Anal masturbation with my fingers

Anal masturbation with my fingers
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alright lets begin this story by telling you abit about my self.

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My name is Dominick but my actual girl name is Jessica, im 18, short, skinny, blue eyes, long brown hair, big butt, and a 5-6 in cock (unfortunately). Ive always felt as if i were born wrong and should have been a women all my life.

I never doubts in my mind so lets begin the story of how i became Jessica.


I was only 12 years old and my parents still thought i needed a babysitter, I had no brothers or sisters (what a shame), only my cousins that lived right next to us and every day that my parents had to leave they would always show up. Dont get me wrong i liked my cousins very much but sometimes when i went to bed i heard awful noises coming from their bedroom and me as a curious boy would get up sometimes and peek through the hole, boy was i getting exited, then i would here them get up and i would run to my room and fake asleep.

the next mourning my parents still weren't back, i decided to go downstairs to make a bowl of cereals for me. Before i escalated the stairs i saw the bedroom door opened, i peeked in as a little curious bow i am, they were still sleeping.


I sneaked by them and when i got to their wardrobe i saw things that a 12 year old boy wouldn't normally see. I saw bras, panties, i even saw tampons!! Well i was so intrigued by this i decided to try them on right there, i forgot they were still sleeping, but they would wake up soon.

I had just enough time to put on the panties, half the bra on, and some makeup when they bolted out of their bed, when they saw me their immediate reaction was to kick me out.

Ive never been so humiliated in my life but let me tell you it was an amazing feeling. I turned 16 now, grown man should you think well not really by 16 i was now called Jessica for my feminine ways and clothes.


At school, i was wearing my all time favorite mini skirt, some nylons, my pink thong panties (i love those) and i was wearing a white blouse and under was wearing a black push up bra, my makeup i did and was wearing a wig of course and all the accessories, i was even wearing tampons!

and at night i would slip into my pj's and go to sleep, but little did i know this night was gonna be wild. It seemed like a usual night, went to sleep early to get up late the next mourning, my parents were out no need for a babysitter anymore. i had slipped in my pjs already and was ready to go sleep, when i heard the phone ring.

It was my cousins (by the way i forgot to mention my cousins are jennifer and Stephanie, jen was 18 at the time and steph was 17) they wanted to come over to watch a movie, i wasn't getting any sleep so i let them in.

We started to watch this movie and it was odd, it wasn't an ordinary movie, i realized a few seconds later this was a gay porn movie. I got up to close it but as i got up, they both grabbed me (i wasn't strong at the time.) and they put shoved me in my room and locked the door behind them.

I was now locked in my girly room with my 2 cousins. They had brought a bag with them i didn't know what it was, one had brought a knife. They forced me to watch the movie and at some point the man was tied and raped by 2 girls, my cousins whispered to themselves and executed the scene in the movie but this time i was the "man" getting raped.

They had tied me to the bed, (i was naked they used the knife to cut my clothing off), they had tied me so good i couldn't move any of my arms or legs or anything for that matter. Out of the bag came as i would call it 2 fake penises also called 2 "strap ons", little did i know i was gonna get raped by my 2 cousins.

I was flipped the other way and they began their work. Shouting every 2 seconds. -how does if feel to have a big cock in your ass eh?

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you like it little bitch! -cmon suck on that big cock you slut!


-you like getting fucked by 2 big cocks eh? cmon fuck them harder! don't you like cocks?( i did indeed like cock but not this way) I was begging and crying my eyes out to make them stop but they wouldn't listen and continue going harder every time i asked them to stop.

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My ass was on fire since i never had sex before this was my first time. I was screaming to be released but that was no use because i let out one scream and one of em shoved my panties in a bunch and shoved in my mouth.

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I would still try to scream but nothing would come out. They stopped after 1 hour of rape and torture, and notice i had pissed on my bed and shat my self when they came back from the bathroom, they had only taken out their strap ons and both of them blurted out -i need to take a piss Of course they took off their panties and kneeled down and a long stream of piss landed right in my mouth, i was forced to swallow it all without missing one drop.

They later cleaned me up, they brought me some clothes such as a bra and panties but these were strange only later when i was wearing them they had pissed all over them, and they actually shat in my panties.

This wasn't the end, i was brought to the near by park only wearing my pissed drenched bra and my shitful panties, only to see at least 10 guys holding their big monster cocks in their hands, yet again i was forced to fuck them, suck them swallowing their cum (this was my first time doing so) and of course they pissed on me and i later ran home took a shower and finally went back to sleep.

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