Urso gostoso do caralho gozando

Urso gostoso do caralho gozando
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My brother was 13 years old his name was john, I am his sister my name is Amanda i am 19 years old. I was taking a shower it was 12:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday our parents were out doing errands so it was just me and John at home.

I was horny at the Time and i was in the shower i started rubbing my Pussy and my Cilt for a couple minutes, I had a massive orgasm and started yelling. I got out of the shower dry myself off and went to my room to get clothes on. A couple minutes later when i was fully clothed my brother came into my room.

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"Im so sorry sis!" He said i a sad voice "what did you do John?" "I was looking at you." "What do you mean John?" "While you were in the shower! Im SO sorry!" He was Ashamed and upset, he was a 13 year old boy Who just started going through Puberty less than a year ago. I was very angry and disappointed at him for doing that.

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"Why would you do that im your sister!" I said in a very angry voice "I don't know i just. i think your really pretty and i just wanted to see Please don't hate me sis!" I gave it some thought i of course would never hate him he was my brother he was curious and He wanted to see a Girl naked, To be honest i was kinda flattered in a way. "John come and sit down with me we need to talk some more." He walked over and sat on my bed next to me.

"You shouldn't Be ashamed of what you did everyone does it." i said "even girls?" He said kinda shocked in a way. "Yes they do John." After a small pause he said this to me. "Is that what you were like doing in the shower Amanda?" "Yes john that is what i was doing in the shower." "Well can you teach me how to do it?" He said very embarrassed "Oh well um.

sure." I knew what to do since i do watch porn a lot. I told him to take off his pants and his Boxers. "Their off Amanda now what do i do?" He had maybe a 6 inch Cock very good for his age. "Hey sis Since i am going to can you do it with me too?" I was nervous to be naked around him but what harm could be done since he already saw me naked in the shower once.

I took off my jeans ,shirt,Bra, and my panties.


"Oh wow" He said I noticed his Cock get VERY hard at the sight of me. "John now i want you to stroke your cock up and down and think about something that makes you horny." "What happens if i do it long enough?" "White stuff called Cum comes out of your Dick" I started touching my Cilt a little bit also at the sight of his Thick cock as he stroked it up and down. "Amanda do.

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would you mind of i. can i kiss you like how adults kiss?" I could not believe my own brother was asking me that but i went along with it since we were both horny at the time.I put my Lips on his and he did the same to me. Our Lips met and Our tongues touched and went in each others mouths. "WOW Amanda Your really good at this!" "Thanks john you have a really nice Cock!" "He Slowly put his hand toward my Breasts and started rubbing his finger around my Nipple and he put his lips on my hard nipples.

"OH SHIT JOHN PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!" i yelled out at him. "I won't Amanda!" "John i want you to Spank my ass spank it like the dirty whore i am!" I turned over lieing down on my Stomach He slapped my ass as hard as he could several times in a row. "John Hit me Treat me like A bitch!" He took his hand and Bitch slapped me.

"SUCK MY DICK YOU WHORE!" He shoved his hard thick cock into my mouth as far as he could until i almost chocked on his Dick. "Swallow My Cum Bitch!" A massive load of His hot Cum shot into my mouth i swallowed it fully. "Turn around I want to Fuck you!" I turned over and spread my legs to him.


Just then he shoved his cock inside of My pussy and fucked me as hard as he possibly could. "That's right Johnny Fuck your sister, Fuck your sister like the dirty slut she is!" "Im going to fuck drill you as hard as i can" He yelled He started fucking my pussy harder and faster than i have ever seen a guy do before. Right then i started to cum and orgasm. "OH FUCK JOHNNY IM GONNA CUM PLEASE DONT STOP" It was the wildest orgasm I have ever experienced in my entire life.

I was VERY wet! "Im gonna Cum Amanda Open your fucking Mouth NOW!" He started Strocking his cock Very fast and then He aimed his cock toward my face and shot his Load of cum All over my face And in my mouth. "Swallow my cum you fucking Skank!" I did as he said i swallowed his cum down my throat. "Im gonna lick your pussy Amanda!" John said "OH GOD PLEASE JOHN PLEASE EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY!" He started licking my pussy and sucking it his wet mouth on my Wet pussy Felt like fucking heaven He then started putting his tongue around my cilt.

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"HOLY SWEET JESUS JOHN IT FEELS SO GOOD!" I SCREAMED! "Let me lick your asshole now sis turn over!" I did as he commanded i turned over. Spread your Tight Sexy ass cheeks for me sis i want to see your Delicious Ass- hole so i can lick it!" I spread me Asshole to my brother showing off more of my sweet Candy Ass to John. He Grabbed my ass And slapped it, Her inserted his Wet tongue inside of my ass Licking it all up. "JESUS JOHN IM GONNA CUM AGAIN STICK YOUR FINGER IN MY ASS!" He stuck his finger in my ass and fingered me until my orgasm ended.

"Wow Amanda your really good at sex Im so glad I lost my virginity to you!" "Im glad that i can have a brother that is Great at sex like you!" i said "John anytime you want to fuck me you come to my room and ask me ok?" "YOU BET AMANDA!" "Good i want you to treat me like a bitch some more."