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Tara arrived home tired and sleepy. She walked up stairs, hitting the button on her answering machine. As usual, there were messages.

She received several messages every day. non stop. Mostly from friends, wondering where she was or when they could get together. On occasion it was family, wanting something.

it usually was the same thing for all messages. money. She placed her keys on her night stand, and laid down on her bed. She was not in the mood to call back anybody. but knew if she didn't, they'd just call back. She had a grueling day, and sleep was beckoning her to follow it into the land of dreams.

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She reached for the phone and started dialing a number from memory. A man answered whose voice she did not recognize. That did not concern her. Greg always had men visiting him and answering his phone. Greg was a close friend of over 10 years. She had met Greg in a Doctor's office. They started out their friendship with him flirting with her. only for her to realize that he was gay! She was initially crushed, but accepted his friendship as readily as it was offered.


She had seen him go through numerous lovers and friends, as he had with her. Their paths were strung together and yet separated with their sexual disposition. She still regretted that she was not born a man. and could have a more substantial relationship with him. Greg, in her eyes, was the perfect mate.

caring, understand and supporting. Trying to find those traits in a straight man was proving to be difficult. if not, impossible.

"Can I talk with Greg." she repeated. Greg came to the phone. As she started talking to him, she realized he was not "her" Greg. She asked what number she had dialed and it seemed to be right. She asked him what his last name was. Tombel. And that. that was wrong. She must have dialed the wrong number. She started to apologize for her error and Greg only laughed.

The conversation seemed to take on an air of its own. the mood changed, and he asked her to come over for Chicken. He was in the process cooking Chicken and she was welcome to stop by. Her tired body said no. She apologized again, and declined his kind offer, explaining that she was very tired and only wanted to take a hot bath.

Actually, that was all the energy she had. not an ounce more! The conversation turned into one of friends and she agreed to give him her number and her name. Finally hanging up, she looked up the right number. She was amazed she had missed it by two numbers. After returning all her calls, she settled down in a hot soothing bath. The warmth of the water massaged the stress from her tired muscles and she started to relax.

Her mind mulled over her recent wrong number episode and wondered what this new Greg looked like. On the phone they discovered they were the same age. Greg was single and never married. He had purchased a house with a fiancé. When they broke off the engagement, she got the house.

He had moved and was presently living with friends in Tara's home town. They had similar interests and goals. She mulled over how much information they had gleamed about each other in such a short time. Bed was indeed calling to her, as she nestled her naked clean body under the numerous covers. She was just settling in when the phone rang.

With a groan of regret, she picked up the receiver and placed it to her ear. She was surprised and slightly delighted to discover that Wrong Number Greg (as she started thinking him as) was calling. Like before their conversation moved from subject to subject. Swiftly they discovered so much about each other and that they had so much in common.


How it happened, she had no idea. But it started with her telling him she was in bed naked. As she told him, her hand found a warm wet stream flowing between her legs. She couldn't believe she was aroused. The very idea of having phone sex had previously bored her. She couldn't believe that she was actually encouraging and engaging it right now. with a stranger! What would he think. how would he respond? Those thoughts were only fleeting as her fingers continued stroking her hairy region.

Her fingers swam up stream, against the current, causing pleasurable irritations. Greg was very pleased by her reaction. Since speaking with Tara he had become aroused. He knew the moment he had asked her to come over for Chicken that he had made an error. Of course, she wouldn't want to come over. No matter how friendly they had come, they were still strangers. A sex, between strangers was always exciting and exhilarating.

He just couldn't believe that she started the sexual encounter. Once she mentioned that she was nude. Greg's penis began to throb with new life. He had been sitting on his own bed, naked. His hand started massaging his organ the minute the idea of calling her popped into his head.

This is what he wanted. and he just couldn't believe his luck! Tara described how her fingers were playing in her hot juices. She described her soft round mounds and their taught pink nipples. "Do you want to suck on my nipples?", she tenderly asked. Greg responded yes. "as long as you suck on my large long staff?" "I am taking your hard penis into my mouth and sucking on it. My tongue is roving over its long thick shaft.

I enjoy the small drips of salty fluid that leaks out from time to time." Tara's voice grew thicker and softer. Her own body responding to her words. She closed her eyes and imagined herself sucking on a very thick penis. She felt its liquid explode into her mouth and she swallowed it down. "I am cuming baby. I am cuming.", screamed Greg. "Oh darling, don't waste it. let me ride your cock inside my hot cavern of love!". Though Greg had agreed, he did not tell Tara that his large penis had just exploded and sprayed his bedroom with his white thick fluid.

The laid down, exhausted. "Darling, I am climbing on top your stiff organ. It is slipping smoothly into my very wet cavern.

I am riding you hard." "Yes, babe. I feel it. I am getting in deeper and deeper. My hardness is enjoying every minute inside your hot walls!", Greg responded. He was amazed that indeed his large penis was responding and throbbing back to life. It grew stiffer as he continued stroking it, imagining her hot wet walls. Tara was so close. She plunged her fingers deep inside her, imagining his large member. Her hips moved as if she was riding something between her legs.

Her body arched and her toes curled, as the first spasm spread through her. She wanted it and welcomed it. She was unable to tell her intentions on the phone, but Greg was well aware that she was indeed having an orgasm. He responded to her moans of pleasure, by spraying his second load straight up in the air. What goes up. must cum down. and it did. all over Greg's chest. It took them both a few moments before they spoke. Tara was first as she said thank you.

Greg said he had to go, but wanted to meet her for coffee or something soon. They discussed a good day and agreed to meet. Tara laid a wake for a long long time after hanging up. She had mixed feelings about meeting him. What if she didn't like him. would it ruin the experience?

She was slightly embarrassed with what she had just done. She didn't know that she had that side to her. She didn't want to meet the man. he must think she was easy or something. Greg had no such qualms as he cleaned his seed from every surface. He was eager to meet this women!

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Even if she was a dog. they could always have phone sex. He didn't care what she looked like. It had been awhile since he had gotten off. and he wanted more.

She seemed nice enough. The idea of having regular sex with a stranger.

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someone he did not have to commit too, sounded very appealing. Obviously, she was quite easy since they had not even met, and had engaged in sex.


An easy target was perfect for him. They coffee date came quickly. too quickly for Tara. She still had not made up her mind. Tara was still very embarrassed by her agreement to have phone sex. She was still concerned as to how he would perceive her. She slowly walked toward the popular coffee house. She kept looking around her, searching for a man in a black shirt. That is what he said he would be wearing.

She had inform him she would be wearing a red dress.

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Greg immediately saw her as she approached the coffee shop. Wow.

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what a knock out! Tara was tall and quite slender. She had very sexy legs and a narrow waist. With large breasts and long raven hair, Tara was any man's wet dream! Tara felt eyes starring at her from across the way. She looked over and saw a man, dressed all in black. She knew, from just looking at him, he was not her type. She was half sickened that she had already had sex with him. His hair was slicked back and he carried himself with macho gusto. She preferred men that were refined and well dressed (even when they were dressed casually).

He approached her and motioned to a table. He was so sure of himself, that he missed a few tale telling signs of her disinterest. "So. babe that was some great sex we had! How about this. my place is right over there. why not we try it in person this time!" Tara was shocked. Not only did he say it loud, but as she feared, he had assumed the worst - that she was easy. She looked at him with dismay. "Greg, I am sorry you got that impression.

but you are so off base, it is not funny!" "What. what do you mean babe.? Oh. I get it! I get it! You women. you all have to play hard to get.

Well. babe, you don't have to play that game with me. I know your game!" Tara looked at him with puzzlement.

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Was he dense. she asked herself. Or perhaps he was so confident that he did not see what was directly before his face. "I said I am not interested. It was a mistake, a moment of weakness. that is not. not happening again! Got it?" Greg was pissed. He had not expected this type of reaction. But before he could speak his mind, another man came to the table. "Hi. Tara. what are you doing here?" Tara couldn't believe her luck! It was Greg. her friend of many years. the right number Greg! " Oh, Greg.

I am so happy to see you. please sit down. This is the guy I told you about." "Wow. Tara.", Greg said looking the guy in black up and down. "if you are this desperate, I can easily introduce you to some women who would love to have you!" Wrong number Greg was beyond himself. He was not going to stay were he was not wanted! He got up and called Tara a bitch. and then stalked off. Right number Greg made a move to stop him. Tara caught his arm and held him back.

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"No. just let him go." Tara told Greg all that happened. Greg sighed. "Honey. these are the rules of the game. If you are going to have phone sex. never never meet the guy for real. it kills the mystery and excitement." Tara shook her head in amazement. she had never intended to have phone sex. But she had learned her lesson. Next time, she would never meet the guy for real. Next time her mind stuttered. next time. Why of course, the guy may have been a dud.

but the sex was exhilarating and wonderful. Next time. would even be better!