she took advantage slipping free of his grasp. She sprinted past him heading for the front entrance when a large man suddenly appeared there first blocking that path. Once she turned she saw the third man from the truck slipping in the rear entrance and cutting off any chance of escape.

The hard slap that caught her unexpectedly knocked her sunglasses off and sent her reeling into the big man who caught her with one arm and easily held her. The original man was still nursing his wounds with one hand but his other had delivered his response, which restored a measure of pride to his wounded machismo. "You're gonna pay for that bitch! That slap was just the beginning. Hold her good Tomas." He advanced and as he did he pulled a knife from its sheath on his belt.

The girl's eyes widened once she saw the knife and she silently said a prayer. Tomas was now holding each of her arms by her side with a hand, rendering her virtually helpless. The man was now right before her and with an evil grin he pressed the point of his blade to the center of her chest. It pushed the skin in without breaking it and slowly he ran the tip along her skin. Then without warning he grabbed the fabric and with a fast cutting motion slit through the material separating the bikini top and revealing her small, upturned breasts.

He paused for a moment as his black eyes feasted on her exposed charms and the hand that wasn't holding the knife reached out and cruelly pinched one of her nipples.

The girl cried out in pain as he twisted it roughly until it began to harden. He then moved to her other nipple and repeated the process until it too was standing at attention. "Ha ha! She has itty bitty titties" the third man said as he stood and watched just off to the girl's left side. "Stop being stupid Fernando" the man holding the knife said turning away from the girl for a second "in my opinion they are perfect for her body. Besides if you knew anything at all about women you'd know that smaller breasts are more sensitive." Turning back he attempted to prove his point by running the blade lightly over them, following their contours and causing the dark haired girl to squirm uncomfortably.

He pressed the point against a nipple while staring into her eyes. He felt an adrenaline rush as he saw her fear clearly reflected and his groin swelled even more in reaction.

Moving the knife away his mouth took its place as his teeth closed on her nipple, biting it hard. Pulling his mouth off her he then did the same to her other nipple. She cried out from the pain which was music to his ears. He took his mouth away and with satisfaction studied the tooth marks he'd left behind.

Again he touched her soft skin with the blade, starting between her perfectly formed breasts and this time running the blade down. He applied a little more pressure this time and the razor sharp knife left a thin red trail from the center of her chest and across her perfectly flat tummy until he reached her pierced navel.

Her piercing was a gold and silver sun which covered her actual navel. "What a little slut, piercing your body like that. Are you pierced anywhere else baby, maybe a little lower?" After saying that his hand grabbed between her legs, cupping her mound roughly until she cried out.

The man now crouched before her, his face less than a foot from her pelvis. She tried to shrink away from him but when she did the dark haired beauty's supple ass now pressed into Tomas. He ground his hips into her and she felt his hardness straining against his jeans to get out.

At the same time the knife blade was now pressing into the skin of her inner thigh right above the knee and working its way upwards. A thin trail of crimson appeared in the wake of the knife as he sliced her lightly. Tears now flowed from her beautiful green eyes and she began to plead with them.


"Please let me go. I'm sorry about at the gas station but don't hurt me, I beg you! I won't say anything but let me go! I'm begging you!" The crouching man looked up with a wicked grin as the knife had now worked under her short skirt and was brushing against her panty covered mound. "Now you're sorry slut! Well its too little and too late. You had your chance to do the right thing and you fucked up! You'll be begging all right, begging for more cock by the time we're done with you.

Have you ever been gangbanged before bitch?" "No please don't! I'm not that kind of girl, I swear to God!" For his answer the man took hold of her skirt and hacked at it with his knife. He didn't actually cut it off her but he slit it in a bunch of places so it was now nothing but some tattered denim strips connected to the waistband.

Inspecting his handiwork he smiled at a job well done before slipping the blade underneath the fabric of her panties. The dark haired girl's body stiffened with terror and she felt a sense of relief when he actually just cut them off her narrow hips so that they fell to the floor. "Fuck, look at her little cunt!" he said to his companions "its so fucking tiny!" "Not when I'm done with it!" Tomas growled as he continued to push against her body with his large bulge. "That's why you go last Tomas" Fernando chimed in.

"You always stretch them out with that horse cock of yours." "Whatever, but lets get going. I'm so hard for this little slut I'm gonna explode" he answered. "Right you are" the leader said though he continued to study her pretty pussy. It was shaved bare down there to make it easier for tanning, this way there was no chance of hair peeking out but now it worked against the dark haired girl. She realized that not only was it turning them on more but it made them think she was a slut as well.

The man reached out and touched it, his rough fingers running over her delicate and virtually untouched womanhood. She shrank from him as much as possible but there wasn't much space with Tomas behind her. "Tomas put her on the floor. I want to taste her bald, little pussy first." The big man dragged her bodily to the center of the room then easily pushed her down on top of the towel.

The other two were right there as he did and Fernando now took her by her wrists and pinned them on the floor above her head.

Tomas was undoing his pants as the third man knelt on the floor and grabbed her legs and pried them apart. The girl attempted to resist but he was too powerful and easily had his way with her. Once they were spread he lowered his face and pressed his lips to her pussy. She tried to squirm away but they easily held her in place. He started to lick her now making sure to hit her hidden pearl with each pass of his tongue. Repeatedly he lashed her innocent pussy, his wide tongue running along her lips as well as between them in her soft pinkness.

"You taste good slut, like a little whore is supposed to" he told her before resuming his snack. "Don't, oh please stop! No!" she cried out, the anguish plainly evident in her voice as the man continued to abuse her. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be she thought to herself.

She'd been a good girl and done what her mother had told her to by avoiding boys and this was how it was going to end? Her first time wasn't going to be with a man who loved and cherished her but on the floor as she was raped by a pack of brutes.

Her mother had been right that all men were beasts and animals, their only concern sticking their filthy parts into innocent young girls.

In spite of her terror and revulsion the man's licking started to have some effect on her. It was purely physical but her own juices had begun to flow, if just a little. Not a lot but mixed with his saliva her pussy lips were now moist. The man sensed this and grinned and delivered a few parting licks and finally sucked on her hidden pearl causing her to tremble.

He pulled his mouth from her as he knelt upright and his hands found his belt and unbuckled it. The girl watched in horror as he pushed his jeans past his hips freeing his erect weapon. It appeared huge to her who before this had only seen her little brother's back when she bathed him when he was a little child. His thing was hard and long with coarse, dark hair surrounding it and it was all red and angry looking with veins criss-crossing it.

She could see the bulbous head was shiny with liquid which oozed from it like puss from a sore. He grasped the shaft and guided it to the entrance between her lips where he placed it. The dark haired girl made a last ditch effort to try and prevent him, thrashing her legs about and even managing to twist her pelvis sideways and away from him slightly.

His reaction was swift and brutal as befitting one of his ilk. Balling his hand into a fist he punched her in the stomach hard enough that all the air was forced from her lungs.

All she could do was gasp from the pain as the others laughed. Then he pushed her body to back where he wanted it and again pressed his head to her opening.

Once it was nestled there he leaned in close to her and rested on his left elbow which put his face a few inches above hers. The girl's natural reaction was to close her eyes but when she did it infuriated him. "Bitch!

Open your fucking eyes or I'll hurt you!" he raged "I don't want those eyes shut again. Do you hear me?" "Y-y-yes" she whispered, opening her eyes and seeing her tormentor above her, now triumphantly gloating. Slowly he pushed his hips forward, his swollen purplish head parting her lips. He hadn't gotten far when he came up against her hymen. His eyes grew wide with surprise and then he smiled when he realized what this meant.

"Is that what I think it is green eyes?" he asked as his dark eyes bored holes into her. "Yes" she said as the tears began flowing from the combination of pain, fear and shame she was experiencing. "Well then it seems I owe you an apology as well as my thanks for saving yourself for me. Just so you know who was your first, my name is Raul" he told her while at the same time driving his hips forward with all his might.

The thin membrane was no match for his invading member as the turgid flesh easily pierced her body's protective barrier. They both cried out, the dark haired girl in pain and despair while Raul's voice was raised in triumph and pleasure.

With his initial thrust Raul sank halfway into her violated channel and for a moment he was unable to go further. He pulled his hips back until just his head remained in her and then pushed forward this time forcing his full length inside her. For a minute he didn't move and instead just enjoyed the feeling of her vagina squeezing his hardness.

It was so incredibly tight that he had trouble moving but he began by pulling back just a little then pushing it fully in again. Slowly her flesh yielded to his intrusion and as it did he increased the speed of his movements until he'd built up a steady rhythm. The pain she felt was intense and it only got worse as Raul continued to thrust his whole member in and out of her as fast and hard as he could. He knew due to her tightness that there was no way he'd last long so he decided to go all out.

His body responded immediately to the stimulation that was building. His lips kissed her slender neck and he smelled the combination of youthful sweat and sunscreen on her skin as he did so. "Oh baby your little pussy is so tight I can't take it. I'm gonna give you my cum but don't worry. I plan on fucking you some more later on, after they have a turn first." His hips rose and fell a few more times at which point he forced it as deep as he could.

She felt it swell inside her violated pussy and then it started shooting his sperm toward her womb. Once he stopped cumming he paused a moment reveling in the feeling before with some effort he pushed his body up. Reluctantly he withdrew his just satisfied cock which was now covered in blood and bodily fluids.

The other two were impatient for their turns to begin and as soon as Raul pulled out of her they jockeyed for position. Tomas was now just wearing his boots and when he knelt by her head his large cock brushed against her face causing her to cringe. He laughed at her reaction before taking both her slim wrists in one of his big hands and holding them to the floor. Fernando scrambled to position himself between her legs while sliding his pants down to his knees.

He grabbed her right leg by the knee and lifted it from the floor opening her up more as his other hand guided his erection toward her violated flower. Fernando rubbed his head against her lips a few times before plunging inside her. He was smaller than Raul and with the bodily fluids acting as lubrication he had no problem working his full length into her. It wasn't pleasant for her but it didn't hurt as much as before as Fernando sawed in and out of her.

Once buried he seized her other leg and raised it as well, pushing it toward her chest. Meanwhile Tomas rested his thick meat on top of her face while holding her hands down.

She squirmed when she felt the his hot member touch her skin but was unable to escape. His sweaty, musky scent filled her nose, nearly overpowering her with its raw maleness. "You want to lick my cock slut? Get it nice and wet before I fuck your brains out?" The girl kept her lips tightly pursed and vigorously shook her head from side to side signaling what she thought of his request. He just laughed from her reaction as truthfully he didn't care.

He just wanted to batter her tight little cunt with his ram until he couldn't take it anymore.

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During this Fernando continued his assault on her, fucking her as fast as he was able to. His balls slapped her flesh with each thrust forward pushing him ever closer to release. His breathing became more rapid and he started to moan loudly. "That's it bro, give it to her! Loosen up her pussy for me!" Tomas yelled out in encouragement to his friend. Fernando increased the speed of his fucking as he felt the familiar tightness growing in his balls until he couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck yes! I'm gonna shoot! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" His whole body stiffened up as he exploded deep in her. For the second time she felt a rapist fill her with his sperm as she was held down. His satiated body sank on hers with a contented sigh. "Come on, move it. My turn" Tomas demanded as he released the girl and stood. With a groan Fernando reluctantly lifted his body off the victimized girl.

He scrambled to near her head and knelt there, his hand stroking his still mostly hard cock. Tomas walked over to Raul who was leaning against a wall sipping from a tequila bottle he'd retrieved from the truck.

Snatching the bottle, Tomas swallowed a big gulp as he approached her with a malicious smile on his handsome face.

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"My turn chica" he told as he crouched down and straddled her slim form. "Please no, I'm begging you not to. Take pity on me please" she pleaded looking up at him. He shook his head no. With one hand he grabbed her by her long, dark hair and yanked her toward him.

He pressed the lip of the bottle to her mouth. "Drink it. Trust me it will help with the pain cause I'm gonna split open that little pussy of yours good." He tilted the bottle and reluctantly she parted her lips and allowed some of the amber liquid into her mouth. She swallowed it down before coughing and gagging as it burnt her throat as it slid down.

They all laughed from her reaction but once she recovered he gave her a little more. This time she managed to swallow it without choking as Tomas took another swig before handing off the bottle to Raul who was now standing close by. Next he picked up the water bottle that she had placed there when she'd first arrived. Adjusting his position he poured the water over her pussy lips making her shiver as it washed away some of the cum that had oozed out of her while also cooling her down a little.

"Ready to rock and roll now" he said as he rolled her onto her side and knelt just beyond her. Tomas took a leg of hers and raised it and held it against his chest as he pushed his large head to her sore opening. Even though she had already been violated twice he had difficulty entering her but he forged on with a determined expression. Slowly it slid past her lips as it burrowed into her. Immediately he felt the pressure on his cock head as it felt like it was being squeezed in a vise. Not letting that stop him Tomas pressed on as he continued to work it deeper.

He was much larger than his friends had been and the girl actually worried that he would damage her as he used her. The girl's face contorted in pain as he forced himself further in her channel.

Without warning he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him, sinking his cock to the limit of her channel.

His cockhead collided with her cervix making her cry aloud in pain but he didn't care. It felt great and that was all he cared about. Adjusting himself to get better leverage Tomas began to build up a rhythm. He was unable to move as fast as he wished due to the extreme tightness but with every thrust she yielded a little more to him as her body adjusted. The pain didn't go away as he was very thick and long, in fact she thought his cock's dimensions mirrored those of the paint roller she had recently used to help paint the family kitchen.

With each thrust he smashed her cervix hard making her wince before pulling back. He was content to take it relatively easy as she was as tight as a glove and he wished to last longer than his friends for bragging rights. He took his time working in and out of her pussy, enjoying the feeling of being enveloped in her soft, constricting folds.

If he noticed her tears or whimpers of pain it had no discernible effect on him. All his attention was focused on his hard cock as it slid in and out of her tortured cunt.

Finally even his discipline began to crumble from the pleasures of her flesh at which time he increased his pace.

At the same time his hand reached out and closed on her neck, applying just enough pressure to restrict her breathing slightly. Her eyes opened wide and her own hand went over his but she was unable to dislodge it.

Tomas sped up even more the closer he got until with a shudder he came deep in her. His face relaxed as it spurted into her now sodden pussy and he let go of her throat with a sigh. She gasped when he pulled out releasing a flood of cum as he did so.

No sooner had he moved away then Raul moved in not giving the girl a moment's break. By now Raul had removed his pants but still in his hand was the sharp hunting knife he'd used earlier.

Grabbing her by the shoulder he pressed it to her neck. "Listen up girl. I want you to suck my cock now, but don't get no stupid ideas. If I feel any teeth I'll cut you!

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And if you bite me, well I promise you that you won't get a chance to do it again. Understand?" Her eyes wide with fear the girl nodded making him smile. He rolled her onto her back and positioned himself over her chest.

He grabbed her head with his free hand and held it as he pushed his cock up to her lips. "Open bitch!" he demanded. Once her ruby lips parted he forced his meat inside her and pushed it to the entrance of her throat making her gag a little.

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"Use your tongue baby! Lick my cock while I fuck your face!" Even though she felt sick to her stomach the girl did her best to comply with his demand. Her agile tongue swirled around his head and shaft as it worked in and out of her mouth coating it with saliva. He only did this for a couple of minutes before pulling out and moving his body from on top of hers. "Okay baby, roll over and get on your hands and knees." Knowing she had no choice in the matter the dark haired girl managed to do as he said though she ached all over.

As soon as she did Raul smacked her white ass hard, reddening it with an imprint of his hand. Liking the result he delivered a few more choice blows to her upturned posterior. He then took hold of her ass cheeks and spread them allowing his tongue to seek out her tight brown hole. Her body jumped from the unexpected feeling as he licked her there, actually attempting to penetrate her sphincter.

He was unable to due to its tightness but this only spurred him on with his plan. Spitting directly on it he then pushed an index finger there and forced it in her backdoor. He quickly pushed the whole digit inside and wriggled it around. "No! What are you doing to me?" she cried fearfully. "I think you can figure that out slut. But if you insist on me telling you its simple. Your cunt is full of other men's cum so I'm going to tap your cute ass next.

Have you ever been fucked there before?" "Of course not. I never did anything with anyone b-b-before today." "I didn't think so.

Fucking A! Another virgin hole plundered" he replied as he slid his finger out. A few seconds later she felt his head press against her back there. At the same time she also felt the cold steel graze her to let her know not to resist.

It wasn't easy but he persisted until his face was covered with sweat and he'd forced his hard cock inside her. She wailed in agony as her last bit of innocence was torn from her. Grabbing her long hair he yanked hard on it pulling her neck and head back as he sank balls deep into the girl.

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It was even tighter than her front hole had been but since he'd already cum earlier he didn't care about that. He shifted his body so that he was crouching behind her with one hand entwined in her tresses while the other holding the knife rested on her lower back. Her ass was burning form his violent intrusion but all she could do was grit her teeth and bear the pain. Raul on the other hand was greatly enjoying himself. Nothing gave him more pleasure than having his way with an unwilling partner so he was besides himself with joy.

On top of that since she had been innocent he also enjoyed the feeling of snatching that from her. The fact that her body was so beautiful only added to his enjoyment.

The girls head had sunk lower as he continued his anal rape of her as she prayed for it to end. During this Fernando had continued stroking himself and finally watching her be raped in the ass pushed him over the edge. He crouched right before her and let go. Spurt after spurt of thick white fluid splattered against her tear streaked face. With Raul watching as he fucked her, Fernando rubbed his cockhead against her cheek to wipe a stray bit of jism from him. After that he sighed before rising and going for the bottle of tequila Raul continued to go all out, pounding her as hard as he was able to.

His hips slapped into her ass cheeks with each thrust as he forced his full length deep in her. During this all she could do was suffer and endure it.

Finally the girl got her wish as her tight ass proved too much for Raul. He increased the speed as he felt the hot liquid surging. With a gasp he shot in her ass all the cum his balls held.

As a final humiliation when he pulled out he moved to in front of her where he pushed it by her lips. With a smirk on his face he spoke. "Suck it clean slut and taste your ass!" With a sob she opened her mouth and took him inside. When he was satisfied with her effort he pushed her off him but he actually then used her long hair to further wipe his cock clean.

Once he released her she curled up in a ball and closed her eyes as her mind desperately tried to take her someplace, anyplace else. They left her alone for a while as they drank and talked, more than once laughing about what they had done to her and what they were planning next.

Her mind had fled to happier places as her body lay there until she was abruptly and harshly brought back to reality. Tomas had roughly seized her by the shoulder which caused her to open her eyes. "Wake up little one. Its time to move you" he said. Her green eyes flitted about helplessly as he lifted and tossed her on his shoulder as easily as if she was a child. She noticed that they were all dressed now and that Raul was holding a coil of rope and a battery powered lantern in his hands.

He moved toward the cellar stairs and Tomas carrying her followed right behind. They descended and as they did Raul turned on the lantern to light their way. The cellar floor was made of concrete and was rough and uneven. In the center were three iron columns which supported a broad beam which held up the ceiling. They proceeded to the center column where Tomas put her down on her feet before it.

Her muscles refused to work and she would have fallen if he hadn't held her up. Placing her back against the column he held her in place as Raul pulled her hands behind it and tied them tightly keeping her in place. Once she was secure Tomas turned and headed to the stairs leaving her alone with Raul. He picked up the lantern from the floor where he had placed it as he bound her and stepped in front of her.

He stared at her with a hunger which frightened her further so that she cast her gaze on the floor. She heard him laugh and felt his hand grab her chin and tilt it up so that she had to look at him. "We have to leave for a while, but don't worry we'll be back for you. Believe me I'm not yet tired of your delightful body. But first we're gonna move your car to the beach parking lot. That way if someone is searching for you then they'll look near there leaving us free to have our fun.

And we are gonna get my video camera among other things. We're gonna make a video with you slut, and believe me you will be an internet sensation! Horny little slut taking on three cocks! Ha ha! If you have to relieve yourself while we're gone, just go where you're standing. We'll also bring some shit to clean you up and so you can fix your face. Don't want you not looking your best for your acting debut." After saying that he tried to kiss her but she turned her face from him.

He causally backhanded her so she saw stars then he forced his lips on hers. His hand also grabbed her tender pussy and squeezed it making her moan in pain. "Fucking cunt! Still think you're too good.

Just you wait until we get back. No more Mr. Nice Guy!" He smacked her face again then turned and walked away. As he ascended the stairs the darkness enveloped her in its embrace and the light faded. For a minute she faintly heard them above until they passed out of earshot leaving her totally alone and isolated in the blackness. _____ Epilog _____ She sobbed quietly in the darkness now. They had been gone for some time and she knew they would be returning for her soon. Though she doubted it would do any good she frantically pulled and struggled against the ropes that imprisoned her but Raul had done too good of a job.

Finally with a frustrated cry her body sagged back into the column as she gave up. There seemed to be nothing she could do but wait helplessly for them to return and abuse her further. The thought of that caused something to snap in her mind.

She had always been a quiet, reserved girl but she began shouting and screaming all manner of things now. She both called on God for his aid and in the next breath condemned him for not protecting her from their earlier depredations among other things.

Some were nothing but gibberish while others were clear words and thoughts that plumbed the depths of her despair. Finally with all her strength and emotions exhausted the girl slumped forward, silent and defeated, when she noticed something.

At first she thought her mind was playing tricks on her but it persisted. Even though the cellar had no illumination she could see 'something' by the far wall. A faint light, not white but grayish perhaps, seemed to be taking shape by where the floor and wall met. It was faint and insubstantial but it seemed to be growing and taking on some kind of form. As it did the girl felt a chill come over her and felt her breath come out as a vapor as the cellar now felt as cold as the grave.

The gaseous cloud, as that was the only way she could describe it, was now slowly floating in her direction. Terrified now the dark haired girl squeezed her eyes closed and held her breath. The only thing she could hear was her rapidly beating heart. The next thing she knew the girl felt something gently brush her cheek but it was freezing cold. She shuddered before a whimper escaped her lips.

Next her bound wrists and hands felt as if they were encased in a ball of ice and it became so cold that for a minute she couldn't feel them. Then without warning the cold was gone and when she pulled against the rope it shattered into many small pieces like a splintered ice cube. She was free! Not waiting an instant she blindly groped in the direction of where she knew the stairs were located.

Finally her toe stubbed against the bottom step. Using her hands to guide her the girl staggered up the stairs until she reached the ground level. She could see the night sky above but it was dark and cloudy giving little light. But there was certainly enough to work her way to the front entrance. Not waiting to see if her clothes were around the girl hurried out of the house and immediately headed in the direction of the road.

She hadn't gotten far on it when she heard the sound of a loud engine coming in her direction. 'No!' she thought to herself, 'Not now!' She was so close to escaping. The girl looked around but there was no place close by where she could hide. Turning she ran back in the direction she had come from with the intention of hiding behind the house and slipping away once they were inside. But before she could get out of sight the glare from the halogen headlights surrounded and illuminated her.

The girl heard their shouts as they saw her - their helpless captive now free and trying to escape. She continued running as the pick up quickly closed the distance between them. She was now beyond the house and rapidly approaching the hill's edge with nowhere to go as trying to descend the steep precipice in the dark would be almost certain suicide. The almost naked girl stood by the edge with no place to go and slowly she turned to face her tormentors.

The truck had stopped as well, around twenty feet in front of her. With the headlights in her eyes she couldn't see into the cab but she heard the engine revving and the voices raised in anger.

She was waiting for a door of the truck to open and disgorge one of them to come after her. If that happened she was undecided on whether to allow herself to be retaken or to simply go over the edge. Suddenly the truck lurched forward freezing her where she stood and as she watched it came at her when at the last possible instant the wheels turned slightly to her left. As the girl stood motionless, paralyzed with fright and unable to move, the truck narrowly missed her as it went airborne off the rocky hill.

For an instant she could see in the driver side window as it hurtled past. She clearly saw Raul with his hands on the wheel and his face contorted with horror as he faced the abyss. But she also saw a slight white figure straddling him with long raven black hair and two pale hands turning the steering wheel.

The truck soared for a moment until gravity intervened and it took the vehicle and smashed it into the rocky hillside. It hit with a dull roar and began to roll over repeatedly as it continued down the hill and until it finally crashed into a large boulder with the sickening sound of screaming steel. Then there was silence. The girl peered down but she saw no movement and heard nothing. She was about to turn away when the moon escaped the cloud that had confined it and bathed the land in an eerie white glow.

Just then she spotted a small shape emerge from the twisted hulk and take flight on leathery wings. She was confined to the hospital for a few days and after that in her house for another week as her mother hovered over her and nursed her body back to full strength. When she was strong enough and despite her mother's pleas and protests the dark haired girl persuaded her mother to drive her back there as there was something she must do. She carried a bouquet with her as she climbed down the cellar stairs.

Sunlight managed to reach a small square of the floor, illuminating it. The girl went to where the wall and floor met and deposited the flowers reverently. "Thank you lady" she said quietly before turning and heading back to meet her waiting mother. THE END As always thanks for reading.

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