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Alix lynx and codey steele insane hardcore pussy sex
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CHAPTER 4 The Wrong side of the tracks Part 1: His dark side Friday morning, Jake rushes to the same stairwell located just in front of the classroom. Jake sat on the stairwell, and hoped for his best friend to appear.

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Meanwhile, Fabio appeared: "Hey Jake, how's Kiyan doing?" "I don't know… Haven't seen him since… You know…" "He'll show up. By the way, that guy in our class.

Hunter Lawrence?" "What about him?" "He wasn't in the classes Kiyan missed too. Coincidence?" "Kiyan knows not to mess with bullies like Hunter." "You talk like you know all about it." "I do, Fabio… A lot more than you think." In the meantime, the teacher showed up and opened the classroom door. The students entered the class and sat on their desks. One of the desks was empty, it was the only double-sized desk in class usually occupied by one student only: Hunter Lawrence.

The teacher was getting her documents and sheets all organized while the students were settling down for class. In the meantime, one student showed up, wearing dark blue jeans and a black leather jacket, with his long hair covering his right eye. It was Kiyan.

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Jake was surprised at Kiyan's new look. He was expecting the boy to sit next to him, so he would ask what made him change like that. But the boy sat somewhere else… He sat on Hunter's seat. Fabio, who was right behind Jake, whispered to him: "Hey Jake, what the hell is he doin'?! Hunter's gonna kill him if he sees Kiyan on his seat!" In the meantime, Hunter showed up. Kiyan's face looking down at his backpack he left on top of the desk.

Until two hands slapped on the desk, Kiyan looked up and saw Hunter looking directly at him with a serious look.

Jake could see Hunter saying something to Kiyan, but it was too quiet for him to hear. After a minute or so, Hunter had a smile on his face, and he sat next to Kiyan. Then, Hunter gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder, which put a smile on Kiyan's face. Fabio threw his stuff next to Jake, and jumped to Kiyan's former seat before the teacher could see him and spoke: "Who would have thought?

The nerd became a freakin' bully!" said Fabio with a surprised tone. "And one of Hunter's. I don't know about you, Jake, but if he stays there too long, he's screwed." Jake still had a surprised look on his face. After class, Hunter and Kiyan met up with Seth and Gary and the 4 of them were walking around the hallways, messing with the other guys… Until Jake stepped in front of Hunter and spoke up: "What the hell is your problem, Hunter?" " Look who he is, boys.

It's Mr. Popular!" said Hunter with a teasing tone. "Don't make me kick your sorry ass, Hunter!" screamed Jake. Before Jake could say anything else, Kiyan stepped between the two boys, looking directly at Jake with a angry look on his face. Jake took a step back, and spoke to Kiyan: "What the hell is wrong with you, buddy?" Kiyan felt a hand on his shoulder pushing him gently, Kiyan walked next to Hunter, who was pushing him back and looked at him with a softer look on his face.

Hunter took a step forwards, and looked directly at Jake: "You better leave my bud alone, superstar, or you'll have trouble coming your way." Said Hunter with a calm tone, showing signs of anger boiling inside him.

"Now buzz off. Let's go, Kay." "Kay?" asked Jake. "That's right. Got a problem?" said Kiyan right away, walking towards Jake, but then was stopped by Hunter's arm. "Let's go, boys." Said Hunter, and he turned around, touched Kiyan's shoulders, indicating him to go with him. Part 2: One night stand Later that day, Hunter took Kiyan to an abandoned house, where the group usually hung out after class. After the 4 boys have gathered in the abandoned house, Hunter spoke up: "So, who's gonna be today's slave?" "Not me!" shouted Seth.

"I got last time. Let Gary do it." "Kay's the new guy, let him be the slave today." Said Gary. "Kay's my buddy, he's no one's slave!" shouted Hunter.

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"And for that, Gary, you're up!" "Hmph… Fine." Said Gary, who stood up and stepped in the middle of the room. Hunter sat next to Kiyan: "So, Kay, ever got fucked before?" asked Hunter. "Yeah." "Cool, then I don't have to explain how it goes." Said hunter, who immediately joined his lips on Kiyan and kissed him rather violently.

In the meantime, Seth had forced his slave, Gary, to take off his clothes and wear some girl clothes found inside the house. Seth ordered the slave to suck his dick.


The boy obeyed without question and started sucking Seth's dick fast and hard. Hunter continued his violent kisses on Kiyan and removed the boy's jacket, and started unzipping his pants. Kiyan took off his pants as Hunter wanted, and after that, he bend over in front of Hunter, revealing his ass to the boy. Hunter exposed his hard dick and started inserting it right into the boy's ass. Kiyan started moaning, louder as the boy fucked him faster. Gary sucked Seth harder and started biting his dick.

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Seth grabbed the boy's hair and forced him to go faster until he exploded in the boy's mouth. Kiyan screamed really loud when Hunter came in his ass. After he was done, Hunter sit back and took out a cigarette.

Kiyan sat next to him, recovering from the fuck he got. Then, Hunter spoke up: "Damn, that felt good. Want a smoke?" "I don't smoke, Hunter." "Well… There's always one more for ya, if you change your mind, Kay." "Hunter… Seth said you had a special buddy like me before. Who was it?" "I don't wanna talk about it.

The guy's a fucking asshole. And can't believe he was your friend." "M-my friend?" "Yeah, Mr. Popular was your friend, right?" "Jakey was your special buddy?" ".Ok. I started callin' him «Jay» 'till the motherfucker became fuckin' famous. Then, he just stopped talkin' to us and when we went to his house, to ask why doesn't he wanna hang out with us anymore, the asshole said he didn't knew us." "Jay was a cool guy" said Seth, who was listening to Hunter.

"All right, Gary, that's enough." Gary stopped sucking the boy's dick and sat next to him. Seth continued: "Ever since the guy became popular, he just kept ignoring us. Guess he traded his REAL friends for some more popularity." "Hard to believe, ya know?

He was my best friend, now that I think about it." Said Kiyan. "Don't worry about him, Kay. Hey Seth, did you bring it?" asked Hunter. "Yep. It's in my backpack." Answered Seth.

Seth grabbed his backpack and threw it towards Hunter. Hunter searched Seth's backpack and took out a small box.

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"What's in there?" asked Kiyan. "In here, my friend… There's something that will teach Mr. Popular not to mess with us." Kiyan was getting more and more curious, as Hunter made it clear that, whatever was inside that box, it couldn't be anything good. Kiyan put his pants back on and stood up. Hunter stood up as well, with the box on his hands. Then, he spoke: "But, like Seth said before, we need a change of plans.

When we were planning to teach Mr. Popular a lesson, we were planning on beating the shit out of you, since you two were like, best friends. But now that you're on OUR side, we'll need a different plan. Hey Gary, who else does Mr. Popular hangs out with?" "I, huh… I don't know." Said Gary.


"Ugh! You're useless, Gary!" screamed Hunter. "He hangs out with Fabio, besides me." Said Kiyan, without thinking. "What?" asked Hunter, looking directly at Kiyan, with a curious look on his face. "Say that again, Kay." "Hum… He hangs out with Fabio a lot, that Portuguese kid from our class." "Hmm… Interesting. I didn't know those 2 were friends now." Said Hunter with still with his curious look on his face. "See, Gary? Kay got the job done, and it wasn't even HIS job in the first place!" "Sorry Hunter." Said Gary, looking down in shame.

"You just keep surprising me, Kay. Now I'm sure I made the right choice making you my buddy." Said Hunter with a smile, putting his arm around Kiyan and resting his hand on his shoulder. Kiyan couldn't do anything but smile at the boy. "So, anything else you wanna tell us about Jay?" asked Hunter.

"Well… There's also that Ashley girl. Saw 'em kissing outside school once. I bet she's his girlfriend now." Said Kiyan. "So, we have Fabio and Ashley to deal with. Any ideas, boys?" "We can pound Fabio no problem. And about Ashley… We could always give her some "tips" about Mr. Popular's life." Said Seth, with a proud tone, trying to prove useful to the group.

"What do you think, Kay?" asked Hunter right away. "M-me?" "Yeah, you. Like Seth's idea?" "We can do something about Ashley, but leave Fabio out of this.


He didn't do anything." "Oh, yeah he did. He's that asshole's friend." "I know, but… I was Jake's friend too. And I'm still Fabio's friend." "Oh, yeah, there's that, Hunter.

You said we can't hurt anyone that is one of our friends." Said Gary. "I know I said that, but it was a long time ago… One exception won't hurt." "Please, Hunter. Leave him out of this. Jake's our problem, not Fabio." Said Kiyan. "Hmph… Fine… YOU deal with Fabio. We'll take care of Jay and his girlfriend. Sound good?" asked Hunter, as he walked around the room, always looking at Kiyan.

"What do you want me to do with Fabio?" "Hell, I don't know! Do somethin'! Kick his ass! Scare the shit out of him! Anything will do, Kay! Oh… Better yet: Surprise me, Kay!" said Hunter, always looking directly at Kiyan.

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"Ok… I can try." Said Kiyan. "What?

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I didn't hear ya." Said Hunter, walking closer to Kiyan, until he was right in front of him, looking at the boy directly in the eyes, with a serious look on his face.

"I mean… I'll do it." Said Kiyan. "Atta boy." Whispered Hunter. End of Chapter 3