Girl sucking big dick in outdoor

Girl sucking big dick in outdoor
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It was a Saturday night, me and my husband sam had a couple of friends over the night before were we had played some cards and had a couple of drinks. This had come into a normal Friday night and was getting quite boring, so me and sam decided to have a little fun and go out tonight. I am just over five foot about a hundred pounds blonde hair and a very nice but with a b-cup breast.

My husband is an avererge built man broad shoulders and a bit of an athletic build. We have been married for 7 years and have kids and just entering our 30s.

me and my husband have been exploring around with our sexuality in bed for a while but have always kept it in the bedroom. So we head about nine just me and sam, we stop and get something to eat and then head to the bar the first bar we go to is just a little bar we like to go to it's a kinda quit not a whole lot of people.

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We sit at the bar I get mixed drink and sam grabs a bottle after our drinks we start to loosen up a little bit sam suggest we go downtown to the light bar whitch is always packed with people and is a great place just to let go play some pool and dance. So we head out we get to the light bar about ten thirty and sure enough it was packed we had to park two blocks away. We get inside and work our way up to the bar we order the same drinks and head over to the pool tables I watched as sam played a couple of games with some of the other guys.

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I had a couple more drinks and was starting to get quite the buzz now. As sam was playing I was watching some of the other guys eyeing me witch was starting to turn me on.


I was wearing a black string top and a short little skirt with my favorite boots on. Sam just finished a game I ask him to take me to dance. We made it to the dance floor and sam grab me up we danced to a couple of songs and sam wanted to go play some more pool witch was ok since I had made friends with some of the other girls so we decided to let them go play and we would dance.

One of the girls was tiffany we were having a great time talking and dancing we had so much and common. She was a very clean girl.

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She was a red head with green eyes beautiful smile and great bodie. Ive always been into men but a sexy girl has always turned me on and as we danced we were holding and rubbing up against each other and it was really starting to turn me on. Her husband was a man named brian witch was playing pool with sam and was having a great time together. It was around two everyone was starting to head out we all had sat down and wer talking for the last half an hour.

I looked over at sam and ask do u want them to come hang out back at the house and he agreed we both were having a great time. So I invited them and they seemed very happy to come back to the house.

Me and sam got back to the house and brain and tiffany showed up about 5 minutes after.

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Sam grabed us all some drinks and we went to the living room as I set down on the love couch tiffany sat next to me and brian and sam set on the couch we all started taking about a t.v. show that was on the t.v., tiffany had put her hand onto my leg and as the conversation went on she was working her way up my thigh.

We were all pretty buzed but every one in the room seemed to know what was going on but it just seemed right and so exciting. I looked at sam and brain and at this point tiffany had made her hand to my pussy, they both had a smile on there face and sam seemed to approve.


So I relaxed my self and leaned back a little on the couched exposing myself to everyone to see up my skirt. Tiffany lean forward and started to kiss my breast as she sliped my panties to the side and started rubbing my clit. I looked back over to see that sam and brain had stopped talking now and were both taking in the sights of what was happing in front of them, witch really got me hot that my husband was watching me make out with this beautiful women.

Then tiffany pulled my panties off and my skirt I and she started to eat my pussy, it was amazing. My whole bodie was on fire I pulled tiffanys shirt off and undid her bra witched exposed her breast I nice firm b cup. We both laid on the love seat and started kissing I worked my hand down between her legs and plunged my fingers in between her soaking wet pussy.

After a little bit we sat up and finished undressing each other. We were both on fire now and we were grinding our pussys together and feeling out each others bodies. We went to the bed room and I got my vibrator and dildo out we got into a sixty nine she took the vibrator and was eating my pussy while I did the sam with the dildo fucking her it licking her lips as the dildo slid in and out of her beautiful pussy. Then I heard the door it seemed we both forgot about the men the room was dark we both set up and they closed the door, it was completely dark now we could her some movement around the bed but me and tiffany were sitting up kissing each other and fondling each other when I felt her hand get pushed to the side and felt the hot breath against my wet pussy.


As soon as he started eating my pussy I knew it was sam buy his facial hair and the way he knew how to lick me. He got me off quickly and tiffany seemed to be the same from brian.

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Sam rolled me over on top of him and started to eat me out while I set up and kissed tiffany then i went down on sam we were in a sixty nine I was sucking sams cock wen I felt tiffany start fingering my pussy as sam eat my pussy.

Then I felt what I thought was the dildo but was way to big and hot to be. I felt a set of hands grab my waste and I knew it was brian.

Tiffanys hand was on his cock guiding him into me and sam was licking all around my pussy to get me extremely wet. As brian pushed in to me with his dick he was much bigger than sam. Brain was going slow as he eased into me, I could feal my walls stretching, it was painfully but felt amazing, brain finally got in as far as he could into me and stopped for a moment as I adjusted to him he had to be at least nine inches long and his girth was huge.

I have never had anything this big in my before, I was stunned I could feel his pulse in his cock was stretching me. He began to move in and out of me, with eat thrust getting my closer to cuming, and sam was still under me. Sam seemed to be loving what was going on I knew he could taste brains cock as he ate my pussy.

I couple more thrust and I started to cum, I leaned forward and brains cock slid out of me and I cum all over sams face which sam loved it when I cum on him. Tiffany than grabbed brains cock and quickly put it back into me and told him to fuck my brains out, brain grabbed my hips and started slamming his cock into me, then tiffany came up to my face and we started kissing me, she asked me if I like brains cock but the only thing I could get out was a moan.

Then she started sucking sams cock, I leand down and helped her, sam was so hard at this point and he had precum all over the top his cock. I grabbed tiffany and brought her up I held sams cock and guided tiffanys wet pussy onto his cock, she started bouncing up and down ontop of his cock and sam started licking me harder I could feel myself starting to tighten up I was about to cum again and then I felt brain stiffen up in me and he tried to pull away he was about to cum, but sam grabbed him and told him to cum inside me.

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I felt my stomach drop as brains cum started blowing inside of me I came to a climax and I felt my pussy clamp down on his huge pulsing cock. His cum was so hot and there was so much. I could feel both of our juices squeezing out around my pussy and sam was licking it all up. Brain finished and pulled out I set up as sam held me down on his face and ate all the hot cum out of me. As sam finished cleaning me up I got off of him and me and brain laid on the bed as tiffany was fucking sam.

Tiffany leand down and lick the remaining cum off of sams face at that time I went behind tiffany and started eating her ass out. Sam was really pounding her pussy.

As I was eating her ass tiffanys juices were soaking sams cock so I used her juices to rub sams balls, and then I slipped a finger into sams ass and started working it in and out of him I could here him moaning now and knew he was about to cum so I added another finger and tiffany started to move faster on his cock I herd sam let out a moan and could feel his ass tighten as he blew his load inside of her as she screamed by the orgasm she had just came to.

We all laid in bed for about an hour than brain and tiffany got up went to the bathroom got cleaned up and dressed. We talked for a minute and then exchanged numbers. We let them out the door and me and sam went and laid down, we both agreed that it was the best thing we have done for a while.

We talked about it for a little while about how great it was. Then we fell asleep together feeling so great.

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