Breast thraldom xxx dilettante play

Breast thraldom xxx dilettante play
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Brianna had turned 18 and and was now attending college. I could not even begin to explain, or describe how proud I was of this amazing woman. She was working towards her masters in child psychology. Her goal was to work with kids that were like she was, troubled.

She wanted to be a beacon of light for those kids, as she explained it to me, like I was for her on the darkest day of her life. She explained that she couldn't do what I did for her but she was going to do what she knew she could.

On the days we were actually off together we would spend all waking hours together. We spent a lot of time together and she never stopped looking at me the way she did that first day. I absolutely cherished those days. As those days passed I fell deeper and deeper in love with her. She became my reason for living. We went to a lot of jewelry stores and looked at rings.

Every time we went into one she she would glow. I loved the way she looked at me so much. Then one day we went to a very well known store. We were looking at rings as usual when she looked at a particular one. She had thee cutest reaction. She looked at me like a little girl. She bit her pinkie nail and looked up at me with puppy dog eyes. I looked at the lady and asked her to let her try it on. Watching Brianna as she slid it on her finger and just stare at it and keep looking at me just warmed my heart.

I knew at that moment that we had found the ring that I was going to get. She told me time and time again that she loved it. We spent almost an hour just with her wearing that ring. She wore it as we continued to look at other rings. It was too big, but it didn't stop her. She was so damn adorable that I had to hug her. Brianna reluctantly took the ring off and we left. Just as Brianna turned her back I slipped the lady a piece of paper saying that I would be back to get it in the next 24 hours.

She just smiled and gave me a thumbs up as she smiled.

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"Baby, that ring was so beautiful, and I'll bet it's like, oober expensive. I just want you to know that I don't want you to spend that much on me. I'll be perfectly happy with the fake diamonds." She said. "God baby I wish like hell I like afford that ring. I would love to get that for you, I really want to but I'm just not sure if I will have enough." I replied. "Baby, I have you. That's all I really need, I love you." She said I only got 24 hours off because I was working a 48 to cover for my captain.

I had to pull her mom aside, since she already knew that I was going to propose to her daughter, and told her that I was getting her the ring she fell in love with. I asked her to keep Brianna away from the area where the jewelry store was at all costs.

I already had her ring size so I was ready to go. I went to work the next day and we did our normal stuff. But when everything slowed down I sent a text to her mom letting her know that I was on my way to get it. She had to call Brianna to go home. Once she was there her mom let me know. Me and my crew hopped into the pumper and rolled to the store. That lady was shocked to see me in that pumper and in my bunker pants and such. Just before we left Hawai'i my dad asked me how much I had saved for the ring.

I had a lot of money in savings, enough to buy a brand new truck, but he gave me more money towards the ring. He hugged me and reminded me to call him when I was ready.

I walked into the store and the lady smiled. "Your girlfriend was so adorable yesterday." She said. "Yes she was, very much so, that's how I knew that this was the ring I was getting for her." I replied. My fellow crew members were in awe as she pulled the ring out. "Yeah, she was here and showed her friend the ring. Earlier this morning. She was just as adorable then as she was when you were here with her." The sales woman said. I smiled really big. "That's my Brianna." I said We walked to the desk she had and she rang it up.

I was excited even though the price was very very high. I was well pleased that I had saved enough and that my dad helped me. I gave her the size and then we were off. The next day, I called her mom told me that she was in school. I went in and picked it up.

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I was elated! My crew members gave me shit because of what I paid for it, except for Sarah who was our medic on the pumper. To me, Brianna was well worth it. She was priceless to me. We went back to the fire house and all of the other female firefighters all gushed when they looked at the ring. One wanted to try it on but I politely told them that Brianna's finger is the only finger that it will go on. Brianna and I spent every waking moment together on days that either I wasn't at work or she wasn't at school.

We still didn't spend as much time together, but we always made time for each other one way or another. Either she would come by the station every time I was at work, or I would go eat lunch and spend time with her for lunch. Either way you look at it we both bent over backwards to make time for each other no matter what. We had at least one date night a week, sometimes more depending on what was going on. Our sex life? Now that my friends was a whole other ball game.

It was still absolutely amazing, my god was it amazing. That was the only thing that did not change. Another thing I did was randomly send her flowers.

She never knew when she would get them. There were several times that I would send them to her while she was in class.

One day when I was at work it was slow. All I could do was think about my very beautiful sexy Brianna. I got so horny I couldn't stand it. I had to sit and hide my raging hard on. All I could imagine was Brianna naked. Just the thought of her very sexy tiny voice when she moaned, and how she moved around when we had sex.

It started to make my cock throb. It was a slow day so she was all I could think about. I went to the bathroom and took a picture of my bulge and lifted my shirt so she could see my abs. She was in school but I sent that to her anyway. Then I locked the door to the bathroom and started to take more pictures. Before long I was taking my boxer briefs off. I pulled my cock out and stroked it a few times taking pictures the whole time.

I got dressed again and went back to the couch and started to send those pics to her. After the last one I texted "this is what you do to me sexy." After an hour I got a response from her.

"GOD ur such an ASS!" It read. Me: Why am I an ass? Brianna: Because! Me: Because why? Brianna: let's just say that I have had to make several trips to the little girls room. Me: why did you had to pee that much? Brianna: NO! You made my pussy soooo fuckin wet! Me: I would love to see that. A few minutes later I got a picture from her. She was holding her white cotton panties to the side with one hand. Her yummy shaved pussy was in full view.

It was shiny from her wetness. A few minutes later another picture was sent to me. It was of her pussy with her fingers a half inch away from her pussy.

Two of her fingers were very wet. There was a string of her sweet pussy goo that went from her fingers to her pussy. Then another with those same fingers in her mouth. Me: Yummy. Too bad I'm not there to clean all of that up with my tongue baby.

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Brianna: mmmmm, god you're making me so wet.I would love to have your tongue on me right now sexy. Me: I would love to slid this inside of that yummy pussy baby. I then sent her a picture of my throbbing cock. Brianna: god damn it baby! Please tell me there is somewhere we can go. Me: there is a closet we can use. Brianna: will we get caught? Me: don't know but that adds to the excitement. Brianna: god baby I'm so wet for you right now.

I'm on my way. After about 10 minutes I heard her car pull in. I walked outside and up to her car. She stepped out of the car and pressed herself into me and grabbed my cock.

She had her long thick gorgeous blonde hair up in a pony tail, and she had on a small sun dress. It was low cut and it was also short.

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My cock twitched. I kissed her, and then she whispered in my ear. "My little panties got so wet that I had to take them off." She said as she stuffed them in my pocket.

We walked into the bay and made a straight line to the closet. We managed to get inside without being noticed. I turned around and pushed her against the wall as I kissed her. She squeezed my cock through my pants and started to undo my belt with her other hand. I pulled the straps to her dress down as far as I could as I nibbled her ear and neck. We were both breathing very hard.

She rubbed my cock really good and unzipped my pants. She groaned as she reached into my boxer briefs and pulled my cock out. I grabbed her ass and slid my hand to her pussy.

"Uhhhh.we gotta make this quick, I have a class to get to." She whispered. I picked her up and pressed her against the wall. I lifted her skirt and positioned cock.

I lowered her onto my throbbing cock and thrusted into her. "Ooohhh god baby, this is all I could think about today." I moaned as her tight wet pussy slid along my cock. "Mmmhhhh.god I love what you do to me." She whimpered as I began to thrust into her hard.

My pants fell to my ankle as I stepped back slightly. She had her upper back and head against the wall. She moaned as I held her up and fucked her tight pussy. Her legs squeezed around my hip as she started to get close. Her body began to shake as her head pushed her back away from the wall.

She made noises that I had never heard her make as her pussy spasmed around my cock. Her cum began to squirt from around my cock as I continued to fuck her. She pulled on my shirt violently tearing it as her body tensed up. When she went limp I pressed her against the wall and kissed her hard with my cock still buried deep inside of her.

I lifted her off of my cock and put her on the ground. She grabbed my cock and started to pull on it hard using her cum as lube. She pulled me to the other side of the room to the work bench. She leaned down and all but swallowed my cock. "Ooooohhh ggooood Brianna!" I moaned. She continued to suck my cock fast. Then she stood up and we kissed as she pulled on my cock. She turned around and bent over lifting her dress and spreading her legs wide.

She used her fingers to spread her pussy opened and looked back at me. I walked up and shoved my cock deep inside of her hard. She threw her head back and groaned as I began to fuck her hard and fast again. I reached down with one hand and began to squeeze her tits. I used the other hand to rub her clit making her body trembled again. Soon my body began to tense up. It felt like my cock got harder and harder. Just as I got really close Brianna exploded on my cock again, sending me over the edge.

My hips thrusted violently as I shot my cock cream deep inside of her womb. I groaned as my orgasm rocked my entire body. We both came hard. We jerked and shook together before I pulled out of her. She reached down and scooped cum from her cum filled pussy and licked it off of her fingers. We just kissed for a few minutes until we had come back to earth.

We both dressed and straightened ourselves up. It was difficult for me since my cock was still hard. I was ready to go again but she had to get back to her classes. She helped me tuck my cock back into my boxer briefs stroking it as much as she could as we kissed. "God I love your cock so much baby. It's sooooo big and hard.

Mmmmhhh, if I didn't have class I would so fuck you again." She said. "You're the one that keeps my cock so hard baby. Your so beautiful and soooooo sexy. My god!" I said as she giggled "I thought boners were suppose to go down after sex." She said. "They normally do, you're the reason it stays hard." I replied. "God I wish you weren't working, I would suck this yummy cock and fuck you so good.

All I need is ten minutes." She said. "That's all? I'm sure I can make it last longer." I said. "I have no doubt about that, you've done that before, I mean, three hours?

God I'm getting so horny again." She said. I kissed her hard and rubbed her tits through her dress. "You know I'm well equipped to take care of that, and it's still hard as hell." I whispered.

"God, well equipped is an understatement baby. You have a huge cock. I have only seen cocks like yours in porn. Now I know why girls moan and scream so much in porn." She said as she giggled.

"You're not helping my horniness babe." I said. "You know I have a sexy little mouth and a tight little wet hole for your yummy big cock."'she whispered. "I should let you get to class before you don't make it." I said. "Why wouldn't I make it baby?" She asked very seductively. "Because I would slide my throbbing cock deep inside of you all day." I whispered. "Mmmmmmm.god I would love thathhhh." She replied as she rubbed my cock through my boxer briefs.

"I better get going, you better hide that sexy bulge of yours or your going to make a lot of girls pussies get wet." She replied. "I'm not worried, remember it's all yours baby." I said. "God yes I do remember. You make so many girls jealous of me already just because of how hot you are. What's one more reason right?" She asked. "Right." I said as we both laughed and got ourselves together. We walked out of the room and several of my crew members were looking at us funny. Brianna noticed it and got embarrassed.

She held my hand with her left hand and wrapped her right arm through my arm. She put her face against me as we walked out to her car. She smiled really big as I opened her car door for her. "I think they know." She whispered. "I'm afraid you're right." I replied. "Will you get in trouble?" She asked.

"No, a lot of them have sex with their wives or girlfriends in there all the time so it's not new. But if I do, it will be so worth it." I said. "I know right?" She asked. I kissed her hard as she sat in the car. I closed the door and watched her drive away. Once I got back into the bay those other crews clapped as they laughed.

They heard Brianna whimpering and moaning when we were in there. My captain came up to me and nudged me with his elbow. "Atta boy there buddy." He said "So what were you two doing in there?" One of them asked. "Talking?" I replied. They all busted out laughing their asses off. "So that's what they're calling it these days." My captain said. "From the sounds of it, that had to be one hell of a conversation." One of them said.

"You might want to go change your shirt stud, the conversation you two were having must have been so good that she tore the shit out of your shirt." My captain said.

I walked off smiling really big. The female crew members were looking at me funny, but in a good way. I changed my shirt and went back out. The rest of the day continued but I was still horny.

My god that girl of mine sure knew how to keep me wanting more! It was easy to get distracted since it was so slow. She started to send me some very yummy selfies from school which wasn't helping matters at all. At one point I stood up not realizing that there were several females in the room. My bulge was very obvious.

And yes, they did notice. "God Adam, you need to call your girlfriend back to take care of that for you." One of them said. "Oh shit, I am so sorry, oh my god!" I said complete embarrassed.

"No no it's ok, it happens, your a guy and you have a very very hot girlfriend." She said. "My god.yes I do." I replied. Those girls were looking at me very funny for the rest of he day, and not like I was a creeper either. Later that day the female firefighter that was giving me shit walked up to me. "The source of your boner is here." She said as she started to laugh.

I walked out to see her and Jessica getting out of her car. My cock immediately started to swell again. Brianna smiled as I walked up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss. "Um so we have a problem." Brianna said. "Ok, what's wrong?" I asked. "I was showing some pictures to Jessica, and she like took my phone and I went to the bathroom.

Well, while I was in there she started to go through all of my pictures. Well, ummm she like saw the picture of your really big dick." She said. "Uh oh. That's not good." I said. "Not really, it's ok, but, she is like sooooo jealous that it's all mine." She whispered.

"So Adam, I found out today from Brianna that you're like, well hung." Jessica said as she glanced down at my bulge. "I am so sorry you had to see that.


I really am." I said feeling very embarrassed. "Oh no don't be sorry, it's ok. I'm just jealous of your girlfriend here." She said. "I don't know what to say, it's all hers." I said "I know. She is a lucky lucky girl." Jessica said. Jessica went into the station to use the bathroom. "She would not give me my phone back once she saw your dick. Like I said baby, you're going to make a lot of girls more jealous." She said "Your ok with this?" I asked. "Why wouldn't I be. You're my awesome boyfriend, and I have absolutely no doubt that you won't cheat on me.

Plus it kind of turns me on seeing the look on her face when she looks at that picture." She said softly. We went into the fire house and the girls there looked at her. They all smiled and said hi to her. They took her from me and went to the female bunk room. They were gone for a while. Once they came out, Brianna's face was flush. She gave me a very sexy smile and bit her lower lip. Jessica at some point joined them in that bunk room.

Brianna was all over me as we hung out for a few minutes. Then I walked them out to her car. Once there Brianna smashed her body against mine. We kissed hard for over a minute. "You should sleep naked." I said. "Why baby." She asked. "I may want to wake you up when I get home." I said. "Fuck I love what you do to me! Those girls that work with you, you may have to beat them off of you baby." She said.

"Why is that." She asked "Because they are probably going to try to pick your brain. They want to know how to find amazing guys like you." She said. "I'm not sure I can help them there. So wish me luck." I said. "Good luck baby.

I love you so much." She said. "God I love you." I replied. I watched as they left. Once back inside I was grilled by those girls. I didn't know what to tell them, I really didn't. I did give them advice on what to look for and such. I made sure to tell them not to settle for less. Guys like me were very rare, hence the general label that most women give males.

Two of them asked if I had ever thought about cheating on Brianna. That was a question that was very very easy to answer. No, not a chance in hell. I proceeded to tell them how much I loved Brianna. They were all impressed and told me how much they respected me because of how good I was to her. We later went to bed and it stayed quiet. The next morning the shift change began. I cleaned up any mess to make it easy for the next crews, and packed my stuff. I got into my truck and yummy images of what I wanted to do to wake Brianna up began to run through me head.

I got home and went to the basement. Her parents had already gone off to work and had taken Corey to school. Yeah they were well set because of my dad, but they were working their final two weeks out. I went into my room, and there she was in my bed. My cock started to get hard as I started to get undressed. I went and took a shower and wrapped myself with only a towel around me. I walked back to my room and went in. I dropped the towel remaining completely naked. I shut the door and locked it.

My god she was so beautiful! I stood there and watched her sleep for a few seconds. I gently pulled the blankets down only to see her gorgeous pale white skin. She was naked. "My god!" I said under my breath as I looked her over. She shifted into a position that gave me very easy access to her pink little pussy.

I reached down and stroked my cock a few times and moved towards her pussy. I laid on the bed slowly and gently and put my face as close to her yummy pussy as I could. I took a deep breath in to smell her sex. My cock twitched as I moved in and very gently and softly kissed her pussy. I licked her clit softly and ever so gently and slowly kissed my way up her sexy little body.

I very gently sucked her nipples in my mouth and sucked on her tits. She was still sound asleep yet her breathing began to pick up. I continued to suck on her tits as I reached down and started to very softly caress her pussy lips.

I noticed that she was starting to get wet. I dipped my finger tips between her pussy lips and stroked the entire length of it. Her hips moved ever so slightly once I touched her clit. As I did this I continued to suck in her tits. I looked up to see that she was still sound asleep. I smiled and kept doing all of this to her. After a few minutes she rolled onto her back and opened her legs and whimpered slightly.

She was starting to wake up slowly. I kissed down her body ever so gently, trying to bring her closer and closer to cumming. That's how I wanted her to wake up. So I slowed down even more so she would calm down. Once she calmed down I started up again. This time her pussy was sopping wet. I licked her nipples and continued to suck on her perky young little tits. Her hips involuntarily started to thrust in small little thrusts as my finger started to get wetter and wetter.

I slowly and gently started to slide my whole finger along the entire length of her pussy making sure it never left her clit. She started to exhale hard with every breath. That's when I kissed my way down her body slowly and gently. I got to her soaked pussy and began to kiss it softly using my tongue to lick between her lips and flick it against her clit.

She moaned quietly as her body started to tremble. The more her hips thrusted the more aggressive I became with my mouth. I had reached up and started to gently massage her tits and pinch her nipples. Her breathing became labored. After a few minutes her back arched off of the bed and she gasped. She moaned as she began to fill my mouth, and cover my face with cum. "Ooooohhh gggoooood uuuuhhhhhhhh!" She moaned. I kept eating her sweet pussy, only I slipped my fingers deep inside of her wet gushing hole.

She continued to cum as I rubbed her g spot and lick her clit. Her hips thrusted jerkingly into my face as she continued to soak my face. Both of her hands went onto my head and she started to pull my hair. She collapsed breathing very hard. I looked up to see her eyes wide opened. I kissed my way up her body and then her mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck as we kissed. "Good morning sexy." I whispered. "God babyhhhh. You can wake me up like that anytime." She moaned.

She hadn't quite noticed that I was completely naked. I kissed her again as I laid in top of her. I pushed myself up and straddled her. I slid my hard throbbing cock and my balls up her soft body and in between her tits.

I thrusted my cock between her tits. "Oh my fucking god're already naked." She whimpered as she reached up and pushed her small tits together, sandwiching my cock between them. "Mmmmmmmhhhhh, god that feels good." I moaned. "Your cock feels so good on my titshhhh." She whimpered. "I have a brand new fantasy babyhhh." She whimpered.

"Yeah what is your new fantasy baby?" I asked. "Having sex with you, and a girl at the same time." She said. "Really?" I asked as my cock twitched. "Mmmmhhhmmm. It's something I want to try just once." She replied. "God.really?

What made you fantasize about having a threesome?" I asked shocked. "The look on Jessica's face when she saw your huge cock. She doesn't know that I watched her. Her eyes were really wide and her mouth was wide opened. I watched her touch herself a little bit." She replied.

"Did that turn you on or something?" I asked. "Yes, very much so." She replied. "I use to watch porn before I met you, and like, after I met you I haven't watched it since. I just figure that watching you with another girl would be so much hotter than watching porn baby." She said. My mouth was opened wide in shock. Yet I was so turned on. My cock throbbed as I listened to her little girl voice telling me that.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" I asked. "No I haven't." She replied. "Have you ever had a threesome?" She asked. "No, I never have." I replied.

"Really?! You've never had a threesome?!" She asked surprised. "Really, I have never had a threesome." I replied. "Your a very sexy sexy man, you're thee hottest guy any girl has ever seen, you have the hottest body, huge cock, and you can go on forever, and you have never had a threesome?" She asked still surprised.

"Never." I replied. "Do you want to have a threesome?" She asked sounding obviously very turned on by the idea. "On one condition." I relied. "Anything baby." She said.

"It's only going to be a one time thing. I love you and I only want you. So promise me that if we do this, it's only once." I said. "I promise baby. It will only be a one time thing. I love you so much and you are all I want." She said.

"Then ok, I'm in." I said "Mmmmhhhhh'll be my first time with a girl, and your first time with two girls. First times for both of us." She said seductively. I slid down her body and kissed her hard as she whimpered into my mouth. I slid my cock along the length of her soaked pussy.

I stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes. "So, do you have the other girl in mind?" I asked.

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"Mmhmmm." She replied. I positioned my cock to where my cock could slide into her hot wet hole. "Who is the lucky girl that gets to kiss my baby." I asked seductively. "Ummmm." She replied. Just as she started to tell me, I shoved my cock deep into her pussy. "Uuhhhh, mmmmhh.Jessica." She said as I thrusted in and out of her. "Yeah baby? Why Jessica?" I asked as I thrusted the entire length of my cock in and out of her pussy. "Oohhhh, god hhhhhhh hhhhh hhhhh.

Caus.cause she is hhhot. Shhh.she is bb bi. I.I've.always haaaa.uuuu.had a little ggg.girl crush on her uhhhhh." She whimpered as I fucked her slowly. "She is pretty cute." I replied. "Yeahhhhh.she thinks your so sexy." She said. "I think you're sexy baby." I said as I started to thrust in and out of her faster. "She llll.lov.loves you your ccc.cock uuhhhhh!" She moaned. "Oh god Brianna, your pussy feels so good!" I moaned.

I started to thrust in and out of her fast. My hips were smacking against hers.

Her body twisted and shook as I picked her up. She started to squirt her cum from around my cock as I turned around and laid on my back.

She was now on top and she orgasmed. I picked her ass up and bent my legs. I started to fuck her pussy hard and fast. She groaned into my ear as she started to have orgasm after orgasm. She collapsed on top of me. I kept pounding her pussy non stop. After a few minutes of this my balls tightened.

I kept pounding as my cock began to erupt deep inside. I collapsed onto my back yet she started to ride my cock. She rested her ford head on mine and looked deep into my eyes. She kissed me hard as she started to ride my cock. My cock stayed hard and she slowly rode my cock. We kissed almost non stop as she slid up and down my cock. We stared into each others eyes as we both came really hard again. We both collapsed onto the bed and just laid there.

We stayed like that for a long time. We then got up as she looked me all over and bit her lip. "God I love you." I said. She smiled really big and walked up to me. She kissed me really good. "I love you too baby. I so want to spend the rest of my life with you." She said. "I really want to spend the rest of mine with you too." I said as I smiled. "By the way. Jessica spent the night, she is in my room sleeping in my bed." She said. "Ok." I replied. "That means, no shirt for you sexy." She said.

"But I'm cold." I said. "Look this I promise is a one time thing, I promise, but if we're going to have a threesome with her, I need her to see how hot your body is." She said. "Ok no shirt then." I said as I kissed her. We both got dressed and Brianna went out to the family room. Jessica just happened to be in there. They talked for a few minutes as I put a pair of jeans on, and no shirt.

Brianna came back in and told me that Jessica was out there. She told me to wait a few seconds after she went back in. She really wanted to see Jessica's face. After five seconds of Brianna going out there, I walked out. "Hey sexy." I said as I walked out. Brianna looked over at me, and then Jessica. Jessica's jaw had fallen onto the floor. She looked at Brianna and noticed that she was giving her a sexy smile.

We all went upstairs and started to make breakfast. Brianna went to get dressed. Jessica stood in the kitchen. She had a button down shirt on that I had noticed had three buttons undone.

She was a red head. She had a very very cute face, but nothing like Brianna. Her tits were big, about a c cup and they were very perky, so her cleavage looked very very nice. "So stud. I hear that you're well endowed." Jessica said. " know I'm with Brianna.right?" I asked. "It's ok babe, I told her that." Brianna said as she walked in. "I guess so." I said. "There is no guessing baby, you are very well endowed.down there." Brianna said giving me a very sexy look.

"Yes I am." I said. "'re like really hot too." Jessica said. I looked at Brianna shocked at how forward Jessica was being. She just smiled seductively and looked right at my crotch.

"Isn't she hot babyhhh." Whispered in my ear. "Yeah she is, but not nearly as hot as you." I whispered knowing I was being very truthful. We ate breakfast and as I cleaned the kitchen I noticed that the girls were looking at me with very hungry eyes.

Like I was a piece of meat. Jessica looked at my bulge and licked her lips. Brianna did the same. Brianna wore another sun dress that was bright and looked way to small.

She shot me a text. Brianna: I think we are making her horny. Look over at me, I need her to see your bulge. Me: Are you absolutely sure you want to do this babe?

Brianna: yes, very. It's only going to be this one time I promise. I turned around and I saw Brianna whisper in Jessica's ear. Then Brianna gave me thee sexiest look and spread her legs. She bit her lip as I looked down to see her bare shaved pussy. I looked up at her and she smiled. My cock began to grow hard. I bit my lip and walked up to her. "You're so wrong." I whispered and then kissed her.

As I stepped back I looked at Jessica and she was staring at my bulge. Brianna looked at her and shivered as she watched Jessica bite her lip and look up at me.


Brianna looked at me and her eye brows jumped. The girls eventually left for school and I was left alone. It wasn't all bad since I had a lunch date with her parents. Her mom already knew what it was about, but her father didn't. I was nervous as hell. Even though I pretty much knew what the answer might be. But from what my father taught me all of my life, I knew it was just a matter of respect. I was shaky and my palms were sweating.

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I kept running over what I had planned to say over and over again pacing the floor. I had quite a few extra hours. I went and ran a few errands. I then ran home and grabbed the rings. I went to the dinner where I was getting ready to talk to her parents. We sat and ate and chatted it up. We were there for quite a while and our waitress was awesome. I gave her a heads up that we might be a while and I explained to her as to why. After we got my bill I looked it over and noticed that the waitress had written "good luck" on it.

I sent it off and put 50.00 dollars into the tip line. I then got very nervous. "Hey um.there is a reason I asked you two to lunch today." I said. "Ok, what's up son." Her dad asked. "Well, know how much I love your daughter. I can't even begin to explain to you how much I love that girl. She is my world. She has been my rock and she is the reason I get up everyday.

I would give everything I have up for her. Including my life. She is my light in this dark world. In my line of work we see the very dark side of life.

She has been my anchor, my support, and my aid in seeing all things good in this world, and most importantly my very very bright light in all of the darkness I see every time I go to work.

That being said, I have thought about this long and hard. Sir when you asked me what I saw myself doing in five years, I knew what I wanted. I have one more thing that I need to add to that. The bottom line here is when I look even further ahead in my life, wether it be 5 years, 10 years, even 60 years ahead, I see one thing that is consistent.

And that is your daughter Brianna. I guess the conclusion in all that is simple. I am asking for your permission to ask for your daughters hand in marriage. Can I please marry your daughter." I asked.

"I'm sure she has told you about her past by now, am I correct?" Her dad asked. "Yes she has." I replied. "Before you two met, we thought we had lost her. She never spoke to us unless it was very disrespectful. We were at a loss as to what we were going to do. If she had a problem she would never come to us. She attempted suicide a few times.

We were praying for a miracle because that is all we had left in our favor. You, you were that miracle we were praying for. That day she first laid eyes on you, was thee first time she had ever plopped on our bed and talked about anything. For four hours, all she did was talk about you.

We were beside ourselves. It took several weeks for us to wrap our heads around that, and the fact that she talked about you every day. Then when you talked to her and ate lunch with her, and hung out with her and her friends at school, and drove her to the other side of the school, that is all we heard about for hours.

We honestly thought she was unhealthily obsessed with you. But we didn't say anything because it was like a very bright light was just switched on. Then you took her on a date, and she comes home on cloud 9 because she had you as her boyfriend. You were hers. I guess you kissed her in school that next Monday too. Bottom line is this. She is the happy little girl we use to know. You saved her life literally.

You saved our baby, we have never seen her as happy as she is now. She is very respectful now, and just a few months before prom, she stayed in our room begging and pleading for us to forgive her for how she treated us, and for hurting us like she did. She cried so hard knowing that she had hurt us. She slept with us that night.

She is a completely different person now. So that being said, you not only saved her life, you changed it for the better, in a big big way. You also changed our lives. When you two started dating as an exclusive couple, we stopped worrying about her. For the first time the day you kissed her for the first time, we slept soundly. And I mean, we slept really good. Her mother here, didn't cry herself to sleep for the first time in several years. We can't thank you enough.

After seeing her almost immediate transformation, which I never saw with the boyfriend she had prior to you, I knew that not only did I need to meet you, but I had to. You only solidified my good opinion of you when you showed great respect for me and her when you came over for the first date. I have never, ever heard you call her out of her name the entire time you have been together.

The respect you showed her and us, bled off of you and onto her big time. She started saying yes sir and yes mam when we asked her to do something, wether she wanted to do it or not. And your real arguments are nothing like I have ever heard.

Believe us when we say we can tell the difference between your fake arguments and your real ones. So stop trying it's not working anymore. You listen to her and you do what it takes to fix anything you might have done wrong. You're a really really good man. And I can definitely see you as my son in law. So that being said, hell the fuck yes, you have our permission to marry our Brianna! And you have our biggest blessings! And just to let you know, her mother and I would be honored to have you as our son in law." Her dad said as he and her mom stood up and hugged me.

Her mom was so excited that she stood up and told several people, including our waitress, that I was going to propose to her daughter. Most of the waitress came up to the table all excited.

Her dad and I had the same look on our faces. We both just laughed. "So did you like, buy her a ring already, or are you going to get one soon?" One of the waitresses asked.

I pulled the box out and handed it to her mother. She opened the box and all of the females gushed when the saw the ring. "It's so beautiful!" Her mom said. They all took a really close look at it and passed it on to other people to look at.

After a while I got the rings back and then we all left. I made sure to let them know that they are in no way to even give my Brianna a hint of what was going on.

They all agreed. Her parents took the rest of the day off so we could plan the whole proposal. As I drove behind them, I called the Cheif to let him know we were on, and that "Operation Marriage Proposal" was now a go. Once at home her parents and I sat down. I explained to them what my plan was. Since they received a lot of money from my father, they purchased a new home.

They paid the one we are in off and they planned on donating it to the fire department for training. They were slated to move in just over a month. So we all agreed that I would propose to her close to their move out date. They were starting over with all new furniture, appliances and everything. So they were donating it as it sat, minus the cloths and personal priceless articles. I asked them to participate in my proposal idea.

They weren't very happy about the idea that my Brianna would freak out, but they were game either way. They were very excited. Now, Corey her brother was there also and started to help plan the whole thing. He didn't know why we were doing this, but he got excited as hell. Later that day before she got home from school I took Corey out for ice cream. I spent a whole bunch of time with Corey. So much so that he was a permanent honorary fire fighter with the department.

On the days I wasn't working or working on my massage therapy cert, and Brianna was in school, I would spend a lot of time with him. He and I had grown very close. While we ate ice cream, I asked him if I could marry his sister. He cried and hugged me he was so happy. I explained to him that all that planning we were doing, was for her.

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He pinkie swore and promised that he would keep it a secret. I then took him to the fire house. He sat with us and offered great ideas, things we never would have thought of. Those were added to the plan and made it far more believable than what we originally had planned. It was getting dark so we decided to start for home. On the way Corey and I had a conversation. "Adam, you're a really great guy." He said. "Thank you buddy." I said as I looked at him. "When you became her boyfriend she became really nice to me.

I can't wait till you marry my sister." He said. "I can't wait either Corey. I can't wait either." I said as I smiled. "You really love her huh?" He asked. "Very much so. I love her a lot." I said.

"I can tell, it's pretty obvious." He replied. I just smiled not knowing what to say. All I knew was that I was the luckiest man to ever walk the planet, to have her in my life. When we got home, I sat in the truck and asked Corey to be my best man. He accepted with a hug. Once we got out of the truck Brianna was walking to the truck. Corey ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. Brianna smiled looking confused. Just as he let to and went into the house I walked up to her and kissed her.

We went in hand in hand and he rest of the night we just watched movies in the family room. When the movie was over everyone went upstairs and it was just me and my Brianna. She was sitting in my arms and I was really enjoying it, so much so that I didn't move.

We just laid there and relaxed. "Baby?" Brianna asked. "Yeah babe." I replied. "Do you know why my parents and Corey are acting weird?" She asked. "Good weird, or bad weird?" I asked. "Good weird, when I got home mom and dad just came up to me and hugged me out of nowhere.

And when you and Corey got home, he did the same thing." She said. "No idea." I said knowing what the reason was. "Hey, do you remember what I told you this morning, you know, about having a threesome with you?" She asked.

"Yeah I do." I replied. "So when should we do this, I mean I kind of want to do it pretty soon." She said. "I'm with you, I'm not sure when that would be. So you think I would be good at it huh?" I asked.

"Are you kidding me?! You would be amazing at it." She replied. "What made you decide that you wanted to have a threesome?" I asked. "Well, I have always been very curious about kissing a girl. I just think it would be hot." She said. "Yeah it would be. So why Jessica?" I asked. "Well first I think she is hot, and she told me that she was bi. She talks about being with girls and boys all the time.

I think she wants me too. She looks at me funny all the time." She replied. "Besides, I want to see you her with you, I want to see what she does when she sees how incredibly sexy you are. I'm just wondering how we should do this, I mean get her to want to have sex with us." She said.

"Ok, what about we just play a game of truth or dare with her. We will just start off with regular stuff and then work towards the subject of sex." I said.

"Oh! That's a good idea! Wait, her birthday is this weekend, mom, dad and Corey will be gone. We should sooo do it then. Like a birthday present for her." She said. "She would have you as a birthday present, I can't wait to see you two together." I said.

"Would that turn you on?" She asked. "Yeah it would. Would it turn you on if I watched you two?" I asked. "God yes.especially of you watched us make out." She said. "Yeah it would be the sexiest thing I had ever seen besides you." I said. "Do you want to know what I think will be the sexiest thing I would ever see besides you?" She asked.

"What's that?" I asked as my cock started to get harder and harder. "Her between my legs, and you behind her fucking her at the same time. It's all I imagined today." She said. "You between her legs and me fucking you at the same time would drive me crazy." I said. "Come with me, I want to show you something I have been looking at ever since I thought about it, like last night." She said as she stood up. We went to the bedroom and we both got comfortable on my bed.

She pulled her iPad out and showed me a picture of a threesome. My cock twitched when she showed me that pic. The girls had started off kissing, you could see their tongues as they kissed.

The picture set showed everything from the start, to when the dude walked in. And everything from there. I had reached down and had started to stroke my cock. She noticed and kissed me as she reached down and started to rub it for me. I slid my hand up her leg as she spread them. I started to rub her pussy through her pajama bottoms. She whimpered into my mouth as she squeezed my cock and stroke it.

She pushed me onto my back and reached into my sweatpants. She sat up onto her knees and faced me. She pulled my cock out and pulled my pants down to just past my balls. She kissed me as she started to stroke my cock. As we kissed I pulled her panties and pants down to her knees. I broke the kiss and tuned towards her.

I started to kiss her pussy as I slid a finger into her seeping hole. She bent down and started to lick my cock. Once my tongue made contact with her clit, she all but swallowed my cock making me groan. She popped my cock out of her mouth and sat up. She took her shirt and bra off and then her pants. She then slid my pants and boxer briefs off. I then picked her body up and laid back. She spread her legs wide as I placed her pussy in my face. And her legs on either side of my head.

I began to kiss and lick her sweet pussy as she sucked my cock. We both moaned. She whimpered. I ate her pussy softly and gently using my tongue to probe deep inside of her. I used my bottom lip to rub her clit. She began to grind her pussy into my face as I slowly and gently tongue fucked her sweet pussy.

I could feel her saliva running down my cock and soaking my balls. She began to play with my balls making me moan into her pussy.

She started to grind her pussy jerkingly into my face as her juices began to fill my mouth. She had her face on my thigh and was breathing really hard on my cock as she jerked it. She whimpered and moaned as her hips jerked. I didn't wait for her to come down. I picked her up and and rolled her onto her side. I got behind her and slid my cock deep inside of her pussy.

She was still cumming when I buried my cock inside of her. She moaned loudly into my hand as I began to fuck her really slow, sliding my cock all the way to where only my cock head was inside of her, then back in all the way.

After my fourth stroke her pussy spasmed around my cock as her body tensed up and jerked violently. I pulled all the way out as she started to cum. She squirted all over my cock and balls.

As she squirted cum, I shoved my cock in as deep as it would go, making her moan. I turned her head towards me and kissed her. As I kissed her I started to thrust my cocks entire length in and out of her at a slow steady pace. I was getting very close to blowing my load. I started to pound her pussy making her moan into my mouth. "You going to cum baby?" I asked. "Hhhuuuu. God yes Adam uuhhhh!" She moaned. "Cum on my cock babyhhh." I moaned.

"I want you to cum in my pussy baby. Please cum inside of me." She whimpered as my balls tightened. We both tensed up and shook as we both began to cum. My entire body felt amazing as my cock filled her with my cock cream. At the same time she was cumming hard soaking my balls and leg.

We both collapsed and laid there for a while. We climbed under the covers and fell asleep with my cock still inside of her. The next morning we woke up and started to kiss. My cock had slipped out of her pussy while we slept. As we kissed I started to get hard again. She felt it and reached down and pulled it against her wet pussy.

Just as I was getting ready to slide into her her mom knocked on the door. We had to stop because they were taking us out to breakfast. We were hungry so we got up and got dressed. As usual she was all over me. I love it when she can't keep her hands off of me, which is pretty much all the time.

She still looked at me the way she did the first day we met. I loved the way she looked up and smiled at me when she was plastered to my side.

I could never resist the temptation to lean down and kiss her. I think we said I love you to each other thousands of times.

It's been damn near 3 years now since we started to date and that fire still burns very strong. We went to the amusement park with Corey and the parents. The only reason, contractors, Fire Marshal, and chief were all at the house setting things up. We got like 8 really big fog machines that were being hidden around the house. That was one of the ideas that Corey gave us. So he and her mom and dad knew exactly what was going on. I finally got a text from the chief that said they were done.

We just stayed out and spent the entire day together. Once we got home, I looked around and couldn't tell anything had been done. There were now three big fog machines in the house. I knew where they were, and how they were placed to ensure there was no fire as a result of "operation marriage proposal". That was the first night Brianna and I didn't have sex.

We were both just completely worn out. We just took showers and went to bed. She did sleep in my arms which was perfectly ok by me. I was just happy having her like that. The next morning I was awakened to soft kisses on my face and lips. "Good morning sexy. It's time to get up for work." She said with a huge smile.

"Hi beautiful." I said. We got out of bed. She helped me get my uniform ready. As I went to take a shower she walked me to the bathroom and we kissed. God she was such a great kisser. I loved what she did with her tongue in my mouth. I went and took a shower and she went to make me breakfast. Once I was in my uniform and ready I went up stairs and ate breakfast with her. I then went to work. God she had become such a horny girl since she gave me her virginity. I was the lucky person who got to benefit from it, every day.

Some times two to three times a day. I never knew that she would be so horny, but I loved it. Soon The weekend started to get closer.

Brianna was getting nervous, but I was excited about our up coming weekend, and so was she. She would keep saying how she was nervous about kissing a girl for the first time ever. I can't lie, I was looking forward to seeing that. She made it clear that she wanted me to be there when she did it.

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She wanted me to watch her and Jessica, and watch my cock get hard.