Married With Kidz XXX Parody

Married With Kidz XXX Parody
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Here's the next chapter guys.

All comments are welcome. ____________________________________________________ This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real events is coincidental, I do not condone underage sex or abuse of a minor. ____________________________________________________ Chapter 8 Life changed drastically for the Guinnesses after their encounter. The next day Alec pulled the boys out of school, so he could home school them (well, truthfully he just wanted more time with them), and a lot of their free time was spent exploring each other's bodies.

Alec proposed to the boys that they could be nude whenever they wanted when it was just them in the house, so whenever there were guests (which was rare) or whenever they had to go out for any reason, they had to be clothed. So that's how most days progressed, the boys would get up at around 9 am they all slept in the same bed now have a quick sixty-nine before breakfast, sometimes Alec would fuck one of them, then go for a shower where Sean and Kyle would suck each other off again.

Studies went from 11 am till 2pm, then the boys could do whatever they fancied until bed which was usually sex. Life became fairly routine for a few weeks there, four weeks later, Sean woke up out of deep sleep feeling incredibly sick. He got up, and ran to the bathroom to puke, finding the toilet was already occupied.

Kyle was already there with his face in the bowl puking his guts out. The smell turned Sean, he immediately leaned over the sink to puke. The two boys leaned over their respective drain for a while heaving and eventually it stopped.

"What did we eat last night?" Kyle moaned, leaning against the bathroom wall. "Must have had some bad chicken or something" Sean said, he was leaning against the bathtub.

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"Then how come Daddy's not sick?" Kyle wondered aloud. "We all had the same chicken." "I don't know. We'll find out in the morning, let's clean up then go to bed." Sean replied, slowly getting up and turning the shower on "None of our usual antics though babe" he told his brother "I still feel quite sick" Kyle nodded and followed Sean into the shower.

Soon after, the boys were back in bed and fast asleep.

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At 9 am Alec woke up to find that neither of the boys were in bed next to him "this is weird" he thought to himself, the boys were usually either asleep or blowing each other at this time. He got up to go look for them and as he walked past the bathroom, he could hear what sounded like the boys taking turns to puke.

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He knocked on the door "are you OK boys?" Alec asked "No, we think we had some bad chicken last night" Sean called out. "Bad chicken? Honey I'm feeling fine, it's not the chicken. Can I come in?" He slowly pushed the door open, and saw his lovers in a bit of a state, both were kneeling on the cold tile floor. Kyle was hugging the toilet, Sean was next to the sink, sweat sheened over their bodies and the two were ghostly pale.

"Babes, you're not ok you look like shit, once you're done here, have a shower and back to bed, I'll be in with you two shortly." The boys started feeling a little better a short while later and they were back in bed soon after that.

Alec brought them a bowl of soup and some stale bread, kissing each one on the forehead then the lips as he placed the trays on their laps. He left the room, closing the door behind him in time for the phone to start ringing. "Hello?" Alec answered "Alec! What's up?" the voice on the other end of the line replied "Victor?" Alec asked realising it was his brother on the other end "Yes Alec. It's me. Listen, man, I'm sorry about Mara, truly a loss, and I'm sorry I couldn't come to the funeral, it's been meeting after meeting here at dad's hotel, I just haven't had the time, we've branched out to five continents now.

We just opened in Singapore and China last week. That's kinda what I'm calling about" "Jeez" Alec thought, "I forgot how much Victor can talk someone's ear off" "I need two huge favours from you.

Firstly, I'm going over to Singapore and China to help open the hotel and make sure everything is running smoothly and I'm due for leave too, so I'll be stopping at Indonesia on the way back, and I need you to look after Canberra for me, run the business for a couple months. I saw how well you ran the show when dad was diagnosed, I just need a couple of months from you, that's all. And my son, Jakob, he's only 12, I can't ask him to look after himself for two months.

So I want to send him to Melbourne to live with the boys while I'm away and you're here, he hasn't met them yet, it'll be fun." Alec, who was still stunned by the fact he would be running the family business for a few months only caught the last few words of this.

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"Wait who hasn't met who yet? And what will be fun?" Victor sighed "I want to send Jakob to live with the boys while I'm in Asia and you're in Canberra" Alec mulled this over for a second, finally deciding that the boys meeting their cousin would be good for them, he agreed.

"Sweet. Jakob will be at yours' in an hour. Your flight leaves tomorrow at 6 am." "An…an hour???" "Yeah, he's already in the air, I've also hired a taxi to take him to your door from the airport. I'm leaving as soon as I hang up" Alec freaked. He wasn't ready to have guests, the boys were sick and in his bed recovering "shit" he thought to himself "I better get the boys to their own beds and get some clothes on us all" He walked upstairs, the boys had just finished their soup.

"Hey Daddy" they said in unison "we're both so much better now" and it was true. Both boys had so much more colour to their faces, Sean's face was even slightly red making Alec laugh inwardly to himself knowing exactly what the boys had just done. "Now that you two are feeling better, I need you guys to help me out and get dressed. Your cousin is coming to stay for a while and I have to go take care of the family business in Canberra for a couple months." "You're leaving us?

With this kid we've never met before? Why?" Sean asked "Your Uncle Victor, who you haven't met yet has to fly to Asia to help open the hotels he's opening there, because it's a business trip, he can't take his son Jakob with him so he's coming here to stay with you two for a few months.

I have to fly to Canberra to take care of the hotel there and I'll be pretty flat out so I can't look after him." With that there was little more discussion, the three tidied the house as best they could in what time they had. The three had just slipped on their T-shirts when the doorbell rang.

Kyle ran forward and opened the door, what he saw nearly gave him a stroke. The cutest boy he had ever seen was looking up at him. About 1.5 metres tall, chocolate brown hair with a slight wave to it cut up and around his ears, bright blue eyes, olive skin like Alec a button nose with freckles running along under his eyes. Kyle was practically drooling when he spoke. "Umm…Is this Alec Guinness's house?" he asked in a voice that had yet to break and sounded so sweet and innocent.

"Yea…yeah. You must be Jakob yeah?" he asked trying to sound as manly as he could despite wanting to scream to the world how cute he found his cousin. "Mmhmm, and you are?" Jakob asked with the same sweet voice as before. "I'm Kyle" he said.


"It's nice to meet you please, come in" He turned to face Sean, eyes wide with excitement with a look that said "wait till you see this" Jakob stepped in, Sean took one look at him and his heart pounded extra fast seeing this boy.

"UNCLE AL!" the boy yelled. Dropping his bags and running up to Alec embracing him. "Hey kid, how've you been" Alec grunted as he picked Jakob up "Jeez you're heavy kid, eatin' too much Macca's have we?" he laughed poking Jakob in the stomach.

"No Uncle Al, I'm fit as a fiddle, just grew up some since you last saw me" he laughed "Hey you should meet your new cousins, you've already met Kyle and over there is Sean they're twins, but you can tell them apart 'cause Sean's got a tiny scar hidden in his eyebrow from where he hit his head on a coffee table as a child." Alec laughed.

Jakob approached each of the boys and shook their hands exchanging pleasantries before Alec explained that Jakob would be sleeping in his bed, the boys would be back in their own beds while Alec slept on the couch. Before going into the kitchen to begin the roast they were having for tea that evening, leaving Jakob with Kyle and Sean.

"So you two are my new cousins huh?" asked the cute faced boy. "Seems like it" Sean smiled. "Do you like Smash Bros. Jakob?" Kyle asked. "Sure do, but please, call me Jake" he replied. The boys played Smash Bros. until Alec called them in for the pork roast. They sat around the table exchanging some small talk until the course was over when Alec asked Sean if he could play something for them while he finished preparing dessert.

Sean nodded and went over to the piano he had spent most of the last year learning, he'd actually gotten pretty good quite quickly. He pulled out the 'Wicked' songbook he'd gotten when they saw the show some months earlier and played 'I'm Not That Girl' adding his own smooth vocals sending shivers down Jake's spine whenever he hit the low notes.

He was immediately on his feet asking Sean if he could play 'As Long As You're Mine'.


Sean nodded eagerly flipping the pages till he was on the right one. "Kyle, could you sing Fiyero for me? I'll be Elphaba." Sean asked. "Wait let me" Jake shouted. Kyle waved the boy his ok. Sean and Jake sounded fantastic together it was really different hearing the male and female sounding parts switch. Alec applauded loudly when they were finished saying that trifle was up.

The boys sat around the table again, Jake immediately shovelled a large dollop of jelly and cake into his mouth "Whoa Uncle Al, what is that?" he said tasting something quite strong. "Just a splash of sherry for extra flavour, kiddo" He replied. Jake nodded and dug back in. A few hours later, everyone had retired to their rooms and Alec to the couch.

Sean and Kyle followed Jake upstairs, both saying goodnight at their bedroom doors. They closed the door behind them, Sean and Kyle hadn't had a second to themselves since they got out of bed after feeling sick earlier that day "God I hate wearing clothes" Sean complained, quickly stripping before grabbing the hem of Kyle's shirt and removing that too. He let out a small whimper and rolled his eyes back into his head at the sight of his brother's 2 pack just forming.

He'd seen it so much the last month but it still gave him tingles each and every time he saw it. Kyle giggled and wriggled out of his pants then pulled Sean into a deep, passionate kiss. The two made out while making their way over to Sean's (well what used to be and what was for the time Jake was visiting) bed. Sean lay down, pulling Kyle down on top of him where they kissed a little more, Sean enjoyed the feeling of his brother lying on top of him, their boners which had grown a little in the year they had been living at the Guinness's pressing into each other's pelvises, the skin-on-skin contact turning the boys on even more.

Kyle then rolled off of Sean so now they were lying side-by-side and was making out with him quite viciously, soon, the mixed saliva from both boys were covering them around the mouths and their stomachs were quite wet with precum from both of them.


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I wanna fuck you. I haven't fucked you yet and you really like it when Daddy fucks you, so I want to try" Kyle asked between kisses. "Umm, sure, but what are we going to use for lube, it's all in Daddy's room." Sean asked.

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"I'll show you" Kyle winked at Sean before pushing his brother onto his stomach, spreading his legs. He aligned his face with Sean's ear and gently nibbled on it before slowly and gently kissing down Sean's spine, he reached Sean's bubble butt and gently ran a fingernail along his crack causing Sean to shiver and moan, soon Kyle's fingernail was replaced by his tongue licking all the way from the small of Sean's back to his perineum, then poking in a little more forcefully until his tongue rested against Sean's hole.

Kyle grabbed Sean's cheeks, spreading them apart to gain better access and began to tongue at his brother's hole. Sean had never felt anything like this before, it felt amazing. Kyle started to press in to Sean's ass and stars exploded behind Sean's eyes.

He let out a loud "ohh" when he felt this. "Quiet, Jake'll hear us" Kyle hissed before resuming his tongue action on Sean's ass. A while later, much to Sean's disappointment, Kyle finished his rimjob and flipped a dazed Sean onto his back. He lifted Sean's legs who held them there while Kyle aimed his now 5" cock at his brother's hole. "You ready hun?" He asked. "Hurry up and put something in there" Sean demanded "I'm gonna go crazy." Kyle chuckled and started pressing his cockhead against his brother's hole quickly pushing his way to the hilt.

"This feels fucking amazing. Why haven't I done this before?" Kyle asked out loud. "I don't know why you waited this long either. You feel great in there, it's like you belong in my ass" Sean replied Kyle then began to hump his brother, slowly building a rhythm to his motion before leaning forward to resume making out as they did before.

Kyle kissed down Sean's neck and took a little time to nibble on Sean's ear then back to his lips making him moan again prompting Kyle to put a hand over Sean's mouth. Sean playfully bit Kyle's hand. "Ouch" Kyle giggled.

"Well don't put it there and I won't bite it" Sean grinned. "Well be quiet and I won't have to." "Not my fault you're incredibly sexy and make me feel amazing" This last comment made Kyle's cock throb inside his brother "Mmm keep going Kyle please" Sean begged. "You feel absolutely amazing." Kyle started to thrust inside Sean again. "Harder babe, fuck me harder" Kyle began pounding his brother as hard as he could, his orgasm was slowly building up.

Sean had taken his pillow and shoved it over his own face to muffle his moans, Kyle was rubbing on Sean's prostate, making him moan louder and louder in pleasure. He felt his own orgasm start to take him. He pulled the pillow away from his face "Kyle, I'm going to cum soon. Keep going." Sean said as Kyle pushed his brother past the point of no return.

In seconds Sean felt his cum, hot and wet coat his stomach, spurt after spurt shot out of his cock, bounced off of Kyle's two-pack and landing on his body. The feeling of Sean's ass clamping down on his cock as well as being jizzed on pushed Kyle over the edge as well, sending rope after rope of steaming hot cum up into his brother's ass.

When it was over, Kyle collapsed on top of Sean sandwiching Sean's cum between them. The two rolled onto their sides and faced each other, made out a little more before slowly falling asleep in each other's arms. At 4 am, Alec's alarm on his phone went off so he could get up and get ready for his flight. He went to check on the boys, stopping by his room to see if Jake was alright, noticing the boy was sound asleep in his king-sized bed, he silently closed the door.

He then went to check on the twins, he opened the door, both beds were empty. That was when he heard a heaving sound from the bathroom. Alec followed the noise and saw both boys in a similar state to what they were in the previous morning when he found them.

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"Dad there's seriously something wrong with us. This is two days in a row now." Sean groaned. "I think we need a doctor dad." Kyle said. Both boys were then sick again, almost making Alec heave as well. Alec thought that the boys were fine the previous day after the soup for lunch, there must be something making them sick, and it wasn't food poisoning.

He had an idea, it seemed stupid, but it was an idea nonetheless. Alec moved across the room opened the cupboard under the sink which still had a lot of Mara's stuff, and quickly found what he was looking for. "Pregnancy tests?" Sean asked. "You think we're pregnant?" "That can't be it, boys don't get pregnant" Kyle added "Actually we can, it's quite uncommon, so it isn't spoken of too much in schools, but it does happen.

Please humour me and take the tests." Alec looked inside the box, there was only one test. "Well they both have the same symptoms so if one shows positive, they both would" he thought. "One of you needs to take this." Kyle stumbled forward quickly grabbed the test out of Alec's hand dropped his pants, stood over the toilet and began to pee. Ten minutes later, both boys were hugging whichever receptacle they could find and Alec was pacing the room.

He noticed the wait period was over, and grabbed the pregnancy test. A mix of dread and excitement and also guilt washed over him. "Positive." He said simply.