Feet walking the streets of Rio de Janeiro LPP

Feet walking the streets of Rio de Janeiro LPP
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Part One One day, back in 1975, my friend Scott invited me over for a beer after work.

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We were both just out of college for the summer and had just turned 21 during the school year, so beer became a regular part of our week. We were sitting in the kitchen when his 11 year old sister, Amy, came strolling through and as she always did gave me a once over and then popped me in the back of the head. I finally thought in stead of being passive about it I was going to teach her a lesson. Scott had just gotten a call from outside by another friend who had shown up to hang out so I popped out of the Barcalounger and innocently chased the 11 year old "little girl" to her bedroom where she slammed the door shut on me.

I acted like I was going to force my way in and gave up after just a brief try. Amy opened the door as I walked away and ran out and pinched my ass. I gave chase again only to run into another quickly shut door. As Amy ran out to pinch me again I grabbed her and picked her up and threw her on her bed and quickly pinned her to her mattress with my hands on her wrists and my legs spread eagle over her tummy.

I noticed just as she did that I was getting an erection and Amy smiled and squirmed trying to get out from under me. "What are you going to do, rape me?" she asked. "No, I was thinking of just letting you suck my cock." I pulled my legs up to her arms and let my hands leave her wrists and acted like I was going to pull out my thick 6" cock, but she finally started wiggling out from under me and I heard the door to the garage open so I hopped off of her and walked back to the living room and started to sit back down in the Barcalounger just as Amy, as a giggly little 11 year old would, jumped into the chair so I just sat down beside her.

Scott saw what she did and barked out, "Amy, get out of that chair, Dave was about to sit down." "Fuck you jerk." Amy was really popping off at big brother some 10 years her senior and she wasn't at all happy that he raised his voice with her.

"Dave, Tim needs a ride to town to pick up his truck.

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Could you stay here and keep an eye on Amy while I take him, or YOU can take him." Scott knew I wasn't about to take Tim anywhere. He and my sis had just gone through a terrible break up, and I had to make him leave our house two nights before.

My sis had left his pickup in the parking garage costing him about $75 to get out of the impound yard. I was fine where I was and didn't have any desire to leave. When Scott left Amy was sitting in the Barcalounger and as I was walking back to the living room I started to sit on the sofa.

"Are you afraid of sitting over here?" Amy asked. "No, I just didn't feel it was worth fighting for!" "What's not worth fighting for?" she asked. "The Barcalounger" I stated as a matter of fact.


"Oh, I thought you meant me messing with your ass or something." I hadn't noticed that she had shed her shoes and socks as well as the rubber-band she had used to put her hair up in a pony tail from earlier. I also noticed she had taken off her wind breaker and I was able to see her now much shapelier body as it was now revealing itself in her shorts and smock top. Her small budding breasts, not even an A cup as of yet, were showing up nicely under the top and her shapely ass was as showing quite nicely in the shorts she was wearing.

"You can mess with my ass if you want me mess with you" I said boldly trying to shake her up a little. I found myself getting hard, however. It was almost embarrassing. I hadn't been laid in a week and was ready to have some pussy but was thinking of the legal kind. Amy came over to the sofa and sat down next to me.

"Dave, I want to ask you a question." "Sure" I answered as quickly as she had asked. "Do you think I am pretty?" she asked. "Well, I guess for an 11 year old you're kind of pretty." "11 ½" she stated. "Oh…that is really old." I mused and grinned at her and she acted like she wanted to slap me, but only in jest. "Do you think you would like to mess around a little?" "What?" I asked extremely shocked. "Do you want to fool around with me?" Amy said and she took off her top and exposed her small budding tits.


With it being late spring I hadn't really noticed how tan she was but her bathing suit tan line barley covered her small but very cute breast. Her nipples were small and puffy and very pink. As I sat there, probably with my mouth opened, she walked over and took my hand and pulled me up and had me sit in the Barcalounger.

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As I sat back she followed lying down on top of me and as we leaned back we kissed in a long hard and wet kiss. I was getting harder by the minute and my athletic shorts were at about half mast when she started hunching on me with her little mouth covering mine as we darted tongues in and out of each other's mouths.

I kissed her long and hard and began moving my hands up her sides and finally cup her small breasts in my right hand and then push her away.


My wildest fantasies are coming true, not Amy but underage preteen girls have always been a fantasy of mine since my sis and I messed around about 10 years before. "We…I…there are other…shit, I could go to jail for this." "Not unless I tell someone" Amy declared. "Or you do.

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And I'm not planning on telling anyone." I was in shock but as I started to protest she put her mouth over mine and we began kissing again. Amy moved her hand down to the top band my athletic shorts and slipped her hand inside and began stroking my cock. I pushed her back and told her, "Hold on, I have to take off my shirt." As I did she slipped her hand out from inside my shorts and stood up quickly removing her shorts and stood before me nude.

She then began pulling at my shorts as I lay on the Barcalounger. I was lying on the Barcalounger nude as Amy pulled her self upon me and began riding my cock sliding up and down on it and getting it very wet. I was getting that feeling of climax on the horizon as this young, too young beautiful naked girl was riding my cock. I was wondering if she was still a virgin and she must have sensed that I wanted to ask her something and she divulged information I was not ready for.

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"My mom's brother, Uncle Vick, wants to take my cherry, but I have had my eye on you to do it." As Amy blurted out that announcement to me, I couldn't respond except in a groan as she began pressing harder on my cock with the outside lips of her pussy. Amy was beginning to moan and her breathing quickened. I knew I wasn't far from exploding my load so I pulled Amy's small body up on my chest and kissed her nipples and loved sucking her whole tit in my mouth.

"I wish they were bigger" Amy stated as matter of fact. It was heaven and as I circled her penny sized areolas and small stiff pointed nipples Amy knew where I was heading and began standing on her knees and moved her sweet virgin pussy over my mouth. "This is what Uncle Vick likes too" she stated. Uncle Vick was her mother's brother whom I had not had the privilege of meeting but had heard about from Scott several times.

It seemed like he was just a couple of years older than me and Scott and had an interest in young girls as I did. Without giving me a chance to ask anything Amy moved her bald little wet pussy to my mouth. I quickly found her clit and she screamed out and said it had been a while since anyone had licked her there. As I licked her and darted my tongue in and out of her vagina she really began to buck and ride my mouth and tongue.

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I rolled her over to where she was facing down toward the bottom of the Barcalounger and she slid her small little mouth over my manhood thickness and wheeled her tongue and circled it over and over again and up and down and up and down until I was on the verge of moaning as Amy pushed her pussy over my mouth and I again started licking up her wetness as she pushed her hips up and down on my tongue and face.

She bucked really hard and as she began to cum, so did I and began shoving more of my cock deeper into her little mouth. As I prepared to blast my load into Amy's mouth she stopped and jumped down off of me and got down on her knees. "Cum on my face" she said. "I've seen pictures of guys Cumming on girls faces in Uncle Vicks magazines." As she finished saying that I stood up and began pumping my manhood and pointing down toward her face. As I began to cum l shot the load all over her face and mouth.

The load was everywhere on her face, nose, eyes, and some had found its way onto her small tits with drips falling to her legs.

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She began cleaning it up with her fingers and licking it off and smiling up at me. "Are you ready for the main course?" Amy asked twirling a finger full of white goo around her nipple. I smiled and reached down to give her a passionate kiss on her lips.

"Give me just a minute" I said.