Filling up that ass with milk

Filling up that ass with milk
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection.

--- Join the Club (MF, FF, M+F, reluc, nc, mc, hum, inter, impreg, multiple endings) by Krosis of the Collective --- Becky couldn't believe some of the subjects on the questionnaire: a personality test, hobbies and interests, even her menstrual cycle! Why did they need so much personal information about her?

She continued through the 12 pages, answering the increasingly embarrassing queries. Theta Alpha Alpha was *the* sorority on campus. Every girl who managed to get in was popular among her peers, and successful in later life. There were wild rumors of Satan worship, illegal hazing and other things, but nothing proven. Becky, for one, didn't believe any of it. It was obviously all a smokescreen, a way to keep loser applicants away, as was this stupid, annoying questionnaire.

She finished the last of it and returned the papers to the sorority house. The young woman who took them gave her a cheeky smirk. Just a smokescreen, Becky reminded herself. The next week she received an invitation to a mixer at the house. Yes! The following week flew by as she worried about how she could impress the sorority. She would regale them with stories of her holiday in France after graduation from high school, and the time she met Tom Cruise.

She went out and bought a short dark skirt and a slinky sheer halter-top that showed off her not-insubstantial breasts. She admired her trim form in the mirror. Her dirty blonde hair framed her pretty face, and her new pumps nicely accentuated her slim, shapely legs.

She would fit in. She prayed to God each night that they would accept her. The night had arrived. As she walked up to the sorority house she saw a familiar face: Sarisha, a slim Hindi girl from her high school grad class, wearing a form-fitting one-piece dress that ended just above her knees.

Her dark hair was loose about her shoulders. "Becky! Hi! Are you here to join the sorority too?" Sarisha looked relieved to see someone she knew, as was Becky. "Yeah!

Anybody else from our class here?" Becky looked around hopefully. "I don't think so. You want to go in?" Becky nodded, and they entered together. The party was swinging and the music was loud, with lots of guys. They found one of the sorority sisters and identified themselves, as per the invitation's instructions.

They were brought to a large room, a kind of den, in the back of the house. Several sisters were waiting there for them, and Becky recognized one: Christine, who graduated the year before her. Becky didn't realize *she* was a sister! She hoped there were no hard feelings for. "Welcome, potential sisters," began a striking young Asian woman, breaking Becky's train of thought. "My name is Kallie. Please, have a seat and help yourselves to some drinks." She motioned, and highballs were provided.

The 2 applicants sat and sipped their drinks as Kallie spoke about the history of Theta Alpha Alpha and its values. It was actually quite boring, and by the time she was done the girls' drinks were empty.

With a little smile Kallie motioned them to rise. "You," she pointed to Sarisha. "Follow these sisters upstairs." Sarisha looked back at Becky as she left, as to say "sorry", then was gone, along with 2 of the sisters.

Becky was left alone with Kallie and Christine. "You," continued Kallie. "Her name's Becky," broke in Christine, stepping forward. "May I?" Kallie nodded, and Christine continued: "Becky, you will have to follow any instructions given you by the sisters tonight, no matter what. Fail to follow instructions in a timely fashion and you fail the test. You will not be able to reapply for membership." Becky thought she detected some satisfaction in Christine's voice.

She also felt a little dizzy, and blinked a little to moisten her eyes. She was up late last night worrying about tonight's showing and didn't get much sleep. The sisters looked at her, then at each other. Kallie continued: "Becky, you will need to go out into the party -- meet some people. If any of the boys offer you anything, take it and bring it back to us. Don't go upstairs." Nodding, Becky stumbled out into the main part of the house.

She was still feeling kind of odd. There were less people than she remembered. Where did they go? She chatted up some of the other sisters, but they weren't interested in talking to plebeians. The last girl she tried to speak to hinted that she was falling behind in the competition. Finally, she approached one of the guys, a jock by the look of him: tall and muscled, with short, light brown hair.

His name was Gabe. After she introduced herself he asked if he could give her something. She remembered that she had to accept anything that the guys gave her, so nodded. He took her hand firmly and pulled her into a side room. It was dark, only illuminated by the scant light coming from the hallway and through the window from the streetlight outside. He pushed her to the wall, clamping his mouth to hers.

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"Mmmf!" She was completely surprised by his sudden passionate attack. She was also still feeling a bit slow, like her head was stuffed with cotton. Gabe's hands moved down to her skirt, pulling it up. His expert tongue kept her from being able to make more than muffled gasping sounds as he quickly yanked her panties down to her ankles. She couldn't believe it! In seconds she was completely unprotected against his onslaught!

His hands seemed to be everywhere, and she couldn't dislodge his mouth from hers. Then she felt it: something warm and hard pressing insistently at her pelvic area. God, no! He had unzipped his fly and his penis was already poking at the entrance to her vulnerable tunnel. "Nnn! Nnnnhh!" She tried to get more than stifled sounds out, but he had obviously done this before, keeping her mouth securely sealed. In a moment he would be inside her. Oh my God! She was right in the middle of her monthly cycle and he wasn't wearing a condom!

"Gabe! Get off her!" It was a woman's voice. Gabe whole body stiffened. His throbbing dick was half an inch inside Becky's pussy lips, its advance stopped as he paused, as if considering what to do. "I said GET OFF!" A young woman pushed into the room, shoving him to the side. Gabe's dick flew free from Becky's labia.

He spun back, looking like he was ready to kill the newcomer. The woman turned on the light -- it was Kallie! She went right up into Gabe's face, loudly chastising him for his treatment of the pledge.

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His penis flagged noticeably as he backed off. "But I was gonna give her my cum! I told her I was gonna!" Gabe almost sounded like a little boy asking for ice cream. Becky slid down the wall, stunned as she realized the implications of what she had agreed to.

Kallie turned back to Becky: "Is that true? Were you trying to turn down what he was going to give you?" Becky felt lost. "I.I didn't realize." Kallie came and knelt down beside her, putting her hand on the distraught girl's shoulder. "Don't worry, dear.

You don't have to have sex with him, but you do have to 'take what he gives you'." She leaned in close and whispered: "Use your mouth. President Clinton himself said that it isn't sex, right?" Getting back up and shooting Gabe a reproachful look, Kallie returned to the party. Gabe walked back over to Becky. His penis was pointing at her, still a bit soft from the verbal onslaught. She quickly rose to her knees, paused to take a breath, then engulfed it with her mouth.

Gabe groaned and closed his eyes.

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Not as good as fucking her hot cunt, but better than nothing, he thought. He savored the feeling of her lips as they caressed his rod, sliding up and down. Within a couple of minutes he started to thrust into her mouth, as she wasn't going fast enough. A minute later he grabbed her head, pushing hard.

"Lllgg! Glllkk!" She couldn't breathe as his cock pushed into the back of her throat. Her gag reflex kicked in, but couldn't dislodge the foreign object. She didn't have to suffer long, however, as Gabe's cum exploded from his shaft and directly down her throat. She was almost unconscious from the lack of oxygen as he pulled his spent member from her mouth. She fell forward, voraciously gulping air as Gabe zipped up and left, turning off the light as he went.

Becky sat there, sobbing. Not only had she almost been raped, but she had failed! All his semen had gone right down her throat; there was none to give to the sisters. After a few minutes she stopped, a hard look coming into her eyes. She wouldn't go out sobbing like a little girl! A little unsteadily, she rose to her feet.

As she took a step she realized that her panties were still around her ankles. She pulled them up quickly, thanking God that no one but Kallie had looked into the room during the encounter. She had to get more semen before Kallie came looking for her! She poked her head out into the corridor and saw a young, skinny guy with glasses coming around the corner.a geek! She withdrew into the darkness of the room, then as the guy passed, she pounced!

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He gave an unmanly shriek as she replayed the earlier scene with Gabe, though in reverse, pinning the skinny young man to the wall and lip-locking him, then unzipping his pants to pull out his stiffening member. A moment later she was back on her knees and sucking hard on his penis, which, she noted, was smaller than Gabe's. Before long the inexperienced nerd was groaning and spurting his seed into her mouth. She was careful not to swallow it, but there wasn't very much compared to the volume Gabe shot down her throat earlier.

When she was done she rose, gave him a close-lipped peck on the cheek and headed directly for the den. Kallie and Christine were waiting for her. "I was getting worried, Becky," said Kallie. "Gabe took longer than I thought he would." Becky couldn't answer with the gob of sperm in her mouth.

She pointed to her closed mouth and Christine came forward with a drink tumbler. Ptoo! Splop! Christine took the prize away. "More, Becky. You're lagging behind." Kallie urged her out the door with a light slap to the behind. There didn't seem to be any guys left. Where did they all go? She wasn't allowed to go upstairs; were they all up there? The front door opened and a big black guy walked in, his lettered jacket indicating another jock.

She was never really interested in interracial relations, but any port in the storm. Within a couple of minutes she had him in the side room and his above-average-sized cock in her mouth. He had unhooked his pants to allow her better access to his tool.

She watched his stomach muscles flex as she fellated him. After a few minutes her mouth was getting tired. As she moved her mouth back to the tip of his large prick she used her hand to furiously jack him off.

This new technique paid off and he growled, grabbing her head. She was ready this time, however, and managed to knock his hands away in order to take his copious load only into her mouth. It seemed that his ejaculation would never end, as she had to puff her cheeks out in order to keep it all contained.

She gave his balls a tickle as she rose, once again heading for the den. The guy seemed stunned by his excessive expulsion of seed, leaning against the wall and saying nothing as she went. Once again Christine came forward with a glass and claimed the gooey prize, taking it away.

Kallie put her arm around Becky's shoulders. "Well done, darling. Did you feel it? The power that a woman can have over a man? That's what our sorority is about: power! You're almost there." She directed Becky down the hall to another bedroom.

"The final test, Becky. The sins of the past await you." Kallie handed her another highball and went back up the hall and out of sight, leaving Becky at the doorway.

*** Is Becky smart enough to figure it out? If so, jump to Ending #2. If not, keep reading. If you find this whole story silly, go to Ending #3. *** ----------------- *** Ending #1 *** ----------------- Becky entered the room and sat on the bed. What did Kallie mean about sins? She downed the drink and after a few more minutes Christine entered the room, a paper bag in her hand.

Oh crap, Becky thought. "Please remove your clothes, Becky. I won't ask twice." Becky knew her application would be summarily dismissed if she hesitated, even after all she had gone through tonight. Her top and skirt came off quickly, but she couldn't help pausing at her bra and panties. Christine narrowed her eyes and those articles hit the floor seconds later. Becky was naked, and incredibly embarrassed.

"On the bed, Becky. Lay on your back." Becky complied, watching Christine's hard eyes with dread. Christine reached into the bag and took out a realistic-looking 7-inch dildo. Becky didn't notice that Christine used her fingers to hide the lower portion of the dildo. Christine sat on the bed next to Becky. "Close your eyes, Beck. I want you to remember our days in high school." Becky complied, wincing. Oh crap oh crap oh crap, she thought. Christine's voice was even, almost seductive: "Remember Alan, Becky?

Remember MY BOYFRIEND?" Becky did remember. In their senior year, Christine and Alan's relationship had been on the rocks. Alan had asked Becky out and she had accepted. They went out for a few weeks and she finally gave her virginity to him.

He dumped her a couple weeks later and went on to other conquests. Christine had blamed Becky for her breakup with Alan.

Christine continued, her voice soft, even and sultry: "I want you to remember his touch, Becky. Remember how it felt when he kissed you." Becky had drank her second highball too quickly, and was feeling weird again. Unbeknownst to her, both drinks had been laced with a combination of aphrodisiac and muscle relaxant, and it was doing its job. Becky relaxed, her mind floating into the scenario Christine presented. Alan was a tall, handsome art major with short dark hair and a winning smile.

Becky remembered how their first kiss had caused butterflies in her stomach. Christine's voice went even lower: "Remember how he touched your body, Becky.

Remember how it felt." Becky felt Christine's hands touching her thighs, moving them apart. Oh, Alan, Becky remembered whimsically. "I remember how he felt, Becky. How he touched me. Did he touch you like this?" Christine's hand moved to Becky's stomach and then slipped down to her pubic region. Becky caught her breath. Her pussy was tingling, caused by a combination of the drinks and the sexual excitement from the blowjobs she gave earlier.

"Alan's fingers are touching you, Becky. They're going inside you." Becky arched her back and softly moaned as Christine's fingers slipped into the folds of her pussy. Her fingers grew slick and she spread it around, lubricating Becky's love channel. Becky's breathing had increased and her nipples were hard. Oh, Alan, that feels so good. "How did his prick feel, Becky?

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Can you feel it, nudging at your pussy?" She COULD feel it. She loved how his cock felt in her. Christine pushed the dildo into Becky's slick cunt, bit by bit. Soft "mmm, mmm" sounds came from Becky's throat as she arched her pussy up toward her plastic lover, trying to gain greater penetration. Christine pushed it in harder, finally getting the shaft in as far as she could, gingerly making sure she didn't accidentally grip it too tightly near the end.

"He's fucking you now, Becky. Doesn't he feel good?" She pulled the dildo out so that the tip remained, then pushed it all back in. Out, in, out, in. Becky was in ecstasy, gasping, eyes still closed, lost in the fantasy. "Oh, Becky, Alan forgot to put a condom on. You don't care, though, do you? Doesn't it feel good?" Becky really *didn't* care. She was totally into it, her body in a heightened sexual state because of her fertile time of the month, magnified by the drug and alcohol she consumed.

Christine was getting into it, too, unable to take her eyes off the toy phallus in her grip as it went in and out of her enemy's vulnerable pussy, harder and harder. Soon now. Becky started to gasp, pushing her pelvis into the dildo as it went in and out of her.

"I think Alan's going to cum, Becky. He's going to cum in you. You want it, don't you? You want him to cum in you?" The dildo went in and out, even harder now. Becky cried out: "Yes! Yes! Oh, Alan!" Christine jammed the dildo in hard, then grabbed the bulbous end she had hid from Becky's view. "Take my cum, you fucking cunt! This is what you get when you steal my man!

Take my cum and get fucking pregnant!" She squished the bulb on the end of the dildo hard, pushing all the sperm that had been stored in the dildo forcefully up the plastic shaft and into Becky's hot, fertile cunt.

All the semen that Becky had brought them through the night had been stored in the dildo, waiting for just this moment. Becky had been too close to orgasm to stop. Christine's harsh words made no sense as the dildo seemed to throb and grow warm within her. Her body responded to the seeding. It was that time of the month and it would not be denied its best chance for propagation.

Her cunt spasmed as she screamed out, her pelvis pushing harder against the dildo, her body unconsciously trying to get the spurting phallus closer to her cervix. "Uhhhh! UHHHHH! OH ALAN!

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OOOHHHHH!! Cum in me! Oh God!" Becky screamed, her spasming cunt sucking the potent sperm further inside her clasping hole. Christine kept squishing the end of the dildo, over and over, trying to get all of it into the orgasmic girl.

When she could get no more from it she moved her other hand to Becky's clitoris, manipulating it to prolong Becky's dangerous orgasm. She was able to extend it for another minute, during which a sizable amount of the powerful babymaking seed was sucked up her cervix and into her fertile womb. Pregnancy was all but assured. Becky's world fell away, and all went black. *** Becky stumbled out of the bedroom.

She couldn't believe what had happened. HAD it happened, or was it a horrible nightmare? She had woken up naked, and remembered.had Christine--?

She shook her head. She hadn't found any sperm, which there should have been if Christine really had used that spurting dildo on her. What she didn't know was that during her unconsciousness, Christine had cleaned her up and put a pillow under her pelvis so that all the semen was soaked up at the back of her vaginal passage.

At least a couple of hours had passed since she had gone into that bedroom. She couldn't find any of the sorority sisters, and she heard party noises from upstairs. Curious, she decided to break the rules and quietly snuck up the stairs. Whooping and hollering were coming from the bedroom at the end of the hall. She positioned herself outside and peered through the slightly open door.

She barely kept herself from screaming. There was Sarisha, naked and being royally fucked by some muscular guy. She was spread-eagled with her butt on the edge of the bed and her feet on the floor, her head lolling to the side and her eyes vacant. Other men filled the room, cheering the lucky guy on as he finished up with a loud grunt.

As he pulled out, Becky saw a veritable river of semen leaving Sari's well-used hole. She had been a cum dump all night for that amount of spunk to have accumulated. Becky felt like she might throw up. She realized that it had all been real. She and Sari had been lured to the party and impregnated by the conniving witches that ran the place. They knew their menstrual cycles because of the questionnaire, and both girls were religious, so there would be no abortions!

Noticing movement at the door, Sari turned her head to look at Becky. She smiled as her drugged mind recognized her friend. Unfortunately, others also noticed. Gabe turned from the side of the bed, a huge smile on his face as he recognized Becky. "Hey, guys, look who's joined the party!" More heads turned toward her, with hungry eyes. Becky screamed, running back down the stairs and out the front door.

When she got back to her dorm room an envelope was waiting for her. Inside it were pictures of her blowing the skinny nerd, and a note: Dear Becky, Don't even think about going to the authorities. That boy you sucked off was underage, you dumb bitch. We'll make sure these photos reach the authorities and all your friends and family if you don't just forget what happened tonight.

You don't want to be pregnant *and* in jail, do you? Be sure to take care of what I gave you tonight, you little slut. Love, Christine ----------------- *** Ending #2 *** ----------------- Christine gulped the last of her cooler and headed down the hall to the bedroom where dear, sweet Becky was waiting for her "final test". Christine had the bulb dildo in a paper bag, and made sure to hold it upright so that the precious cargo, all the semen that Becky had obtained for them, would not escape prematurely.

She was looking forward to this. She opened the door and poked her head into the room, finding Becky sitting on the edge of the bed.

Christine smugly noted the drained highball glass on the bedside table. Excellent. She stepped into the room. Becky looked at her, the effect of the consumed drug evident in her half-lidded eyes. Christine crossed her arms as she stepped around the bed. "Please remove your clothes, Becky. I won't ask twice." Becky's top and skirt came off quickly, but she paused at her bra and panties, looking at Christine. A stern look seemed to make Becky's mind up, and within seconds the girl was naked, looking incredibly embarrassed.

"On the bed, Becky. Lay on your back." Becky complied, watching Christine's hard eyes. Christine reached into the bag and took out the 7-inch dildo, making sure to obscure the bulb on the bottom with her fingers. She sat on the bed next to Becky. "Close your eyes, Beck. I want you to remember our days in high school." Becky complied. Christine kept her voice even, almost seductive: "Remember Alan, Becky? Remember MY BOYFRIEND?" Christine couldn't help but remember Alan -- she would never forget!

He was tall, with dark hair and a killer bod. After she had gone out with him for most of junior and senior high school, Alan had dumped her in favor of Becky.

A little after that, she heard from mutual friends that they had gone all the way. Slut. Christine continued, keeping her voice soft, even and sultry: "I want you to remember his touch, Becky. Remember how it felt when he kissed you." Christine's vision blurred a little, and she shook her head to clear it.


She hadn't gotten much sleep last night, full of anticipation. She continued: "Remember how he touched your body, Becky. Remember how it felt." Christine's moved her hands to Becky's thighs, moving them apart. Becky's eyes were closed, her lips parted a little -- she was getting into it!

Christine was getting into it too. Her pussy was starting to itch, affected by all this talk of Alan. He had always been so good in bed. "I remember how he felt, Becky. How he touched me. Did he touch you like this?" Christine's hand moved to Becky's stomach and then slipped down to her pubic region.

Becky caught her breath. Unsuspecting tart, Christine thought. "Alan's fingers are touching you, Becky. They're going inside you." Becky arched her back and softly moaned as Christine's fingers slipped into the folds of her pussy. Her fingers grew slick and she spread it around, lubricating Becky's love channel. Christine's pussy was on fire, her hard nipples rubbing against the fabric of her blouse.

She dropped the dildo on the bed and used her free hand to unclasp her slacks. She wanted to climb on top of Becky, to fuck the dildo into the unsuspecting slut as if it was a real penis, and maybe get some sexual release from the bodily contact.

She shuffled out of her shoes and slacks and climbed on the bed between Becky's thighs. She resumed rubbing the unsuspecting girl's pussy and reached back for the dildo. After a few seconds Christine realized she had lost track of the impregnator.

She shifted her balance to one arm as she looked back down the bed. Off-balance, she had no chance as Becky rolled her to the side. Christine's head was spinning from the sudden movement. Becky was now on top of her, kissing her passionately. Christine's pussy was tingling, and she lost her train of thought. Mmmm. Becky's pussy was grinding into hers.

It felt so good! Christine's blouse and her front-clasped bra were deftly undone as the tonguey kiss continued. Becky and Christine's breasts rubbed together, skin on skin. Christine moaned at the erotic contact. Her nippes were so hard. She even helped as Becky finished removing her blouse. All thought of her original mission was gone, replaced by the fire in her groin and tingling in her breasts.

Suddenly Becky broke off the kiss, stretching forward and presenting her boobs to Christine's mouth. Christine sucked on the stiff nipple pointing at her. How did she get here? She didn't even notice as her wrist was tied to the bedpost with her blouse.

Becky's other nipple distracted Christine as her other wrist was tied up with her bra. Becky moved back down, briefly resuming their kiss before moving her tongue down Christine's neck to her breasts. Christine groaned and arched her back as Becky engulfed the other woman's nipple, sucking hard.

She then continued licking and nibbling further down to Christine's incredibly wet pussy. Instead of burying her face, she went back on her heels and rubbed it with her fingers. Christine had no idea what was going on. She was lost in the pleasure, her eyes shut. Then she felt it: a penis, pushing into her wet hole. It was just what her cunt needed, and she arched her pelvis to provide greater penetration. Oh, fuck, oh, God.

The phallus penetrated deeply, then pulled back. It pushed in again, hard, increasing her pleasure. Harder, she urged, harder!

The penis plunged into her again and again, the tempo ever-increasing. She was so close, so close. Her pelvis thrust back against the dick as she started to cum. She gasped loudly, "Oh yes, YES, YESSS!!" "Fucking bitch! Here's your revenge!" growled Becky, furiously pushing the plunger on the end of the dildo, shooting the gooey, potent semen she had collected throughout the night deep into the orgasmic cunt of her would-be tormentor.

Christine's eyes flew open, some part of her mind realizing that something was wrong, but her body argued fiercely, her fertile time of the month urging greater penetration. Her orgasm peaked, and her cunt sucked greedily at the rich cream being injected into her. "UHHH! AUHHHH!!" Her pelvis kept thrusting into the dangerously spurting dildo. Becky was practically punching the end of it to get every last drop out, causing vibrations to ripple into Christine's clitoris and G-spot. Christine was fucked.


She passed out from the pleasure. *** Christine woke up a little later, finding her arms and legs now tied to the bed, pillows under her pelvis. Becky was on a chair at the side of the bed, clothed, and Kallie had just come into the room. "Ah, Christine, you're awake. About time," said Kallie, as she pulled up a second chair on the other side of the bed.

Christine couldn't seem to focus. "Kallie? What --?" Kallie smiled at her.

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"Becky is our new sorority sister, Christine. When you showed such interest in getting revenge on her, I knew we had made a mistake about you. Revenge isn't good for business, darling. "I doctored your cooler earlier, and whispered your plan to Becky.

She poured out her drugged drink and handled the situation wonderfully. We now have a video that is well worth watching at future parties, and I think we can make a pretty penny from it too." Christine was aghast, staring, dumbfounded.

She had been raped, and most likely impregnated by the very dildo she was supposed to have used on Becky. "I think we'll leave you here for a while and let the 'swimmers' do their work." Kallie turned to leave, then turned back: "Don't think you can go to the police, Christine.

We have many videos of things you've done in your time here -- things that could really get you in trouble.well, more trouble than you're already in." She reached forward to lovingly pat the tied-up girl's soon-to-be-pregnant belly. ----------------- *** Ending #3 *** ----------------- Upstairs, Sarisha had been sexually assaulted at least a dozen times on the plush bed, her drugged mind only dimly aware of the horror she was enduring. A young East Indian man was on top of her, getting close to depositing another potent load of semen into her well-used cunt.

But something was different this time. She felt as if the world was receding around her, that she and the man were the only two people in the entire universe. She looked into his eyes, and found the truth. She screamed. The man grunted, his thrusting speeding up, getting harder. Finally, he yelled out and thrust home, his spurting penis injecting his seed deep into the helpless beauty. Sarisha knew that he would be the father of her child.

His sperm flowed up her cervical channel and into her womb unnaturally fast. As the strongest of the swimmers quickly reached her waiting egg and burrowed inside, she felt a shock, like a live wire. It burst out her pelvis and into the man, paralyzing him. He could not even cry out as his flesh burned and peeled off. The other men in the room stared in shock, then ran out screaming as a light burst forth from his rupturing flesh.

Sarisha could only stare as the light coalesced into a vaguely bestial form, which sloughed off the remains of its skin. The creature's penis pulled free from her vagina and it grew. Quickly, the creature's bulk filled the room and cracked the ceiling.

It reached down with a claw and gingerly picked up Sarisha's limp form, cradling her as it seemed to concentrate, growing even larger, bursting through the roof and floor simultaneously with its bulk. All those still in the house, including Becky, Christine and Kallie, were crushed as the support structure collapsed. The creature was now three stories tall, and bellowed out its rage to the world. Its body glowed with fierce intensity.

It concentrated again, growing to twice its size in order to collapse another nearby sorority house. Another growth burst doubled its size again. It lumbered toward the lights in the distance, a large population center. Sarisha's mind was overcome as her torso started to sprout two extra arms.

Kali, the mother goddess of destruction, was here. Her lover would destroy the world and her child would recreate it.