Sweet hot Scarlett Fever loves getting fucked

Sweet hot Scarlett Fever loves getting fucked
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Somewhere in my upbringing, my parents must have taught me chivalry, because, following one of the most wonderful, climactic moments in my entire life, I found the good sense and decency to roll off of the tiny little cherub I had just make love with and spare her the necessity of asking, that is when we regained any amount of consciousness. I have no idea how long I or we were stuck in that blissful moment of afterglow, but when I opened my eyes, they were treated to that glorious sight of Bobbi, still sleeping peacefully.

I almost wept at the sight of this girl. She was beautiful, physically and emotionally. She was tender and sweet, young and innocent. She was shy and demure, yet daring and fun loving. She was serious yet silly. She was perfect in so many ways and she was here beside me, sleeping off the most powerful and outstanding climax I have ever participated in. As I lay there looking at her, my eyes absorbed the essence of her inner self, as it manifested out in her physical beauty.

Her lovely facial perfections, her smooth, long flowing hair, splayed out under her delicate little body, to her soft, petal perfect torso, innocently idle now, waiting to be held once again in my arms. I felt an inner attraction to this beauty and wondered how and why she entered my life at this time.

She must have sensed my gaze, because as she slowly stretched and opened her eyes, she smiled the most loving smile and reached for me to hug. "Hey, Sleep Head," I cooed to her, softly. "Hey, yourself, Handsome," she replied, stretching herself out and yawning.

"How long have you been awake?" "Not long" I responded. "Just long enough to realize that I'm falling in love with you. Did you know that you have that affect on people? In just two weeks, actually eight days, you've made me fall madly and hopelessly in love with you. What do you have to say for yourself?" She smiled the biggest smile, turned a slight color of pink around her beautiful face and snuggled into my arms.

Very soon, I felt a warm droplet of moisture falling upon my chest as it escaped from her eye. "Are you okay?" I asked. She just chuckled nervously and said, "Yeah, I'm just getting all emotional on you, that's all." She looked up into my eyes, raised herself up and said, "Ben, that was the most wonderful thing you could have ever said to me.

I do love you, too. I know that we are young. I know we or I don't have that much experience with love. But whatever love is, I feel that for you." She proceeded to give me the warmest hug around the neck and she wouldn't let go; not that I minded in the least.

Her warm bare body crushed into my own, emulated our newly declared love. I wasn't about to stop that feeling. Slowly, she sank down into the bed again leaning against me for support. I soothed and caressed her arm and held her tight for a few more moments. "Let's go in take a shower together," I declared, rising into a sitting position. "Do I stink?" she asked, teasingly. "I don't know. Let me smell," I said as I rolled towards her smiling.

She squealed and made a dash for the bathroom but her attempt at locking me out was foiled by my foot in the door. So she threw herself into my arms, looked up in my eyes and said in a seductive a voice as she could muster, "Do you want to smell me, Big Guy?" I just closed the door and turned on the shower. During our time together in the shower, I was caressing her with a soupy washcloth and as I swiped it down her abdomen onto her groin area, I suddenly marveled at the tightness of her crotch.

Her lips, lightly covered by her light brown pubic hair, were actually firm to the touch, not pliable as I expected. I had never inspected labia before, so I don't know why I was surprised, but I marveled at how soft yet firm they were. They looked like a day-old hotdog bun, firm yet you could, with a little effort, separate it to put the good stuff deep inside. There was nothing hanging down between them, just the firm tightness of a little used labia lips.

Discovering her unexplored treasures like this, made me want to discover more. "I've got an idea." I stated. "When we finish cleaning up, I want to take an hour or so and kiss every square inch of your body. When I finish, I want to kiss it a second time." She squealed with the thought of my explorations, then said, "Is an hour enough time or are you going to skip the parts you've already kissed?

In that case, it'll only take you about five minutes." She grinned with glee as she turned off the water and reach for a towel. "After you finish your kissing, then it is my turn," she stated matter-of-factly.

"What do you say about that?" she asked, scooting up to me a giving me a hug. Then with a slap on my rear end, real hard, she made a dash back to the bedroom caring her towel. As I arrived, she was toweling off her back and her sides leaving the front of her body wet.

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I was looking at this curiously, when she noticed my look and said, "I'm leaving the front for your kisses." Spreading the towel down on the bed, she crawled up on it and lay down on her back. "I'm kissably yours," she said with pride in her voice.

I started at her head, right on top and moved my way down. I kissed her right on the crown of her head and all parts south, but I slowed the process considerably when I reach her breasts.

I kissed her sides, her arms, I even kissed her armpits. This turned her on almost as much as when I nibbled on her nipples. She started to squirm a little when I sucked them into my mouth. But she actually gasped a little when a kissed and licked her armpits.

I skipped over her abdomen and her hips and when straight down her legs to her feet. The soft little toes curled up as I licked them but when I began to suck on each one, she started to giggle a little and said, "Now I know why some people have a foot fetish. It is really rather stimulating." I swung around between her outstretched legs and she spread them out and invited my advance upward. I stopped along the way as my tongue kept removing any left over shower water that persisted.

But as I neared the junction, her breath became labored. She was anticipating my kissing and licking before my lips and tongue made contact with her. Sometimes I would wait a little longer that she thought I should and she would wiggle her hips and moan a little to stir me on. This was the case now as I approached her inner thighs, about an inch from her mound. The anticipation was killing her and I loved it. I reached down to her feet. Taking them by the arches, I pulled them up to where I was kneeling, causing her legs to bend at the knee.

But I kept pulling them and pushing them until her knees stopped at the mattress. A loud gasp left her mouth as she realized she had exposed a place to me that she had never exposed to anyone before and she must have felt extremely vulnerable. As I stared down at her widely spread hamstrings, her upturned lips and her hairless little "rose bud", my breath caught in my throat. As I exhaled, a small little moan escaped my lips.

I bent down and kissed her right on her puckered opening and she shrieked from the sensation. I settled myself down a little and dove in again for some more of the sensuous stimulation that I loved. This time I placed my tongue at the opening and prodded into it a little and she wiggled her hips and moaned. I proceeded to lick up between her lips, around her vaginal opening and up to her waiting hooded node.

She cried out once again as she tried to move her legs back down to their normal position. Her attempt was thwarted by my firm grip on her legs and I repeated my assault on her wide open crotch.

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With mouth wide open, I ravaged to vaginal area with my lips, tongue and teeth, as she writhed and jerked her hips and finally begged me to stop. I slowly released my grip on her legs and she slammed them closed around my head. Digging in her heels, she raised her hips off of the bed and pushed, my head into her now moisture laden crotch with her hands. She lay there quivering as I slowly immerged from between her legs as I said, "Wow, did you get all excited or what?" "O my God, Ben!

You do that to me every time. How do you know what to do?" She collapsed back on the bed, not waiting for an answer. I said nothing but laid down next to her and put my arm around her shoulders. She snuggled up to me and sighed. We cuddled like that for awhile, content in the notion that we had all night to be just like we were, close and naked.

After some time, I reminded her that I had another side to go. She said, "O my God, Ben. I don't know if I can take any more." But, sitting up with a grin on her face, she said, "But I'll try." And rolled over on her tummy and slightly spreading her bare legs. I started at her head again, down over her shoulders and onto her hips. Her slender body quivered under the touch of my lips and tongue. Again, I went down her legs on her outer thighs and back up her inner thighs.

She spread her legs as I made my advance. I looked over her butt cheeks and instead of my mouth, I used my hands to massage and rub her fleshy rear muscles. Spreading them fully, I looked down on her puckered opening again and moved my face down to meet it.


With my probing tongue extended into a point, I applied a little pressure and circled around the bud. She shuttered with anticipation and groaned a little from her now open mouth.

I reached to the underside of her hips and raised them upward until she was resting upon her knees. My hand went to her crotch again, messaging and rubbing the lips, but my focus was upon her shining little opening, now secreting moisture, and waiting patiently for some attention. I suddenly spun around and lay between her legs on my back, raising her hips up to the top of my shoulders. I was effectively, staring right up her crotch with her labia a mere tongue length away.

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I opened my mouth and pulled her rear in down to meet my tongue. Instantly she started reacting to the stimulus it was imposing. She spread her legs out more, pushing her crotch further down on my face. I licked the full length of her inner labial lips, stopping at her clitoris. She shrieked and bucked and settled back down and ground her crotch into my face once again.

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I repeated my motion, accept this time, I rammed my tongue into her opening as I ran my finger up to her rose bud". She tensed her cheeks and held her breath, then melted back down into my caress. I was concentrating on her clitoris and as I sucked hard on it, I brought her to another orgasmic release and she started rocking and humping my mouth for all she was worth.

Then, as fast as it started, she commenced her come down. Going limp where she sat, she slumped over my head, effectually cutting off my breathing path. I moved to take a breath and she jerked from the stimulating pressure. I rolled out from under her and she lay out on her stomach flat, as she slept the lover's sleep. She rested, unmoving, for the better part of an hour. I sat there waiting, looking and loving her. When she finally moved, she opened her eyes slightly and asked, "Will I see you every time I wake up from now on?" Rolling over on her back, she raised her arms and brought me down into her embrace and lips.

I loved the way she kissed me. It was warm and soft yet sensual and romantic. Her arms held me tenderly against her breast and I could feel her breaths; in and out, rise and fall. She closed her eyes and dozed off again, contented. Shortly, she awoke again, this time feeling refreshed and full of piss and vinegar.

Sitting up and crossing her legs, a devilish smile crept upon her face. Poking me in the stomach, she said, "Now it's my turn! Lay down, I command you;" she said with much theatrical expression, "for you are about to have your body ravaged!" I said to her in protest, as I made my way down beside of her, "Please be gentle with me, it's my first time," with a knowing twinkle in my eye. She raised her fists to her hips and frowned at me, then clutching my stomach with her hand, she said, "First time, huh?" and started tickling me on the stomach.

I just took her hand, looked into her eyes and placed it gently on my chest. Releasing it there, I moved my arms to my sides and closed my eyes. She crawled up to my head on her hands and knees. I opened my eyes slightly as I felt her kiss my crown. Her breast was a mere inch or two from my mouth. O how tempting it was, just inches away, but I thought, "Ben, it's not your turn any more.

Close your eyes and enjoy." So I followed my own advice as I felt her lips brush up against my own. She followed basically, the same path I had previously taken. Slowly she kissed or licked down my chest, my stomach and abdomen. Then, skipped down to my legs, she kissed my calves, my thighs and then my inner thighs.

I started getting a little blood flowing down to my manhood about this time, as this didn't go unnoticed by Bobbi as she reached the junction of the legs. "Ben, what do you want me to do? I've never done anything like this before. What feels good to a guy, to you?" she asked sweetly. "I don't know, Bobbi," I stammered. "I mean, I know what feels good to a guy, to me, but I don't know if I should ask you to do it to me." "Ben?

My God, you've put your mouth on every part of my anatomy and licked me in places I didn't know I could be licked, and brought me to unbelievable orgasm, I might add. So don't you think I should be willing to do whatever will make you feel good?" she said.

"You can lick my penis and my balls," I suddenly said. "Be really careful not to bite. A guy's really sensitive down there," I added. She moved her face down to my groin and with the tip of her tongue, slowly licked the head of my manhood.

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It jerked from the stimulus of her tongue and I said, "Wow, that felt good." She licked it again and again. She moved down the shaft as it really started to swell from the touching.

"Now, gently stroke it up and down, like this," I said, taking her hand beneath mine and rubbing it back and forth. "Squeeze gently onto the skin and move the skin over the hardness." She followed my instructions in earnest as she concentrated on the task at hand: no pun intended. As she got the hang of it, she started pumping faster and further than I instructed her to. "O Bobbi, you had better stop or you'll find out what goes on inside of you pretty soon." She stopped, but with a quizzical look on her face.

"Baby, please touch my balls, gently, so gently. They are fragile little balls that can break easily," I exaggerated. "That's it, touch them, stroke then, that's it. Now touch below then, on the sack. It's called my scrotum and it feels so good down there. O, that's right, O Bobbi, yes," I cooed. "Bobbi, if you want to, there is one other thing that makes me feel real good, so good in fact, I will probably blow my wad if you do it for me," I said. "Of course I'll do it," she insisted. "What do you want me to do?" "Bobbi, take the head of it and put it in your mouth.

Lick it and make it slick, then open your mouth, use your lips, and slide it in and out," I explained. She crawled between my legs, lowered her head and took it in her hand. She took a long look at it, took a deep breath and placed it into her mouth. She let it sit on her tongue at first, but soon closed her lips around it and slid it in a little. It struck her tongue and she took it out.

She thought about it for a second and tried again. This time she opened her mouth wide, placed it on her tongue and closed her lips around it once more. This time, when she took it into her mouth, she made sure her tongue was out of the way and she took it back to where she started to feel the gag reflex kick in. She took it out one more time and, as if she was giving herself a pep talk, put it back in without thinking of what she was doing. She placed her hand on the staff, at a distance from the head that limited the depth that she could take it in, and started sucking on my manhood.

She remembered her experience with using her hand and started putting pressure on her lips that caused only the skin to slide up and down the hardness underneath. With her suction from her lips, she was giving me a real blow job.

I was enjoying the sensations generated from her sucking but the sense of urgency was building deep in my loins. As it rose and I could feel the pressure from below so I grabbed her head and removed it from my pulsating member. "I'm about to climax," I explained in a hurry.


"Take you hand and rub it as you did before and watch what happens." As she took it in her hands and started sliding the skin over the hardness, she felt it jerk and throb and then it exploded out the end.

It wasn't aimed at her face, but it caught her right on her neck and chest area.

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Rope after rope of my hot sperm erupted from my twitching member as I unloaded a full load onto Bobbi's waiting chest. Rope after rope shot out at her as her wide eyes took in the sight. Finally, it stopped spewing and slowly started to deflate. I let out a sigh and, poor Bobbi, was left sitting there in a pile of gooey white sperm all over her neck, chest, arms and hands. She sat there for a period of time, then releasing her grip on my now deflated, limp soldier.

Holding out her hand, she made a dash for the bathroom, I slowly fell in behind her. We met at the sink and as she was trying to wash all of the sperm from her body, I applied my own sticky body to her backside and rubbed in all in.

I jokingly said, "Does it feel good all over your body?" She turned as if to say something, but I cut her off and turned on the shower. "Let's get in and wash it all off." We cleaned up, I put on some shorts and a tee-shirt, Bobbi, one of my tee-shirts and her panties and we went out to get something to drink.

Mike and Molly were out in the living room, making out and when they saw us and ask where we've been. Then see our attire, they said, "Never mind." We sat around for awhile and talked with our friends. We talked about the girl's graduation next month and where they were going to go to college. Bobbi said she was going to come here to college and she looked at me and smiled. I said that would be great for a year, but what about after that.

I explained to her that I was on a three year plan. I was going straight through, four quarters a year for three years.

After that, I was planning on going out to UCLA and getting my MBA in accounting.

She stopped and thought for awhile, then said that at least we would have a year together. A lot can happen in a year.

Finally, after an hour or so, we went back into the bedroom, got naked again and went back to bed and to sleep this time. It was 2:30 in the morning and the girls had to leave around 10, so it was bedtime. I awoke at 8 AM, same as every other day. I rolled over and felt for Bobbi. I felt her warm little butt and as I touched her she look up at me, smiled and rolled over and scooted over to spoon with me to her rear end.

I put my arm over her shoulder and let it fall on her breast. She sighed, pulled it close and moved her ass into my manhood. It came alive and went right to her crack. She giggled and rolled over. She asked, sleepily, "Got something that wants to play?" "Yeah, do you?" She put her arms around my neck and pulled me on top of her and said, "O Ben, I love you so much.

Make love with me, now." So we did, twice as a matter-of-fact. Each time was better than the time before. We finally got up, showered and out to the car by 10:15 and we kissed goodbye. Later that night, I received an email from her, or her address. It read: "Mr. Morgan, I have learned that you are seeing my daughter against my will and it must stop immediately. You are a bright, college boy, and I assume quite a bit older than my Roberta. I will not have my daughter, who is seventeen and still in high school, going out with someone much older than she is, teaching her who know what kind of perversions.

So, I have taken it upon myself to disconnect her email address and I forbid you from seeing or trying to see her in the future. If I must, I will seek an injunction against you bothering her in any way. Please don't force me to take these steps.

Forget about her, for she is much too young for your kind. Robert Anderson, P.A., father of Roberta Anderson." I read and re-read the email. I called in Paul and asked him what he thought. All he said was that Bobbi's dad was a big-wig attorney and he probably meant what he said.

That didn't stop me, however. I spent the next two months trying to reach my sweet little Bobbi, but to no avail.

I will never forget her and the love that we shared, even for those eight short days and I will never stop looking for her.