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Emily hated cleaning up, especially if it wasn't her mess. Stupid punishment, it wasn't her fault anyway. Her friends had broken into the school and later had left her behind and unnoticed when the janitor showed up and did ketch her. Of course she didn't reveal her friends, so she had to endure the punishment all alone and this in the summer holidays.

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She stopped the scrubbing of the floor in the cafeteria for a moment and sighted. One whole week she had to clean all sorts of stuff in and around the school, while the janitor, an old man near his retirement, was chilling in the sun and this was only day two. She could see the janitor through the windows, as he was laying there enjoying the warm morning sun. Continuing with the cleaning she got quite sweaty, she was a short girl with long brown hair and large breasts which wiggled every time she pushed the brush over the floor.

The heatwave that tormented them for about a week now was not making this any better and her knees hurt from sitting on the floor the whole time while scrubbing the tiles on the ground. "Are you finished yet?" The voice surprised her, she turned around and noticed the janitor standing in the door. Hadn't he just been outside? She must have lost herself in her thoughts for a moment. "Nearly, only this corner left." "Good, I got a call and need to go and I can't leave you here alone, you already broke in here once, not a good idea of tempt you." Emily didn't answer but her eyes could kill right now, at least there was a chance that she could go home early today and enjoy at least a bit of the good weather.

"But don't think I am letting you off the hook this easy. I will lock the school, but you can clean the old shed by the gym. There is nothing valuable in there anyway but it really needs some cleaning." Emily sighted again, "fine I'll be there in five." "Good, I'll be waiting." She finished the cafeteria floor and packed the brush back away.

The old shed, she never had been in there, her and her friends always wondered what was inside and imagined the wildest things.

The reality was rather disappointing, the shed was filled with all kind of old sport equipment like torn mats, boxes, flat balls and a lot more. The shed was quite big, she could not clearly make out how big it was exactly because of how cramped it was in the back.


"This will be your task for the next few days, I need to leave the town for a while, something with my family, so I will grant you the key for the padlock to this shack and you will clean this place while I am gone. But don't get false ideas if this is not neatly organized at the time I am back you will be in a lot of trouble. Also don't think you can ask your friends to help you, I asked a neighbor to keep a look out for groups coming to the school ground.

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It is your punishment and you should endure it yourself else you never learn some respect." "I get it. So what exactly should I do here?" "Oh that's easy, you will take all the broken equipment outside to the dumpster, don't bother throwing the big stuff like the boxes or the horse in just put it beside the dumpster. Afterwards you will clean everything that is not broken plus the shed itself and put it neatly back into the shed. If you done that all, you are free to go home and this is over, but I rather doubt you will make it.

So get going I am off now." The janitor was already walking away as Emily shouted, "really the whole shed?" "Yes the whole shed, if you are not done when I am back I will judge if you worked hard enough or not. Just do your best." With that and a wave as he was walking away and disappeared behind a corner. A few minutes later Emily could her his car driving away, now she was alone with all that work, at least it was a little cooler in the shed. Emily started looking through the stuff in the shed, nearly everything was somehow broken, so she dragged it outside.

A few of the balls she tossed into the dumpster. The big mats were quite heavy and there were a lot of them. In the heat she got more and more sweaty, after the third mat she decided that the gym and the shed were good covered, surrounded by two side with trees and bushes and from one side with a tall wall that ran around most of the school ground.

The last side was quite open but only to the school and the school was empty. Making this decision, she took her top off to keep her a little cooler.

Even if someone saw her, she was still wearing her bra. She kept working for like an hour getting dirty from all the dust on the things she handled, but somehow that made her a little horny. Emily was horny often but it was new to her getting horny while getting dirty. She continued working for a while, before eventually she stopped, thinking to herself, why shouldn't she relieve herself, no one is around her.

Going into the shed, she grabbed one of the large old dusty mats and lay it on the ground behind some large boxes, so she could not be seen from the entrance. Luckily she already had freed enough space in the shed for that.

After a short pause to overcome her own inhibitions, she undressed herself completely by removing her hot pants, panties and her bra.

Naked she lay town on the mat which had brown stains all over its in dust covered blue surface.


It did feel so nasty lying nude on a dirty mat in the school. Slowly she spread her pretty white legs. They really could use some time in the sun, but she had to clean the school instead, but she would not think about that now.

Her right hand slowly wandered down to her pussy, while her left hand played with her left nipple. Holy crap was she wet, her middle finger easily slid into her arousing her even more. She dragged harder on her nipple, also she closed her eyes to make the feeling more intense. Her right caressed her labia more and more, finally switching to her clit. Getting near to the edge, she started rocking her hips, so her ass rubbed over the rough surface of the dirty mat, cleaning it with her sweaty ass.

She kept this going for something like twenty minutes before she finally came, furiously rubbing her clit. For some minutes she just laid there enjoying the emptiness in her mind, just enjoying the lingering feeling of being nasty. The wind softly trickled her already a little long public hair, she completely trimmed it four days ago, so a few stubbles already had grown back. The feeling was quite pleasant and she could feel how it already made her horny again.

Wait, the wind? She had closed the shed door to minimize the risk of being found. Emily's eyes flew open and she looked down on her. Her hands were dirty from the dust and other dirt previously on the mat, around her ass and pussy there was a wet spot on the mat, but what Emily shocked was the small cockroach like insect walking over her pussy, trickling her public hair. With a scream she jumped up and swiped the insect off her body.

The small insect landed safely on the mat and started to run away. Emily was just standing there, shaking. Slowly she calmed a bit down, it was not too horrible, she already was dirty and the trickling actually felt nice in a way. She put on her panties and hot pants and tried to remember in which direction the insect had been running away. Not completely sure she walked deeper into the shed and actually she found an insect crawling between a mat and a large box.

Forcing her way through the dense debris, she finally reached the mat.

Kneeing down in front of it, she lifted it a little. She could not really see much, but she believed to see some movement in the dark, so she used her phone to light the scene a little.

What she saw now shocked her enough to let the mat fall. There must have been at least a hundred insects crawling under the mat, not only the little cockroach kind, but also some woodlice.

A wicked thought was forming in Emily's mind, but first a little work had to be done. So she forced her way back out of the shed, not bothering to put her bra back on, she continued with her work, freeing the way to the insect nest.


On her way to that she discovered that a lot of insects searched shelter in the cool shed, but the most she had seen under that mat a little in the back. Finally, she cleared a path to the insect's nest and a little space in front of it. Horny in anticipation of what she would do in a few moments, she undressed herself, throwing her cloth onto a pile near the door.

Carefully, she pulled the mat to the front, flipping it over during the process, revealing some small cockroaches, still holding on to the mat, a lot of the insects still crawled around the place where the mat had been just seconds ago.

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She climbed onto the mat, trying not to crush any insects with her hands or knees. Reaching the middle of the insect infested mat, Emily turned over laying down. Slowly she spread her legs to give the little guys a better access to her pussy, which cost her a lot of overcoming her inhibition in her head. After one minute or so, the first cockroaches started to crawl over her feet. But she wanted them on her public hair and not her feet, maybe she just had to wait a little eventually they would reach her pussy.

Still watching all the insects around her, she started rubbing her clit with one finger, she again was wet. She didn't know why but the thought of letting those insects crawl all over her naked body was so disgusting and hot at the same time. Her body was really hot now, and finally she could see a few cockroaches crawl around her pussy lips. She minimized the movement of her finger on her clit to not frighten them away again.

Strangely the cockroaches seemed to be drawn to her pussy now, a fourth one found her intimate place and started crawling around over her Venus hill.

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Now more and more insects came crawling to her wandering all over her body. Emily enjoyed the feeling of all those small feet on her skin, she just hoped there would be no one's belonging to a spider. They seemed to like drink the sweat that formed all over her, the one's around her pussy liked her pussy juice especially. Also the area around her nipples seemed interesting to them.

Emily just lay there, from time to time pushing some cockroaches away from her face. The tingling feeling on her pussy made her crazy and it made her wetter and wetter. This was so wrong but also felt so nasty and arousing.

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She reached down with both hands and carefully stretching her pussy lips to allow the insects a better access to her pussy and the juice it was producing. Furiously welcoming her invitation, the roaches dug into her tender flesh, walking all over her inner pussy lips and clit.

Emily felt how slowly an orgasm was building that somehow felt different from her normal orgasms. But it took her about an hour more of constant stimulation by her insect lovers to finally come to a mind shattering orgasm, moaning loud with one hand covering her mouth to make sure no insect would crawl in and with the other gripping into the dirty old mat.

Again as before she just laid there for a couple of minutes, still enjoying the feeling of her little lovers crawling over her naked body. Eventually she got hold of herself and with stiff limbs started standing up. Quite a few roaches still crawled on her body, she thought a second about brushing them away, but decided against it for the moment. Walking back to her clothe at the entrance, she could see through a crack at the door, that it already was getting a little darker outside, how late it would be, she asked herself.

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A look at her mobile phone told her that it already was past six o'clock, she should have been home by now. Emily pulled her panties up, trapping two cockroaches directly over her pussy which did not bother them as it seemed, they kept wiggling around, drinking her sweet juices. This was a wonderful feeling, so with some effort she pushed every roach still crawling on her into her panties, careful not to let the one's already inside out again. After pushing the last cockroach into her underwear, she got dressed completely, luckily her hot pants didn't fit too tight below her waist, but still tight enough to stop the roaches from crawling out of her panties.

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Her underwear filled with insects crawling around her pussy tingling her constantly, Emily closed the padlock on the shed and went to walk home, on her way she looked at the pile of old sport equipment that symbolized the work she had done today, despite her little games, she had made quite the progress and a lot of boxes, one horse and an awful lot of mats lay beside the dumpster.

Emily loved the walk home, her house was only 15 minutes away from the school, but she enjoyed every second of it, walking slowly she needed at least ten extra minutes.

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Loving how the little insect feet tingled her public hair. Finally, before she got to the street in which her parents' house was located, she stopped by a bush on the side of the road. She walked a few steps into the bushes and opened her pants, drawing her panties to the front, she admired the view of maybe eight roaches crawling over her pussy and panties.

Pushing them down a little, she shook all insects out of her panties and snipped away the once hanging to her skin. She felt a little bad for getting rid of them so harshly after all they had made her feel so good. As she was insect free she pulled her panties back up and walked back onto the street, making her way home.

Her parents greeted her, asking what took her so long, dinner was ready. Emily told them that she had to clean a dirty old shad why she would need to take a shower first before thinking of anything else. The truth was, she was already thinking of something else, she was thinking of tomorrow when she would have more fun with her little lovers. Emily smiled, summer suddenly got a lot better.