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At one party on a Sunday afternoon we had been drinking and had run out of booze, a couple of guys from a neighbouring town offered to drive the 20 miles to their place to pick up some more and asked if anyone wanted to go for a ride, I was trying to chat up a new girl and Pat was a bit bored so jumped in with them and they were back an hour later. I overheard one of the guys say to another couple of guys I didn't know "we both fucked her, Jimmy did her on the way over and I did her on the way back" I just thought they were full of shit and dismissed the thought as Pat was still very shy and demure even after all that Bazz had done to her.

Pat had to go to Apprenticeship college one day a week and it was a long trip by train from our country town; I had a flat in the city as I worked there and only came home on weekends so she asked if she could stay the night to save her a couple of hours travel to which I agreed.


She turned up at the door late on the Wednesday night and we chatted for a while with me telling her she could have the bed, she headed off for a shower and I went when she came back while she jumped into bed. I only had a single bed but had grabbed a thin mattress from home for myself on the Sunday night so when I got back from the shower I started pulling out the mattress and spare bedding but Pat turned her bedding back revealing her magnificent bare breasts and lacy white panties saying "no need to make that up" I just stood there stunned and staring at those gorgeous globes with a tent slowly forming in the front of my towel until she tugged on my towel dragging me towards her.

At no time did Bazz even enter my thoughts as I jumped in beside her and we started pashing while I caressed her beautiful tits and rubbed her increasingly wet pussy through her knickers.

I couldn't get enough of her boobs, they were probably a large C cup and looked like they were being softly cupped by a pair of invisible hands to keep firm and upright, by far the nicest boobs I had ever seen anywhere !! She pushed me off and remove her knickers while I quickly lost the towel then she pulled me on top of her guiding my throbbing cock head to her slit rubbing it up and down a couple of times before thrusting her hips up to impale her pussy on my rampant prick.

We were both extremely horny as I pushed all the way in to the very depths of her tight wetness and a few fast deep strokes later started to shoot my cum deep inside her. Pat's orgasm started just as mine finished and the feeling of her pussy squeezing and milking every last drop out of my still rigid cock was incredible. I slowly kept ploughing in and out and said out loud … "we have only been naked for less than two minutes, lucky your also a quick cummer !" We slowly made love for half an hour or so in a few different position enjoying the slow build up until I said I was getting close, Pat seemed to just let herself go and we both had an incredibly intense orgasm together totally shattering us both and we fell asleep spooned together with my cock still embedded inside her.

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I woke at first light with my normal morning woody still inside her so very slowly started to slide in and out getting more and more movement as her wetness spread, Pat moaned softly as she drifted into awareness. Due to the fact I was using a pisshorn I was having a hard time getting over the edge and Pat had two orgasms before I finally shot my sperm deep inside her with my balls almost buried inside her dripping wet pussy.

We showered and Pat headed off to the train with a kiss on the cheek and a promise to catch up at home Friday night.

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This could make things awkward as we were due to go and see Bazz on Sunday. When I arrived at home on Friday night Pat was her same old friendly self and just acted the same as before our night together so I just went with the flow and we hung out together with our mates until I started dropping everyone at home.

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When I dropped Pat off at the door and started to talk she shushed me and said, "I still love Bazz very very much but I just can't go without sex anymore, I really enjoyed our night together, can we do it again this week?" A range of emotions and thoughts quickly marched through my mind … Disappointment at missing out on a girlfriend Relief at not having to tell Bazz Disgust at thinking she probably did fuck those two guys Shame at fucking my mates girlfriend Protective at stopping her fucking just anyone if I was going to be doing it Joy at probably getting some regular sex "Sure I said" She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said "thanks for understanding" as she skipped off inside.

I dropped the others off and headed home to mull it over in my head justifying our affair to myself with the thought that I was stopping her from straying so much and lessening the chance of her meeting someone else before Bazz got out. That Saturday the whole group were hanging out down at our little home made hut beside the river with a nice fire going and a few drinks being enjoyed, after dark Pat jumped up on the top shelf which was like a long bed that went around three sides of the hut, we had bedding up there and often spent the night there.

Pete was at one end and I sort of noticed he kept moving closer to Pat until he was up behind her but didn't think anything of it. I walked over to speak to Pat to see if she wanted to go home yet and as I approached I noticed a definite sex smell, Pat had a mid length thick skirt on and Pete was dressed in Jeans and a jumper, he was close behind her but that was probably because the shelf was not very wide.

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Pat asked me to take her home so I reached out to help her get down noticing a wet patch on her skirt and the front of Pete's jeans had a large wet spot on them. Maybe Pete had just cum from being close [I had seen that happen before, we used to stir him about it] or maybe Pat had allowed him to rub off on her … I wasn't sure and didn't say anything about it as I dropped her back at home.

The next day Pat came over to my place, Jen, Russ and Pete turned up so we just hung around in the bedroom chatting etc, Russ and Jen left leaving Pat, Pete and myself lying on the bed talking. Pat started to kiss me which went on for a while until things started getting heavy as I was playing with her fantastic boobs, I reached under her skirt and slipped my hand down the front of her panties and as I started to dip my fingers inside I felt the unmistakable feel of cum all over her lower lips … I was a bit shocked, had Pete cum all over her knickers from rubbing off on her panty clad bum or had Pat allowed him to fuck her while I pashed on with her?


Did she know? I wondered, I was too horny to take it any further and rolled off the bed on to the floor dragging Pat with me and continued to pash her. Pete dropped down on the floor beside us and made a grab for Pat so I thought bugger this and physically picked him up and dropped him out the back door and walked back inside, Pat had jumped back in bed and had removed her soggy knickers, as I entered she spread her legs and smiled, what could I do, I dropped my pants and slid straight into her cum coated pussy to the hilt and fucked her hard and angrily until we both collapsed in a pile of sweat and cum.

I laid beside her thinking; well she was not my girlfriend and I was fucking her behind Bazz'z back so I had no right to stop her doing whoever she wanted, I resolved to just try and go with the flow so didn't mention what had happened and Pat didn't bring it up either. One Saturday morning I dropped round to pick up Pat and we sat by the warmth of the fire for a while until things started getting hot and heavy, Pats sister and brother in law were out so we had the place to ourselves and it wasn't long before her skirt was up round her waist, her knickers were tangled round her right foot and my bare bum was bobbing up and down slowly as I soaked my rock hard cock inside her dripping wet pussy.

I came once but managed to keep going until it hardened fully again and rode through a small orgasm of Pats, we had been slowly fucking for about an hour by this time when suddenly Pat picked up the pace and grabbed my arse pulling my cock harder and harder into her self as she came violently.

I had lifted up on my arms to get a harder deeper thrust going as I started to cum and had turned my head to the same side as Pats noticing Pats sister and brother in law standing outside the glass doors in shock … well at least her sister did as she appeared to be frozen in place with her jaw hanging on the ground breathing in short shallow breaths.

They must have been there for several seconds because her husband had a huge erection going and a big smile on his face. Pat was going wild and wrapped her legs around my bum and was fucking my cock into her soaking wet pussy as hard as she could as she rolled straight into another orgasm with me trying to keep pace as I shot wad after wad deep inside her clutching cunt.

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Pats sister finally turned bright red and dragged her husband off as the headed back to their car and took off out the driveway. "Shit shit shit" I said, "were in trouble now" as we both started to come down from our peaks and hurriedly got dressed again.

Pat asked me to stay with her until they came back so we waited in trepidation. A short time later they returned and tooted the horn before walking inside.

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They chatted for a while but it was clear we were not in trouble when Pats sister said to Pat "at least he's not likely to put the hard word on me while standing there sniffing a pair of my dirty panties like that last asshole did" I nearly choked and Pat went bright red as we stared at them but that seemed to be the end of it as she departed with "and don't let us catch you out here again, it could have been anyone coming to the door !"