Que ricas tetas de mi hermana

Que ricas tetas de mi hermana
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Amy sat on the patio with the other wives and girlfriends. It was a warm clean summer night. She leaned back in the mesh patio chair and admired the well manicured yard. She allowed herself to imagine for just a moment a possible, a hopeful, future with her husband in a house like this one. He was on the right track to get here, she told herself.

He had for the first time been invited here to partake in the quarterly poker game. Her husband's boss had a long running tradition of quarterly poker games hosted at his home. I quick rundown of the regular invitees from over the years would easily show that their careers had turn down all the right avenues.

This was a special opportunity for her husband, for her. She had been with her husband, Mark, since high school. Mark was her first and only man. He had transferred in to her high school their junior year and had immediately fallen for each other. In high school he was the handsome soccer star and she was the distracting beautiful theater star.

Now he was an up and coming star the city's premiere law firm and she was the number one up and coming TV news woman. The stars seemed aligned for a wonderful future. They were the envy of town. There was one festering problem for Mark and Amy. The had taken out a large home equity loan to bail out her parents and keep them from having to foreclose on their family farm.

That was compounded enormously by the downturn in the real estate market. Mark and Amy's home wasn't worth half of what they owed on it.

They could just make ends meet when Mark's boss invited him to join in the quarterly poker game. Both Amy and Mark agreed it was an opportunity not to be missed. The games were not merely a fun time for the boss but a way to gauge them, to assess them for advancement in the firm.

The boss liked bold personalities. Mark was that. It was just that the timing was wrong. Mark and Amy didn't have money to lose. Mark wasn't a stranger to poker. He often played online and would make a few trips year to Vegas to test his play at a live table. Amy was also confident in Marks ability not to lose, maybe not clean the table up, but definitely at the lease he'd make a respectable showing.

Amy finished the last sip of her cocktail. Tim's wife, Lisa, offered to get her a new one. Tim was a contemporary of Mark's at the law firm and had known Amy since the 2nd grade. Tim had pursued Amy since as long as they could both remember. Tim reluctantly stopped his pursue when Mark showed up. Tim befriended Mark if only just to stay close to Amy. Tim married Lisa a year after Mark and Amy married. Lisa was a fine looking woman. She kept fit and took care of herself well.

She had an innocent look about her. Lisa's most compelling features were her wavy brown hair and mouth. She had a big inviting mouth. Her one concern was her height. To overcome she always had a minimum of two inch heels or wedges on which brought her to 5'4". Amy thanked Lisa for the offer but said she head in with her so she could get another look at the professionally designed kitchen.

As Amy slid off the mesh patio chair her dress didn't. Amy dress got stuck and as she slid off the chair the dress remained. Her eyes flared in embarrassment as she caught the other women smirk at seeing Amy's panties. Amy had her legs parted. One was in front of the chair and the other to the side. The dress, bunched up in her lap, no longer hid her smooth satin red panties.

Blushing, Amy pushed her self up and pulled her dress back into place. She smoothed it out over her firm fit stomach, waist, and ass. "Damn girl, you have stellar legs." Marcy announced. Marcy was Tomas's fiancée. Tomas was recently brought into the firm because he spoke French and the firm had picked up a French client on a large retainer. Tomas was a big, eye catching, Frenchman with long dark wavy hair and dark eyes to match.

The men in the firm insincerely joked that they believed their woman would all jump at the chance to sleep with Tomas. The women often teased that they didn't think they grew men that big in France. Marcy, a tall thin dark skinned woman from Morocco, fuels the fire by injecting comments about Tomas's size in other areas. Marcy catches the fancy of men with her exotic look.

She has long legs and narrow hips but it works for her. She always seems to have something snug on. Tonight she has on snug slacks that show off exactly what her body looks like. Her chest is small by comparison to the other women. Small, but perky to the point she can often wear no bra and look superb. "Did you girls see those legs?" Marcy continued.

Amy blushed. Lisa smiled as she caught Amy's eye. "I see now why Tim always wanted to get between them." Lisa teased. Marcy snickered at hearing this. "Honey, you should bag the news gig and just model." Marcy poked. "Well thanks a lot but I doubt Mark would approved of that career move." Amy rebutted. "What career change?" Wendy questioned having just walked on to the patio. Wendy was the one with the chest every woman wanted, and every man.

She had larger C cups, almost D, and they appeared to hover in place. Wendy was the curvy but not heavy girl that guys seemed to take second looks at as they walked by. Her long wavy brown hair added to her appeal as a woman. "We're recommending Amy go into modeling." Lisa explained. "I thought she was already modeling as a new woman." Wendy said as she flashed her eyes up and down Amy's thin body. "I mean have you seen the tight outfits she wears?

My son can barely take his eyes off her when she is on. He brags to all his friends he knows her personally." Wendy was the boss's second wife. His trophy wife she'd joke. She was twenty years his junior. They met when she was twenty and at twenty-one she was married and pregnant. That was 17 years ago, though you couldn't tell it by looking at her. She still looked as though she could pass for under 30, thanks in part to her husband's wealth.

"Whoa! Still teasing the teenagers." Lisa said fanning herself. "Okay, okay." Amy said attempting to quash the topic. "I need a new drink." Amy smile at every one and walked inside. Lisa smiled too and followed. Mark was doing well after the first several hands. He hadn't lost big and hand won a few good pots to be in a respectable position. Tim was even. Tim wasn't the aggressive time in any aspect of his life.

He tended to wait and hope things fell into his lap or when his way. He'd didn't need to be that way. Tim was an attractive fit man with a full head of brown hair and some height, though not as tall as Mark at 6'1".

Tomas wasn't doing so well at the table. This didn't surprise Mark. Tomas was a charming, suave man who got his way with a smile and a wink more than he did by intellect and strategy.

Attractive people never seemed to do well at poker, Mark thought. Then never needed to bluff their way into places or talk woman into bed. It seemed to come way to easy for them to have had to develop a sneaky side. The boss, Ron, had a finely tuned sneaky side. Mark attributed this to his lack of looks. Ron wasn't tall, didn't' appear fit, though he worked out, and had lost so much of his hair that he resorted to a close buzz cut.

Mark figured the only way Ron thought he'd be able to get good-looking women was to attract them with wealth and power. It had worked. He was also leading in the chip count. After a few more hands and a few more drinks the conversation began to slide down and away from the professional banter that had begun the night. Soon, jabs and friendly retorts followed each hand. And then it began. Tomas was in a one on one with Ron.

Tomas was smiling widely as he sat back in his chair watching Ron intently look as this cards. Ron looked up and studied Tomas's grin. "I bet you wouldn't be grinning so wide if I put you all in." Ron probed. Tomas didn't flinch. "Well maybe you wouldn't but I sure if your girlfriend was on the line you'd think twice." Tomas's eyes were the only thing that froze. They had been looking around the room and the table, now they stared at Ron.

Mark and Tim subtly looked at each other in astonishment at what Ron had uttered. Before anyone could respond or comment Ron tossed his cards in. "Ah, I fold. You got me on that one Tomas." Ron congratulated. The atmosphere relaxed, but the odd comment lingered in each's thoughts.

They took a break before continuing. During the break Tomas told Marcy about Ron's comment. Marcy teased Tomas about it and asked if he'd have bet her if he had to. Tomas teased that if the pot we big enough he would have. The game started back up again and the next hour went on without and big swings of fortune on the table among the men, nor were there any tantalizing conversations on the patio among the women.

That would all end in the next hour. Mark's chips had slowly dwindled. He only just had enough to cover one more ante.

Mark couldn't believe his bad luck on the night. Nothing had fallen his way. One hand after another of losers. Then a the final irritation came on the last hand he could play if he didn't win. He was dealt a good opening hand: A-J suited. Everyone was in for the hand. Mark cursed his bad luck at finally having a good opening had but no more money to bet. The best he could do would be to double his ante.

Tomas bet first. A sizable amount for him. Everyone called. Mark saw the pot for the others grow. Then the Flop came: A J 8. Mark hid his excitement and his disappointment in that he couldn't participate in the betting well.

Tomas raised a large amount. Tim called. Mark gritted his teeth in disbelief at the size of the pot and the fact he was on the slide line for it. Ron raised. Tomas and Tim called. Ron smirked, "I'll say we are building quite a pot now," Ron commented proudly. Just then Amy and Wendy wandered into the room. "How's the game. wow! look at that pot." Wendy exclaimed. The men looked to their women. Mark frowned disappointedly to his Amy. Amy saw that he had no more chips.

Amy knew even if Mark won he'd only ahve one enough for two more hands if he didn't win them he, they were done. Amy walked over behind Mark and gave him quick reassuring squeeze on the shoulder. Mark lifted his cards so Amy could see, and know why he was irritated. Amy say the A-J. She looked to the table and knew Mark had a great hand with two pair. The Turn card came: A. Mark felt his body tingle. Amy squeezed again feeling Mark's frustration that he hit a Full-House and had no money to bet it.

His mind raced for a small instant as his eyes betrayed him and he looked to the pot trying to calculate how much was there. Only Ron caught Mark's reaction to the Turn card.

Ron didn't look at his cards, he knew what he had. It wasn't a winner but he had the cards possible for the nuts. Ron had an 10-9 suited. Those two matched with the matching 8-J put him one matching card away from a straight flush and the nuts. Ron looked at Mark again, then at Amy, at her irresistible figure. Ron knew Mark wanted to bet, he knew Mark had something worth betting. He knew Mark was desperate, was in financial trouble, and that if he lost tonight his trouble would sink him.

Ron calculated. The tension was palpable in the room. "Whoa, what do we have going on now?" Marcy exclaimed as she walked in with Lisa. Tomas responded cheerfully, "It would seem we have quite a lot at stake, and more to come." Tomas looked at his cards, looked around at the other players, and checked. "But I'll let someone else begin the charge." Tim didn't want to appear to be backing down from Tomas' indirect challenge to bet so he bet, but only a small amount. Mark sat back and watched helplessly as a fortune sat on the table, a fortune he couldn't win.

Mark looked to his wife Amy. Amy knew Mark was in a great position with his cards. She offered her support. "I'm with you all the way honey," she boasted. Ron smiled, it was time. Ron took a look at his cards again and took a long sip of his drink. "It's a shame I can't bet more than you all have." Ron grumbled.


He looked at his hand again. "Damn, what a shame." Marcy balked at Ron's cockiness and arrogance. "What are the stakes? Weren't you all playing table stakes?" Tomas looked back at Marcy. "We are," he said. Tim and Mark waited for Ron to comment. Ron looked at Marcy curiously. "You are correct Marcy." "Well the way I see it Tomas's hand is on the table and his watch is worth quite a sum more than you have in chips." Marcy challenged.

Ron smiled. Amy and Lisa looked at each other excited at the action.


Tim and Mark waited patiently. Tomas slid his watch off and onto the table. "Now it is officially on the table and ready for action." Tomas smoothly announced. "That's quite a watch indeed." Ron cooed.

"I'm afraid on don't have anything to match it on the table." Ron frowned. A moment passed then a devious smile crept onto his face. "But then again my pen is on the table." It was. Everyone had an object on the table as a card protector. Ron had his pen, Tim had his class ring, Tomas had a silver dollar, and Mark had his wedding ring.

"And with that pen I can sign the winner an amount equal to anything they have on the table." And having said that Ron pushed in all his chips and the pen. Amy and Lisa silently gasped. Wendy smirked. "Whoa, hold on. That changes every thing." Amy interjected.

"That gives Mark a chance to make a bet now with something he has on the table." Mark looked at Amy. Everyone else did too. Ron looked at Mark's watch, "It doesn't appear that he has anything that can cover the bets up to this point I'm afraid." Ron said disappointedly. "He's got his wedding ring on the table." Amy pointed out.

"It's a fine ring but I'm afraid it doesn't come close." Ron said. "The ring is just a symbol like your pen." Marcy clarifies.

Tomas looks back over his should at her with a devilish smile. "So if I understand it right, Mark could put her up to cover the bet." The room fell silent. "And wasn't it suggested that I could have been on the line earlier?" Marcy finished.

Tomas smiled in disbelief. "Well it's not Mark's bet a the moment it's mine. And in keeping with the spirit of Wendy's words, and give that this watch is a gift from her to me, I put it and her up." Marcy's eyes widened in sudden shock. Her heart skipped. What had she induced Tomas to do? What had she gotten herself into? Ron looked easily at Wendy. Wendy smiled suspiciously back at Ron.

"I think we are going to need some clarification as to what exactly is being bet? Ron asked. "Certainly that part of the bet isn't for keeps," Wendy answers. "So we need to decide what it exactly means." Lisa and Amy were paralyzed by the shocking nature of the conversation and the proposed bets. Marcy and Tomas seemed to be at ease with the idea. Both attributed this to their foreign upbringing.

"One hour." Marcy asserts. "One hour obeying the winner's requests." "Let's give everyone a moment to consult with their partner before we continue." Wendy advises. "Wait a second," Tomas interrupts. "That's not exactly equitable. Everyone but Mark has large sums committed. If we all assume that are women of are equal, then Mark still has some catching up to do." "You so right." Marcy agrees. "So, well. Let's make until the end of the day for Mark and Amy.

That ought to equal it out." Mark and Amy look at each other mesmerized by the conversation. Tim sits frozen. He's consumed in impossible thoughts. What an unbelievable set of possibilities. Tim checks his cards. He has K-6 and only a small chance of winning if a K fell on the River and nobody had an Ace or two pair or ended with a three of a kind or a flush. Tim's mind swam in all the possible ways he could lose. But the even the smallest remote possibility that he could win Amy for the rest of the evening.

That was worth the risk, even if he had to lose Lisa for an hour. All the men but Ron got up from the table and moved to separate areas of the room to discuss the insane situation that had arisen. Wendy walked to Ron and whispered, "Are you sure about this? I know we've discussed lots of scenarios in the bed room but this could go in any of a bunch of directions." "Are you nervous?

Are you okay with this? I can pull the plug if you want to." Ron whispered back. "We aren't getting any younger. If we don't see it through now our discussions may just end up as what-if fantasies we talk about when we are too old to make them happen." Wendy speculated. Tim had Lisa in a corner. Lisa was anxiously looking over his should to see if she could read the demeanor of the other women in the room.

She couldn't. "What, what do you think he means by 'for one hour we'd have to obey the winner.'" Tim breathed deep and hid is excitement at all the possibilities if the impossible happened and he won. "Well, I think you can imagine what he means Lisa. It wasn't meant as an innocent offer. He didn't imply that he'd be asking for you to fold laundry and pressed shirts." Lisa was a little naive but she did understand what Tim was suggesting Ron had meant.

"If you lost, I'd have to sleep with him." Lisa pointed out. "I'm sure it would include a few more things than that." Tim clarified. "But if we won, we'd rake in a second salary in one night." Tim added to steer Lisa way from any thought he was in it for the other men's women. "Do you have a decent hand?" Lisa asked. Tim nodded. He knew it was unlikely he'd win, but the thought of folding and finding out later that he would have won would be unbearable.

"Ok," Lisa muttered. Tomas and Marcy lean at ease against a wall casually chatting. It appeared they had no angst over the matter. Tomas joked lightly to Marcy, "I bet you can't wait to see the looks on the other women's when get to give them orders." Marcy smirked.

Tomas continued, "Yeah, you finally get to make them take your advice." "And you don't have any plans for any of them?" Marcy questioned. "I know you'd like to show them what they are missing with their men," she teased. "This was your idea," Tomas reminded.

Marcy smiled. Mark and Amy huddled in a far corner. Amy eyes darted around as if she were looking for something. Mark reached up and held her shoulders. "Crazy, huh?" Mark asked. Amy focused on him. "That's a lot of money," Amy whispered nervously. Mark nodded. "We'd be in the clear if you won." Amy thought of the possibilities. She knew rank of poker hands. "You have a full house with aces and jacks." Mark nodded again. "I don't see how they can beat you." Mark leaned in a bit.

"He'd have to be crazy to have stayed in through the Flop and Turn with the exact cards he'd need to win," Mark said quietly. "Do you think he is bluffing?" Amy asked. "He might be. Maybe he's trying to unsettle us enough to get us all to fold. His court style has been to make bold unsubstantiated suggestions during his closing arguments to induce doubt." Mark rubbed his head.

"By upping the stakes so high it get people worrying about the 1% chance rather than counting on the 99% probability." "It's hard not to think about it. If you didn't win. I. Well. I'd have to obey the winner for the rest of the night." Amy's mind and heart race.

She looks at her watch, 7pm. "God only know's what could transpire." "I can fold." Mark reminds Amy. "But if I do, we are out for good. This is the last hand if I don't win." The financial realizations tumbled back into Amy's mind. They were behind on everything, and had emptied their accounts to buy into this game.

Amy looked around the room quickly. She paused on the men one at a time. She didn't know Ron at all. She had only met him at official office gatherings and dinners. He was and unknown as much as Tomas was. But this Tomas she felt a sense of peace and ease. Tomas didn't convey any mischievous tones. Tim on the other hand. She dreaded what Tim would ask if he won. Tim had always yearned for her. And if he won, he'd ask for her in every way he'd imagined over the years.

Finally she looked back to Mark. "We'd never be able to live with ourselves if you folded this hand it proved to be the winner." Amy relented.

"Are you in for this?" Mark asked for confirmation. Amy nodded. A moment more passes and Ron calls everyone back to the table. "Since this is a very curious and interesting moment it needs to be documented to ensure there are no issues with remembering what was, is, at stake." Ron looks to the dealer. The dealer raises a video camera, films the pot and then points it at Ron. Ron continues, "I have raised the pot to a sum equal to the value of the items on the table and was raised by Tomas," Ron looks at Marcy acknowledging it was her idea, "in the amount, well, hmm, in the amount of Marcy for one hour." Ron paused.

"Not knowing or intending to put a monetary value on Marcy or the other women it is only fair and appropriate that they represent equal value and thus cover the raise and the value of the pot." Ron takes a quick sip of his drink. "The bet is one hour, until the end of the night for Amy, of obeying the the wishes of the winner, as long as no physical harm is caused or criminal activity requested." Ron looks to Tim.

"The action is to you Tim." The dealer turns the camera on Tim. Tim swallows. "I call the bet and put Lisa up." The dealer films a shot of Lisa standing behind Tim, then shifts to Mark. "I call with Amy." Mark answers evenly into the camera. The dealer films Amy.

The camera pans up and down her thin, sexy figure. "I call also. With Wendy." Ron says finishing the betting. Everyone anxiously waits for the dealer to lay down the River card, the final card. The men look their women, the women look at the other women. The dealer slide the card from the deck and across the table to its spot. Hearts are racing. He flips the card: 7s. Tim closes his eyes in disappointment at all the lost possibilities. Tomas smirks knowingly, we looks to Marcy but no regrettably.

Mark perks up excitedly. His muscled tighten. His heart pounding. Ron, looks to his wife like he's the cat that just ate the canary. His wife returns a shocked look. "Time to show your cards," the dealer announces. Every flips their cards at the same time. Mark looks back to Amy. His eyes are wide with enthusiasm. He hadn't thoroughly inspect the others cards he assumed quickly they didn't have winning hands.

"Luckily son of a," Tomas mutters. "You bet heavy knowing only one card in the deck could help you." Tomas says. Mark's is still looking at Amy, but a strange tingle runs down his back when he hears Tomas's words.

Words that aren't directed at him. He looks back at the table, at the cards. He sees it. The last card. The seven of spades. It completes a straight flush for Ron. It beats Marks full house. The rooms starts to spin in Marks eyes and mind. Amy figures it out soon after.

Her eyes fixate on the table. "You fortunate to have won with the cards you started with," Marcy lectures Ron. "I don't think Wendy would have been happy if you had lost, seeing as you bet her with those cards." "Poker is as much luck and fate as it is skill and percentages," Ron says smugly. "So. Um. So what now?" Lisa interjects weakly. Amy looks at Ron, waiting for his response.

"There is one thing I've learn from others and from my own experiences of the years and that is to collect your debt quickly. Lingering debts often complicated things irreversible." Ron looks to the women one by one. "Congratulations on your winning three lovely ladies," Wendy smiles down at Ron. "Oh my dear. I won four. You were part of the bet. So, I win you for an hour also." Ron grins back at Wendy.

Tim, Tomas, and Mark all look around at each other wondering what the each is thinking, wondering if anyone will try and renege on the bet. Nobody speaks up. "Clear the table," Ron tells the dealer. Ron stands up and walks to the bar in the room. He pours another drink, looks at the clock and says, "It would seem I have more than I can handle in the allotted time. So, I think I am going to have to request a few background activities to keep the atmosphere appropriate to what I am going to be doing." Ron sips his drink.

He looks at Lisa. "Lisa come around to table. Wendy sit up on the table." Ron begins his requests. Lisa hesitates for just a moment, but obeys.

Tim watches her. Wendy sits up on the table. Her dress riding up her legs a bit. The other watch. Everyone can see the excitement in Ron's eyes. "I've had a few wild thoughts over the years and one that I always hoped is about to come true." Ron announces to the room.

"Don't take this personally Tim, but Lisa seems to be a little too prim and proper. That's about to change." Lisa's frozen. Wendy knows what is about to happen. It was something her and Ron had discussed. She smiles at Ron. "Spread those wonderful legs of yours Wendy, spread them wide." Ron orders. "Don't be shy guys, and gals. Come around and watch the show." Not wanting to be uncooperative, they all move to a sofa and chairs to watch.

When they are all seated and looking at Wendy, she pulls up dress. She pulls it up around her waist and out from under her. Sitting on the poker table with her dress bunched up around her waist, Wendy spreads her legs wide.

Her light green panties hugging her perfectly. Every one stares. Wendy still has an amazing body despite being years older than the other women. They all hope to look as good when they are her age. Lisa wobbles a bit. She is a bit lightheaded.

"Wow, look at my wife guys. This might be the only time you get to look up the boss's wife's dress." Ron teases. "Look at how her panties hug her pussy so snug." The guys look, stare at their Wendy's panties. "Now you get to see more." Ron adds. "Pull your panties to the side Wendy. Show everyone your cunt." The change in breathing by every one is noticeable a second after hearing Ron's language, his use of the word cunt.

Wendy pauses, flashes Ron a look, then reaches down and slips a finger under her panties. She pulls them to the side exposing her cunt to everyone.

She is trimmed nicely with a small above. She feels everyones eyes on her. "Look at that guys. You're looking at the boss's wife's pussy." Ron looks around at the men and sees their eyes staring at his wife's pussy. Ron looks back at Wendy. "Finger your cunt for the guys." Wendy's eyes light up.

She'd thought about wanting to be watched for years but was afraid to do it. But being told to do it was different. In someway she feels her reputation is protected if she has to do it, is told to do it.

So she does. Wendy slips a finger into her pussy. She moves in and out slowly. She looks directly at Tomas after a moment. She watches Tomas watching her.

"That's hot Wendy." Ron says breaking the silent moment. He looks at Lisa. "Now Lisa, I am going to tell Wendy to tell you do to a few things. You will do what she asks." Lisa swallows nervously and nods obediently. Ron walks to Wendy and whispers in her ear. Everyone is curious.

Ron steps back. "Hi Lisa," Wendy says softly. "Come over here and stand between my legs." Wendy stops fingering herself as Lisa walks and stands between her spread legs. "Get down on your knees." Lisa flashes a nervous look at Wendy. Wendy nods, confirming her request. Lisa drops to her knees. Wendy slides to the very edge of the table, her legs wide.

Lisa's face, mouth, lips are just inches from her pussy. "Taste me Lisa. Lick my pussy." Another noticeable change in breathing sweeps the room. Tim's leans in just a bit, but enough for everyone to know he is interested in seeing Lisa do this. Prim and proper Lisa leans in, her tongue out touching Wendy's smooth pussy lips.

Wendy tilts her head back and utters a moan of satisfaction at the soft first touch. Lisa's tongue moves up along Wendy's pussy. Wendy feels the warm wet tongue glide along the outside of her exposed pussy.

"More." Wendy mutters. Lisa licks again, another long slow tentative lick along the outside of Wendy's pussy. "More, more." Wendy pants. Lisa licks again, this time firmer. Then again, and again, Lisa's warm, wet, firm tongue slides along Wendy's pussy. "Oh, fuck," Wendy moans. "Ooh, mmm. Lick me deep. Push you tongue inside me." Lisa obeys.

Lisa presses her tongue firmly on Wendy's wet pussy and it slips inside. She pushes her tongue as deep as she can into Wendy's pussy licks up.

Her tongue pulls out and she does it over again. Deep back in, then up and out in a long lick. "Oh fuck, oh fuck." Wendy moans as Lisa pleasures her in front of everyone. Lisa continues the pattern as Wendy's hips start to move. Lisa feels Wendy's hand softly in her hair on the back of her head.

"Keep doing it Lisa, keep going." Wendy pleads in pleasure. Everyone watches Wendy move her hips to the pleasure Lisa is giving her. Tim, Mark and Amy are in disbelief that they are seeing the boss's wife getting off to a woman, to Lisa. Tomas and Marcy enjoy the show. Then is happens. Wendy moans loud and arches back. She lets go of Lisa's hair and grips the table. "OHH OHHHFUCK!" Wendy cums. "Oh fuck." She reaches back and holds Lisa's lips firmly against her pussy as her body continues to explode in pleasure.

Lisa continues to move her tongue as Wendy cums and her wetness increase. Lisa can taste Wendy orgasmic wetness. Wendy trembles as her orgasm subsides. She releases her grip on Lisa and opens her eyes.

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"Fuck," she mutters. "Turn around and look at every one. Let them see your face and what you just did to my pussy." Lisa leans back and looks at Wendy's pleasure filled face. Lisa's lips and mouth are wet from Wendy's pussy. Lisa backs up on her knees out from between Wendy's legs and turns to face the others. Lisa's lips are flush and wet.

Everyone looks at her lips and mouth and then into her eyes. She is embarrassed, a bit ashamed. Then she looks behind the others noticing that the dealer has the video camera out filming. She looks into it, and knows everything she just did was filmed. "Now, we are getting things going." Ron declares to the room.

"But I am afraid we have a long way to go still. Especially with Lisa." Ron looks around the room. "Marcy." Ron calls out. "It's your turn to sit on the table." Marcy smiles and winks at Tomas. He nods and motions her to the table. Marcy gets up and strolls to the table. Wendy slips off and fixes her self. Marcy turns and faces the audience. "Oh my dear Marcy. I'm afraid you're going to have to lose your lovely pants. And, well let's not be shy, let's have it all off." Marcy closes her eyes momentarily and smirks.

Tomas looks at the other guys reactions. Lisa stays on her knees next to the table. Marcy reaches to her snug shirt. She unbuttons the front slowly. Everyone looks on. After the last button she opens it and slips it off her shoulders exposing her smooth bra and fit stomach. With out hesitating she unclasps the bra and lets it fall to the floor. Marcy's perky chest is exposed. Tomas looks to the Mark and Tim to see their reaction.

The both stare right at her tits. Marcy reaches down and undoes the buttons to her pants. She pulls the zipper down and opens the front.

The top of her panties are exposed. Her pants are snug, she has to wiggle herself to pushes them down. A moment later and she is standing her only her panties. Smooth satin panties that matched her bra. They hug her well. Ron stares as do the others. Ron says, "Fuck Tomas, you get to see the every day. Damn nice." Marcy smirk a bit then moves her hands to the sides of her panties.

She slips them down slowly. Her pussy exposed. Shaved smooth except for a thin short strip above. Tim and Mark swallow as they stare. Amy looks on too. Her curiosity as to how Marcy takes care of her self down below satisfied. Wendy looks at Ron and says, "Oh, I bet you like that don't you." She looks at Marcy and smiles, then back to Ron. "Look at that tall thin dark body. I bet you want her don't you Ron.

I bet you and the guys at work talk all the time about fucking Tomas's girl endlessly. Now, here she is. All yours. Waiting for your commands." Ron looks to Wendy and smiles.

"She is fabulous isn't she." Ron comments looking Wendy up and down. Ron looks to Tim and not Tomas. "Tim, I can't say I feel bad about this.

But I am afraid your wife isn't quite done paying off your bet. I've aways felt she was a bit reserved and needs to expand. And I am going make sure she done some expanding before the night is over." Lisa swallows nervously, her lips still wet from Wendy. Marcy's eyes narrow. "Sit on the table Marcy and spread those wonderful legs so we call all see your pussy." Marcy tips her head a bit and slip up onto the table.

She spreads her legs wide. Everyone looks at Marcy's smooth pussy.

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"Nice, Nice." Ron purrs. He looks at Lisa on her knees still. "Stand up Lisa and face Marcy. Then bend over at the waist and make Marcy cum with your mouth like you did Wendy." Again everyone breaths in at once. They all watch.

Lisa stands and obeys. She bends over at the waist and lowers her head between Marcy's spread legs. Lisa's skirt rides up just enough so everyone sitting can see up her skirt and to her white satin panties.

Tim looks on thrilled at is seeing his wife like this. He hopes Ron will treat Lisa like this soon. Lisa's lips and tongue find Marcy's smooth pussy. Marcy moans and looks at Tomas. Tomas smiles. Lisa licks Marcy like she did Wendy.

Her tongue soon dipping into Marcy. Marcy moans and begins to rock her hips to Lisa's motion. Ron comments, "Tim look at your wife doing down on a coworker's woman. The second time in just moments." A few more moments pass and Ron stands up. He looks right at Tim and undoes his belt, then the buttons to his pants.

Everyone but Marcy and Lisa notice what Ron is doing. Ron slips his pants off and steps out of them. He is hard in his boxers. He looks big to everyones astonishment. Lisa whispers something to Mark but he is to distracted to hear it. Ron looks at Tim and smiles as he pushes down his boxers revealing a large 8 inch cock.

"Congratulations Tim. Your wife gets to be my first of the night." Ron holds his cock and strokes it a few times. He steps up behind Lisa. Marcy opens her eyes and sees Ron behind Lisa. She is slightly surprised. Ron lifts up Lisa's skirt exposing her panties and ass to everyone. Lisa is startled, she looks back.

Her eyes flash wide as she sees Ron's hard cock. Ron grabs her head and hair and pushes it back into Marcy's spread legs. "No, no stopping Lisa. I have an hour." Ron reach down and takes Lisa's panties by each side and slip them down and off.

Tim, Mark, Tomas, and Lisa all watch from the sofa. "Spread your legs Lisa." Ron commands. A second of hesitation and Lisa moves her feet wide, spreading her legs as she is bent over still licking Marcy.

Ron back up a second so every one can see Lisa's pussy from behind. She is shaved around her pussy with a patch above as bit bigger than Wendy's.

Tim swallows nervously but excited at seeing his wife like this. Ron strokes his cock a few times and steps back behind Lisa. He rests his hard cock on her ass and slides it back and forth pressing his balls up against her ass.

Lisa thinks for a moment that maybe he will just do that until he cums. Then Ron's hands grab her hips tight. Ron lets the tip of his cock slip down between Lisa's ass and presses it up against her pussy. Ron looks down at his cock against Lisa's pussy then he looks back over his shoulder at Tim.

He looks into Tim's eyes as he presses his cock into Lisa's pussy. Ron lets the expression on his face change as slips into Lisa while still looking at Tim. Lisa moans but it is muffled. "Oh fuck Tim. Your sweet innocent little wife has a nice little cunt." Ron tells Tim before looking back down at his cock sliding into Lisa. Tim is mesmerized as seeing his wife like this. Bend over a table licking a woman while another man fucks her from behind.

This sight also turns Marcy on. She holds Lisa's head and rocks her pussy into her mouth. Ron looks at Marcy as he begins to pull out and push back in Lisa quicker. Marcy can't hold out any longer, she moans loud and arches back. "OHH OHH FUCK Lisa. Oh fuck make me cum." Marcy moans. Lisa feels Marcy's wetness increase as she is pulled firmly into her pussy.

Marcy shakes as she orgasms, holding Lisa's mouth to her pussy. After a moment, Marcy relaxes and slays back on the table satisfied. "Nice job Lisa," Ron says to her as he pushes his cock deep into her with a firm thrust. Lisa moans in discomfort. "Oh. Oh are u having a bit of trouble with my cock?" Ron pulls back a bit and pushed in just as hard. Lisa moans again but Ron can't tell if it is in discomfort or something else.

"Oh wait a second. I think you liked that." Ron push back and again thrusts in." Another moan by Lisa, but this time her hands try to grab the table. "Oh I think you are trying to brace yourself. I think you like it a bit harder." Ron pulls back and thrust in hard. Lisa moans. Again Ron thrusts. And again a moan. Over and over Ron pumps his cock in and out of her.

"Oh fuck Lisa. I've enjoying this a lot." Ron moans in sincere pleasure. "Oh fuck I bet you like being treated like this. Like a little whore." Ron reaches up and grabs Lisa's skirt. He tears it in half and pulls it off. Next he rips the back to her blouse in half and pulls her head and chest up off the table so he can pull it off.

Then finally he rips her bra off leaving her with nothing left on. Lisa's tits exposed. "Come around to the side for a better view." Ron tells the others.

They all move to another sofa to satisfy Ron's request and their curiosity. Ron's holding Lisa's hair and pulling her head and chest back up off the table while thrusting his cock into her pussy from behind.

"OH fuck guys, look at her. Look at her." Ron moans. Lisa's leg are spread wide, she is bent over the table but pulled back so only her hips touch the table. Ron is behind her, but low between her spread legs. He thrusts up hard sinking his hard cock deep into her pussy.

He moans with each thrust to let the others, especially Tim, know he is enjoying her pussy. Everyone watches. Ron keeps thrusting, harder each time. He begins to moan differently then. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, of fuck you little bitch, you fucking little cunt, OH FUCK!" Ron pushes in deep and holds his cock in. He rises onto his toes. His ass flexes hard.

Still pulling Lisa's head back by her hair. His ball tighten up. His body trembles. Everyone holds their breath. Tim's eyes widen, his mouth opens but he doesn't protest. Everyone watches, stunned at what they are seeing. Ron is cumming in Lisa's pussy. Lisa's eyes widen as she feels Ron's big cock swell then release his cum into her. She feels his cock pulsating, she feels his warm cum fill her pussy.

She doesn't protest. She lets him cum in her. Ron moans in deep pleasure as he enjoys the feeling of cumming in Lisa's cunt. A moment passes and he relaxes. He steps back and pulls out. His cum drips from Lisa's pussy onto the floor. Ron turns and faces everyone, his wet cock softening. He looks at Tim and says, "Do you see that?

I just fucked your wife. Hell, I cam you your wife." Ron smiles. "I;ve wanted to fuck your wife since the day i et her. She's a good fuck. She took my cum like a pro." Tim is speechless. Marcy sits up a bit to look. Lisa is motionless. Ron looks back at Marcy. "Whoa. Not so fast Marcy." Ron interrupts Marcy. Marcy looks at Ron curiously. "Lisa, get up on the table and roll over and spread your sweet legs wide for Marcy.

She's going to lick my cum out of your pussy." The room is silent for a moment before being interrupted by Marcy and Lisa moving to their ordered positions.

Marcy looks at Tomas as she moves between Lisa's legs. "Now I want you to bent over at the waist with your legs wide like Lisa was as you clean up Lisa." Ron adds. Everyone gulps wondering if Ron will do to Marcy what he did to Lisa when she licks her. Marcy obeys and everyone watches.

Lisa looks down her body and between her legs at Marcy as she moves in. Lisa, wide eyed, watches as Marcy's mouth opens and her tongue slips out.

Lisa tenses in pleasure as Marcy's tongue touches her pussy. Marcy looks up at Lisa and into her eyes as she licks her pussy. Marcy can taste Ron's cum on Lisa. Marcy licks again and again. Lisa moves her hips in pleasure, her motion forces more of Ron's cum out of her pussy.

Marcy licks it up and swallows it. Lisa watches as Marcy licks, sucks, and rubs her pussy with her lips and tongue. Everyone watches as Marcy pleasures Lisa, her dark skin in contrast to Lisa's. Lisa is ripe with pleasure having just been filled with a big cock and now a wet soft tongue. She moans softly. Tim watches intently.

Ron notices. He notices that Tim in staring at Marcy's smooth pussy more often than he is watching Marcy licking Lisa. Ron mind starts to work in a different direction. He wonders how far he can push the activities. Lisa can't take the pleasure any more. Her hands slap the table and she grips at it.

"OH Goddddd." She moans as she arches back. Her body explodes in pleasure. Marcy keeps her mouth on Lisa's pussy as she cums. Everyone watches. Ron keeps his eye on Tim. "Tim, you like the look of Marcy's smooth pussy don't you. Hmm yes, look at her spread like that. Look are her nice pussy on display as she is bent over between your wife's legs. You seem to like the look of Marcy's pussy more than what she is doing to your wife." Ron states then looks to Tomas.

"Tomas, your girl seems to be advertising. Her posture is begging someone to fuck her." Everyone's eye shift to Ron. Everyone wonders where he is going with this. "Just look at her Tim. Bent over, naked, legs spread wide. Hell anyone could walk up behind her and push their cock into her. I know you've thought about what it would be like. I know I have. Hell, sorry Tomas, but everyman here as talked about what it would be like to fuck your girl." Ron looks at Mark and Amy.

Amy isn't shocked. Mark is a bit embarrassed that Ron would expose their guy conversations. Tomas smiles knowingly.

"Heck everyone here has probably wondered what it would be like to be with everyone else. The good thing for me is I get to actually do it. Well at least for the next 40 minutes." Ron looks around at everyone. Marcy is still licking Lisa thought the intensity has died down as she is distracted by Ron talking. "Okay ladies. Listen up. I have you all for another 40 minutes, and Amy a bit longer. The agreement was you have to obey my commands.

So I am going to mix it up a bit. Wendy, come over here for a moment. I have something I want you to relay to the other ladies." Wendy walks to Ron and Ron gives her instructions. Wendy's eyes flash as she hears them. She walks to the other Marcy and Lisa and tells them Ron's commands quietly so the men can't hear.

Their eyes dart around nervously. Amy looks down at Mark. Mark returns a confused, worried look. Wendy returns to Ron's side. "Okay Marcy and Lisa." Wendy announces. Tim, Tomas, and Mark stiffen up in anticipation. Amy wonder's why she has been spared. Lisa slips off the table and moves next to Marcy and takes up the same position she has; legs spread wide. They both look back. Marcy looks to Tim and Lisa to Tomas. Ron smiles devilishly.

Lisa goes first. Lisa looks at Tomas and says in a slightly dazed voice, "I want to feel your cock inside me. I want you to fuck me in front of my husband. I want you to fuck me until you cum in me." Lisa is dazed by what she is saying but she continues.

She looks at Tim. "It's okay Tim. I've wanted to fuck Tomas for a while. I want to be little whore for the next 40 minutes." Ron watches to see if Tim or Tomas protest. After a short second, Marcy speaks. "It's okay Tim." Marcy says.

"If you don't want to watch Tomas fucking your wife you can distract yourself by coming over here and fucking my little cunt." Tim's heart skips.

"Ron said you've been staring at it. So come over here and see if it is as much fun to fuck as you've imagined." Ron waits anxiously to see if anyone will protest the change in expectations. Ron knows they've only imagined that he'd be the one fucking them because the women had to obey. But the men were under no obligation to obey. They could say no. They could refuse to fuck the women.

Ron hoped their thinking was sufficiently compromised by the chance to follow through with their idle fantasy talk without feeling guilty for having been the ones to suggest it.

Their wife's couldn't protest until after their hour was up, but then it would be too late. Ron knew Tim was the weak link and he was confident that Tomas's relationship with Marcy probably wouldn't be compromised if Tomas accepted. Ron and Wendy look on at Lisa and Marcy as they wait to see what Tim and Tomas will do. Tim's heart races as he looks at Marcy bent over the table, her legs spread, her smooth pussy on display. Tomas casually looks at his woman's pussy then to Lisa's pussy.

Mark and Amy look to each other confused at the events unfolding. The taunting words Lisa and Marcy spoke moments ago still echo in their minds. Marcy looks over her shoulder at Tim, "Tim, you just saw Lisa lick my pussy.

Don't you want to know what I feel like too?" Marcy teases Tim again. Tim nearly stops breathing. He can't take it anymore. He stands up and starts to undo his pants. Ron smiles. Marcy looks to Tomas but he is looking at Lisa. Tim pushes his pants to the floor and steps out of them. His cock is hard in his boxers. Tim gaze is on Marcy, shifting from her ass and pussy to her face and eyes. Tim looks right into Marcy's eyes when he pushes his boxers down.

Marcy's eyes move down. She sees Tim fully hard cock. It's not as long as Tomas's about about 5.5 inches but thicker. Tim steps up and behind Marcy. Lisa looks at her husband behind Marcy. Tim grabs his cock and lines it up on Marcy's smooth pussy. He presses the tip against it and holds it there. He looks at Marcy's face again and says, "Say it again." Marcy gulps she doesn't think.

Things are happening so fast. The night has become confusing. All she remembers is that she has to do what she is told. "I want you to fuck me." Tim is fixated on Marcy as she says the words. He records the moment in his mind.

Excitement and desire overhelms Tim. He grabs Marcy's hips quickly and firmly and quickly sinks his hard cock into her waiting cunt. Her tight ,wet, warm cunt overwhelms Tim. He moans loudly, "OH FUCK!" He pushes his cock as deep as he can in Marcy's pussy until his stomach is pressed onto her ass. Tim has his entire cock inside Marcy. Ron smiles wide at the sight.

Lisa stares, her mind in a haze. She watches her husband flex his ass and push his cock deep into Marcy's pussy. Just then she feels a hand in her hair. Her head is pulled up and back just like Ron had pulled her hair earlier. The she feels a warm breath on her cheek, then the quiet direct voice of Tomas. "You're man's got his cock in my girl's pussy.

What do you suppose I do about that?" Lisa mutters her response, "Fuck me harder then he's fucking your wife." "Oh.

I am." Tomas whispers back. "But first you're going to get on you knees and suck me nice and good." Tomas then pulls Lisa back off the table and guides her to her knees. Lisa looks around quickly and sees Ron and Wendy, and Mark and Amy looking at her. Lisa is naked on her knees next to her husband who is pressing his cock in and out of Marcy.

Tomas pulls off his shirt exposing his muscular body. Then he slips off his pants and boxers. His huge cock bounces free. Wendy and Amy's eyes widen momentarily at the nice sight.

Tomas's cock is easily over 8 inches. Lisa looks up her face lights up. Tomas looks down at Lisa. "I know you want to suck it, Lisa. Now do it, suck my cock Lisa." Lisa opens her mouth and holds her tongue out. Tomas reaches down and holds her head. He moves his hips forward guiding his cock into her waiting mouth. Lisa's wet tongue feels good in Tomas's cock.

Tomas moans slightly as he watches his cock go into Lisa's mouth. Lisa closes her lips around Tomas cock. She sucks his cock. Tomas moans. Marcy turns her head to look back at Tomas. She sees Lisa on her knees sucking her man's cock. Tim looks to his wife too, then back to Marcy. He thrusts his cock in hard. He sees Marcy's face reach to the pleasure his cock is giving her pussy. Tim looks down at his cock sliding in and out of Marcy's pussy.

It's a dream come true. He can't contain himself any more. He mutter's loudly, "Oh fuck Marcy. Fuck, I've wanted to fuck you since the first moment I saw you. Oh fuck. oh fuck. I'm going to cum. oh fuck Marcy I'm going to cum in your cunt." Marcy turns away and grips the table. Then see feels Tim's cock swell and explode in her. "Oh FUUUCCKKK." Tim moans as he unloads his cum deep in Marcy's pussy.

Tim's hand grip her hips tight as he trembles in orgasm. His cock pulsating insider her, shooting his cum into her pussy.

Mark and Amy look on, less shock than when they saw Ron cum in Lisa, but still shocked that Tim was cumming in Marcy. Tomas hears Tim's words to Marcy and his moans. He looks over and sees Tim trembling as he has his cock deep in Marcy. He looks back down at Lisa. Her head moving back and forth. Her lips gliding on his cock. Her tongue caressing his cock. Tomas moans. Now it is his turn. He pulls Lisa up and off his cock. He steps around behind her so everyone can see Lisa's naked body.

Then he guides to the table and lays her on her back spreading her legs wide. At the same moment Tim is pulling his softening cock out of Marcy's cunt. His cum drips from his cock and runs out of Mary's cunt onto the floor. Tim looks over at his wife on the table now. Her legs spread. Ready to be fucked by another man. A second man in the same night. Tomas waits until he catches Tim glance at his big cock, then he moves in between Lisa's legs.

"Say it." Tomas tells Lisa. Lisa look into Tomas's eyes, "Fuck me with your big cock." She says deliberately. Tomas pushes his hips forward. The tip of his cock touches Lisa's moist pussy. Tomas pushes more. His cock parts her pussy and slowly stretches her. Lisa bites her lower lip gently as she feels Tomas enter her.

She stares at Tomas's face. Tomas continues to push, his cock sliding deeper and deeper into Lisa's warm pussy. Tomas gazes back at Lisa as he feels her pussy engulf his large cock.

Lisa looks down between her legs and sees the last of Tomas's cock slide into her. She moans leans back and arches lifting her chest high into the air.

She lifts her sexy smooth legs and put her feet on the edge of the table, she spread wide for Tomas. Everyone is shocked by Lisa's seemingly out of character move. Mark and Ron perk up at seeing this different side of Lisa. Tim's mouth hangs open.

Tomas lets a low pleasure filled moan escape when he sees Lisa assume a willing posture. Tomas reaches down and holds Lisa's thighs and presses his cock deep into Lisa's pussy.

Slowly but deliberately Tomas works is cock in and out of Lisa's sweet pussy. He moans with nearly every thrust. Lisa moans and starts to rock her hips pleasuring herself and Tomas in the process. Everyone is mesmerized by Lisa and Tomas. Lisa's pale skin is a nice contrast to Tomas's darker town. Lisa's moans slowly turn to words.

"Oh fuck. Yes. Oh yes. Fuck me. Fuck me Tomas. Yes, fuck me." Tomas responds by picking up his tempo. His stomach and ass flexing with each powerful stroke. Lisa looks at Tomas and moans, "I want you to CUM in me." Tomas smiles approvingly back at Lisa. He presses his cock deep into Lisa, making her take the full length of his cock. Lisa moans in pleasure at the fullness she feels. Tomas hold his cock deep in her, enjoying feeling, before pulling back and thrusting in again.

Tomas works the full length of his cock and out of Lisa. The pleasure building in each. The full length of Tomas's cock in Lisa drivers her crazy with pleasure. She pulls on the edge of the table, pushing her into Tomas's thrusts. She moans louder and louder with each of Tomas's deep thrusts.

It is too much for her. She screams out in pleasure, and orgasm rips through her pussy and body. "OH FUCK!" Tomas is overwhelmed by Lisa's intense orgasm and he is pushed over the same edge. His cock swells and erupts deep in Lisa's cunt. "Oh fuck Lisa, you beautiful woman. Oh god." Tomas moans as his cock shoots cum in her pussy.

The others can see Tomas's taint pulsating as he is deep in Lisa. They all know that with each pulse it mean he is shooting a stream of cum inside Lisa. Tomas trembles as he finishes cumming deep in Lisa. Lisa's body relaxes from its intense orgasm.

Her fingers release their tight grip on the edge of the table. Lisa relaxes back on to the table. Tomas takes a deep breath and pulls his cock from Lisa.

He steps back turning towards Tim, so Tim can see his cock glistening with cum and his wife's wetness. The room is quiet. The hour is over. Mark and Amy look on. Both look at Tomas's gorgeous body and his large swaying cock. Mark notices Amy's glance down at Tomas's cock. "Not bad." Mark whispers. Amy glances at Mark and smirks. "Well that's it for Lisa, Wendy, and Marcy." Ron announces. There is an odd silence for a moment before Wendy interrupts. "I think we all need some drinks after that." Wendy exhales.

Lisa sits up on the table. She is flush from the exertion. Marcy slips off the table and grabs her clothes. Lisa follows her lead. They dress. Marcy fixes a round of drinks. Tim and Tomas dress also as to Ron and Lisa. Mark and Amy wonder if Ron has forgotten about Amy entirely. Perhaps he is spent for the night and will let Amy off the hook. Wendy delivers drinks. Tomas uses the moment to approach Tim. "Tim, I want to tell you that you're a lucky man. Your wife is amazing." Tim smiles embarrassed slightly but responds in kind, "You're lucky yourself." Tomas leans in and says more quietly, "It's ok that you've always wanted to fuck Marcy.

I've always wanted to fuck Lisa. I hope you're ok that I did, and I'm good with what you did. I mean it Tim. I think it's hot you fuck Marcy." Tim blushes a bit uncertain how to respond to the surreal admission by Tomas. Lisa is in the corner with Amy while Mark is talking to Marcy.

Lisa confesses to Amy, "I feel like such a little whore. But, I don't regret it. I mean, it was liberating. Even fun if I am being honest." Lisa takes a sip of her drink.

"But still, I just had to men fuck me and cum inside me, and I went down on a women and let another go down on me." Amy is momentarily at a loss for words.

"Well, your night is over. And I'd have to say it didn't look like you hated it. I'm just worried now that Ron might not have forgotten about me." "Well he got dressed. So maybe he done for the night." Lisa says. "Maybe, but he has me for an entire day." Amy mutters anxiously. Mark looks into Marcy's eyes for a reaction, "Not what you expected when came to poker night I bet." Marcy smirks and nods.

"This has been the craziest day of my life so far. Shit, this is stuff you only read about in mags or see in pornos." Marcy nods. "If I were you I'd be thinking about what Ron might have up his sleeve for Amy." Marcy takes a long slip of her drink.

Mark does also. The door to the poker room opens and in walks Ron's house keeper. She moves to Ron and hands him a cell phone. Ron talks and nods then hangs it up and gives it back to the house keeper. He smiles devilishly and motions for Wendy to come to him. Wendy smirks and rolls her eyes as Ron whispers to her. The group notices Ron's exchange with Wendy.

Ron clanks his glass with a poker chip to get everyones attention. "Well I hope every one has enjoyed the game and activities so far tonight. But now it's time to begin the finally." Ron holds out his hand and Wendy hands him a remote. Ron aims it to a large tv over that hangs on the wall behind the bar.

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The tv turns on. Ron clicks away on the remote until the screen displays a security picture of the kitchen and the patio where the ladies were sitting earlier. Everyone looks at each other curiously. "Amy come over here please. I need you to start paying off your debt and I need to instruct you on a few things." Marks and Amy's hearts skip a beat. Ron wasn't going to spare her. Tim's heart races again in excitement.

Amy looks at Mark briefly before walking to Ron. Tim stares at Amy, her dress hugs her perfectly. Mark looks around the room at the others, they are all watching Amy walk to Ron.

Amy, the star of the bunch, the TV news woman that all the papers list as the sexiest woman in the city. Ron doesn't avoid starting Amy up and down. He doesn't have to be properly polite with her anymore, well not for the next day. He likes it. Amy stops in front of Ron. Ron reaches out for the side of Amy's head and pushes his finger into her hair. He runs his fingers through her hair a few times before pulling her ear to his mouth.

He quietly gives Amy her instructions. Amy's eyes widen in shock and surprise as Ron talks. Her eyes dart around as she listens. A few more moments pass and Ron finishes. Ron releases her. Amy steps back, hesitates, then turns to face the others. She swallows nervously then reaches under her dress and pulls her slip down and off, moving her hips around to do so. Mark, Tim, and Tomas begin to have a suspicion as to what might happen. The sun was just setting.

Amy drops the slip on the floor and then reaches back and undoes her bra. She pulls her bra off but manages to keep covered. Amy adjusts her dress. Amy doesn't need a bra. Her chest is perky and full without it, but she feels improper going without one. Tim stares intently, soaking in Amy standing there in a thin dress with no bra. Her nipples can be seen against the fabric.

Mark stares also as his beautiful wife. Tomas admires her. Just then Wendy pulls the blinds open. The sun streams in behind Amy penetrating her dress. Tim's feels the blood drain from his face as he sees Amy's perfect silhouette. He almost mutters, Oh my god. Amy's body is an irresistible combination of sexy and athletic.

The moment is interrupted by the sound of a car pulling up. Ron and Wendy smile. Ron announces, "Okay everyone, we are relocating." Ron gets up and walks out of the room.

Everyone pauses for a moment before following. A few moments later they are looking out the front door a stretch limo. Amy looks at Mark nervously. Mark returns the look. Tomas asks, "So Ron where are you taking us?" Ron smiles, "Club Desire.

It's amateur audition night." Tim smiles immediately. Tomas smirks. Mark gulps quietly. Lisa and Marcy look at each other relieved they are done for the night. Amy tenses up for a moment as her mind race with the possibilities. The club is just outside the city limits, where direct solicitation is legal within a club environment. It is an exclusive private club, members only. Ron has a membership. Tim has alway fantasized about getting inside the club, albeit without his wife along. Amateur audition night at the club was a night where any woman could audition for a pass to work inside the club.

It was great money for those who didn't mind the work. That only catch being you could only refuse the advances of three guests. The limo pulled up and soon the driver was opening the doors to let them out. Ron exited first followed by Wendy. The door man knew Ron and greeted him. Ron spoke to him quietly as the rest got out. Soon they were all walking inside. The club was exquisite. Beautiful modern decor and plenty of mirrors.

The lighting was perfect and the music wasn't overbearing. Mark looked around at the male clientele first. He wanted to prepare himself for who would be staring at his wife all night long and to see if he knew any of them. Mark was struck by how handsome all the men were, and how well dressed.

There were very few men Mark would consider unattractive by the general population. Those that were, had their acceptance into the club explained by the expensive clothing, shoes and watches they wore. Money did talk. Tim didn't notice the men, he scanned the club checking out the women. Tim noticed every woman in the club was hot. He soon realized what this club was all about; that every woman in the club was fair game for a proposition.

He also knew this meant his wife was fair game too. He pondered for a moment if she'd get propositioned, and if she'd accept given what she had already done this evening. Amy looks around the room as Mark had, she doesn't recognize anyone. She is a bit relieved. She is even more at ease but at the quality of the men in the club. They seem like respectable gentlemen.

It could be worse she says to herself. She also notices that all the women are very attractive.

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Ron get their attention and then directs everyone to a semi private section in the corner with it's own little stage. Everyone finds a seat. All the seats face the small stage and beyond it is a view of the rest of the club. A waitress brings drinks for everyone. A few moments later a beautiful blonde woman in a tiny skirt and a cropped tank top gets on the stage. She isn't tall, 5'4 maybe, but she has nice athletic body and a great smile.

"Hi, I'm Kim." She introduces herself. She then looks at Amy. "Hi Amy are you ready?" Amy freezes. "Amy, don't be shy, she's going to show you a few things.

So you'll be able to follow through on paying off your debt. " Ron says. Amy swallows nervously and knows she can't refuse, not for nearly another 20 hours. Amy gets up and climbs onto the stage. The lights behind her silhouette her again. "I'm going to show you a few moves that will get all the men's attention." Kim looks Amy up and down. "I don't think you're going to have any trouble tonight. Now try this." Kim turns her back the group and starts a slow roll off her hips as she bends over at the waist.

Amy looks at the eyes of her friends, she particularly sees the look of anticipation in Tim's.

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Ok, fuck it. Amy says to herself. I'm going to drive Tim and everyone else crazy. Amy turns and imitates Kim. Mark watches. He likes it. Soon Kim and Amy are bent over more, their legs spread apart a good distance. Kim's tiny skirt has rode up and now her entire ass on display. Her pussy is barely covered by the thin fabric of her panties. Amy notices Kim, and not to be outdone she slowly pulls her dress up, gathering it up around her waist in order to give the appearance her dress is much shorter.

She looks back at the men. She sees them staring intently at her, with an occasional glance to Kim. Amy's heart beat fast and hard with exhilaration. She holds her dress trying to decide if she should pull it up that last bit. The little bit more that would exposer her to the men.

Amy looks again at the men. Seeing their stare pulls her dress up that last bit. She sees the men's eye widen. Amy is thrilled by it. Her panties exposed as she is bent over, her legs spread; she knows they can see how her panties hug her between her legs - how they hug her pussy. Over the next few minutes Kim shows Amy many more basic erotic dance moves and poses.

The men down a few more drinks as they are mesmerized by the show Amy and Kim are putting on, but particularly to seeing Amy. By the end of the time Amy has had her dress up over her waist, revealing her hips and her panties in their entirety. She has had the top of her dress down off her shoulders revealing her matching bra and how it holds her nice chest.

And also by the end a few strangers have wandered close by to watch. Ron claps as the latest song ends. Kim smiles and Amy blushes. Ron waves Kim to him. He whispers in her ear.

She nods at his instructions. The rest look on curiously. When Ron is done Kim walks back to Amy and takes her by the hand and leads her into the back dressing rooms. Mark gulps nervously but he is very excited by not knowing what Ron has up his sleeve. Tim scans the room checking out the other dancers. Tomas and Marcy whisper to each other and giggle. Lisa catches the look of one of the strangers that has wander close by. She looks to Tim to see if he has noticed the attention she is receiving.

He hasn't. Lisa watches as he stares at woman at a near by table. After another round of drinks, Kim comes out of the dressing room and back to the table. The group waits for Amy to appear. After a long moment she does. Mark's face drains to pale as he sees his wife. Amy steps out from behind the beads that hang to obscure the view into the back.

She has knee high black high heel boots on, a tiny black leather mini skirt that rides low on her hips and end a the bottom curve of her ass, and a black bra. Mark hears the gasps of astonishment from Tomas, Tim, Ron and the strangers. From the girls he hears the faint mutters of 'oh my god.' As Amy walks to the table were everyone is she can feel the eyes of every man in the bar on her.

She sees Ron motion with his head and eyes for her to get back on the stage and dance. Her heart races. She feels exhilarated and embarrassed at the same time.

She gets to the stage and climbs the steps. With each step she knows the men can see up her skirt. She loves the thrill. A new thrill she never knew she'd like.

Amy moves to the center of the stage and looks at her friends and husband. She sees the thrill in his eyes. It encourages her and washes away all worries she has that what will happen this evening will haunt them.

She starts to dance as the new song begins. She feels their approval at what she is doing by the moans, whistle, and shouts she hears above the music. She steals a glance at each of her friends occasionally to see their expressions. Then she begins to do it to the strange men looking on, a new pleasure to entice them, to tease them, to embolden them.

Then lastly she throws all hints of caution out and does it to Tim and Tomas. But not Mark her husband. Ron has instructed her not to engage him. She knows by Marks looks earlier that he will understand. After the second song, Amy starts to turn up the erotic physical moves.

She directly engages the men. Slowly sinking to her knees in front of them, inches away. Rolling to her back, at first with her legs together, then slowly spreading them as if inviting them to have her. As she does her skirt rides up and her panties are exposed for all to see.

Rolling to her hands and knees she lets her knees slide apart as she drops her chest to the stage, again her skirt rides up and her panties are exposed, her panties revealed, snug to her pussy. Soon after she starts dancing directly in front of each man at the stage watching her.

They start to toss 10's and 20's on the stage. Mark watches Amy and the men watching her. He is excited beyond belief. He sees the lust in the men's eyes watching her, including Tim, Ron, and Tomas's eyes. He realizes he doesn't care. He accepts that he lost a bet, that he got himself and Amy here and that it is okay now.

That now matter what happens he will look back and find it one of the most exciting moments of his life. What was an unthinkable thought a day before has becomes his an overwhelming want. He wants to see his wife fuck the men watching her, all of them. He wants to see her taken. He want to see the pleasure on her face as she is fucked by them and he wants to see the pleasure on their faces as they have her. Ron has been paying very close attention to Mark and Amy. He can read people.

The same ability that has enabled him to be successful at poker and in business he uses to read this moment. He sees it in Mark and Amy. He knows now is the time to get what he's wanted. To see Amy do the things he's dreamed about seeing. When Amy glances at Ron he gives her a wink.

Amy knows the time has come. Amy moves to in front of Ron. She slips to her knees. Ron stands up and steps onto the stage. Mark's heart skips as he realizes it is all about to begin. Every man watches. After only a moment. Amy reaches to Ron and undoes his belt, then his pants.

She pulls his pants open and pushes them down leaving him in only his boxers. His huge cock grows and pushes his boxers out. Several men gather at the stage to watch. Amy steals a quick glance to Mark.

He smiles and winks. She looks up to Ron and then to his boxers. She pull them down. Ron's giant cock springs free. It's fully hard. Mark hears Tim mutter, "That lucky son-of-a-bitch." Mark feeling naughty and exhilarated by the atmosphere and the experience. Leans to Tim and says, "Don't worry Tim you'll have your cock in her mouth and cunt by the end of the night." Tim head snaps to look at Mark.

Mark smiles and looks away. Ron reaches down and grabs Amy's dark hair at the back of her head. He pulls her head back a bit tipping it up. He holds her steady and moves the tip of his cock to her bottom lip. He rests it there for second before pulling her head forward and pushing his cock into her mouth. Amy closes he mouth on Ron's cock. Her lips tight. Her tongue presses against it.

Ron moans in pleasure, at finally having his cock in Amy's mouth. Something he never thought he'd have. He holds her head as he rocks his hips and slides his cock in and out of her mouth. Amy pleases him with her lips and tongue. Ron's usual endurance is weakened by the fantasy realized. He feels his orgasm building fast.

He can't hold out, he doesn't want to. He holds her head tight and pushes deep in her mouth. "OH FUCK!" Ron moans. His ass tightens, his body flexes. He cums. Amy's eyes widen as she feels Ron's cock swell and explode in her mouth. Ron cums hard. Amy is surprised by Ron's volume and strength of his cum.

Ron shoots four big bursts of cum into Amy's mouth, and a final smaller stream. She is forced to swallow. She realizes that this is the only other man to cum in her mouth. Ron flexes deliberately and Amy feels a last shot of cum from his cock into her mouth. She swallows again.

Mark watches as he sees his boss cumming in his wife's mouth. He sees his body flex as he cums. He knows what is happening. Rom is cumming in her mouth. He sees Amy swallow. He is excited at seeing his wife swallow another mans cum. He is excited to see her like this. He wants to see more. After a moment Ron relaxes. He releases his grip. Amy pulls back, blushing. Ron moves away, his cock softening.

Mark looks around and sees the other guys, the strangers, whispering amongst themselves. They are unsure of whether to make a move or not. The rules of the club say they can, but they also respect that she is in a private party area. Tim also sees this. He remembers Mark's comment a few minutes before. He doesn't want to wait, he can't. He stands up and moves to the stage before anyone else can make a move. Amy notices Tim. She looks to him. She knows. It's going to happen. After all these years.

Tim gets to the stage but doesn't go up. He reaches out and takes her hand. She gets the signal and stands up and walks off the stage to him. Tim pulls her close. He reaches up and touches her chest over her bra.

He feels her chest and teases by pulling her on her bra. He looks Amy in the eyes as he touches her. Tim knows this will be his only chance with her, his only time to have her. Years of fantasy and desire come to a head. He grabs her head and pulls her in and kisses her.

She returns the kiss reluctantly. He pulls off feeling her reluctance, he likes it. "Oh fuck yes Amy. All those times you rejected me. All the times you teased me about how I'd never." Tim says to her, then he kisses her again. Their tongues tangle. He pulls her off by her hair. "Oh yes Amy. I remember. I remember senior year, after prom party. You were drunk, so you might not remember, but I do. You pulled up your dress and flashed me your panties and said.

'You're never going to get in these Timmy.'" Tim smiles. "Well guess what Amy?" Tim spins her around and bends her over a table.

Her tiny mini skirt rides up. Her panties exposed. Amy looks up at the strangers watching. They are eager to watch. Tim holds her hair and pulls her head back a bit but not in a hurtful matter, just enough so everyone can see her face. Tim whispers in her ear, "Look at them. They're going to watch me fuck you." Amy looks at them. A half dozen men looking on. Tim's frustrated anger reaches new highs as he gets closer to a fantasy of his. Amy feels and hears Tim undoing his pants then pushing them down and off.

She feels the tip of his hard cock bounce into her ass. She gulps nervously. She knows it's going to happen. Then she feels Tim's hand grab her panties.

He slides them down over her ass and down her legs and off. Amy closes her eyes for a moment as she realizes she is exposed to Ron, and the rest of her friends. Tim pushes her legs apart wide.

Then he steps back so he can look at Amy's pussy, her cunt for the first time. His knees go weak for a second as he sees she is waxed smooth. Completely smooth. Amy looks back at Tim. She sees Tim focused on her pussy. Her eyes drift to Mark and she sees he is in a trace staring at the scene of her and Tim.

Marcy, Lisa, and Tomas all watching. She then sees Ron wave at a few of the guys to step into the private area so they can see better. She looks back ahead and sees more guys have stepped over to watch.

She notices they are all hard in their pants. Tim steps up close behind Amy holding his cock, stroking it lightly. He lets it rest against her pussy as he bends over her back. He whispers in her ear again. Amy's eyes go wide for a flash. Amy swallows and says to the guy in front of her, "Pull my top off and my bra. Then you can have my mouth as he fucks me." Tim smiles and straightens up. The young eager guy quickly steps closer in front of Amy. He reaches down and grabs her top and pull is off.

Then he unclasps her bra and pulls it off. He drops her bra to the floor. Amy's perfect C cup exposed to all. Amy's heart pounds as she is now in just a mini skirt that is up around her waist. Her eyes look to the young man who pulled off her top and bra.

He undoes his pants and pushed them down as he stands in front of her. She gulps as she sees his perfect 8 in cock flop out. Just them she feels the tip of Tim's cock press agains her pussy and his hands grabbing her hips tight. Her mind races. She can't believe it. She is about to be taken by two men at once. Tim says, "Say it Amy." Amy swallows quickly and says, "Fuck me Tim." Tim's hands tighten and he pushes his hips forward.

His cock presses into Amy's pussy. He moans as he watches and feels the tip of his cock entering her warm cunt, a cunt he's wanted for so long. He doesn't stop or pause, he keeps his hips moving pressing. He watches as he cock enters more and more into her pussy. "Oh fuck," he moans softly. His mind racing as he sees his cock going into Amy's cunt. It's tight and hot, better than he had ever imagined. Amy closes her eyes as she feels Tim's cock push into her.

Her hands grip the table as she feels the only other cock she has ever had in her. A moan escapes when she feels Tim get deeper in her, filling her pussy with his cock. Tim hears Amy's moan when he is half way in her.

His excitement explodes and he forces the rest of his cock into her pussy with a quick hard thrust. "OH Fuck!" he moans loudly.

Amy gasps, "OH!" Her eyes pop open. Tim is all the way in her. She feels him hold it there for just a second before pulling back a bit. She feels him sliding in her. Then he thrusts forward again hard. Her body jerks forward. Her thighs press into the edge of the table.

"OH," she moans again. Then again and again Tim repeats his thrusts. Amy fully realizes now that she is being fucked. Fucked by Tim. Fuck by only the second man in her life. "Oh god Amy." Tim moans. "Fuck, you have a nice tight little cunt." He moans. "How do you like me now? You fucking little cock tease." Tim looks to the young guy in front of Amy. He is holding and stroking his impressive cock. "Give it to her. Make this bitch suck your cock." Tim reaches out and grabs Amy's hair and pulls her head up a bit.

The young guy steps in. Amy opens her mouth. The young guy slips the tip in her mouth just barely. Amy lips tighten around his cock. The young guy moans, "Oh fuck, I've dream about this every day I see you on TV." Amy's last hope of remaining anonymous is gone.

She knows that soon everyone in this underground society will know who she is and what she is doing. The young guy pushes as much of his cock as he can into her mouth. Amy lips and tongue suck caress his cock as best she can giving that Tim is thrusting harder and harder into her from behind.

It's not long before Tim suddenly pulls out of her. For a second she thinks he is going to cum on her back. "Sorry, dude but you're going to have to take a break for a few." Tim directs to the young guy Amy his sucking. The young guy pulls out of Amy's mouth. Amy immediately feels Tim pulling her up by her hips and turning her around.

He pushes her on her back onto the table. "Now, I get to see your face and you get to see mine as I fuck you." Tim pushes her legs apart wide.

He looks down at her and smiles with erotic pleasure and anticipation. He pulls her skirt down and off. Her smooth firm body is now naked. Amy, naked on her back with her legs spread, looks around for a second at he people watching her. She notices several of the men watching her are filming her with their cellphones.

Her mind races with the implications if those videos get out. Just then Tim between her legs. He reaches down grabs her hips again. He looks to the guys watching and filming.

"Watch this little bitch take my cock again." Tim looks at his cock as he pushes it back into her tight cunt. He moans again loud for the audience. "Oh fuck she's got a tight little cunt." Then he looks at her face into her eyes.

He watches her face as he thrust in and out of her. Amy tries not to give into the pleasure. but something erotic is rapidly growing insider her, a part of her that she didn't know existed. A part she wasn't sure she could every ignore, a part she wondered if Mark would understand.

She began to give into what was happening. She began to embrace the feelings she was having that this is exactly what she wanted to be like. She begins to pant with pleasure, her body rocking on the table to his thrusting rhythm. She begins to move her hips, fucking Tim back. Her excitement jumps when she hears Tim say to the young guy who she had just been sucking, "Get ready, you're next." That sends Amy over the edge, her pussy, her body explodes in orgasm.

"OH FUCK!" Amy moans. She arches back, her hands flail then find the tables edges. Her whole body reverberates with pleasure. "OH FUCK!" She moans. Tim feels her orgasm, his own becomes unstoppable. He thrust as hard as he ever has and moans, "OH FUCK AMY, TAKE MY COCK YOU FUCKING CUNT!" His cock swells and Tim explodes inside of Amy's pussy. Tim trembles and memorizes the feeling of his cock pulsating inside Amy's pussy as he shoots his cum deep into Amy's cunt.

Amy feels Tim explode inside her. She doesn't care, the pleasure and the eroticism of the moment washes away any guilt at feeling the pleasure another man cumming inside her. She moans, "Yes Tim, cum in me. Fill my cunt with your cum." Tim's stares at Amy's perfect body as he feels the pleasure of his last pulses of his orgasm, the last streams of his cum shooting cum inside Amy pussy.

He etches the moment into his memory. He relaxes and looks at Amy on the table as she comes down from her orgasm. He admires her perfect body. He watches as he pulls his cock out of her warm cunt. He sees his cum drip out of her. He smiles as seeing it.

He backs away so the guy filming can get a good shot. A moment later he says, "Your turn," to the young guy with the huge cock. Amy's head is spinning. It's dreamlike. Her orgasms pleasure still lingering. She watches the young guy walk around from her head to between her legs. She is surprised at her excitement, surprised that she doesn't have any guilty thoughts, a post orgasm let down. Her excitement to let this young guy with the huge cock fuck her is overpowering.

The taboo desire to let another man fucker overwhelming. The young guy holds Amy's hips and presses his cock against her pussy. She looks down at his huge cock.

He smiles knowing she wants to see it fuck her. He pushes. Amy groans the tip of his cock stretches her tight pussy more than it has ever been. "Oh fuck, you do have a tight lil pussy," he moans. "I'm going to like this a lot." Amy smiles, "I'm going to like it a lot too." The young guy smiles wide and pushes his cock into Amy slowly. Amy moans as it fills her. She pants, "Oh, oh, oh, oh. slow slow." After a minute the guy with the huge cock is half way in Amy's tight pussy.

Amateur gal gets joy of cock

Her eyes are wide with disbelief at how much he fills her pussy. She turns her head to see the guys still filming her, one guy zooming in on the cock going into her pussy and one guy filming her head to toe to ensure he gets her face in every frame. The young guy with the huge cock starts to pull out then pushes in more than before.

Back and forth he slowly works his cock, each time he pushes in deeper. Amy lays back and holds the edges of the table. She enjoys his huge cock in her. She is overwhelmed with excitement at having such a huge cock inside her. Soon he is thrusting faster, and harder. Amy moans in pleasure and at times discomfort as his huge cock has her filled to the limit. She looks into the camera phone of one of the guys filming her. Her eyes roll back in pleasure. The young guy with the huge cock begins to moan louder in pleasure as he enjoys her tight pussy gripping his cock, at the thrill of fucking a famous news woman and being filmed doing it.

Amy's excitement at having such a huge cock begins to overwhelm her, she feels another orgasm building fast. She begins to rock her hips to his thrusting. This excites the young guy. He holds her hips and fucks her harder. "Oh fuck Amy.

Mmm fuck yes. I've jerked off to thoughts of fucking you during your broadcasts. I knew you'd be a good fuck." He begins to thrust erratically. Amy feels his cock swelling.

She knows he's going to cum soon. Her orgasm builds faster at the thought of this stranger with the huge cock cumming in her. She moans her thoughts, "Cum in me with your big cock. Fill my pussy with your cum." The young guy explodes.

"OHMMMMmmmm!" He jerks as his cock releases waves of cum inside Amy's pussy. She feels it and twists under him as her own orgasm hits her. Amy tenses up and grips the table in pleasure. The young mans cock pulses and jerks insider her over and over again as he fills her cunt with his cum. Amy eyes roll back in pleasure.

She feels his cum leaking out of her pussy. He's so big and he's cumming so much there's no room for his cum to stay inside her.

She opens her eyes as her orgasm subsides and sees him looking at her. He smiles. "You're the best fuck ever." Amy bites her lip gently and smiles back. He pulls out of her and turns to Amy's friends, who have been watching. Mark looks down at the young guys huge glistening cock, then up at him. The young guy with the huge cock says, "You're the luckiest man in the world.

I'd give anything to be married to a woman like yours." Mark grins. The young guy walks away. The two guys with their cameraphones out zoom in on Amy's pussy as it drips cum.

Amy pushes herself up on her elbows and looks at her friends and Mark. She smile when she sees their approving looks. She blushes. She looks at the two guys filming her and waves for the camera. She says into the camera, "I'm just beginning." Before the end of the night Amy more than paid off her and her husbands debt to Ron. Amy ended the night by letting a group of guys get her on her knees for bukake. But before that Amy had serviced 7 different guys. Each one chose to cum inside her.

All of it filmed. Once she was alone with Mark driving home. She asked him what he thought of her after all she had done and he had seen. Mark didn't answer, instead he pulled over and took her into a bar and fucker her himself on a pool table in front of a few spectators.

Then he let let another 4 guys have her, one being Amy's first anal experience. On their way out of the bar he finally answered Amy saying, "I wouldn't change a thing. In fact I think we should do it again, and again, and again. But only if you're okay with it." Amy smiled wide.