Point of Jennifer White The Cock Sucker Kevin Moore Rocco Siffredi Jonni Darkk

Point of Jennifer White The Cock Sucker Kevin Moore  Rocco Siffredi  Jonni Darkk
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I spent ALOT of time setting up the story, but if you just want to skip to the sex thats cool, I have these days to, so scroll to paragraph 3, and I am REALLY SORRY ABOUT THE GRAMMAR. But I hope you enjoy, this is my first story hopefully out of many, so thanks!

Ella stalked down the hotel hallway, her big blue eyes flashing, looking for a certain room, room 256, a king sweet, a new customer requested her services, she was considerably new to the market; but was none the less often requested, even though her employer demanded the proper paper work and she almost was never called at such short notice, but this man was able to afford her, and either dodge the paper work but some dark miracle, or weirdly carried the paper work with them.

She didn't dwell on the thought though; she had been informed she had an hour to be ready.

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While she got ready she tried to pick through the several nameless faces that she had seen that day, few stood out, her routine was to awake at 10 (if she was in her own room, or had been requested for a day after morning session, either way she awoke in her own bed this morning.) She awoke and made sure to take her birth control, to ensure no unexpected pregnancies, took her daily vitamins, her Ritalin for her ADHD, then continued by posing in different positions in front of the full length mirror, noticing her ass appeared to have lost some of its perkiness, she resolved to work out later that day to return it to its 'former' glory.

She then took a hot shower scrubbing her body and lathering shampoo onto her bright, sun-gold, hair; she made sure that her breasts were clean, despite being small 34B's they her still something to stare at, her pussy matched her heads golden curls, but unlike her head she ensured it was smooth by getting weekly bikini waxes. She let her hands trace themselves down her body, pausing on her hips in disappointment they weren't very curvy due to the amount of fat she had, she wasn't fully flat though she had an ass that wouldn't stop, and due to her ADHD she keep going with the best of them.

When she stepped out of the shower she let her hair begin to air dry and ordered room service; two scrambled and two pieces of cinnamon toast. She lounged on her fluffy white queen sized bed of pillows watching 'Good Morning America' until, her food arrived 15 minutes later. She ate quickly lounging for another hour before putting her long hair up in a high ponytail, put on some tight fitting workout clothes and went downstairs into hotel's gym.

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After an hour of working out she ate her lunch of fettuccine alfredo and grilled chicken, she then returned upstairs to put on a tight-fitting cherry red dress that accentuated her curves, though not super prominent were still amazing. She left for Victoria's Secret first the humid California air, caused her hair to gradually curl into soft ringlets as they bounced with each step in her matching cherry red heels. Since lingerie shopping was technically part of her work she bought a new sporty themed corset with matching garter and stockings, they had three sets of colors; navy and silver, pink and black, and orange with purple.

She bought two the pink and black, with the navy and silver set; she put it all on the hotel's card they'd given to her.


She spent the rest of the day getting tan on the hotel roof; naked of course to prevent tan lines. At dawn, she went back to her room, changed into the cherry-reds twin, a black strapless, with lace up heels, put on some eye makeup, then walked downstairs. She ate with the hotel's owner; he made sure to keep her happy, he made more money off of her in one night then a week of the hotel with only the rooms.

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Of course several men stared and many women glared, a few even lingered on her with hunger; Ella didn't care she had been stared at all her life. After her dinner of lobster, she walked up stairs not expecting any work so when she got the call that someone had requested her into room 256, she sighed and quickly put herself together, she decided to try out the new lingerie, she decided on the navy and silver, these were her favorite colors growing up, and they brought out her tan.

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She slipped on a black silk rob that cut off above the knees, with laced edges, as she walked in her 5 inch stilettos, people stopped to stare; though nothing was truly showing there was a principle behind her outfit that seemed fairly obvious to these of common intelligence.

She rode the elevator three floors down to floor two. She unlocked the door with her master key, and stepped inside the room smelled clean, thankfully a nonsmoking room so a nonsmoker to kiss.

The room was set up neatly; a large king sized with normal large fluffy pillows, surrounded by a white canopy, there was a balcony to walk out on, a second set of twin beds behind a set of French doors, and a large master bath. Since she had an hour she figured she would turn on the TV for a few minutes and finish up some final touches such as ensuring every smell the client would encounter would be sweet, but not over powering, she then made sure her makeup was smudge proof before moving onto stretches; as she stretched her mind wandered to her first time.

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It was in a smaller town in the Midwest, a rising community well known for its academic's and powerhouse athletes, her first time was with one of teachers, he was her running coach, she should've gone to the Olympics but twisted her ankle the day before the trials. She was depressed but he didn't leave her side, he tried to get her back into prime condition for the trials but she missed her chance, she was in her prime when the trials had happened and she missed her chance, but when he and her happened it happened somehow she was younger and vulnerable and he was older and fairly handsome, and it somehow happened one night during a ice storm, by the fire place, a fairly cheesy place.

But either way after that she pulled herself together and had made it through college and somehow got this kind of job, she didn't mind too much though. She glanced at the clock she had 15 minutes she arranged everything and set the lighting for the mood with some classical music in the background, she arranged herself on the bed surrounded by rose petals, the canopy concealed the upper half of her body revealing her long muscled legs.

When she heard the door open she took a deep breath preparing her mentally for anything… When she saw who it was she took had mentally reset herself… It was her former coach and original holder of her virginity. He didn't notice her initially he looked tired now, his blonde hair looking silver in the light, he was still muscled but no longer the stallion of his former glory days. When he did notice her, he smiled wickedly, "Come here, and suck this cock like you did the first time." Ella hesitated, but didn't disobey either, she eagerly undressed him taking her time removing his suit, starting with his shirt and tie first, she slowly undid his buckle and released his cock from its prison.

She led him to the bed and eagerly got to work blowing him, she started out slow licking his cock in long precise motions; it was bigger than what she remembered. His cock was probably at least six inches, and it got hot quick she began to massage her sack her hands, occasionally stopping her licking to suck on them loudly and greedily like a whore, he moaned as her routine got more complex he tongue began to fiddle with his cock in her mouth, until finally she began to taste the salty precum in her mouth and it finally expanded and let loose its burden, he shoved her head down, hard, forcing her to swallow every last drop as it dribbled down her chin and unto her new lingerie.

He released her head, while she coughed, he had pushed down balls deep, and she wasn't used to someone doing that and having such a long cock, he smiled, she thought for a moment she saw love, caring, perhaps even pity in these eyes before they quickly replaced with lust.


He snapped his fingers at her and commanded sharply, "Now undress for me." Ella quickly stood up, and began slowly, starting with the corset and ending with the panties; leaving only her stockings, and garter on. He smiled ruthlessly, snapping his fingers again for her to lie down on her back, she did as she was commanded and he immediately began to eat her out, she moaned in happiness, pleasure, LUST. He stuck his tongue in deep, twisting it all around, his hand rubbing her clit, while she massaged her tits; it wasn't long before she could feel a massive orgasm coming soon, and her breaths became fast and labored until she came a huge amount as she instinctively arched her back, when he was done with doing just that, she was sweating and breathing loud, her chest moved in quick motions, she laid there waiting for his next command, her eyes shut.

She could feel her long hair, it felt hot, and constricting on her body.

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He then flipped her over suddenly onto her belly and thrust his long member into her quivering cunt, she immediately reacted on instincts, when he pressed hard against her balls deep, she would thrust to meet him, he spanked her as she came again and again, until he flipped her into mercenary position and massaged her tits, all the while in this position making sure he could see her face, this continued for what seemed like forever until he finally sped up and came inside of her. She normally wouldn't let anyone do that to her, but she made a special exception for him.

His sperm spilled over this load bigger than the last, it over flowed.

Ella breathed heavily expecting him to be done for the size load he blew. He wasn't. Next he had her do cowgirl style. With each orgasm and every time he cumed inside she would arch her back in pleasure, never before had she had so many orgasms in one night from one man, by the time his member was finally done she was exhausted, and felt like a disgusting cum dumpster, on the last three loads of cum he made sure he got her back, her face, and her front. She felt horrible, and her belly sloshed with cum.

She fell asleep in his arms, all the while he massaging her tits, and rubbing her pussy. When she awoke her skin resisted the movement due the amount of cum, all over her. She gave him the morning special; blowjob, titty fuck, and of course a long course of shower sex. Afterwards he didn't say a word to her, just left her in the shower covered in water in cum her big blue eyes adoring him.


Her routine continued along as normal, same clients, all the while she was thinking of her blonde coach, longing for his touch; until one day she received a request for room 256.

The one room where the hotel gave to him exclusively and cunt twitched in excitement for the night ahead… Hey thanks for reading, sorry about the long intro I plan on writing more about Ella and her life, and how she lost her virginity, how she got into this kind of work, and of course more adventures for Ella and room 256.