Euro milf Elisabeth strips off slowly and masturbates

Euro milf Elisabeth strips off slowly and masturbates
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This is going to be the best night of my life, today I was going to finally act on my feelings towards my loving girlfriend on 7 years. Tonight is our anniversary (January 1st) and I've been planning this for almost 5 years, I almost got caught with it a few times but my smooth awkward personality quickly dispersed her inquisitive nature.

Tonight I was going to propose to my girlfriend and there was nothing in this world that could make me happier. Let me give you like a little image of me and my girlfriend, my name is Bradley but she loves calling me Puppy, daddy and Master; I stand at around 6' 4" (193 cm) and I'm a pretty big fluffy guy at 290lbs (131.5 kg), I look average I'd say but not perfect by any means in my eyes, though my girlfriend sees me as a gorgeous stunning model I think.

I have stretched ears and a mean looking face and long curly hair (which I personally hate), so I guess that makes people look at me differently but I don't really care. Now let me tell you about my fine as sweet wine girlfriend, her name is Josey and she loves being called kitten baby darling babycakes and during sex she LOVES being called a slut and baby, she is petite and small compared to me, she's at least 5' 1" (155 cm) and barely 90lbs (40 kg).

She has an adorable small face and the best body ever, she may be small but her boobs (a nice borderline C) and ass are perfectly sized for her, I love grabbing her ass because it fits perfectly in my big hands and it's so firm and soft feeling and her pussy is small and tight and tastes like sweet nectar to me, but just below her perfect crotch and ass is a set of beautiful sexy legs that I love having wrapped around my head.

Enough about our appearances, now onto our little kinks and sexual preferences. As you can probably tell by what we call each other that I and she are into Dd/Lg (Daddy Dom/ Little Girl) and Domination with collars and leather cuffs, we are quite a happy couple and we can't stand being away from each other, her and I never have a reason to hide anything from each other and we always tell each other what we're thinking (I even told her about my guilty pleasure about masturbating to a few bestiality stories, she was supportive and I'm glad she didn't look at me differently); I may be her Dom, but she always has the last say in any argument we have (even if she doesn't win haha) and she always gets what she wants but in the end I get to take advantage of her sweet young body.

I planned this all perfectly because the night before I had snuck out to a store a few miles away that I knew sold our favorite drinks in bulk and her favorite cake and other various things she likes.

I was also able to get her a new tablet and a whole lot of collars with O-rings for our leashes and leather cuff lets that were padded on the inside (so she didn't get chaffed or hurt) and a special black lace collar with her name written on it in a light blue.

I made a clever ploy to ask her to go pick up a pizza I had ordered for our dinner while I stayed home to make a few calls for work, I obviously didn't and after she left I quickly jumped into action by running to our room and reaching under my side of the bed to grab the box I had hidden there early this morning, I opened the box to check if everything was in there and it was then I ran to my gaming room and removed the piece of wall I had cutout to hide stuff in and I reached in, I smiled and pulled out a small velvet box and flipped the lid up and sighed happily as I removed the engagement ring.

I started to wonder where I would hide it and when I would ask her, I mean I could pull a prank and act like I'm having a heart attack… but that would only end in me getting hurt, after a few minutes of bad ideas I figured I'd just go old school and set up a hidden camera in the living room and do the whole down on one knee thing (wouldn't be the first time she had me on my knees).

I looked at my watch and figured I had maybe about 20 maybe 35 minutes till she's back, so I went to my little technology closet and pulled out the camera I used when I recorded videos then I went to the living room and set the camera up in a spot I could see but she couldn't, after I checked the angle and moved it a few times I was happy with how it was setup, I went back to my tech room and stood there thinking and remembered I had hidden the liquor last night too and tried to remember where I put it and after a few minutes I groaned as I realized I put them in her car, "Well there goes that surprise right now… fuck ok its ok I can still save myself…" I said aloud to no one.

I wandered around the house and got really excited when I heard her pull up, I got a little nervous and my hand went right to my back pocket to make sure the little velvet box was still there and it was, I looked out the window and groaned as I saw her best friends pull up behind her in their car, "Great.


Now I'm not getting any ass tonight…" I sighed loudly in frustration and was about to walk to the door when I felt my phone vibrate and jingle, I checked it and there was a message from her and it said "don't worry, told them to go, they just wanted to follow me home and give me a present :D" that made me smirk and I knew sex was back on the table for tonight.

I opened the door and she was standing there holding two pizza boxes and a birthday bag; in that moment I was taken by her beauty and I looked her up and down, time seemed to have stopped and I noticed how well my black Suicide Silence hoodie looked on her, It may have been a 3xl but she made it look great on her petite body then I looked down and saw her dark grey jeans hugging her legs and I groaned a little bit getting a bit harder thinking about what sweet little prize I have between them thighs and in those jeans.

Realizing what I was doing I quickly gave her a funny look and she shook her head and laughed "She forgot to give this to me on my birthday" I just rolled my eyes and smirked as I took the pizza boxes and asked "Well what's in the bag darlin?" She walked up behind me as we walked to the kitchen, I put the pizza boxes on the counter and she wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my back and giggled "She got me a drawing pad for the computer and a little ball point pen shaped like a dick", I laughed and turned around and looked down at her with a smile and I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips and lowered my hands from her lower back to just under her ass and I lifted her up in my arms, we stood there kissing and gently biting each others lips.

She leaned forward and kissed my neck and lightly sucked on it and left a hickey then she leaned back and smiled at me with a mischievous look in her eyes, I returned the look and carried her to our room and shut the door then sat her on the edge of the bed. When she looked up at me I sorta melted at the sight of this gorgeous woman staring up at me waiting for my dick, but when she starts undoing my belt and sliding my pants down and kisses the big lump forming in my underwear.

I groaned loudly and slid my hand into her hair and smirked "Who's daddys good little slut?" I softly call out and watch her eyes sparkle with happiness as she pulls my underwear down revealing my 9 inch half flaccid dick.

Watching her take my semi hard dick in her hands and softly licking the head was a blast of ecstasy, her small hands grasped tightly around my dick as it gets harder.

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I lean my head back and growl loudly as I feel her mouth close around the head of my dick, I look down at her and she's got her eyes closed and slowly pushing my dick to the back of her throat then gagging on my dick she slides it out of her mouth and I softly rub her shoulders.

I push my dick back into her mouth and slowly thrust to slide another inch in then back it out slowly, she wraps her hands around my dick again and starts sucking my dick and twirling her tongue around the head of my dick before ramming it all the way to the back of her throat; the feeling of her throat tightening on the head of my dick was so great and while she's slowly bobbing her head on my dick, I slide my hand into the top of the hoodie and smirk as I find out she is not wearing a bra.

I gently squeeze her nipple and groan while she whimpers on my dick; I start massaging her boob and knead it softly. Finally she pulls my dick out of her mouth and looks up at me with teary eyes, I wipe the tears away and lean down to kiss her softly on the lips, I slide her to the side and sit next to her and she moves my legs on either side of her as I lay back on my elbows to watch her give me head, she has on hand at the base of my dick and slowly slides it up and down while she sucks on the head of my dick, then she softly slides more of my dick into her mouth and slowly pushes her teeth on my dick and drags them on it as she pulls my dick out of her mouth.

I groan and shudder at the immense pleasure im feeling and she looks at me with a smirk the resumes jacking me off, she lowers her head back to my dick and lightly drags her teeth over the head of my dick and starts jacking my dick faster while sliding her mouth lower onto my dick and she stops jerking me off and slowly slides her mouth off of my dick and softly sucks and twirls her tongue around my dick as she slides my dick out of her mouth "Oh my fucking god princess.

don't stop sucking, daddy has a little present for you" I groaned loudly as she pushed my dick to the back of her throat and slowly sucked it as she lifted her head up, I quickly grabbed either side of her head and held her head still while I started cumming in her mouth, shooting load after load deep down her throat I groaned and slid my half flaccid dick out of her mouth.

I looked at her and sat up, I gently held her chin and smirked "Be a good little slut and swallow all of my cum" she looked happily up at me and swallowed my load then licked her lips "Thank you daddy, you tasted very good today" she piped up and smiled. I pulled her next to me and pointed at her pants and she obediently started to unbutton her pants and slide them down her legs. I smirked and started softly sliding my hand up and down her inner thigh; I kneeled between her legs and started to softly rub my hand against the crotch of her underwear then pressing my palm against her mound, I started pushing against her panties to get to her clit and I rubbed it softly with my palm while adding pressure every two rubs.

Soon she was writhing and groaning loudly, she slid out of her hoodie and started squeezing her boobs and lightly pinching her nipples. There was nothing sexier than seeing her small petite body moving and grinding against my hand, I removed my hand which elicited a sexually frustrated growl from her; I smirked and started pulling her panties down her perfect legs (which I kissed ever so gently with each small pull of her panties).

I laugh as she kicks her underwear aside; I lean down then start softly kissing her inner thigh making a slow trail to her wet pussy and I gently bite her thigh and suck on it then I give her pussy a slow lick from her asshole all the way up to her clit, I smirk as I feel her shudder and gasp quietly then I take that as my que to start eating her out.

I start sliding my tongue between her pussy lips and softly nibble on each side before lightly flicking my tongue against her clit, I slide my hands under her ass cheeks and squeeze them as I push my tongue inside her pussy and start slowly rubbing it against the walls of her soft pussy then I start sliding my tongue out and flick it against her clit as I lean back to look up at her, shes on one elbow with her eyes shut tight and she's biting her lip only letting small little gasps and moans past her lips.

I slide one hand off her ass and onto her belly and slide it down to her pussy, gently I start rubbing her clit and suck on it while never taking my eyes off of her. I saw her tensing up and I started eating her out and flicking my tongue around inside her making her orgasm and squeak while she rode through me eating her out during her heavenly orgasm. I slid up next to her and put my arm around her shoulder to pull her against my side, she whimpered and looked up at me "Th-thank you daddy. that was…" I cut her off by sliding my finger into her pussy and slowly pushing it all the way in to the knuckle; she moaned and bucked her hips against my fingers, I leaned down and started kissing and sucking on her neck which was met with a groan of approval.

I lifted her leg over mine and started sliding my finger into her tight wet pussy faster; I smirked as I felt her grinding and wiggling her hips desperately to get more pleasure from this half-assed finger fucking.

I slid my finger down from her pussy and started to softly rub her asshole, she gasped and I knew I had complete control of her "Who is daddys good slut" I whispered in a low deep growl in her ear, I felt her tensing up and I heard her whisper "meeee I am daddys little slut… please.


Please fuck me like the slut I am… I need your dick inside me please." I smirked then got off the bed and stood at the side, I flipped her onto her belly and slid her to the edge of the bed. I started spanking her ass, one slap after another till her sexy ass was beat red and warm to the touch, I heard her moaning and I could see her legs getting restless waiting for me to fuck her. I pushed my dick against her ass cheek and she moaned loudly in desperation then reached back to try to rub my dick, I spread her ass cheeks and rubbed the head of my dick against her tight little asshole then I pressed the head of my dick into her a little bit.

I stopped because I knew she wasn't ready just yet to have her ass fucked, so I popped the head out of her asshole and I smirked as I saw it tighten back up. I started teasing her pussy by sliding my dick up and down between her lips, I felt her trying to push back against me so I growled and said "Stop fucking moving, Daddy is going to tease you like the small slut you are. Enjoy it now" I started to rub slower and groaned in pleasure, I felt her push back again and whimper.

I knew she loves being punished and I know she wants me to dominate her; so I grab her hips and ram my dick all the way to my balls inside her, I heard her scream but it turned into a loud moan and I took that as my hint to fucking go nuts. I started thrusting my hips against hers harder and ramming my hard throbbing dick deep inside of her, I felt her push back this time and her hips swayed side to side getting more pleasure from my rough thrusting.

She lowered her head and bit the covers and grabbed a handful and held onto them while I pulled her back against my thrusts, I heard her squeaking and moaning through the sheets and I saw one hand disappear between her legs and I felt her fingers against my dick, she was rubbing her clit. I growled at this sexy sight before me and decided ill start fingering her asshole, so I slid my thumb between her cheeks again and pushed my thumb in her ass then started sliding it slowly in and out "oh fuck yes baby, rub that clit for daddy, let daddy know how much you fucking love this" I growled at her.

In response I heard "i. uh I uhmm… ooh my god. Yes yes yes YEEEEES" I felt her pussy tighten up around my dick while I slid it deep inside her, she was cumming and it felt fucking amazing. I slowly slide half of my dick out of her pussy and rammed it back in, I felt her cum dripping onto my balls and I sped my thrusts up again.

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I softly scratched her hips and rammed my hard dick into her wet tight pussy faster, she arched her back and grinded against me; I leaned forward and kissed her neck and thrusted harder into her pussy, she groaned and grabbed my head and softly squeezed it.

I smirked and realized she was cumming again, I pushed her back onto the bed and resumed my hold on her hips and started thrusting into her faster and yanking her against my thrusts roughly, I groaned as I was getting closer to cumming.

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I started sliding my dick into her faster and faster then pulled out of her pussy and started pressing my hard dick into her asshole, she shrieked and grabbed the sheets tighter as I pushed an inch into her asshole and stopped so she could adjust to the new intrusion. Once I felt she was ready, I started thrusting my dick deep into her ass and slowly pulled my dick out and slammed it back inside her.

I groaned as I felt myself getting closer to filling her ass with warm cum, she knew I was getting close because she started to grind her hips and push harder back against me, she looked back with a smirk and I grinned back at her.

I pulled halfway out then rammed my hard veiny throbbing dick back deep inside her tight asshole and started spurting my warm cum deep inside her ass, I smirked as I saw her seductive face turn to pleasant shock as my cum invaded her bowels.

I slid my dick out of her ass and watched my cum leak down her thighs, it was the sexiest thing ever. She leaned up and I turned her around to hug her against me, she was breathing heavy and I knew I had pleased her well; I helped her get dressed and I put my pair of pants back on, I walked her out to the living room and sat her on the couch and stretched. I looked down at her on the couch and smiled, reached into my back pocket and kneeled in front of her.

The look on her face was written in a sweet clueless melody as she watched my lips move into the words "I love you Josey, will you make me the happiest man alive and become my wife?" she stammered as I opened the box and shouted "YES" with the enthusiasm of a hyped up crowd at a concert, she wrapped her arms around my neck and started crying happily.

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I smiled and turned us to the side so the camera I had left got a good view of us kissing, I smiled and said "This is going on youtube as one of the best days of my life" she looked at the camera and smiled too "Yes. yes it is. I love you" she whispered and kissed my cheek.

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