Handsome homo Michael Delray lovemaking anally with jock

Handsome homo Michael Delray lovemaking anally with jock
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The Locker Room This story is a complete work of fiction. Emails are always welcome It was Tom's thirty second birthday and he was on his way home from work. His wife had a romantic birthday dinner planned for him tonight. He had some time to kill before she gets off work. He drove passed a middle school on his usual route home. The 8th grade Cheerleading practice was going on, and he slowed down and saw the team of young girls practicing. Tom turned around and pulled in the parking lot of the school.

There were a line of cars of mom's and dad's watching their daughters practice, and waiting for them to finish so they could drive them home. Tom pulled up and disguised himself as another parent.

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He put a blanket over his lap and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his hard cock out of his underwear. He ran his hand up and down his prick with one hand, and rubbed his balls with the other.

He watched all the cute girls dance in their tight spandex.

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He especially had his eyes on a sexy young brunette that seemed to be the head of the squad. She walked up to the coach and appeared to ask her a question. The coach nodded her head and the girl ran quickly to a building near by.

Tom continued jacking off watching the other girls and a few minutes passed and he saw the girl come out of the building and run back up to the squad. Tom got out of the car and walked behind the building. There was an open window and he climbed up so he could look in. He saw that it was the locker room and he climbed in the window and jumped from the window sill and landed on the hard floor. There were two walls full of lockers, some toilet stalls and a big shower.

He looked around for a place to hide, and he got up into the ceiling and found a peek hole. He pulled his cock out again and anxiously awaited for practice to end. He waited as quietly as he could until he heard the door open, and the room filled with young female voices.

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His eyes were wide as he looked through the hole and the girls appeared below him. They all had tank tops on and tight blue spandex in the theme of the schools colors. One of the girls had her Ipod with a speaker attachment. Tom was relieved when he heard the music start to play.

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It drowned out the sound of him removing his clothes off in the ceiling. Tom felt shooting pleasure rush to his penis. He was totally naked and his cock was rock hard. He began stroking it as he watched the young girls start to remove their uniforms. The group of girls took off their tank tops and had training bra's underneath.

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They talked and giggled as they took their bra's off revealing their tiny barely developed tits. Some of them sat on the bench and some were standing as they pulled their spandex and panties off.

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Tom slowed his pace on his cock as he looked at their cute hairless twats. The Ipod was sitting on the bench with its speaker adapter. The girl bent over to turn up the volume, giving Tom a clear view of her tiny pink butt hole.

She stood up and danced to the music, while the other girls watched her laughing.

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The girls reached in their bags and grabbed towels, soap, and shampoo. Todd lowered his head and watched the girls small cute asses wiggle as they walked towards the shower.

Tom was doing his best to keep his load in his balls, as he watched the group of girls wash their petite naked bodies. A sexy brunette girl walked behind the group of girls, so they could not see her.

She squeezed shampoo on her hand and put her hand behind her back and worked her fingers between her butt cheeks. Tom was at an all time sexual high as he watched the girl clean her cute little asshole.

She was the first out of the shower. She dried off momentarily and walked to her locker underneath where Tom laid in the ceiling. The music was loud enough to where she could not hear him pounding his cock above her.

Tom was being very careful to hold in the cum that was swelling up his balls. She grabbed her bag and sat on the bench. She had her legs spread slightly giving Tom a view of her adorable little snatch and butthole. She pulled her dirty panties out of her bag and brought them up to her face. Tom lost control at the view of her sniffing her dirty underwear, and cum shot out of his cock and dripped on the top of her head.

Tom's heart was pounding in terror as he saw the cute girl put her hand on top of her head.


She had a curious look on her face, as her hand pulled the white liquid off her head. She looked at her hand and must of thought that it was shampoo. She brought her hand up to her hair and rubbed it in till it disappeared. Tom let out a huge sigh of relief, when he realized that she didn't know what happened.

Tom stayed quite as he watched the rest of the girls come to their locker. His cock remained hard and he continued masturbating as he looked at all the cute cunts and assholes, as they dried off their naked bodies. He felt a little relieved as he heard the door close as the last one walked out. He slowly put his clothes back on in the ceiling and jumped down.

He climbed out the window and walked to his car like he was minding his own business the whole time. He got in his car and watched the cute brunette run up to her daddy.

He smiled knowing that his cum was rubbed in her hair. He watched her walk to her dads car and she had cute jeans on.


He rubbed his cock as he stared at her sexy ass knowing her panties were not clean. Tom could not resist rubbing his cock through his pants as he drove home thinking about the locker room. He pulled up to his house and went inside where his wife had a candle light dinner waiting for him on the table. He managed to keep his mind off of all the naked young girls as he enjoyed the romantic dinner with his wife.

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Dinner was over and they drank wine and talked for a while. They both were feeling tipsy, and Tom picked his wife up and brought her into the bedroom. He thought of all the girls tiny slits, and their cute asses walking into the shower as he fucked her. The vision of his cum landing on top of the sexy little girls hair filled his head as he pumped his sperm up his wife's cunt.