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The Pendant Chapter 2 The next morning Dan awoke to find his wife had already left for work. She was a supervisor at the local supermarket and started work at seven each morning.


He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his middle and made for the bathroom. He was about to open the door when his daughter Louise came out ready to wrap a towel around her. Dan saw she was completely naked.

Louise screamed and said "Oh shit Daddy I thought you was downstairs". Dan had turned suddenly but not before he noticed his daughters' pre-teen beauty, her pert little tits and hairless pussy were in plain view.

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"I'm sorry princess, I didn't know you were in there" Louise turned and went to her bedroom. Dan went to take his shower. He turned on the water and as he washed himself he was slowly getting a hard on. The thought of his wife last night coming all over the place and then seeing his naked 10 year old daughter naked aroused him. He quickly shot his sperm up the shower wall.

He began to hatch out a plan to further test the powers of the pendant. He dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast and joined his daughter in the kitchen.

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Neither of them spoke of what happened outside the bathroom, and Dan said he had to leave to go to the Uni. Louise said she was going shopping with a school friend and they would both return home together as there was no school that week.

Dan kissed his daughter on the forehead and left for work. Louise left and walked a few doors down the street to call for her friend Amanda. She was also 10 and of similar build to Louise, but with auburn hair which contrasted to the blonde hair of Louise. They got the bus and headed into town to do their shopping for new clothes. They had decided they both wanted some new underwear and Amanda said she would also like a new swim suit ready for the expected long hot summer.

They both purchased new underwear and a swimsuit each. They returned to Louise' house and couldn't wait to run upstairs and try on their new garments. They went to Louise' bedroom and Amanda suggested they try on their swim suits first. They both stripped naked and put on the 2 piece bikini they had bought. Louise' was a bright yellow one and Amanda had chosen a white one.

They both giggled and Louise suggested they go to her parents bedroom to look at themselves in the full length mirror.

They both liked what they saw but Amanda said hers showed too much of her ass cheeks. Louise giggled and said "Don't worry, my Dad saw me naked this morning, but it was an accident. We were both so embarrassed". "Wow, I saw my Dad naked in the bedroom once.

He was asleep but he had kicked the covers off and was completely naked. The man thing was huge". "You mean his cock was hard don't you"? said Louise. "Yeah" said Amanda. "I have never seen a real cock but I saw my moms fake cock once. I think she keeps it up here somewhere" said Louise, opening the wardrobe door.

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"Think she keeps it up there on the shelf. Get me a buffet and I will look". Amanda got a buffet and Louise stepped up and searched the shelf. Her had touched the pendant and it fell to the floor. Louise kept searching and Amanda picked up the pendant looking at it closely. She thought it was heavy and decided to hang it around her neck.

The pendant began to work its powers and Amanda had a strange feeling. "Louise I&hellip.don't feel very well…". She glanced up and looked at the little bikini clad ass wiggling in front of her as Louise searched the shelf. Amanda reached up and began to stroke the little ass with both hands squeezing and rubbing her friend. Louise had grabbed a box from the shelf and stumbled as her ass was being fondled.

They both fell to the floor and Amanda was the first into action. Louise had landed on all fours and her ass was sticking up. Amanda grabbed her again and moving the fabric aside, began to use her tongue on her 10 year old friend.

She shoved her tongue in the little hairless pussy then moved up slightly and stuck her tongue in the tight little asshole in front of her. Louise was still holding the box but the contents had spilled out on the carpet. "What's wrong with you Amanda, please stop…&hellip.stop". She was beginning to enjoy what was being done to her and continued to mildly protest over the invasion of her body.

She could see the fake cocks on the carpet and was surprised how big some of them were. Suddenly she pulled away and faced Amanda. Her sweet little face was smeared in saliva and she grabbed Louise again and kissed her full on the mouth.

Louise gasped and tried to push Amanda away. Instead her hand touched the pendant and she immediately returned the hot, wet slippery kiss. Their tongues met and both girls were moaning gently at this new feeling they were experiencing. Amanda reached her hand to fondle Louise' little tits and Louise did the same. Both girls stopped kissing and Louise asked what was the pendant hanging around her neck. Amanda told her that it had fallen from the shelf.

"Well I don' know what the fuck it is but I think its one of my moms sex toys. Look at all these things here". They began to stroke and suck on the various vibrators and dildos. Both girls were surprised at the language they were using and the fact that they knew what the toys were for. "Lets get on the bed, and get some of these" said Louise. They both grabbed a handful of the toys and jumped on the bed. "Now lets get naked, I want to fuck you with this".

She was holding a dildo that was about 6 inches long, ribbed and thick. They both got naked and Louise got on top of her friend. They began kissing again and Louise moved down to lick and nibble on Amanda' firm little budding breasts. Both girls were panting and beads of sweat began to appear on their rampant little bodies. "lick my pussy" said Amanda. Louise immediately obliged and shoved her head between her legs.

She grabbed both legs and pushed them up and forward, giving her greater access to the sweet little pussy in front of her face. The little pink slit was already glistening and Louise held open the little girl pussy with both hands and started to lick and nibble. She knew instinctively where the clit was and gave that some attention.

It began to swell and Amanda bucked her hips in the air and moaned "Oh fuck yeah baby, Oh suck that little clit for me"!

She then slid a finger into her friends little hairless slit and another just worrying the little anal opening. Amanda nearly jumped off the bed and screamed "Fuck me, fuck me you bitch".

Louise continued to lick and finger fuck the 10 year olds pink pussy. She said "Right I am going to fuck you with this now" and rubbed the 6 inch dildo up and down the hot wet slit, then gently inserting it in slowly at first and then a little more. "Ouch that hurts" said Amanda not knowing that she had just lost her cherry.

She soon recovered and moved her little hips up to meet every thrust of the dildo. Louise kept thrusting the dildo in and out of the little girl twat at the same time licking and nibbling at the swollen clit. Amanda could take no more and shrieked "I'm coming I think, I'm coming"! She grabbed Louise by the hair and kept her tongue and the dildo in her pussy as her first orgasm sent her little body into spasms.

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She sat up and they both kissed long and hard, Amanda tasting her own little girl juices on the lips and tongue of her friend. "Now its your turn" said Amanda.


She pushed Louise flat on her back and went directly to the hairless pussy between the legs of her friend. The little slit was already soaking wet and both girls were amazed at how their little bodies were reacting. "Suck my clit like I did to you and poke my little pussy". "I intend to" said Amanda and immediately began to rub the area of the clit. It soon emerged from its hiding place and Amanda began to lick and nibble at the swollen love button.

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She soon found the little opening of her pussy and pushed her tongue in as far as at would go. Louise squealed at the new found pleasure she was experiencing and raised her hips to meet the probing of the tongue and fingers. "Oh shit, this is fucking awesome, fuck that pussy, fuck it"! Amanda reached for the dildo still dripping from her own cunt juices and slowly inserted it into the tight little hole. Louise gave a jolt as her cherry popped and bucked and squealed as she neared her first orgasm.

She left the dildo in the little pussy and raised her legs. She then pushed her tongue into the tight little puckered ass opening of her friend. Louise reached for the dildo and began to fuck her little hairless pussy.

Amanda now had a finger in the little butt hole and shoved it in and out at the same pace. That sent Louise over the edge and she howled "Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, fuck my little asshole" and had her first orgasm. She thought she was going to pass out, so intense was her first orgasm. "Wow, that was fucking great, I didn't know we could feel such things" said Louise. "No, me neither" replied Amanda. "We should put this stuff away now in case your parents come home". "Yeah" said Louise.

They put the toys back in the box and Louise again stood on the buffet and put it back on the shelf. Amanda was again looking at the firm naked body of her friend and again felt herself getting horny.

She started to play with her smooth soft pussy and then said "Here put this back too". She handed Louise the pendant who placed it on the shelf. She got down and closed the doors of the wardrobe.

They grabbed their bikinis and made the room tidy and went to Louise' room. They both fell on the bed giggling and Amanda said "What do you think just happened"? I have never felt like that before". "Me neither" said Louise. "It must have been that pendant thing". Did you like doing what we did"? she asked. it again? "Oh yes definitely". I want to fuck all day now and I want a real cock inside me". Both girls giggled and hugged each other then Amanda said she would have to leave now and go home.

They both got dressed and Louise let her friend out.