Fodinha no motel mingus amador

Fodinha no motel mingus amador
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An ex-boyfriend, Joe, introduced me to the swing scene back in 1997. He was a 46 year old Latino 5'7" 175 with a nice stocky build and a delicious and thick 6 inch cock. I am also Latina, long straight black hair and almond-shaped brown eyes, 5'2" 140, with thick thighs, 38D tits and a ghetto bootie that drives men wild.

Joe and I went to a swing club one Sunday afternoon and were lounging near the pool.

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I hadn't seen anyone I was interested in, and Joe was content after he'd fucked and feasted on the fat juicy pussy of a 50+ year old hot Black woman who had been eyeballing him. We were getting ready to leave; I wanted to go home to smell his face and lick it as he told me about how her pussy looked, felt, and tasted. As we began to get up, all heads turned to the direction of the gate.

In walked the sexiest Black woman I'd ever wanted to lay my hands on. She was about 5'6" with my body proportions, long curly hair, milk chocolate complexion and she was wearing a lace bodysuit that strained to hold up her DD tits.


She wore 4-inch strappy heels and her big ass jiggled just a bit as she walked by. She walked through the property and took a table across from Joe and me. Her eyes were intent on both of us. After about 5 minutes of all of us gazing at one another, and her refusing to party with about five other guys, she stood up and looked at us before walking into the house. We knew it was a cue, so we followed her. She was sitting in a recliner drinking a soda, and when she saw us approach, she spread her legs and draped on over the chair she sat in.

What a beautiful sight! The bodysuit was crotch-less and we saw a delicate nest of black hair and a small glimpse of hot pink flesh. Joe and I introduced ourselves to the chocolate vixen.

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Her name was Collette and she told us she thought Joe and I were hot, especially me. Joe asked if she wanted to party and she eagerly said yes and stood up. She followed us to a room where we locked the door. Joe was already naked, and I pulled off my sheer, pink negligee and matching thongs. Once we were all in bed, Joe made a beeline for her pussy, moaning in bliss.

Collette and I began kissing and groping each other's tits and tweaking our nipples. I pulled the straps off her shoulders and peeled the body stocking down to her hips. Joe finished peeling the suit off her and had liberal access to her cunt.

As Joe ate, slurping away, Collette and I kissed, tasting one another's mouth and sucking on each other's nipples. Mine are the size of a silver dollar, and when hard about ½ inch and the thickness of your pinky. Her areolas were dark and the circumference of a coke bottle. Her nipples were just a little longer, but the thickness of my middle finger.

Collette and I were making out hard, and Joe loved sucking her. I was a little a little jealous hearing him moan and whimper and hearing the sound of him slurping her dripping cunt. She got up and got on top of me and I grabbed both of her glorious breasts, loving their firmness.

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Her nipples were hard and I nursed each one, licking and nibbling, raking my teeth along them as I fondled the other. As she straddled me, I felt her voluptuous ass on my stomach and her plump pussy lips delicately grazing my abdomen. I was intoxicated by her musky and womanly scent, and even more so with Joe now giving my pussy long strokes with his tongue.

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She leaned over, almost smothering me with her tits and said, "I want you to come so I can taste you." That took me over the edge. I threw my legs up and spread them wider as Joe gave my clit a harder tongue lashing.

Collette reached between her legs, inserting two of her fingers in her pussy and putting them in my mouth. I wanted to scream, but could only let out a guttural moan as I licked and sucked her nectar from her fingers. As soon as I came, Collette moved down, latching onto my swollen and throbbing clit.

Her big ass was up in the air and Joe wasted no time in grabbing her hips and driving his thick cock into her pink cunt.

I felt her broad tongue taking long strokes up my hungry slit. She was lapping up my juices from my labia, cleaning my cunt and her moans vibrated against my pussy. Joe had gotten so excited; he lost his erection and was unable to keep fucking Collette. He lay down beside us, caressing each of us and trying to regain his hard-on.


I couldn't take it anymore and told Collette, "Lie down; I want to eat your pussy." She lay down next to Joe and they began kissing as he groped her huge tits and occasionally sucked them. I lay down between her legs and she spread them for me.

I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and entered her pink and glorious cunt, moving it in circles and swallowing her juices as they flowed down my throat. I inhaled her muskiness and nuzzled my nose against her silky black bush and moved my nose down against her clit, where I pressed hard and moved my head in small circles to massage it.

My mouth was in her labia, and I rubbed my face in her fat pussy lips, sucking her labia minora. Over and over I gave her fat tongue long strokes with the breadth of my tongue and my tongue explored every crevice.

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I caressed her fat pussy lips with my tongue and sucked each lip as if I were kissing my lover. I went back to her clit and sucked it, occasionally licking it, running my tongue in small circles around it. She was moaning loud and pushing my face into her cunt.

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I could barely breathe, but I wanted to make her come. She then let out a long and deep moan. I looked up and saw her hunched up and looking at me. She fell back against the pillow, held my head down hard, and thrust her hips up.

She then began to scream, sounding like an opera singer. I felt her juices start flooding against my chin, so my tongue dove into her cunt, and I felt it fluttering like a butterfly and then her muscles contract as if wanting to hold onto my tongue.

Her silky juices were flooding my mouth, so I inserted two fingers inside her. She was so tight and was grabbing my fingers.

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I wanted to get as much of her juice as possible with my fingers, and she did get them wet. Her screams subsided to whimpers, and I buried my face between her lips, getting my lips, cheeks, and nose saturated with her nectar. I finally slowed down and began licking her clean. My tongue lapped ever centimeter, and her juices flowing down my throat were a delicacy I will never forget.

I finally stopped, and she got up and went into the bathroom to get dressed. Joe and I began to kiss passionately. Collette's pussy smell made his cock get hard.


He and I were starting to fuck when Collette came out and said, "Raquel, thank you. It was great meeting you. You were my first female and I can't wait to go home and tell my husband about you." She left, and we never saw Collette again, but we often talked about her when we fucked.