Gay porn twink vid tube The twink studs are trapped in the classroom

Gay porn twink vid tube The twink studs are trapped in the classroom
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Mom joined the 10+ Club and Loves it. This is a fictional story of Humiliation and cuckold husbands, submissive wives with some interracial.

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If this is not what you are looking for please don't read it. It was 10 am on Friday, Judy showed up at Pam dressed in jeans and a t shirt. Pam looked at her, "what outfit you got on under that?" "Well I went to the mall; I got three clit covers and stockings." "What's a clit cover?" Judy unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down.

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Judy wasn't kidding the thing only covered her clit, her pussy lips and bush were fully exposed. "Well if that thing doesn't make a statement I don't know what will. "You think they'll like it?" "Believe me dear, I'm sure you will be a hit, it's not so much the outfit as what's in it." Both girls laughed. Judy pulled up her jeans they walked into the kitchen.


Judy was a short red head, 5 foot at best. Her hair was middle of her back, she was 39 years old 40E cups and nice ass and very horny all the time. "So tell me how did his cock feel? Is it very large? When he cum's does he have a lot? Did he spank you?" "Hold on girlfriend, first his cock felt wonderful, I lost track of all the orgasms I had.

It's about 8 inches but it feels like heaven when it's inside you. He cum's in quarts and insists every drop is swallowed. My ass cheeks were red for two days after our first encounter it was great. Now let's get ready to get out of here, ok." Judy shook her head in agreement. In the car Judy kept asking questions about Ray's friend Juan.

Finally Pam told Judy about Juan and the club, she laughed, "I'm a member of the club if you must know I'm very happy about it too. If my husband could fuck half as good as any of the guys I've met so far I'd never had looked at another man. Since he has no idea what to do with his penis, I'm staying in the club. One good thing is you get fucked at least twice a week, it's wonderful." Judy was astounded "you get fucked twice a week?" "Yup Juan is there for me, if next time I see him you want to try out for the club I'll arrange it but for now that cock of Juan's is mine!" Judy looked straight at Pam, "you really like his cock that much?" "More then you can imagine I'm at the point I'm addicted to it, if I don't get it at least twice a week I turn into a stone bitch.

That and the fact I really don't care who knows." They pulled into the complex, the guard admitted them and she drove to her usual parking spot. Before they got out of the car Pam looked at Judy. "Judy if you have a good relationship with your husband then sport fucking Ray is ok, but if you try out for the club, you're not going to want anything but the club members cocks in you.

I don't like my husband and don't give a rat fuck if he finds out, frankly I hope he does and leaves me." Judy laughed, "my husband has a small dick, when he does fuck me I have to fake it as I can't even feel it, so I'm up for a sport fucking and a definite tryout for the club." Pam knocked on the apartment door, as it opened there was Ray and Juan standing their in there boxers all smiles.

Ray closed the door and made the introductions; Pam took Juan's hand and walked over to the coach.

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She pulled her jeans down to ankles and bent over the sofa; Juan took the wooden paddle and gave her two hard smacks on each butt cheek. She stood up and they locked in a passionate kiss. Judy could clearly see both her cheeks were turning red. She had tears in her eyes as they kissed. Ray smiled at Judy, Judy gave him a wink and headed for the sofa, she dropped her jeans and leaned over the sofa.

Ray gave her two very hard smacks on each butt cheek; she stood up crying until his tongue went into her mouth. As they separated Judy realized Pam was in a bedroom with Juan, the door was open she could see Judy on her back legs way up in the air doing some serious fucking.

She looked at Ray, "my ass is burning like hell, are you going to fuck me on my back?" "Damn right, let's go." He took her hand they walked into his bedroom, as she removed the rest of her clothes he gave her a thumb up. "Judy a clit cover and stocking is a good look for you, you may have a problem later as you have nothing to soak up cum leaking from your holes for the ride home, I don't think you want cum stains in your car." She smiled as she lay down and spread her legs, "well I guess I'll just have to eat all the sperm in me before I need to leave." Ray cock head parted her moist pussy lips and his cock slipped in.

She was moaning and thrashing about under him in minutes as his cock felt great, her burning ass cheeks just heighten the sexual feeling. She was just coming down from her third orgasm when she felt him stiffen, he let out a loud groan and she felt cum flowing deep into her womb.

That caused her to have another orgasm. As he rolled off her he looked into her eyes, Judy lick the cum off my cock and balls and use your hair to dry me. Without any hesitation she went to work on his cock.

They fucked for several hours; Ray used her ass and pussy twice more. They lay in bed relaxing, "how does your pussy feel?" "Great better then great fantastic!" Juan stuck his head into their bedroom, "want a drink guys?" "Judy cooed warm white and thick would be my first choice but I'd settle for vodka." All three went to the living room; Pam's panties were soaked with cum both front and back, it was oblivious she had been seriously fucked.

Judy was given a towel as she was leaking all over the clit cover was useless. Ray went into his bedroom and came out with a pair of silk panties, "here put these on before you ruin the furniture." "So girl friend how's your pus?" "I can only say very sloppy, warm, wet and wonderful." Pam explained her and Juan had discussed her as a candidate for the 10+ club.

Juan looked at Ray, "you think she's a 10+ girl?" "I'm going to hate to loose her but I feel she's 10+ material." Judy blushed, "I can hardly wait when do you think I can try?" Juan looked at her "I'm not sure I'll call you early next week." Pam looked up in his eyes, "Juan I just a craving for a mouthful of warm cum, could I have some sweetie?" Juan chucked "you sure can babe get it from the fountain, just slow I really want to enjoy it." Judy and Ray sat their watching Pam give one of the finest blow jobs they had ever seen.

Juan grabbed her hair and held his cock in her mouth as cum flowed from his balls up his cock into her mouth. It took two swallows to get it all down. Judy and Ray clapped, "girl friend that was fantastic." Judy took Ray's cock and went to work sucking.

It was 3:30 as they started getting dressed, Juan took Pam into the bathroom, he bent her over the counter. Pam's butt was naked, he took the wooden paddle six extremely hard smacks three on each cheek.


He stood her up and spun her around, "that was to help you remember whose pussy and ass you have." She was crying as he kissed her and then patted her ass and told her to get dressed. Even the pat hurt, she had trouble getting her jeans over her butt cheeks as they were really on fire. "You'll be calling early next week to set up her interview right darling?" He smiled "Probably Tuesday or Wednesday, no let's get this show on the road." From the kitchen they heard eight hard smacks and realized Ray was saying goodbye to Judy.

As they emerged from the kitchen Judy looked at Pam, 'could you help me get my jeans on my ass stings so bad I'm not sure I can do it by myself." Both women were dressed in Pam's car heading out of the complex before Judy spoke, "Pam I've got to get in the club I haven't felt this good in years.

The fact my ass is on fire surprises me as its keeping me in a constant state of arousal. Pam laughed, "I know girlfriend my ass must be connected to my pussy, I'm aroused even now and considering all the fucking I got I should be content." They discussed this for about five minutes.

Judy looked at Pam, "I have a question for you?" "Ask away girlfriend," "Do you know what a cuckold is?" Pam just looked at her. "Sure do why?" Now Judy laid out a scenario, it seemed her husband had a small dick and was always winning about things.

"Pam what I want to do is get him a cock lock, he can watch me fuck and stand in the corner and watch. I may let him suck the cum out of my pussy and ass after I've been properly fucked." Pam got a big smile on her face that sounds like fun we can get him alone in your bedroom his cock and rub his balls till he's ready to explode then just leave him in the cock lock till were good and ready for him to cum." Both women laughed.

The next subject was the 10+ club. "Who do you think they'll get for me?" "No clue I had Juan and a guy named Felix. Felix had the bigger cock but Juan fucked me first we know how well cum works as lubricant so I had no trouble taking the extra inch and a half. But frankly after having sex with Juan I would have taken anything in my cunt to be sure I'd be with him again." "Pam I want to be in the club so bad, I know I need discipline and fucking.

This club will give me the two things I need desperately and at the same time maintain a normal life." She raised her eyebrows at that comment; Pam shrugged "well as normal as possible or so it should appear." "Pam let's go to the mall Saturday I need a couple of new outfits.

Saturday morning after Pam's boys all headed out she and her husband had a fight, she basically told him I'm going out, if you don't like it go fuck yourself. She grabbed her keys and left. At Judy's she was met by Judy's husband, he was a small heavy set man about 42.

He seemed the perfect type to be cuckold, she realized Judy was right. Judy came downstairs she looked at her husband "we'll probably eat at the mall; I'm not sure when we'll be home." As they got into Judy's car Pam smiled "if their ever was a cuckold it's him, let's be sure to get a cock lock at the porn store." Judy just gave her a knowing look as they pulled away.

"Pam I could really use a spanking my butt is still sore but not like yesterday." "Tell me about it, but the reason they space out our encounter is so our butts heal enough so we have the constant burning." In the mall they headed for Fredrick's, "I liked your outfit the other day I'll get one." "I'm going to buy three lace thongs with matching stocking, I'm done with the bra thing as my tits are one of my best assets, I'm not going to cover them up. Besides my nipples give me away every time so why not go topless." They both agreed.

After Fredrick's they headed for the porn shop at the outskirts of the mall. Pam looked at Judy, "you know at this place they have a glory hole room." "How do you know?" "I heard my sons talking about it, I guess older women sit in their and wait for young guys to put their cocks through the hole, their assured a blow job every time." As they entered the clerk looked at them, "can I help you ladies?" "Yes you may, my friend needs a cock lock." Without a word the clerk led them to an isle with at least two dozen stiles.

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They both exchanged glances, "I had no idea there were this many to choose from." They asked the clerk if he had any ideas, he told them his wife made him wear while he worked at the store. Without hesitation he opened his pants and showed them the one he was wearing, his ball were exposed but almost his entire cock was covered in hard plastic. Their was a small patch of uncovered cock at the base, he explained if someone wanted to they could jack you off with this on but then you'd be walking around all day in cum until the thing was unlocked.

They purchased two and headed out. "Let's get a drink and some food Pam." They stopped at a fast food joint and had several drinks with a small salad. They pulled up to Judy's house and saw her husband's car was in the garage. Judy got an evil smile, "want to see if he's cuckold material?" Pam was a bit tips "sure we'll give him a fashion show but he has to wear the thingy first." They both went in her husband was seated in the kitchen reading the paper, Judy walked over to him and whispered in his ear, a broad smile came across his face.

"I guess so," was his response then she whispered again, he looked dejected, "ok I guess I'm good with it." The three went upstairs, Judy stripped him down quickly, the two women looked at his prick and then at each other, they both started giggling.

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"Judy that the most pitiful excuse for a cock I've ever seen." Judy nodded "I know, even hard its not much bigger. Let's get this cock lock on you then we'll start the show." With the lock on they went into the bathroom and emerged in stockings and lace thong for Pam and stockings and tight boys shorts for Judy. Both women were topless so their big tits swayed freely.

After trying on several outfits Pam looked at Judy, "we should message his nut sack it only seems fair. The two worked on him for over two hours, until he came in the cock ring. He cried so she took it off and told him to go shower. Pam looked at her, "if we play this right we can have the club members over here with him home if you pass the audition." Judy looked at Pam, "I'll pass it if I have to go to a doctor afterwards, I can't wait." Monday Pam's phone rang, it was Juan.

"Hi babe how's my pussy?" "The minute I heard your voice she got wet darling." "Good I have three guys who would like to try Judy and you out Wednesday. The only problem I've got is we need a motel room and I'm," "Hold on babe, Judy husband is a cuckold we can use her house if you want." She realized Juan was giving this due consideration, "if we do then after work I can come over and get gooey fourths, no one is on a time line right?" "That will work we'll just have to adjust for her kids but her and I can work that out." "Juan please be sure to get over there for gooey fourths or fifths, please." "I'll be their honey and I'm sure one of the guys trying you two out will expect her husband to blow him.

I know they will want pictures of him eating fresh warm cum out of her." "Juan baby I'll be ready for them Wednesday at what time?' "Since we have no time restraints let's saw noon." "Juan baby I'm looking forward to gooey fifths or sixes, please." "I'll see you Wednesday!" Pam called Judy and explained the entire plan, Judy husband would be working in the day but when he got home he could take car of the kids while the girls played.

Wednesday Pam drove to Judy's; she was at her house at 11. They changed into their outfit and put on makeup. "You know Judy I'm getting really use to being topless, the girls like it too." They both laughed. At noon a black van pulled up in her driveway, a tall black man got out, they were both watching through the curtains.

Pam's face lit up, "wow its Felix he's the guys with 12 inches, you're in for some serious fucking girlfriend." Pam opened the door a crack and smiled at Felix. Realizing he had the correct house he waved to the other guys in the van. The van door opened and three guys got out and headed for the house. Once inside Felix made the introductions, the others were Manual, Ray and Bo. Judy was smiling as she was anticipating what was to come, Felix spoke, guys Pam is a member, and both Juan and I have bottomed out in all her holes.

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Judy is the one who wants to join. Ray and Bo took her by the hand and they all walked into the living room. Bo was a black man built like a football player and Ray was a short Hispanic. They bent her over the coach, "have you been a good girl?" "No sir I wasn't." Ray took a ping pong paddle and started whacking her butt cheeks with severely hard blows, he put 5 smacks on each cheek.

Ray handed the paddle to Bo, Judy was sobbing loudly as Bo administered the same amount of smacks to her already bruised cheeks. They stood her up, she was crying uncontrollably. Both men looked at each other as her nipples were hard as rocks and her pussy was soaked, through the tears she giggled.

"I guess I'm busted." Bo looked around "where is a bedroom?" She took both their hands and headed for her bedroom. As she walked away ass and tits swinging Pam said, "Good luck girlfriend I hope you pass." Pam cocked her hips and looked at Felix "I've been a bad girl too." Felix smiled, "I know Juan said you should get a few extra to be sure your still red and sore when he gets here around 5 to fill your pussy.

She grabbed onto the back of the sofa and stuck her ass out as far as possible. Felix came around and put nipple clamps on both her nipples, and then with the same paddle she received 12 smacks to her butt cheeks.

Manny took the paddle and turned the pressure on the nipple clamps up half a turn. Another 12 smacks and she was crying loudly. As she stood up they all realized she was leaking, she had squirted or was still squirting pussy juice. The spanking and the nipple clamps had caused her to climax. Felix took her by the hand and led her to the spare bedroom, within two minutes all 12 inches was balls deep in her pussy.

Her burning ass cheeks heighten the sexual feeling to a level she never could have believed was possible. He pumped her through several orgasms until he pushed deep and she felt cum blast into her womb, it caused her to yet climax again. Felix rolled off and Manny got between her legs; Manny's cock was just ten inches long and about two inches round but it felt really good deep in her cunt. As he started to cum the burning in her ass and the pain on her nipples was beyond belief she lost consciousness for a few seconds.

As she regained consciousness she was aware she was having the most wonderful violent orgasm she had ever experienced. Manny's cock was spurting cum like a fire hose; it was an exhilarating sexual experience with sore butt cheeks and nipple clams. Manny and Felix fucked her for several hours, her ass was as sore as hell but they had taken her to a sexual height she had never known.

The three got up around 3:30 to get something to drink. As they walked by Judy's bedroom they saw Judy giving Ray a blow job while Bo recorded it. Ten minutes later Judy and the guys can into the den. The look on Judy's face told the whole story; she was definitely a member now. The guys sat around discussing how the women performed while Judy and Pam made drinks. Pam whispered "the panties don't lie darling it appears ever hole is cum filled." Judy giggled "I've probably swallowed a quart of cum in addition to what's leaking out of me, but you were right it was a glorious experience." At 4:15 they heard the door bell; Judy grabbed her robe and looked out the peephole.

She cracked the door a bit "can I help you?" The big Hispanic man smiled "I'm Juan is Pam here?" She opened it enough to allow him to come in. "You must be Judy right?" She was smiling "Yes I am sir." "Well from the look on your face I'd guess its safe to say you're now one of our girls." Judy took her robe off so he could see her "I'm covered with cum but it make a great lubricant if you'd like to try." Perhaps I will later." As they walked into the den Pam saw him, she ran across the room and literally jumped into his arm.

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As she pulled him close she moaned as her nipples were very tender and her tits were bruised. In his ear she whispered "I made you proud of me they really enjoyed me and their sacks are dry." Juan looked at her tits, "who used nipple rings on her?" Manny looked at the floor, "Manny this looks like your work is it?" Manny stood up and squared off to face Juan, "yeah I did it so what, there cum depositories, they need discipline so what?" "Look asshole number one we have a rule which says new members are brought along slowly, nipple rings on her second meeting is not slowly.

Then we have the fact that I've told everyone she my pussy. Its not that anyone in the club can't fuck her but I don't want my property bruised, you got it!" There was a feeling of tension in the room, finally Manny shrugged 'Ok Juan it wouldn't happen again." "Just be sure it doesn't asshole." Juan sat on the sofa; Judy and Pam were somewhat surprised at the going ons. Pam looked at Juan "would you like a drink?" "No thanks but I'd like to unload a sackful of cum in you is their clean bed left?" Pam took his hand and they headed for the basement where the spare bedroom had not been used.

Once onside he closed the door. He kissed her "let me see your ass." She turned around and showed him her still red butt cheeks, "are you ok?" "Yes both cheeks burn like hell but I would love to have your cock deep in me. Don't be mad as I'm not quite tight as you remember and I'm very sloppy but I'll do me best for you." He kissed her "I know you will." He fucked her three times in a row, her butt cheeks burned so bad she wasn't sure she could sit in the car to drive home.

As they lay on the bed, she licking cum off his cock she looked at him, "honey what did you mean I'm your property, I thought I now belonged to the club?" "He looked at her, "I'd like to claim you for myself first." She had a puzzled look, "what that is, is when you go to a party without me everyone will see the tattoo on your ass with my name on it.


It means they can fuck you and spank you but if you say no to something or someone you have the right. They must respect the code, it will mean I'll take you to a tattoo parlor and you will have my name on your ass." Pam looked at him she was considering the consequences of this action, she would either have to cuckold her husband quickly or probably get divorced. "Honey give me a few days to consider how to do this you know I'd really love to totally your but I need to figure how to make it work, now before I have to leave is their any chance you have any cum in your sack I can have?"