Rika kurachi s furry little pussy stuffed full of a cock as her ass is toyed anal penetration and ha

Rika kurachi s furry little pussy stuffed full of a cock as her ass is toyed anal penetration and ha
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I was born here in New Jersey in a small town. I was 15 years old when Shaun and I discovered each other. I was tall, about 5'10", skinny, short black hair and good looking. I had a 7" dick hard, about 3" soft.

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Shaun was 12 years old, short about 5'5", skinny, with medium length sandy hair, and very cute. It was all on a hot summer day when it happened.

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I was walking to my grandmother's house, which was down the road, to pick up something for a school project. I saw shaun riding his bike, god i thought he was so cute.

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"Hey Shaun." i said to him as he rode up next to me "Hey John, can i come sleep over tonight?" he asked Realizing this was my shot i said "Sure, be over later tonight." He rode off as i watched him, my parents were out of town for the weekend my older sister is always out with her friends and my little sister would be sleeping over at friends for the weekend. We would be alone!


Shaun came over at around 5:00 PM, wearing a t-shirt and short and his black socks and skater shoes. I thought he was godly looking.

"Hey John, what do you want to do?" he questioned "We could play some Call of Duty." i responded "Cool!" he exitedly said as we turned on my Playstation After a few hours of playing we ordered some pizza and ate our dinner, i caught him staring at me while i ate. What could that have ment? I looked at his red lips while he ate and was hoping i could get to atleast kiss him one day, hopefully tonight.

At around midnight we decided to set up for bed. I had a queen sized bed and we decided to share it for the evening, as he forgot his sleeping bag. I watched him change into his pajamas, where i saw his beautiful smallframed chest and cute bubble-butt. We said goodnight and hopped into bed. I didn't fall asleep, and nor could he.

"Shaun, can i tell you something?" i asked with nervousness in my mind "Sure, John, what is it?" he pondered "I really like you Shaun, i have for a long time." i confessed "I know, and i like you too." He said Suddenly, without hesitation, we locked lips and started french kissing each other.


Our tounges danced around in our mouths like dancers on the dance floor. Our spit was exchanging as we kissed for what seemed like hours. "I love you Shaun." I confessed "I love you too, John." He said back as we kissed some more.

I pulled off my shirt and he pulled off his as our flat chests touched while we kissed. I started to rub his smooth boney chest, pinching his nipples, working my way lower to his dick. I started rubbing it through his pajama pants and felt a huge dick down there. "How big are you, Shaun?" I asked "8" hard." he said That was even bigger than mine!

We pulled off our pajama pants and started to rub our erections together. I was in heaven right now, Shaun and I just in our black socks having sex! I took his huge erection and shoved it in my mouth, taking as much of his monster cock as i could. I was sucking hard and licking his head of his cock while he told me he was going to cum.

Soon enough i felt and tasted long strings of Cum fill my mouth. I held it all in my mouth and motioned him to suck my dick. He did the same thing, engulfing my huge dick into his little mouth. Soon enough, i was cumming into his mouh and he kept it all in his mouth.

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Soon, we were exchanging Cum into each other's mouths as we kissed. I started rubbing his bubble-butt while we kissed some more.


Soon enough., he layed on his back while i stood in front of his head, while was tilted back, as i shoved my dick down his throat. I was skull fucking him while he took all of my cock down his throat, cumming and cumming which never stopped as it was gourging him and was spilling out of his mouth.

"Let us make sweet love to each other." Shaun said as Cum dripped from his mouth. I took him and flipped him over as he sat up and raised his ass in the air. I took my rock hard dick and shoved it in until my balls were touching his ass.

He cried out in pleasure, screaming my name as i started fucking him up the ass, he was so tight, definitly his first time. As i fucked him hard up the ass, he was crying out my name until i cummed so hard and so much in my entire life. I pulled out as my cum was pouring out of him. "My turn!" Shaun said I got on all fours and raised my ass in the air as he shoved his monster dick into my ass.

I cried out in pleasure at this feeling, a feeling of love was taking over as he shoved all 8" into my ass. I felt him pounding against me as his hands were rubbing my chest and my ass. He fucked me hard and long until i felt his wet, hot cum fill me and fill me until i swear there was no room left.

He pulled out and we kissed one more time, before we fell asleep in each other's arms, Where we realized that we were in love and would be together with each other for a very long time.

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We continued to fuck for a long time, even including others such as my friends Jason and Zach and even included a girl, my own little sister. We still fuck to this very day, and love it.