Phat zane fuck milf with big tits

Phat zane fuck milf with big tits
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This story is true. About my step sister (I just call her sister though) and I. My little sister is 15, I am 16 going on 17 very soon. I can honestly say I have no regret about things that occurred between us. Just regrets about things I should of done but didn't do. s: Ever since my sister and I were small I've always loved her with all my heart. She loves me too.

I remember when I first met her we were 6-7 I became very close with her, I started to realize as little as I was that I was sexually attracted to her. I never did anything though, at least not until we were older. This is how this all starts, my sister moved into a big new house when we were like, 9-10 I would come visit her a lot.

Every time I did we would play house or dress up something like that, but one day that changed, instead that day when I was sleeping over my sister invited a friend over, named Shelby. I guess Shelby and other girls would kiss and play with each other when she would sleep over places. I was 10, when I was 8 I had fingered a girl and ate her out so this stuff wasn't knew to me.

Anyway, Shelby suggested we play truth or dare so we did. Shelby dared me to make out with her so I did without any hesitation.

My sister looked surprised at me. I guess you could say Shelby and I stopped playing truth and dare and were just making out and touching each other. My sister didn't like it so she told Shelby to go home, so she did. After she left my sister started to change in front of me, taking off her shirt (she never changed in front of anyone before) taking off her bra I couldn't stop staring at her and her breasts they weren't that big but I still loved watching her.

Then she took off her shorts.

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She wasn't wearing any panties, I wanted to finger fuck her pussy right then and there so badly. She walked towards me sat on the bed as she blushed. I looked at her naked body for a second then we heard someone get up, (it was about 1 am or so) she quickly turned the light off and put clothes on.

We then went to bed. We didn't mention what happened that night to each other ever. After that time when ever I would go visit her she would take off her clothes randomly.

she would sometimes just call me into the room with her so I could watch her, she knew I loved it. I told myself in my head it was wrong, that I can't do anything because she is my step-sister.

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It was winter time outside, so we would sit inside and hang out instead. That night my sister said "Let's have a fashion show." I said okay. At the end of the game we were just listening to music and stuff so I said "I'm going to go take a bath" but really I just wanted to watch her change by peaking through the door, to my surprise a little after I left a certain song came on that she loved. she got off the bed and started kind of dancing to it while she changed, hell, she was acting like a stripper.

She removed her pants, sat on the bed spread her little pussy lips open and took pictures of it with her camera. I was really really turned on I remember wanting to watch her dance all sexual like she was.

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Instead I waited a couple mins to come back in the room she still had her pants off. She then said "Let's sleep." so I got into bed.

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I waited until she was asleep then I got up and looked at the pics on her camera I couldn't take it, she had a really fat clit I wanted to suck on and rub, I hopped back into bed with her started touching her tits I was careful to be gentle though so I wouldn't wake her up.

She kept moaning in her sleep every time I caressed her nipples, I lifted up her shirt and training bra then flicked her nipple with my tongue. She was still sound asleep so I carefully moved my hand by her pussy, grabbed her waste band and looked in her pants, I saw her small pubes, her big pussy lips and her fat clit I started moving my hand down but she turned the other way so I decided to go to bed instead.

We stopped hanging out for a couple years. I saw her again at age 15 she was 14.


We decided to hang out a lot more, I couldn't take my eyes off her tits, they were D 36. She also got chubby, I didn't mind it. I love chubby girls after all, for 2 kind of weird reasons, they have smelly pussies and somewhat of them don't shave. I smoked up a lot and she was just starting to so we got high and she slept over. that night I got wet looking at her big tits. She was in a tank top with no bra and panties. She was pretty high before going to bed so she was knocked out.

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I started circling her nipples with my finger through her shirt until they were perky Iifted her shirt up and sucked on them while she moaned out in her sleep. I was really tired and planned to sleep until I looked at her panties, I made her a bit wet through them. I couldn't sleep now, I was to horny.


I went down by her pussy and pulled her panties down a bit, she had a big bush, fat clit, fat lips and her pussy was wet. I spread her pussy lips and spit on her clit and started to rub her, it was making her legs twitch while she made a "mm" moan in her sleep.

I started to sketch out afraid she would wake up, so I pulled her panties up just a little not to much though, so I could still see her clit while I masturbated to it.

One thing you have to understand about my sister. I don't know about back when we were little, but now she is very like, she is still a virgin and doesn't care much about sex she thinks people are hot and she will check them out but she doesn't do much, the most she has done is make out. A week ago, I went to her house got high and drank with her, she got really messed up I was only buzzed.

She was wearing really tight shorts and a tight top that night, I couldn't stop looking at her breasts falling out of her tight shirt and her red thong because her shorts weren't pulled up very high. She split some beer on her shorts and removed them and was laying on the bed in her thong that was very tight in the front she was making me wet. I wanted to make her horny so I started asking her things, I asked her if she ever shaves her pussy she said "no I only have once." I then asked her if she ever masturbates she said "I only have 2 times once in the shower and once laying in bed." I then asked her how it felt she said "not that great.

I don't know if I was doing it right." I then asked how many fingers did you use she said "mm, just one" I then said "tell me exactly what happened when you were playing with your pussy in the shower while the water was running down your big tits." (I didn't know why I was so straight forward with it might of been the weed or alc, but I'm glad I said it.) she answered without hesitation.

"I lifted my leg up against the wall in the water and stuck my finger in there and tasted it." I was ready to pin her down and eat her out, but I wanted to know what she did when she was touching herself in the room also. So I said "and what did you do to yourself in your room." she said "I layed down and put my hand down there and tried to finger hard." I then said "I bet it would feel better if someone did it for you, the right way." she said yes, I leaned forward to kiss her, I believe she was to drunk to care.

So I told her "you should take off your shirt" she listened to me, and removed her bra as well. I told her to stand up for a little she didn't understand why because she was wasted but she did anyway. I examined her big tits, and told her to put her panties between her pussy lips and pull them upward.

(I have a thing for camel toe.) She did that then came back and layed down, I didn't waste any time i started sucking her tit while I rubbed her clit through her panties, until she was moaning loudly, I then went down and smelt her wet pussy through her panties, her pussy was a little smelly but I loved it. Then pulled them off her.

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Took a big wiff of her pussy and I started to sucked on her clit for a good 20mins or so, she was close to cumming so I started to finger her with 2 fingers as I was still licking her, I popped her cherry and kept going until she came. She was moaning so fucking loud it was making me to fucking wet. She made the most sexy high pitch noise when she came. I wanted to keep going with her but she crashed right after she came. So I just washed my hand and masturbated looking at her pussy.

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The next morning we didn't wake up until like 3 in the afternoon. She acted as if nothing happened I asked her "did you black out last night" she said "yes" although I didn't believe it, I went along with it until later. before bed, we were high. I said "are you lying about being blacked out?" she kept denying until we were falling asleep I had asked her again she admitted it that she remembers some of it.

I told her exactly what happened, I was scared she might be grossed out with it or something. Instead I guess it made her horny because right after that I pretended to sleep I heard her touching herself. I got up quickly and turned on the light. I saw her laying there with her sweat pants and panties down by her ankles touching herself with one finger. She froze when I put the light on. I walked over to the bed fast and shoved 3 fingers in her pussy she gasped a little and looked right at me it was so fucking hot.

She became really wet and switched and rubbed her fat clit with my finger and stuck my tongue in her tight cunt hole, I started smelling her smelly pussy and then she came and had to moan into a pillow so she wouldn't wake anyone sadly. I got to taster her cum with the tip of my tongue it tasted a little salty but good. She got sleepy after didn't say anything pulled up her pants went to the bathroom and came back and slept.

I left in the morning before she woke up. I haven't seen her since then but I hope she let's me have my way with her when I want.