Horny Dude With Two Midget Milfs In Threesome

Horny Dude With Two Midget Milfs In Threesome
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Me and My Brothers Chapter IV. We Have Only Begun Bobby got off me and sat on the edge of the couch and looked down at me.

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I did nothing to cover myself. "You know," he said, "its time you do something for me, right?" "You want me to suck on your titties?" I asked. "No but…" He hesitated and his face turned red. "You could suck on my peter." "Oh Bobby, yuck, that's awful. There is no way I'm sucking on your peter." I had suddenly lost all interest in playing with my brother. "I'll lick your pussy," he pleaded. "Double yuck," I said as I pulled my shirt down. "What makes you think I would want you to lick my pussy?" "Guys say that girls like their pussies licked." "They are just trying to get you to do something stupid.

It turns my stomach just thinking of you putting your face down there." "No really Carly. Girls suck boy's peters and boys lick girl's pussies," he said insistently trying his best to convince me. "Maybe homo boys suck boy's peters and lezzy girls lick girl's pussies but they are strange anyway," I said trying to show I knew better than he did. "I got you off by sucking on your titties. At least you can get my off by playing with my peter with your hands," he pleaded. "I guess I could do that," I said as I wondered what I was getting myself into.

He stood, dropped his jeans and shorts, and sat on the edge of the couch.


His peter was standing at a 45° angle. I laid there on my back thinking about how I could delay doing what I had agreed to do. "Well, I'm ready," he said after a few seconds. "I was just wondering what we will have for dinner," I said. "Mom said there were pot pies in the freezer," he said. "Even you can fix those," I said.

"I will right after you do me." "I can fix dinner," I said as I continued to lay flat on my back. "No, mom told me to fix dinner and then I'll pop popcorn for our porn watching," he said before saying, "Come on get started." He stroked his peter a couple of strokes.

I sat up and looked closely at his peter. "It's all wet," I commented. "That makes it slippery," he told me. I reached out and touched the head of it with the tip of my index finger. It felt firm. When I continued to hesitate he said, "Just wrap you hand around it like this." He demonstrated giving his peter a stroke. As he withdrew his hand I replaced it with mine. The surface felt warm, smooth, and soft.

I squeezed it and found that beneath the surface it felt bone hard. I gave it a little stroke and felt the skin move with my hand up and down on the shaft. I realized how little I had known about a peter. I continued to stroke up and down and felt my hand slip over the head. "Are all boys' peters like this?" I asked. "Pretty much," he said through gritted teeth. He leaned back and I moved in a little closer to watch what I was doing. Although new liquid continued to moisten his peter, it seemed to dry out too fast.

"It's getting dry," I said. "Yeah, too dry…spit on it." "Yuck. I'll get some hand lotion," I said as I stood and rushed out to get a bottle of lotion. When I returned I sat where I had been.

Before doing anything else I undid my jeans so I could slip a hand down inside to pleasure myself. I put a liberal amount of lotion on my hand and began to stoke Bobby's peter. It slipped easily in my hand. I found that with my left hand gently pleasuring me, I enjoyed playing with him more. "Oh my, that really feels good," Bobby said in a low tone. "A little faster though," he added. I picked up the pace and squeezed a little tighter. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, …" he kept repeating.

I watched closely what was happening. At first his balls were hanging over the edge of the couch but they began to pull up. Soon they were bunched up tight against the base of his peter. Suddenly I realized he was shooting his stuff and I was too close. He hit me on the side of the face and all over my shirt.

I jumped up to avoid the second blast. I said, "Damn Bobby, you shot all over me." The tissues were right there. His stuff wiped off my face easily but only seemed to rub into my shirt. "God Bobby, we'll have to do the laundry." I looked and realized he had caught the rest of his stuff in a handful of tissues he had ready for the job. "Why didn't you tell me you were goin' to shoot so I could get out of the way?" He did not answer me so I went to the laundry room where I took off my shirt and put it in with a load of laundry.

Before I started the washer I realized my jeans were soaked in the crotch so I removed them and my panties and tossed them in the washer. Feeling the moisture from my pussy running slowly down my legs, I wondered if I would have to wear a pad to keep from wetting everything I wore from now on.

Here I was in the laundry room with no clothes. I checked in a basket of clean laundry that had not yet been sorted. Most of it belonged to mommy and daddy. None of it was mine.

In the basket were an oversized black t-shirt and a pair of Bobby's boxers. I slipped the boxers on and decided they fit fine.

I pulled the t-shirt over my head and the hem came to just above the knee so I decide I was dressed for the evening. I went to the upstairs bathroom where I got a panty liner and stuck it in Bobby's shorts to catch some of my juices. I went down to the family room. I could hear Bobby in the kitchen so I checked to see if there were any telltale spots on or around the couch.

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There were none. Bobby had set up two TV-trays for our dinner. I went to the front window to check the snow. The wind had picked up and the snow was now drifting. It had become quite dark and because of the drifting snow I could only see the first street light. I could not see even half way to Mrs. Yates house. I could tell that no one had been up or down our street all afternoon. I called Mrs. Yates and told her we were happy to know she was there in case of an emergency.

I told her we were fine and she did not need to worry about us. "Are you sure you will be okay by your selves?" she asked. I assured her that we were fine and I did not want her to go out in the snow. She thanked me for my concern and made me promise to call if we needed her.

I went into the kitchen where I found Bobby staring into the microwave. "Hi Carly," he said, "Dinner will be ready in 14, 13, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now." With an oven mitt on his hand he removed four pot pies from the oven and placed them on a tray.

"Grab a couple forks and take these into the family room while I heat our chocolate milk." I did as he had said and placed two pies and a fork on each TV-tray.

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I returned the carrying tray to the kitchen where I found Bobby staring into the microwave again. He heard me put the tray down and turned to look at me. "Where did you get that shirt?" he asked. "Found it in the laundry," I replied. "Big enough?" "Just right," I said.

I thought of showing him his boxers but the microwave dinged and he removed the mugs from the oven. I followed him into the family room. He placed a mug on each tray and asked, "How about a movie?" "I don't want to watch anything scary," I said. "Nothing scary," he said as he concentrated on using the remote to turn on the TV and entering the code that removed the parental controls.

I watched the TV as he entered a channel number I was not familiar with. A woman receptionist at an office was on the phone. "This movie is The Helpful Secretary," Bobby said. "Have you seen it before?" I asked "No, I looked at the schedule earlier. It started about five minutes ago," he said as he began to eat.

The story of the movie seemed dumb and the actors were even worse so I was not paying much attention as I thought over all the things that Bobby and I had done that day. Suddenly there was the receptionist and her boss kissing and tearing off each other's clothes.

I was surprised as I watched the two become naked, although she kept on her nylons and high heels.

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I looked at Bobby and he was staring at the TV with a forkful of pot pie frozen half way to his mouth. I turned back to the screen. The couple hugged and kissed. Soon she was laying back on his desk. The man kissed the woman's breasts and then he went down slowly until he was at her pussy. "See," Bobby said. Without taking my eyes from the screen I said, "I still say yuck.

I can't believe anyone would do such a thing." The woman seemed to be enjoying it and Bobby said, "Look how she's enjoying it." "Maybe so but I would never kiss a mouth that had been down there," I informed him. The man slid up and kissed the woman on the lips. "Oh double yuck. That would make me sick," I said. "Well, my mouth has never been near a pussy so you will still kiss me," he said as he poked me on the shoulder.


"As long as you are good to me, you can kiss…" He interrupted me, "Oh, oh, look there he's sticking his peter in her pussy. I wish they would show us just what it looks like to have his peter in her pussy." "I wonder what it feels like," I mused.

"Yeah," Bobby said as he began to eat again. We were silent for a while as we finished eating and watched the couple finish up. There didn't seem to be any of his stuff so I imagined that she was able to hold it all in. They quickly got dressed and she went back to her desk. At her desk she greeted a woman that turned out to be the man's wife. The receptionist escorted her to the boss' office, announcing her and returned to her desk, where she turned on the intercom and listened to the conversation between her boss and his wife.

The conversation sounded like it was between lovers and soon all that could be heard was heavy breathing. The receptionist smiled and turned off the intercom.

She went to the door to her boss' office and opened it just enough to peak in. She saw her boss licking his wife's pussy. She slipped her hand under her dress and began playing with herself as she watched. I began to think I had been educated enough and the rest of this film was boring. I glanced over at Bobby and saw that not only were his eyes glued on the screen but he had opened his jeans and was playing with his peter. He was just stroking slowly and I thought that that was a good idea.

I reached under the t-shirt and inside Bobby's boxers and found that the pad had contained my liquids so that I was very wet. I began stroking my little button as slowly as I could. I had to keep forcing myself to slow down. I had the thought that if Bobby was fingering me and I was stroking him we would be able to go slow and maybe make it last for a long time. I stopped playing with myself and went to the bathroom to get a bath towel. I moved the TV-trays away from the couch, pulled off the boxer shorts, and sat down close beside Bobby with the towel across my lap.

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I put my hand on Bobby's hand and said, "I'll play with you and you play with me." "Okay," he eagerly said. "Let's spread out the towel under us," I suggested. He stood and dropped his jeans and shorts while I spread out the towel.

I pulled my t-shirt off before sitting down. Bobby did the same with his polo shirt. We sat naked next to each other. I moved so that we were touching, hip to hip. I forgot about the movie on TV as I reached to take hold of his peter. His hand moved down between my legs and I opened wide for him. As a finger reached the lips of my pussy he stopped. "I don't know what to do," he said. "Slide a finger around until you find my opening." He moved his index finger around until the lips opened and it slipped in.

It was thrilling to feel his finger slide in. "Now get you finger all wet." "Okay," he said. "Now follow the slit forward and up and you will come to my little button." He moved his finger in the correct way and I jerked as he touched my button.

"That's it. Rub around and over that. Be gentle." Things were happening to me and I was no longer able to talk. I moaned my pleasure as I stroked Bobby's peter. I looked at the screen and saw the back of a woman's head with her face at a man's groin. She must be giving him a blow job, I thought. "God Bobby, turn that off." "Carly, this is the first time I ever saw a blow job.

I'm not going to pass it up." I decided to watch Bobby's peter instead of the TV. I was enjoying what Bobby was doing to me too much to stop or even let what I had seen on the screen destroy what was happening. The slow but firm rubbing that Bobby was giving my button was giving me a gradual build up. Bobby seemed to instinctively know to keep his finger well lubricated because before his finger got dry he would dip down into my hole to pick up more moisture. Soon I was tensing up but not so much that I could not continue to stroke Bobby's peter.

I moaned my pleasure and Bobby repeated my moan. My toes curled down and I tensed from toe to head. I relaxed and tensed again. I shouted out my pleasure but I was still able to continue to stroke. Bobby reached around over my shoulder with his other hand and tweaked a tittie and I went over the edge. I gripped his peter tighter and stroked it more rapidly and he shot his stuff. I pointed it toward me and allowed it to squirt all over me.

He began to stroke me harder and I went far beyond any place I had ever been. As I came down I found myself rubbing his warm stuff into my skin on my stomach and breasts. It felt like warm lotion but it seemed to take forever to soak in. I looked over at his peter and saw that it had shrunk to half its former size and was hanging down like a limp noodle.

Out of curiosity I reached over and pulled gently on his limp peter. It certainly felt different than when it was hard. Still looking at the screen, Bobby said, "I'll lick your pussy now if you want." "Forget it," I said. "Then a blow job…" I interrupted him by saying, "Not another word about it." "You have a little cum on your right there," he said as he pointed to my thigh.

"Well rub it in," I said as I continued to pull on his limp but growing peter. He rubbed my thigh until it got dry. He slipped his hand over to my pussy, dipped his finger in and began stroking my button.

I was back on the road again. As I began to return to a high of pleasure I felt Bobby's peter grow hard in my hand. Bobby leaned over and kissed me and soon our tongues were wrestling in our mouths. It took us a long time to get there but the trip was as much a pleasure as our earlier trip. I did the same with his stuff as the first time. There wasn't as much as before.

I suddenly felt a chill. I told Bobby I was cold and he said he was also. He went to the gas fire place and lit it turning it on high.


I went over to stand beside him as we warmed our bare backsides. "Mm that feels good," I said. He agreed and then said, "We could play right here on the floor in front of the fire." "I think I want to rest a while," I said.

I added, "Maybe we could find a snack." "Maybe the next movie will be more interesting," he said. I looked at the clock to see how long we had been at it. We had started at five and it was now six fifteen. I thought about doing it again and I felt a trickle of my juices run down the inside of one of my thighs. To be continued in Chapter V. There's More to Come