Leticia piranha aprendendo o que e mamar

Leticia piranha aprendendo o que e mamar
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All that she wants…&hellip. This is to test and tease my imagination and the tolerance of u guys reading this. Foreword This is purely fiction with a dash of lime. This is the story of Mel and how she got on and through life.

It will go on and on as long as my imagination goes and whatever ideas u guys may have. Chapter 1 The night she was born was quiet and clear just like her clear blue eyes. She was born under the zodiac of the LEO.

It was evident from an early age that she would be a strong minded young lady. The early years were more or less without incident, however, her future passion was slowly reflecting in the way she interacted with the house pets from a very early age. It was always laughed at by her parents, so she thought nothing of it.

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At about 4 years of age she was crawling on the floor and got a swipe in the face from the family dog. Her gift from her parents for her fourteenth birthday was a beautiful dog, pedigree of which was seriously uncertain but they were inseparable. Mel would feed it slavishly it slept by her bed, more in than under, although she promised her mother that she wouldn't let it in her bed.

It was a male dog with the richest chocolate colored pelt and he had the strangest yellow eyes and a darkish pinkish nose.

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He adored Mel and she adored him back, she doted on him like a mother. After serious consideration and deliberation she named him Napoleon. The two of them grew up and grew very, very close. She loved the way he felt under her fingertips and when she felt extremely naughty she would let him snuggle up to her when she was naked under the covers. They had nearly been caught on a couple of occasions but she managed to escape without detection.

When she turned sixteen she noticed a change in Napoleon.

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He became a little naughty and very daring. He would take his chances with her whenever he could. At first she stopped him but her overactive imagination and sexuality got the better of her after her eighteenth birthday. Mel had an imagination that would scare the Pope shitless. She was well behaved and always the perfect little girl until she was alone, then she turned into a sexually depraved being that did all and everything for the big O.

She had not heard of a vibrator before but she had other tools with which she got the job done.

Her favorite toy, at that time, was an old battery operated tooth brush that was nicely shaped and wasn't too big. She could slip it into herself a little and work it around and it also worked quite nicely on her little clittie. She didn't have a huge lot to fantasize about but she made do with what she had. Napoleon was never a threat to her when self pleasuring herself until the one day a couple of weeks after her eighteenth birthday.

She was, like always, all alone and lying flat on her back on her queen size bed and wishing she had someone to help her with the hundred year itch that she so badly needed scratched. She was absentmindedly stroking herself through her panties while Napoleon was lying and watching. Mel slipped her fingers under the elastic waistband and stroked her soft hairless mound. She moaned softly, Napoleon pricking his ears at the sound.

Mewling as he listens to her and looking at her intently to see what she is going to do next. Napoleon sat bolt upright, he has never had that smell from her before, it was a smell that drove him instantly wild for his instincts took over immediately.

He crawled slowly forward and in between her legs. She felt him move and looked at him through slanted eyes, he got up and her breath caught in her throat.

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The tip of him was sticking pinkly out of his hairy sheath and for the first time she sees his penis poke out at her. He nudged at her hand in her panties.

He mewled softly and nudged again.


She was hot, very, very hot and she just let herself go. She mover her panties to the side and gave Napoleon his first look at her soaked pussy lips. He rushed in and started lapping at her in frenzy. The first time his tongue touched her over sensitive clit she nearly went through the roof. He was licking at her like he was intent on finishing her pussy and leave nothing for another day. It took her completely by surprise, the one moment she was enjoying his incredible tongue action and the next she was standing on her heals and the top of her head, her body arched completely.

Her mouth contorted in a silent scream, wide open but no sound emanating from her lips. Slowly she came back to her senses and heard a funny noise and realized that it was her trying to force air into her empty lungs.


Her vision was starring and the sensation Napoleon's tongue was giving her was driving her berserk. Her clit was starting to tingle and she had to get him to stop, her clit was throbbing violently and was so sensitive it felt like she would pee if he gave her on more lick. He got the message and stopped, but what she noticed piqued her interest immediately. He was fully extended from his sheath and she could see his redness under his belly. She went at it like a drug addict craving a fix.

She tentatively touched but without any shyness she took hold of his cock. He looked at her, their faces very close to each other. She kissed him softly on the lips and he kissed her back, she could still taste herself on his tongue and that made it even more special.

They kept on kissing for a small while, while she was softly touching and stroking him. She felt it going harder in her grip and moved it faster and faster, all of sudden he started to move his hips and she got a little bit of a fright and she let him go. He gave her a bewildered look and tried to get her to touch it again.

She saw what he was doing and wrapped her hand around his quickly hardening cock and stroked it furiously, he himself humping as quickly as he could. She felt the peace at the back going thicker and thicker and suddenly he started jerking violently and she saw the tip of his cock starting to spurt a grayish/white liquid. It went everywhere.

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Her bed linen was coated in sperm and she licked at it pulling a face at first but then starting to like the taste and taking some more. She hurriedly cleaned everything up before her parents got home. As for first experiences and the way they go, she was a little quiet around the house for a while to see if anyone suspected anything. Chapter 2 Napoleon seemed oblivious to Mel's fears. He went about himself as if nothing untoward has happened.

When the chance arose he would sniff her unexpectedly when she was walking in front of him in one of her very short skirts. Sometimes he would take a swipe at her panty clad pussy. He would still sleep with Mel but things were all quiet, no messing or fooling around, until one night!

Mel was sleeping and dreaming the most beautiful dream. She was lying naked on a chaise lounge and there he was, her Napoleon watching her intently as she was reclining on the chaise. She was looking at him while he slowly approached the chaise. He came up to her and softly kissed her lips drawing a content sigh from her with her whole body shuddering in anticipation of what was to happen next.

Napoleon turned his attention to her heaving breasts and slowly and deliberately worked his tongue around her sensitive areole and suddenly bit her nipple, softly, causing a mini orgasm to shiver through her.

She moaned softly and moved to facilitate him in his endeavor to pleasure his mistress. In the mean time back in real life her arousal became apparent to Napoleon, he got the smell of her turned on sex stronger and stronger with each passing second. In her dream he was now progressing downward, licking and nipping at her tender skin, wracking sighs of pleasure from her in an incoherence of pleading, begging and gasping. He sensed that something big was about to happen when he heard her cry out softly and her thighs suddenly fell open.

Without invitation he moved straight in. She, for some reason, wasn't wearing anything under her nighties giving him easy access to her moistness.

He wasn't sure what to do so he stuck out his tongue and got the response he was craving. Her sex opened invitingly at the intrusion of his tongue. Vividly she saw him moving down, his tongue exiting her all the way down to her plump sex nestling between her well soaked thighs. With her hands she slowly opened her wetness for his exploring tongue.

He went deeper as she opened and exposed herself to his intruding tongue. Her body suddenly started jerking spasmodically and her pussy flooded his tongue as she came to violent and sudden climax. A slow moan escaping her lips lingering in her throat and slowly dribbling over her drawn lips. Her eyes opened for a brief second then closed again and her hand found her lover's head and she turned on her side and fell into a deathlike slumber.