Lesbian teen squirting during erotic trio

Lesbian teen squirting during erotic trio
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I'm not sure what exactly it was that roused me from my slumber but one of the first things I sensed was that I had a major case of morning wood. I automatically tried to roll over to my side to check my alarm clock but my movements were restricted.

As my consciousness returned and my eyes fluttered open I found myself face to face with one of the prettiest women I had ever seen. "Sorry I woke you", my new girlfriend apologized, "but when I woke up, your pal was already awake and wanted to play".

As I took stock of the situation I found that she had mounted me in my sleep and I was now deep inside her. It was Saturday morning and Kim and I had spent the night together for the first time. She was gently rocking back and forth on top of me, her short dark hair in disarray, with the biggest grin on her face. "Oh, kind sir, I do hope you're not too upset with me.", she added playfully in a breathy, Victorian manner. I took a couple moments to think about it and decided, "It is quite alarming to be awoken by some saucy wench accosting my person in such a manner." I hoped I wasn't being too corny while playing along.

It was tough to think clearly because I was a little hungover, had just woken up, and was rock hard and almost balls deep inside this pale skinned mini-goddess.

"Some recompense may be in order", I added sternly. Kim couldn't help it and started laughing at that, breaking character she said, "Saucy wench! I love it!". She leaned in for some gentle kisses and started slowly picking up the pace on her riding.

I felt her perky nipples grazing my chest and I could feel how wet she was as she squished down on my rigid pole. My hands automatically started caressing the silky flesh of her butt. "Mmmm, what was the recompense to be? I would hate to be remiss in fulfilling my obligations", she inquired.


"Smooches", I hadn't thought this far ahead so I said the first thing that popped into my head. "Smooches? That's the best you can do?", apparently, she was not impressed. "It is considerably more difficult to cogitate coherently when one is being molested so vigorously by such a brazen strumpet", I offered, wishing I could keep a straight face.

Kim chuckled again, "Brazen strumpet is pretty good but I liked saucy wench better". She started riding me harder and, as I was about to reply to her, she cut me off, "Let's shut up now so I can give you a proper fucking." It was hard to argue with that, especially when she started grinding her hot groin against mine. What an amazing way to wake up and another fun surprise from my frisky girlfriend.

I loved her sexy, playful surprises and Kim seemed to love to spring them on me as much as I enjoyed being on the receiving end but I really wanted to surprise her for a change. What could I do for her that would be a sexy surprise?

As she rode me, I thought about the things she liked, things that she had said she liked, and rough sex was the first thing that came to mind. 'I get so turned on when you get forceful', I recalled Kim whispering in my ear the previous night. She loved to initiate sex but seemed to love it when I took charge once she got things going. Then I remembered last night she also said, 'I get so wet when I think about how easily you could just overpower me if I tried to resist'.

I didn't really give it much thought at the time but now that I considered it, I wondered, did she want me to overpower her? Did she want me to. control her? To. dominate her? My hunch told me she would probably like that very much, or maybe that was just my desire to dominate her. What little I knew about domination and submission came from one of the romance novels that my mother loved to read.

I had resorted to reading it one summer vacation when I was 13, after I had read every other book in the house and nothing was on TV. Overall, I was not impressed with the book but the part in it about domination and submission was interesting. From what I recalled in the book, the man commanded the woman, demanded obedience, punished disobedience with spankings or whipping and the woman really got off from totally submitting her will to the man.

I occurred to me that perhaps my mother's romance novels weren't the best guide in this situation but I had nothing else to go on. I figured Kim would have fun playing along even if my hunch wasn't right and this might be a good opportunity to find out what might happen if I tried to dominate her. It felt so damned good to let her keep riding though, maybe I'd try it next time.

It was then that I noticed the rickety dorm bed was making a lot of noise now that Kim had picked up the pace and it was annoying enough to me to be a turn off. I was going have to stop her anyways to move the mattress to the floor. "No!", I said sharply to get the her attention. A puzzled expression formed on Kim's face as she ground to a halt. "Get off me", I said flatly.


"Steve, what's going.", she was obviously confused and I hated to put her through this but I had a hunch she would enjoy what I had in mind.

"Get off of me now", I interrupted her, trying not to sound mean but wanting her to comply quickly. She was very reluctant to dismount so I started to lift her up off of me.

At less than a hundred pounds there was no way she could remain mounted if I didn't want her to. She quickly realized this and I finally got out from under her and I moved to the center of the room, my thick, wet boner curving almost straight up in front of me. "Baby, what's.?", she started to plead, her eyes darting from my face to my erection "Be quiet!", I barked.

She complied immediately, scanning me intently for clues in this confusing situation. "Move the mattress on to the floor", I demanded. "Now!", I told her firmly when she hesitated. She quickly dragged the mattress off of it's base and right to my feet, bedding still on top. I could have sworn that I saw the corner of her mouth twitch up and I wasn't surprised she had caught on so quickly.

She as much as confirmed it when she knelt in front of me on the mattress, head bowed.

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I stood over her for several seconds, waiting for her to look up to receive her next command. I was likely just mimicking something I had seen dozens of times on TV when I reached down and hooked a finger under her chin and raised her face up to meet mine. My eyes met hers and I immediately noticed that she was blushing furiously.

Even though I had very little experience with women and sex, I somehow knew this was very significant. Something pretty intense had to be going on for someone as shameless as Kim to blush like that. My hunch was that I had just stumbled upon something like a secret desire. Well, not really stumbled upon, now that I thought about it, I had kind of been led to this. Kim had been encouraging me, I realized, when she told me what she liked and how she liked it. I decided to stick with my vague plan and trust my instincts.

They seemed be guiding me pretty well so far today and besides this was really turning me on. My stiff, meaty cock was inches from her face, still glistening with her juices. The obvious, and probably expected, command would be to suck it, but there was another basic need that was competing with my primal lust, thirst.

"Get some water", I ordered firmly. Kim immediately crawled to the nearby mini-fridge and grabbed a jug of water. She knelt in front of me and offered it up. "Drink", I commanded. Kim had gotten pretty drunk last night, and the way she drank told me she was probably more dehydrated than I was, so when she handed it to me I told her, "Drink more." She drank a few more gulps and then handed it to me.

I drank my fill and handed it back with the command to replace it, which she did and returned to kneeling in front of me. Even though she kept a neutral expression, I got the distinct impression she really wanted me to order her to suck the dick in front of her face. I wanted to do the unexpected. "Show me your ass", I told her.

Kim turned around and crawled to the center of the mattress and bowed her head down to a pillow. She brought her legs together and boosted her butt up as much as she could. I had to pause for a few seconds to enjoy the spectacular view. It was as if she had read my mind and complied perfectly when I told her to show me her ass. As I slowly approached, my eyes were drawn to the curve where Kim's narrow waist flared to meet her toned hips and perfectly rounded little butt.

In the morning sunlight that filtered in through the curtains I could see the wetness glistening on her puffy pussy lips. I couldn't help but to reach out with both hands to caress Kim's buttocks. Her soft humming moan brought me back from the ass-worshiping trance I had started to drift into and I remembered we were doing things differently this morning.

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My soft caresses turned in to hard gropes, roughly squishing Kim's ass cheeks. Smack! I slapped a buttock hard and Kim let out a little yelp. "That's the punishment for hesitating to move the mattress", I explained. I noticed she hadn't verbally replied to any of my commands yet so I figured I'd try out a question "You enjoy being treated like this, don't you?", I demanded as if I were trying to extract a confession.

I was pretty sure of the answer but I had to make sure before I took this any farther. "Yes, sir!", Kim replied. Her subservient reply turned me on even more "Good, because this is the punishment for not getting off of me when I told you to", I said and then I spanked her other butt cheek hard. "And this", I said sternly as I forced the head of my stiff member into her tight, sodden cunt, "is the punishment for waking me up." She knew a hard thrust was coming up, she had braced herself for it.

I let her wonder when it was going to happen for six or seven seconds before I couldn't resist any longer. I pounded hard into Kim, lewdly re-stretching her snug cunt and causing her to gasp, and began hammering into her from above. We were both grunting from the force of the thrusts and it wasn't long before we were both panting too. Kim seemed to be trying to stay still and quiet during her 'punishment' but it was tough going for her once her involuntary twitches started.

She was getting close to cumming already and I wasn't far behind. We were both startled when the phone rang. I hesitated only a moment before pulling out of Kim to answer it. It just seemed in character with what I was doing, like fucking the hell out of Kim was low on my list of priorities.

I heard her whimper softly when she saw what was going on. "Hello?", I answered cheerily. "Oh, hi Mom!. Yeah, school is going great! I really love it here!", I answered my mother's questions truthfully. It was easy to be enthusiastic as my college experience had been both very fun and very educational so far. An idea occurred to me and I looked Kim in the eye and pointed to my still hard cock. She immediately knelt in front of me and started licking her juices off of my erection.

"Yes, actually I did meet a very nice young lady", my mother's question had been predictable, she knew I wasn't good around women and my love life was one of her top worries.

I wondered what she would think if she could see me now. "I don't need to ask her out Mom, she's my girlfriend already", I was having a lot of fun, not only did I get to finally make my worrying mother happy but I got to do so while watching Kim giving my schwantz a tongue bath. "We met at orientation and it just sort of happened", I didn't want to go into the whole story just then.

My mother wanted details about my new girlfriend of course, "Well, her name is Kim and she's a freshman also, from Townburg.". Kim began to use her hands now and was working the head with her skilled mouth. It became a little tougher to chat with Mom, "What does she look like?. Let's see. she's about five feet tall, slender, short dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, cream colored skin, beautiful full lips. Huh?. No, she's not really pretty.

more like stunningly gorgeous.", I was enjoying watching Kim's face while describing her to my mother and I really loved the smile on her face when I said the last part. "Ha ha, I know! Plus she's a total sweetheart so she really is too good to be true!", I said sincerely. Kim had now gone in to full blowjob mode and I needed to stop her.

I really wanted to just fuck her as hard as possible and make her orgasm at least once before I did and go get some food. I was starved and I knew she had to be too. We hadn't eaten since dinner and it was already 10:30. "When you meet her you'll see. She's here right now, as a matter of fact, would you like to speak to her?", I asked mischievously.

I don't think I had really seen Kim frightened in the short time I had known her, until that moment when she realized she would have to speak to my mother. The longer she waited the more awkward it would be. She quickly realized this, taking the phone from me but still on her knees and still stroking the top of my cock with one hand.

"Hello Mrs. Hamilton, I'm Kim Franklin", Kim introduced herself gracefully. "Thank you, Kelly (my mother's first name)", Kim paused, absentmindedly fondling my erection as she stared into space while she listened."Well, he certainly has made me very happy too.

You and your husband have raised a truly outstanding gentleman and I feel like the luckiest lady in the world!", Kim had made eye contact with me as she said the last part.

I blew her a kiss and she smiled and kissed the tip of my penis. I saw Kim blush all of a sudden as she was listening and before I could start to wonder about it she said emphatically, "Kelly, I want to assure you that you do not have to worry about that.

We are being very careful". I could only laugh as I knew my mother had said something about not getting pregnant, she could be very direct when she felt it was important. I had to admire the way Kim had so clearly tried to put my mother's fears to rest.

"I can't wait to meet you too. Are you and Mr. Hamilton are planning to visit soon?", Kim asked. "Excellent, I look forward to it! Oh, Steve would like to speak with you again", Kim listened again for a moment and finished with, "Thank you Kelly, I look forward to meeting you both next Saturday!". Kim handed the phone back to me and immediately began sloppily sucking my cock again, whether she was trying to get me off or merely lube me up, I couldn't tell.

"Ok, next Saturday then?", I asked my mother. I knew they hadn't been planning on visiting for two more weeks but decided not to mention it.

I couldn't blame my worrying mother for wanting to meet my first girlfriend, especially when she sounded too good to be true. "Lunch sounds great. We were just about to go eat so I'll call you later to work out the details, ok?. Love you too Mom. Bye", I concluded and set the phone down. I knew Kim wanted to discuss the call but there would be plenty of time for talking later so I cut her off with a look before she spoke up. "On your back, you naughty girl!", I commanded and she laid down on the mattress immediately.

"Show me your wet cunt", I told her and she surprised me by pulling her legs back so far her thighs were level with her torso and she pinned them there with her elbows. She had taken my order to heart as she used a hand to open up her pussy lips so I could see just how wet she was. "Your perverted pose pleases me greatly", I said, almost laughing.

I just had to let her know she had impressed me with her lewdness. I stroked my thick cock finding that Kim had indeed lubed me up nicely. "Thank you, sir", Kim said, still with a neutral expression but I could hear the smile in her voice. The lust in her dark eyes was as much of a turn on as her naughty position.

She was so good at being submissive. "You will remain in this position while I use you to satisfy my lust. Because you have pleased me you may kiss me if you should happen to climax" "Yes, sir!

Thank you, sir!", she replied, having trouble hiding her enthusiasm. I got down on my knees right in front of her, like I would if I were going to penetrate her but instead I just had to tease her a little bit. I started rubbing my rigid shaft over her slick, swollen genitals. I glanced up to see her reaction and she was biting her bottom lip in anticipation while she watched. When I heard Kim's stomach growl, I knew I was taking too long and quickly squished my pole into her.

I resumed our vigorous pace from earlier and I grabbed on to the top of her shoulders so I could thrust even harder into her. She was having trouble maintaining her perverted pose and staying quiet as I fiercely rammed into her but she was a real trooper and somehow held on. Her orgasm caught me by surprise and her pussy started clenching hard on my cock as she whimpered and weakly bucked underneath me. Her open, panting mouth was seeking mine to fulfill my earlier promise and I gladly dropped my lips down a few inches to oblige her.

As we kissed I felt her shudder underneath me and that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I groaned into our kiss as my powerful orgasm rushed forth and added to the abundant fluids in Kim's pussy. I roughly pumped my hot cum deep inside of her and it seemed to refresh her own orgasm.

My gorgeous girlfriend bucked even more under me as if she were trying to milk every drop of cum from my twitching erection. I couldn't imagine a more incredibly blissful feeling than what I was feeling just then.

As we wound down from our sweaty, panting coupling, I moved Kim's arms from pinning her legs back and leaned back, pulling her with me. She laid on top of me as we kissed gently as we caught our breath. We both laughed when my stomach started growling and she hopped off of me and helped me up. After getting dressed and making ourselves presentable in grinning, euphoric silence, we walked to the dining hall hand in hand.

The bright, sunny morning seemed to reflect our moods. I had never seen Kim so happy and I knew I had never been happier. "Being a submissive little fuck toy seems to agree with you", I couldn't believe I was saying this but I was pretty sure my submissive little fuck toy would really enjoy it.

"Yes, sir!", she beamed and squeezed my hand, confirming my hunch. I grinned back at her and we walked in silence through the more crowded area outside the dining hall. As we waited in line to enter, Kim chose a more mundane topic.

"I like your mom! I can't wait to meet her!", she exclaimed as we shuffled forward. "She gave you a hard time about not getting pregnant?", I asked, knowing the answer but wanting the details. Kim laughed, "She said something like, 'I know you two are having lot of fun but I'd rather not become a grandma anytime soon, ok?'" "She must have loved the way you responded", I replied, remembering Kim's firm reply. "She told me she liked me already and couldn't wait to meet me", we both chuckled at that.

We finally got to the head of the line and Kim grabbed a tray but then stepped in front of me preventing me from getting one also. "What would you like to eat, sir?", she asked demurely, surprising me yet again with her playfulness.

I couldn't help but beam at her as I rattled off my order, "Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast, orange juice, and coffee light sugar." She repeated my order with a twinkle in her dark eyes and added, "Yes, sir!" Before she dashed off something occurred to me.

I leaned in close to her and said, "You lost a bet, ok?" "Yes, sir!", she whispered, and I knew she understood that's what we would tell anyone that asked why she was serving me. I grabbed a glass of much needed water and chugged half of it on my way to the seating area where I was quickly flagged down by my new buddy Ron.

He was sitting with his roommate Paul and their party-hearty next-door neighbors at the head of one of the large tables. After exchanging greetings they insisted I join them and, once I got settled, Paul teased me, "What's the deal Steve, no pretty lady at your side?

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Are you in between supermodels?" "No, the first one turned out to be a real keeper", I assured him. "She'll be along shortly.", I added, wondering what the show would be like. Just then, as if it had been choreographed, Amy, the cute blonde that Kim and I had fooled around with the previous night, sat down next to me. She was smiling as she put her hand on my arm and said teasingly, "Hey there Big Guy, did you lose your girlfriend?" The four other guys at table erupted in laughter and I couldn't help but join them once I realized how it looked.

The timing of her arrival and her flirtatious words and gestures seemed to so clearly contradict what I had just said. Poor Blondie thought we were all laughing at her and she sat stunned for a moment and then started to get up. I motioned for her to stay seated and tried to collect myself.

Paul beat me to the explanation and Amy quickly realized how it looked and sounded and she got a laugh out of it too. I made introductions for Amy and just barely resisted the temptation to introduce her as Blondie. "Hey Blondie! Find your own man, I got dibs on this one!", Kim demanded teasingly as she arrived with a tray full of food and drink. Amy was surprised but recovered quickly, "I don't know. I kinda like your man.". She seemed to think she was escalating the mock conflict by staying put so Kim couldn't sit next to me.

Kim just started placing plates full of food in front of me and replied playfully, "Yeah, I kinda like him too but he's almost too much man for one girl." Kim was putting on a fine performance and I looked around and saw she had a rapt audience. Amy was the only one not entirely surprised to see Kim serving me, her smile had turned into a knowing grin. She couldn't have known exactly what was going on but she picked up on the sexual overtones.

"I can see how he might be too much man for one girl. Here, let me give you a hand", the blonde girl said with a straight face as she unfolded a napkin and placed it on my lap. Blondie was feeding off of Kim's naughtiness again and I was only slightly surprised when she gently patted my cock as she finished the business with the napkin. I just started laughing. I couldn't help it. The situation was just so absurd. I had never even kissed a woman until a few days ago and now I had two sexy young ladies fawning over me and making quite a show of it.

Ron interrupted the performance by exclaiming, "Dude, she brought you extra bacon! You're right, she is a keeper!" The table erupted into laughter once again and Ron had, once again, helped me out with Kim. Once she stopped laughing, Kim gave me a peck on the cheek and asked, "Would you like anything else, Master?" Kim definitely had a knack for surprising me and her switch from 'sir' to 'Master' caused me to pause a moment before replying, "Just you and your food, sitting next to me as soon as possible" "Yes, Master!", she replied enthusiastically and bounced happily away.

As usual, I hated to see her leave but it sure was a lot of fun to watch her go. Blondie was watching too and she giggled at me and seemed to echo my own thoughts when she whispered, "Man, that ass is perfect!" "Amen", I said solemnly, reflecting my almost religious devotion to Kim's derriere. This eliciting another giggle from Amy."You've got an awesome caboose yourself!", I added She leaned over so she was now whispering in my ear, "Well 'Master', I'm about to take my caboose downtown to the adult store and buy myself a nice big, thick dildo.

and then I'm going to take a nice, long, hot, soapy shower." Blondie paused to let that sink in and gauge my reaction, which was surprised and blushing.

Damn, this girl was naughty! Her implication that she was going to be fantasizing about my cock while she pleasured herself in the shower was enough to get my blood flowing down south, as well as my face. "Make sure you tell Kim!", she added as she kissed my cheek and departed. It looked like Amy was already angling for an invite to join Kim and I again for more sexy fun. After the awesome time we had last night I was all in favor of it but I also really wanted time alone with Kim.

Blondie and I both knew I would tell Kim but I decided then to leave out the part about the adult store. I wanted to go down there myself and hopefully get some ideas for surprises to spring on Kim.

Now that it was just us guys at the table the teasing commenced. "So, 'Master'. looks like your girlfriends have you pretty well pussy-whipped", Paul quipped. That got a good chuckle from the table, myself included. I grabbed a piece of bacon and started munching on that, I was starved but I wanted to wait until my lovely server returned before I really dug in.

Kim had indeed brought me extra bacon, what an awesome girlfriend! "So, what's the deal, Ham? You working both of 'em?", Fred, Paul and Ron's tall, lanky neighbor, inquired with a grin. Apparently, I had a nickname. Not the first time someone has shortened my last name into this moniker. I didn't mind, I liked ham and there were a lot worse nicknames.

"Nah, Kim's my girlfriend. Amy's just a friend that likes to flirt and Kim likes it too.", I tried to explain. I went back to nibbling on yummy bacon. "I can only imagine what you did to have Kim serve you so. willingly", Ron said with his usual grin. I just shrugged and grinned back. "So, what do you guys have going on today?", I asked, trying to change the subject.

"We were thinking about getting a game of flag football together, you interested?", Fred replied. "Sounds like fun", I answered, then thinking about how it could be even more fun, "Coed flag football, right?" "Coed flag football?", Kim asked as she returned, she must have caught the last part.

She had brought another plate of extra bacon and set it down in between the four other fellows at the table. She sure knew how to win the hearts and minds of our new friends.

"Sure, you interested?", Ron said eagerly as he snatched up a slice of bacon. "Yeah, sounds fun!", the pale brunette replied as she sat next to me.

"I can probably scare up a few more people if you need 'em", she added. We all made plans to meet up at the athletic fields about an hour and a half later. The other guys had pretty much finished their meals and they left not long after we made our arrangements.

Once we were alone I turned to Kim and gave her a big smooch on her cheek. "Thank you for getting my food, saucy wench!", I whispered. She kissed my cheek in return and said softly in reply, "It was my pleasure, Master!" We both hungrily devoured our food, occasionally interrupted by friends of Kim stopping by to say hi.

Kim quickly got four ladies who wanted to join the football game without making much of an effort. After we finished our meals, Kim asked me to walk her back to her dorm room. I entered Kim's room for the first time and it was easy to see which side was my girlfriend's.

The side with the religious pictures, icons and quotations obviously belonged to her roommate, Donna. The side with the posters of jazz and pop musicians, and pictures of family and friends was just as obviously Kim's side of the room.

Her roommate was not present. I looked around for Kim's saxophone, hoping I could hear her play. "Where's your sax?", I asked her. "I keep it locked up in the practice rooms in the music department. Why do you ask?", she replied. "Just wanted to hear my gorgeous girlfriend play a tune", I said simply.

"Well, my sax isn't here but I'd be happy to play you a tune on the skin flute", she answered playfully.

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"The skin flute?", I repeated dumbly, not understanding until she started unbuckling my belt. I started laughing as I figured out what a skin flute was. When I realized she was serious about 'playing me a tune' I asked her, "Where's your roommate?" "Don't know, don't care", Kim said as she pulled my pants and underwear down. She pushed me back onto her bed and got down on her knees in between my legs, grabbing my manhood firmly.

"69?", I asked, realizing we hadn't tried this position yet. "No baby, I still have some of your cum in my pussy", my girlfriend replied. I was about to say it wasn't a big deal but she must have sensed that I was going say something along those lines, "The thought of you eating your own cum kind of weirds me out, ok?" "Seems a little hypocritical.", I responded, thinking of the times she had gobbled up her own natural lubrication.

"It is hypocritical but that's the way it is. It's not going to be a problem is it?", she asked with a grin while fondling my quickly responding cock. Her small hands seemed to make my erection look even burlier. "It's cool, gorgeous. I've no great desire to eat my cum but I do love to lick your tight, little pussy", I answered.

"Later, when we take a shower after football, you can eat me all you want", Kim seemed to have things all planned out, not that I objected in the slightest. "I didn't get to suck you yesterday", she whispered as she gently stroked my stiffy and I wondered which one of us she was addressing.

She started by slowly licking the underside of my shaft and took her time tonguing all over my cock and balls, keeping eye contact with me as much as she could. She seemed to be savoring the gradual build up and I was loving every second. This was a really nice contrast to our rough, frenzied sex earlier.

After about five leisurely minutes of licking, kissing and fondling my rod, she finally wrapped her lips over the top of it. Kim took her time with this part as well, slowly taking the head into her mouth and caressing it with her tongue. She very gradually increased her pace and took more and more of me, until I was bumping the back of her throat and her lips were stretched around my cock. Her hands were lightly stroking the spit covered shaft while her lips and tongue worked their magic on the the sensitive head.

"Gonna cum.", I warned her. Kim's grip on my shaft became firmer and her strokes faster as I fired jets of hot semen into her eager mouth. She increased her pace even more as my climax wound down, as if she were determined to get every last drop she possibly could. A key hit the lock in the door of the dorm room and it opened suddenly.

The taller brunette woman in the lead made it a few paces into the room before she saw what was going on.

Her eyes and mouth went wide in disbelief at the scene before her. The shorter, squatter blonde lady behind her saw the display and started giggling. Kim had popped her head up to see what was going on, leaving me totally exposed.

"What are you doing?!?", the taller brunette demanded, almost screaming. The keys in her hand told me this must be Donna, the roommate. The naive question caused the blonde gal to laugh even harder. "I'm sucking a big, fat cock, you should try it sometime!", Kim answered wickedly, waving my thick shaft at her roomie.

This was a side of Kim I hadn't seen before, it was like she was trying to upset her roommate. Donna turned and almost ran from the room. Her blonde friend quickly got out of the way, still giggling, and thoughtfully closed the door for us as she followed her friend.

"Are you trying to piss her off?", I asked my girlfriend, who was now laughing too.

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I could hear Kim's roommate in the hallway, in near hysterics about what she had just witnessed. "Yes! She's been trying to push her fucking religion on me since day one here, even though I've told her every time that I find it offensive", Kim ranted.

This was a new side to her I had yet to see, anger. "She just wont fucking listen!", she fumed. I sure was glad she had just made me cum because the strange scene and Kim's rage had really killed the mood. "Well, at least her friend seems cool", I didn't know what else to say. Kim had gotten herself all worked up and I didn't want to make the situation worse. "Yeah, Leanne is cool.

I keep hoping she'll rub off on Donna.", the gorgeous brunette seemed to be calming down a little now. "Sorry Steve, you shouldn't be caught in the middle of this", she was back to her thoughtful self now and was playing with my deflating boner with her small hands.

"Your problems are my problems, Kim", it didn't really occur to me this was true until I said it, but it was true. Apparently, Kim thought this was a very significant thing to say as she immediately sat up and hugged me hard. "I have the best boyfriend in the world!", Kim gushed as she kissed my cheek. "You have another boyfriend?", I joked. That earned me a scowl and a light smack on the arm. "Look, why don't you get changed for football and I'll try to smooth things over with your roommate", I suggested as I stood and pulled my drawers up.

Kim's increased scowl told me what she thought of that idea. "Never had a roommate before?", I guessed. "No, and I can't say I'm too fond of having one now", she muttered.

I had only ever had one roommate in my life before coming to college, my older brother Mitch. That was more than enough to teach me that you didn't want to have bad relations with someone you shared a room with.

You never knew what the hell they might do if you pissed them off. "It's best to be on good terms with her if at all possible. You never know when you might really need her help or she might really need yours", I tried to sound reasonable and I knew Kim was a reasonable person. It did the trick. "You're right, of course", she sounded a little ashamed now. "If you think you can help, go ahead and talk to her. I'll stay in here and wait for you, ok?", Kim said and I agreed.

I found Donna and her friend in the nearby lounge and it seemed like Leanne had calmed Donna down. I immediately apologized to both of them and then asked to speak to Donna alone. Leanne was grinning at me as she left and I was glad she was such a good sport about it. It didn't take long to get Kim's roommate to see that she had been offending Kim with her religious advances.

She agreed not to discuss religion with Kim anymore and I agreed that if Kim and I were fooling around in their room I would put a piece of clear tape over the lock and she would knock to let us know to wrap it up. Donna seemed like a good, reasonable person, just a bit overzealous.

I led the taller brunette back to her room and was surprised to find Leanne there chatting with Kim. My girlfriend and her roomie both apologized to each other and Donna let Kim know about our arrangement and Kim readily agreed. The shorter brunette surprised me once again by hugging her roommate and inviting her and her friend to join us for flag football.

Donna and Leanne both seemed to think that was a great idea and we agreed to meet them at the fields in about half an hour. Kim walked me back to my room so I could change and on the way she said, "Thanks for talking to Donna, I feel a lot better about the whole roommate thing now." "Your problems are my problems", I repeated, which earned me a nice kiss this time.

"Was Leanne trying to smooth things over like I was?", I inquired. That got a chuckle from Kim. She replied, "No, Leanne had other things on her mind." "Oh?", I wondered. "Let's just say she was pretty impressed with your pal", Kim giggled looking at my crotch, and then added, "She wanted to know if you have a brother!" "Did you tell her about Mitch?", I asked. Kim knew I had a brother named Mitch but she had yet to meet him.

"Yeah, but I told her I didn't really know him", she responded. "Hmmm, maybe I ought to call him up and see if he wants to play some football.", I hadn't seen my brother in almost a week. He was a junior at the same university but lived off-campus on the other side of town.

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When we got to my room I called him but he had gone to work already. I quickly got dressed and Kim suggested we drive there so we could stop off at the store and get some sodas for everyone.

I realized just how little we actually knew about one another, I had no idea she had a car. We headed to her car and I thought she was pulling my leg when she stopped at the red Toyota MR2. "Seriously?", I asked Kim. She just grinned as she unlocked the door and hopped in.


I just shook my head as I took the passenger seat. I guess it was only fitting that my hot, little girlfriend had a hot, little sports car. I knew more than a little about cars, having worked at a dealership the previous summer and I knew this was a sweet little sports car.

I half expected her to burn rubber out of the parking lot but she drove cautiously to the nearby store where we bought a variety of sodas, some crushed ice, and a styrofoam cooler. We made it up to the athletic fields to find we had quite a group waiting to play football. Nine ladies and seven guys finally showed up, counting Kim and I.

We got the teams and rules squared away and began what became a pretty competitive game of flag football. I was relieved they brought a nerf football instead of a regulation football, it was a lot easier for everyone to handle. Kim and I ended up on the same team along with Paul, who was built like an offensive lineman but was our quarterback. Paul and I hooked up on a few long touchdown passes early and I suddenly had a new nickname, Largent.

Along with the nickname came double coverage, making it tough to repeat our previous success. Fred was quarterback of the opposing team and he was deadly accurate and kept the score close. When the first couple of people had to leave, after about 90 minutes, we decided to call it a game with our team ahead by a touchdown. "We should do this every Saturday afternoon", Ron suggested, as a bunch of us sat around in the sun, drinking the sodas and cooling down.

"Weather permitting, of course", he added. "Good idea", Paul agreed, "I'll bring the soda next week!" "Yeah, thanks for bringing the refreshments you two", Fred raised his can to Kim and I. I nodded to Kim, "It was this thoughtful lady's idea." "Wow, first extra bacon and now refreshments for the gang.", Paul said, hoisting his can up to Kim, "Largent was right, you are a keeper Kim!" "Damn right!", I declared, giving my gorgeous, blushing girl a big kiss on the cheek.

We all chatted a bit more before more folks started scattering. Ron pulled me aside as Kim and I were fixing to leave. "Does your old lady smoke weed?", he asked. I grinned and nodded affirmative. "You guys should swing by before dinner, I got some really tasty stuff", "Around six?", I asked. "Cool, see ya then", he replied and took off with Paul. Kim and I loaded up the cooler and she tossed me the keys. "Be careful", she warned and got in the passenger side.

Wow, this was showing a lot of trust for only really knowing me for two days. She knew I had driven a lot of different cars over the summer but I hadn't operated many Toyotas and nothing quite like Kim's little 2-seater. It took only a few moments to get used to the manual transmission and I resisted the strong urge to pop the clutch and burn some rubber.

"So, what was Ron whispering in your ear?", Kim asked as I carefully drove us back to the other side of campus. "He's got some really tasty weed and invited us up to his room to smoke some before dinner", I answered. "Sweet!", she said with a grin, and then, "well, shall we try the showers on the fifth floor on your dorm this time?" "Sure", I replied with my own grin. "Oh, I forgot to tell you, during lunch Blondie whispered in my ear something about a big, thick dildo and taking a long, hot, soapy shower", I related the tale, and then added, "and then she said to make sure I told you." I was omitting the part about the adult store downtown, hoping she wouldn't wonder where Amy got her dildo.

Kim laughed and then managed to get out, "That little vixen! She wants to join us again already!" I just nodded, I had already come to the same conclusion.

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"How do you feel about that", the pale brunette asked. "I genuinely like Amy and we all got along really well so it's more than fine with me if you want to invite her to join us but I also really do enjoy time alone with you", I replied honestly and then added, "so, it's pretty much up to you." "Well, how would you feel if I found different woman that wanted to join us for some fun?", she inquired.

"Seriously?", I asked, not really believing my ears the first time. "I'm just talking hypotheticals at the moment, Steve", Kim said, "I don't have anyone lined up, just seeing how you feel about it." We had arrived at the parking lot near our dorms so I didn't reply for a moment while I parked her car.

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Now that we had parked, I grabbed her left hand and placed it on my hardening cock to let her know how I felt about her idea. She laughed and then said, "Alrighty then", and then added with a smirk, "maybe I can find someone with really big boobs for us to play with!" That made my erection twitch under her hand and she just laughed some more and stroked me a few times before hopping out of the car.

"You like big boobs, eh?", I asked eagerly as I grabbed the styrofoam cooler, holding it in front of me to hide my boner as we marched to my dorm. "Doesn't everyone?", the playful brunette asked.