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Judith prostituta de saltillo en hotel antes de cogermela
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She liked to watch A true story as told to me by someone involved. Names changed and all. My name is Stan, and I got caught spying on my dad's girlfriends daughter, Rena. She was so sexy and built so hot, a younger version of her sexy mom. Her mom, Lynn, caught me opening the bathroom door while Rena was taking a shower. I was watching her soap herself up and rub her pussy and tits. She really got into rubbing her pussy. I think she was masturbating. Anyway, she was giving me a nice boner.

When I quietly closed the bathroom door, her mom was right behind me smiling. I jumped as she saw my boner sticking straight out of my shorts and held up her finger to be quiet. She led me to her bedroom. She whispered that we would just keep what I did between us, but not to do that anymore. She looked at my boner and hugged me.

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My boner went right between legs on her night gown. She started breathing hard and whispered: (".Stan, you come to my bedroom tonight after Rena has gone to bed. We have to have a talk. Ok?") I thought, oh shit, a long lecture I'm in trouble now. I hope she doesn't tell dad about this. He is only home once a month with his job. Maybe she'll forget about it when he's here. I quietly went to her bedroom after Rena closed her door downstairs.

The bedroom was dimly lit and she closed and locked the door. She still had on that sexy sheer black night gown, no bra and tiny pink panties. She had me lay down on the bed. She walked around talking about how she understood about guys getting excited about women and It was normal, with limits. I tried not to look at her big tits and small pink panties. She was hot like Rena so I held my hand over my eyes as she talked.

It didn't help as I felt a boner rising up in my pajama bottoms. She stopped talking and sat on the bed beside me. She leaned over and whispered in my ear: (".are you getting an erection looking at me?") I said: "Can I go now Lynn?", as I was embarrassed. She started in with the questions and said: "Don't be embarrassed, I'm flattered that you are aroused by me.

Is this the first time this has happened? Do you have to masturbate to make it go down? How often does this happen? When was the first time&hellip." She stopped and just looked at my boner. While she was talking it got real hard and now was making big tent.

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I don't think she realized that as she talked, she was feeling her tit and nipple. My boner now was making her aroused. Lynn thought to herself&hellip.nobody knows it, but I can climax by just watching. With out even touching myself. I remember when it first happened. I was young and opened my parents bedroom door to see what all the noise was about. They thought I was next door, but I had come home. The door was set back in from the room and they never saw me watching them.

Dad was on top of mom and he had his dick in mom fucking her. They moaned and then he pulling his dick out, sat back and started jacking it. Mom sat up and watched at he began to shoot big streams of cum. She immediately began to suck on his dick. That's when I got a wonderful jolt tingle in my pussy, and it felt so good I soon wanted more of it again. I found that looking at daddy's hidden magazines, made me get that feeling again.

I took one of his magazines and hid it real good in my room. He had so many, I guess he never missed it.

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After looking at the pictures of women climaxing when dicks shot cum in them and on them, I would close my eyes and let the feelings build up. Then the jolt of massive tingles would happen again. I didn't have to even touch my pussy. &hellip.I guess I never realized that Stan is aroused my me. Wow, his boner is making me hot. It's as big as his dads. I'd love to see it bare, and to see him wank it while fantasizing about me&hellip.it's just the idea that 'I can't do that', that has me excited.

He must think of me sexually&hellip. I know guys fantasize about having sex with older women, but now it's Stan, not someone else. His dad is always gone and when he's home he's so tired, and I need more sex than just thinking about it. I want to watch some sex live! There must be a way for Stan's wants and mine to get together. Watching is a turn on for both of us …That's it! …I'll suggest we watch each other and then go and he and I can masturbate in our own rooms.

I wonder if he'll go for it. His boner is not going down, I guess now's the time to bring it up. ------ Stan's thoughts&hellip. Lynn's eyes were fixed on my boner. I said to myself&hellip.let her look, and I'll watch her play with her tits.

Maybe I'll reach down and play with my tent a little, and she'll do some more touching of herself. I'm gonna have a good wank tonight, this is really hot. She gulped and started whispering: ("…I&hellip.a&hellip.was thinking about us just now…you know just watching us getting aroused is no big deal, it&hellip.a&hellip.doesn't hurt anything…and afterwards &hellip.we can do our…a…private things …a…to .relieve ourselves…do you know what I mean?") Well I knew exactly what she meant.

Let's get hot watching us and then go wank. I was all for that. It was show time. I watched her hand go inside her night gown and start feeling her bare tits. Her nipples started sticking out real big.

I began stroking my boner inside my pajama tent. She drew a big breath. I scooted over so she could lay down facing me. I gave her a big pillow to prop her head up with.

The night light was great, we could still see real good. Her hands worked her tits as her night gown fell open. I looked at her tiny little pink panties as she squirmed a little. They didn't cover her pubic hair at the top and that was hot. I started slipping down my pajama bottoms, a little at a time. I watch her one hand slowly wander down her tummy, her fingers feeling herself. Lower they went.

Now she was feeling the top of her pubic hair. For every move I made, she would follow. Lynn&hellip. I'll let him take the lead on this, I haven't been this aroused since his dad and I fucked in the back seat of his car.

I want more of this, don't hold back Stan, your making me very happy and hot. I want a mental cum so bad right now, but I'll let him take it slow and just wait&hellip.what if we masturbated right here? …oh my god&hellip.I better not even think about that&hellip. Stan&hellip. If my girlfriend knew what was happening right now, she would shit. She just wants to fuck once and a great while, to keep me on a string.

This will be a hot wank for me later. I'm going to have to leave soon or I'll cum right here…she's so hot, I wish we could fuck. I sat up and told Lynn I had to go wank. She took a big breath and rubbed my leg as I left. --------- Lynn… At breakfast, Stan had left and Rena and I were talking. She had this little smile on her face and asked me if I had a bad dream last night.

(.her bedroom is right underneath my bedroom.) I stammered and said: "Why yes I did, did I wake you, with my noises?" She said: "It sounded like a good dream not a bad one. Mom you need to masturbate more quiet, Stan might hear you and that would be embarrassing for you." I began to chuckle and so did she. She asked: "What were you thinking about to make you moan like that?…come on mom, you can tell me, I'm a girl too.

Share that hot fantasy with me." I got so red in the face, she knew something was up. She scooted her chair close to me and started putting the pressure on me to tell her. I had to tell her something to satisfy her. I said: "I was fantasizing about watching a young guy…a&hellip.a…having…, sex." She leaned over and whispered: ("&hellip.mom, could you hear Stan whacking off in his room?, did you watch, I know your such a voyeur.") Damn her, she almost got it right.

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After Stan left I had a great climax fingering myself, and I guess I got a little carried away with the moaning. Rena continued: ("I've heard him cum before and he moans a little when he cums. It's hot to listen to. I'd love to watch him sometime, was his door open a little?") Stan&hellip.

It was just pure lick I guess. Just as I was going to cum a big one, I heard a moan from Lynn's room. I had been fantasizing about fucking my girlfriend and instantly she had Lynn's body on her. Upon hearing Lynn's moan, I shot a big one. I don't know if I moaned myself, but that was some hot wank. I hope Lynn wants to go further with this. I've lost all the reasons why I shouldn't fuck her now.

Her body is driving me wild. Laying so close to her as she plays with her tits has got me going strong. It's time to advance and start some touching. I know she wants to and so do I. Lynn&hellip. I said no more to Rena, but she knew Stan was somehow involved in my fantasy. She has a boyfriend, let her go play with him and leave my Stan alone.

I've got plans for him letting me watch him cum. It's been three days now, and I'm so horny for Stan I can't hardly sleep. His dad has been home for a few days, but he'll be gone again this afternoon for weeks again. We didn't even fuck this time.

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I want to see that boner of Stan's and watch him masturbate with me. This has got me all worked up, so tonight I'm taking this further. I can just see him now&hellip. &hellip.I began to fantasize&hellip.oh my god…he's stroking himself…he's looking at my naked body…I'm finger myself and moaning as we work up a 'cum together'&hellip.I stick fingers from one hand in my wet pussy&hellip.I work them deep in me&hellip.I rub my clit faster and faster with the other hand&hellip.he reaches over and touches my&hellip.

"Mom,&hellip.MOM"&hellip.then Rena says in a whisper: ("&hellip.your rubbing your vagina right here in the living room!&hellip.Stan can see you, he's been watching from the stairs!") She was right, I quick looked and Stan was sitting on the steps with a big smile. Rena smiled big at my red face, and headed up the stairs. Stan turned and went up too. Rena&hellip. "Enjoy the show Stan?" He smiled and went to his room. Now I knew something was going on and maybe I wanted some of that hot action too.

Stan was either feeling mom up, or fucking her, or something in between. I began to picture them going at it and both moaning as they fucked real hot. Damn&hellip.the thought was making me wet…wow. I had to get to mom, and make her share whatever it was. Stan has always been hot to me, but I had always kept it to myself…but now&hellip.I want some hot stuff too.

It's time to put the pressure on mom&hellip.or maybe even Stan&hellip.I thought&hellip.'hey guys…we'll keep it all in the family&hellip.ok?&hellip.are we feeling, watching or fucking?……how about a 3 some?'&hellip.my mind was going crazy not knowing just how far they were taking it&hellip.

Lynn&hellip. That night I had a 'date' with Stan for our second watching session. I had been a little wet all day thinking about it. Rena had a date and said she'd be out real late.

This meant Stan and I could moan all we wanted to&hellip.and&hellip.to advance my urges which were getting bigger by the day. I found myself wanting to watch Stan masturbate. My urges didn't stop there. They were growing more intense, and turning me on. I had a dream about having oral sex with Stan and I woke up in a sweat and a wet pussy. A few rubs of my pussy and I orgasmed that night while his dad slept right beside me. Stan has a good build and smooth skin, he's going to be a sexy man.

His hair is wavy and brown.

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I get hot looking at him. The thought of us touching each other…oh god&hellip.I better not even think about that… Stan&hellip. I've had a semi-boner all day and Lynn and Rena weren't helping keep it down.

They both just had to rub my back or butt as we passed in the house. I wanted to fuck them both, but I was getting action from Lynn. I was anxious to move things along. Tonight I wanted to start us touching each other. The thought of getting to get to feel Lynn's big tits was a real turn on. The girls tits I had felt up, were small growing tits. Lynn had the full grown big ones. I hope she doesn't want to drag this out. I want her to let me feel and maybe suck on her tits.

I wonder what she'd do if I just rolled over on top of her? I bet she'd like it. Then I could suck those titties a while. I'd like to get a hand on her bush, and finger inside her. My buddy Charles's mom just let's him do anything he wants, including fuck her all the time…&hellip.

the lucky bastard. Rena&hellip. The way Stan and my mom are looking at each other, something's up. I caught a glimpse of them in the kitchen doing quick feels. What if I came home early, and quietly came in and caught them doing something. I know my mom, and she can get real horny over watching some guy.

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I guess I have those urges too. I want to watch Stan, not only jack off, but I want to have sex with him. I'll hide my video camera so I can have it to watch anytime I want. Watching and playing with my pussy turns me on so good.

It's time to turn on the sex charm. Stan&hellip. I sat on the back patio with a jacket over my reoccurring boner. Rena came slowly walking out, all sexy like in a red short skirt, low cut top and looked great. She knelt beside me showing me her hot cleavage and whispered: ("…are you going to miss me tonight Stan.hummm?") She stood up, leaned over, put her hand right on my boner and kissed me on the cheek.

("…we have to have a talk sometime…Stan…ok?") I froze as my boner grew. I finally nodded my head. She squeezed my boner and left. Damn that made me hot. Looking at her tits so close up and she smelled heavenly. I kept feeling her squeeze on my boner like her hand was still there. Lynn&hellip. That night Rena left and it was just Stan and I in the house…alone.

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He and I had already showered&hellip.only this time I did a little peaking at him in the shower. I watch him lean back against the shower wall and get his boner hard. He jacked it some with his eyes closed. I felt my pussy twitch inside.

I lost my breath and had to stop. I wanted to save my feelings for later. I put on a robe with nothing on under it and went in his room to get him. No Stan?…I checked my bedroom and there he was. He was laying on my bed&hellip.naked. My heart jumped. He already had a big boner and his hand was on it.

The lights were on, so we could see each other good. I let him watch me slowly take my robe off. I laid down beside him, my head next to his boner, in a 69 position on our backs. I propped my head up with a big pillow and we began to watch us. His eyes locked on my bare tits…so &hellip.I began to play with them first. He scooted closer to them to watch me. Our bodies now touched. His boner was right across from my head. He slowly stroked himself.

I told my self we were 'just watching' and it was no big deal&hellip.but that didn't last long. As he moved his hand over to rest on my stomachI saw my own hand come over to rest on his also. I could feel my own heart beating hard, and feel his breathing in his tummy.

We were now touching. I squeezed my tits and played with my nipples as he glared at them and smiled at me. I felt the heat from his hand. He was now just inches from my tits, and my hand was inches from his boner.

I felt twitching in my pussy as I watched him slow stroke his boner. Finally we could take no more. In one joint movement I moved my hand to the base of his boner as he placed his hand on my tits. I put my hand on his and guided it all around my tits.

He took my hand and put it around his boner and let me stroke him. A wave of good feeling went through my body. His gentle fingers felt my tits and he rubbed around on my nipples. We waited for the other one to stop and go our separate ways to masturbate. It wasn't happening. We continued to play with each other.


I hope he just keeps going further with this. I'm feeling a really big urge to have this boner inside my pussy&hellip.please keep going Stan&hellip. Stan thought&hellip. Now were talk' in. I'm finally getting to feel her big tits and she's even helping me do it. I've got her jacking on me. If we're this close, I think we should just keep going until we fuck.

I'll keep going until she stops me&hellip.if she ever does. It was time to tempt her all the way. As I started to roll towards her, she started rolling toward me. My boner was now staring her in the face, and her pussy in mine. I let my hand slowly drop down from her tits and head for her pussy.

Her one leg began lift up. She was going for it. I felt her hand slide between my legs as she felt my butt.

The room was suddenly hot and I pulled her pussy to my face. Our tongues started touching what we wanted. I felt her sweet butt as I started to lick her pussy. She moaned and pushed her pussy to me firm. I felt her tongue circle my boner head and then she plunged her mouth over it. She started moaning and jacking me fast. I stuck my tongue deep in her pussy as she fucked my face. I pulled my boner back out of her mouth, as I almost was going to cum.

I turned quick and stuck my boner in her pussy. Her whole body was pink with the heat. Her eyes were wild looking as she started fucking me like a wild animal in heat. I didn't have to move, she did all the fucking and could she moan&hellip.wow. Her wild noises were almost scary. Her eyes were taking in everything as we fucked. She was living her watching fantasy. Her fingers hurt as she dug them into my butt cheeks.

I was on top of a wild fucking woman. My dick could take no more… I shot my cum immediately. She pushed her clit tight against me and ground it in me&hellip. we both moaned, between gasping for breath.


I don't know how many times she climaxed but I shot so many times, I lost track. Lynn's mind ran with thoughts&hellip.


Finally!…a man who gets so turned on by me, I can fuck him out! My pussy is satisfied&hellip. for a few hours. I'll keep fucking him until he has no cum left in him.

Ooooo that feels so damn good!… ---------------- Lynn&hellip.Stan never noticed the closet door was open about and inch and I had my video camera set up. I was going to have a recording of this forever. ------------------ Lynn…… Weeks later Rena took her panties off and started watching my video in her bed. She fingered herself. I came in and laid beside her, and took my panties off. Rena said: "Mom, this is the best one yet!

Look at Stan's boner, all big and wanting to put it in you." I squirmed and giggled. I said: "Start it from the beginning, I want to watch him, that's the best part&hellip.he wants to fuck me so bad! I didn't do a thing wrong. He attack me, I was just 'watching', that's all." Rena chuckled and said: "Sure mom, sure"…&hellip.

--------------- *…after fucking Rena and Lynn all night long, Stan's girlfriend dumped him for ignoring her and&hellip.

he got in trouble at school for falling asleep in class again. He ask his buddy if he could sleep over at his house tonight. His buddy asked him: "Why?" Stan smiled big, and said: "Because I'm so 'fucking' tired!"