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Homosexuell Paar Sauna Analverkehr
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This is a just a draft of something I've been trying to put together. There's some parts that are kind of gay, depending on how you look at them. Some readers had problems with me not noting that my last story had gay stuff in it. It also has a young character involved. So be warned, but enjoy if you go on to read this. Please let me know what you think by writing to me at [email protected] I woke up feeling really odd.

Nothing in my body seemed to feel right. Did I get drunk last night; was I in my own bed; was I even in my own house? I threw the blankets off and stumbled out of bed. My legs felt weird, my stride was off, and I was dizzy. I must have gotten wasted last night, but I haven't done that in years. I don't remember anything besides getting in bed, my own bed last night.

I walked out of the room and recognized my hallway. Ok, I'm really disorientated, but I found the guest bathroom. I didn't bother to turn on the light. I just found the toilet and pulled my shorts down and sat down.

Something was not right, something was not right at all! When I peed, the feeling was all wrong. Like stepping down on a leg that has fallen asleep, I couldn't feel the correct sensation of relieving myself. I began to feel a little sick and put my hand on my stomach, it didn't feel right either.

It was flat and solid and smooth and not right at all. I reached down to see what was wrong with my penis. My pubic hair was soft and short and the texture didn't feel familiar. My penis, MY PENIS! It wasn't there. Where did my dick go? This has got to be some weird dream. My fingers moved slowly across the softest folds of flesh I've even felt.

Soft and hot, silky and delicate, I was touching a vagina. It was an amazing little vagina with tightly closed lips and sleek baby fuzz hairs. I didn't know what odd part of my brain this dream was coming from, but I was going to take advantage of it. I gently parted the soft crease and let my finger roam the supple flesh.

It was so tight. It was bizarre to be on the fingering side, and fingered side. The feeling in my fingers was so nice, but the feeling on this pussy was amazing.

I brought my finger to my mouth and let a big bunch of saliva drip from my lips down my fingertip. I moved my hand back down and let the wet fingertip more easily find its way between those firm lips.

The grip on my fingertip was intense. I kept wiggling it around trying to bury it further inside me, but it was almost too tight and hurt a little. I just played with the clit until I felt comfortable trying to go in again. I had no idea it felt like this on a woman's side.

Rubbing my clit was very satisfying though. It wasn't the same as working up an orgasm with my cock in my hand. This took finesse and proper pressure. It required just the right tantalizing amount of pressure in just the right spot. But the build up to orgasm felt like nothing else I'd ever felt. It wasn't the same old stroke-stroke-stroke; rub the balls stroke-stroke cum like I was use to doing to myself. I felt slight tingles in this tight little pussy that was now mine.

I ran my other hand up inside my shirt. Expecting to feel my hairy chest, I was greeted with the feeling of 2 small bumps with sensitive little nipples and sprung to life with my touch.

This was truly a weird dream. It never felt like this to rub my nipples, but this feeling was deep and surprisingly nice. I rubbed and twisted and gently pinched these little nubs between my fingertips as my other hand manipulated my clit and soft little labia. An orgasm was building to higher and higher levels and I could tell this was going to be extreme, more extreme than any other. I've had some orgasms that felt good. Orgasms that I worked and worked for slowly while sitting alone watching porn or thinking about something extremely sexy.


I've had them last for 30 or 40 seconds with huge spurts of cum shooting all over myself and I thought that was the best there was to be had. But this, this wonderful feeling of building and multiplying sensations as I reached peak was already more than I had felt ever before. I braced myself against the sink in case I passed out from this. I leaned my ass against the counter and leaned back and looked at the ceiling in the dim morning light. I turned around and held my hand on the edge of the counter and humped my fingers for a moment when I looked up and saw my niece looking at me.

Regardless of the weird situation I was in, or the fact that I must be having a dream, I was completely embarrassed and yelled at her about knocking and not just walking in.

But no one had walked in. No one had forgotten to knock. I wasn't looking at my niece looking back at me. I was looking at my own reflection in the mirror. This dream had just gone from weird to ridiculous. I reached back and turned the light on. In the mirror, I saw a reflection of my 11 year old niece with her shorts halfway down her thighs and her shirt pulled up over her tiny little boobs.

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But it was myself I was looking at. I was in her body and had complete function of everything. Although it was still feeling weird to control a much smaller body with shorter legs and arms.

I brushed my long black hair behind my ears and looked at my face closely in the mirror. It felt so weird to run my tongue across my teeth. I smiled and realized it was because of the braces I was wearing.

I stuck my tongue out and pinched my cheeks and blinked and made faces at myself in the mirror. This was crazy, a crazy crazy dream that felt so real. Fuck it, I’m going to finish this little dream masturbating fiasco I started in what must be my sleeping head and wake up later and giggle all day about it. Before I could get back to work on myself, I heard people waking up.

I started to walk to my room after I pulled my shorts back up a little bit, but the door to my room came open and out walked "me". We both looked at each other in a very surprised manner. I started to speak, but the "me" in the hallway started first. In a low whisper I heard my own voice ask me who I was. I said that I think I'm me and asked if you're you or me or are we each other.

"Uncle Roy," my voice said back, "we've switched bodies!" Realizing that maybe this wasn't a dream, I asked to go upstairs to the bonus room where we could talk a little louder and no one would hear us. It was pretty early in the morning, but I wanted to figure this out before anyone woke up and made the situation worse. We went up and sat on the couch facing the TV. I reached over intending to pull my niece closer and comfort her as I had done before in crazy situations she's gone though, but discovered that I couldn't pull the weight of "my body" with my new body.

I scooted closer and put my tiny arms around "her". We talked and talked but couldn't find a reason this had happened. There were not potions taken, no magical spells, no Freaky Friday craziness, it just happened. We decided that we need to figure out what to do. No one would believe us if we told them we just "switched bodies". It was summer and there was no school for my niece to attend.

She was staying with my wife and I and our 2 kids while her mom and dad worked overseas. I worked from the house, or sometimes traveled from place to place displaying merchandise for different clients I worked for. So, there was no immediate need to worry about how we would deal with the rest of the world. What if we just go slow and see if things change back soon, perhaps after we sleep and wake up again. Maybe this is just a really weird dream that's going to end soon. I pulled myself closer to my own body and hugged tight and told her that everything would be fine.

She put her arm around me and sighed loudly and agreed. "What's wrong with this thing?" she asked me as she pointed down to the bulging penis inside my favorite pair of silk boxer shorts. "oh, that's normal. I always wake up like that. Most guys do", I told her. "But, it was like this when I woke up and then it went down and just now it did it again" she said desperately.

"That's kind of normal too. When my body is stimulated in the right way, it does that. You know, like in preparation for sexual intercourse. We talked about that before when we were watching "Animal Planet", remember?" "So, why is it getting ready for intercourse now?" she asked.

It looked so weird to look down and see my own cock sticking up as I stared at it from this angle. I had the urge to grab it, but I didn't want her to be uncomfortable. "I guess that the way I'm holding you makes you feel good in a special way. A way your old body wasn't use to. It doesn't mean anything. It's just a natural reaction, like breathing or your heart beating". She looked up at me kind of scared and puzzled. "Is it true that if I don't touch it when it's hard, that I can get sick?" I looked back at her just as puzzled.

I asked her where she heard that and she told me her friends dad told her. "Well, you're not going to get sick.

But, you might be a little uncomfortable. "I said while grinning about what her friend told her. "How do I do it then?" she asked me. "How do you touch it?" Oh, my mind was thinking such ridiculous thoughts now. "Pull your shorts down and wrap your hand around it" I told her. "Don't worry, it's my penis. You can show me." I laughed.

She pulled the shorts down and her cock sprung out. She wrapped her hand around it and squeezed it hard. "Owww, like that?" she asked. "no, no, not like that at all. Like this" I said as I reached out and grabbed her new dick from her hand. I lightly grasped it and held my tiny little fingers around the shaft, just beneath the head.


My old cock looked so huge in these teeny little hands. "Hold it here and let the skin of the shaft go up and over the head just a little. Pull it back down and let it stretch down a bit" I instructed. "That's it" she asked, "Just like that?" "Yeah, pretty much," I told her and I continued to stroke her huge dick with my miniature hands. This felt really weird from this side. But, I know how much I like a good handjob, so I didn't want to quit. I wanted to please her in her new body of mine so bad for some reason.

"I'm going to do it for you this time, and maybe a few more times until you get the hang of it" I said as I sped up my stroking pace. "Does it feel ok, or is there too much friction?" I asked as I watched the head of her cock disappear and reappear through the small "C" my fingers made as they barely contained her dick in my hands. "It feels good, but it's a little rough" she said. "OK, when it feels like that, put a little spit on your hand or if you have some lotion, use that" I told her as I leaned over and let a big dribble of spit roll out of my mouth and onto the head of her cock.

I let it flow through between my fingers and her dick and let the slipperiness spread as I twisted my hand left and right with each stroke. "Oh, that's much better" she lightly moaned. I wondered if she'd every experienced an orgasm. I was going to make sure she did this morning. I stroked a little faster and with more twist in each stroke. I dribbled more spit on the head and watched it glisten as the morning light continued to get brighter though the window.

I now knew how a girl felt when she was giving a handjob, but with the knowledge of how good it felt on the other side, I didn't want to stop and ruin the approaching orgasm as has happened to me so many times.

And a warm set of lips on cock while the hands slip up and down the shaft, I love that, I thought to myself as I instinctively leaned over and placed the tip of her cock between my slightly parted lips. I looked up at her and smiled. "This will make it even better" I couldn't believe I was about to put a cock in my mouth. But it was "my" cock, and not even "my" mouth. I was about to answer the "if you could suck your own dick, would you?" question.

I let me little hands glide down to the bottom of the shaft. Even with both hands wrapped around it, there was so much cock still sticking out from my tiny grasp.

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I leaned over and opened my mouth as wide as I could and tried to take it all at once. My lips stretched over the head, but my mouth just didn't seem big enough to take much more.

I pulled back and rotated my jaw to loosen up a little bit. I leaned back in and gobbled up the head and a little bit of the shaft. I just wasn't going to be able to get more in my mouth. I realized how difficult it really was give head. But, knowing that a girl trying her hardest was as sexy as her taking the whole thing, I just kept at it. Running the head in and out of my mouth and twisting my hands back and forth, up and down the shaft, I gave the best first blowjob I possibly could.

This was my cock I was sucking and I knew exactly what it liked! With each stroke, my lower hand rotated around and my fingers swept up and down the tightening scrotum and back up the shaft. My upper hand ran up to meet my lips and back down the length of this dick that looked so massive in my miniscule hands. My niece tensed up and didn't say anything. I could tell that she had been a state of shock as soon as I put my mouth on her and she hadn't said anything, but was enjoying it more than should would have been able to express verbally anyway.

I looked up to see her looking at me though my own eyes as they slowly rolled back and I could tell she was close. I started to wonder what I would do when she came. Would I take it my mouth the way I love to have done to me, or is that just too much for me to handle?

Before I could think about it much more, spurt after spurt of warm jizz filled my mouth. It was like putting my mouth on the garden hose and getting too much pressure unexpectantly. The cock fell out of my mouth as I pulled back and gasped at the feeling of this weird taste that had suddenly filled my mouth. It wasn't that bad, but it certainly wasn't that good either. I swallowed quickly and ran my tongue around my mouth to sweep the juice from my teeth and cheeks as quickly as possible and swallow it before I had to taste it anymore.

My niece looked down at me. "Uncle Roy, that was weird! Is it always like that?" "I'm not sure. I've never gotten a blowjob that good before", I laughed as I continued to lick and swallow the last remaining bits of her cum from my lips.

"Uncle Roy, can we do that again?" she asked quickly. I smiled and realized that I must have been a pretty good cocksucker, or her first experience was just that awesome. "We can do that as often as you like. Would you mind helping me out sometimes too though? I've gotten all hot and horny too and I feel like if I don't get touched too, my body is going to explode" I said to her with slightly devious intentions. "Yeah, sure, but what do I do?" she asked and my hands slipped off her cock and I sat down next to her.

I asked her if she ever touched herself and got similar feelings when she was still in this body. "Kind of, but it never made me feel like I did just now.

Mostly it just relaxes me a little and I fall asleep touching my… you know" "We've gotten close enough that you can call it whatever you want" I said. "I like to just call it a pussy, but if you're more comfortable calling it a vagina or some cute little name, that's fine too" "I think I like calling it a pussy." She said shyly to me.

"I use to just call it, my privates, but pussy is cool to say. Yeah, I like to touch my pussy when I go to sleep" she laughed. "well, your pussy now" "OK, well let me sit in front of you, and you just reach around with your big arms and touch it like you normally would. " I stood up and dropped my shorts to the floor and spread her legs so I could sit between them. Her still stiff dick pressed against my back and I could feel the sticky heat against my skin.

I grabbed her hands and wrapped her arms around me, guiding one hand to my pussy and leaving the other resting against my flat stomach. "Just rub it however feels natural and I'll let you know if there's more you can do" I said as the hand that I once controlled clumsily fiddled around my pussy.

Her other hand pulled me closer so she could get between my legs better. It felt so different to be handled like that. Those strong arms pulling my tiny body close against her. "This is how I normally do it", she said as her big hand maneuvered between my legs and gently parted my wet labia. The tip of her big finger felt different from what my tiny fingers felt like earlier that morning.

It felt great. Her other hand felt my tiny boobs. "I like to kind of twist and then run my fingers across it like I'm playing a guitar over my nipple when it gets stiff like this". It felt so different from when I use to have my own nipples playfully twisted and "strummed" by my wife or previous girlfriends.

The sensation was somehow different and much more enjoyable, especially as her other hand caressed and stroked my swelling clit. I scooted my ass out a little and spread my legs more. My pussy naturally opened a little more to her fingers. "It feels good to touch it Uncle Roy. Really good to touch your… Pussy" she laughed.

"Oh, it feels so good to me too. Don' t stop the way you're doing it now" I told her between short breaths. All the touching of myself earlier and mental stimulation of touching her was combining with her touching me now, and it was building even higher and higher. I could feel myself getting closer and closer quickly. My hands moved up and down my thighs and I continued to enjoy the sensation of feeling that tight soft skin on my fingers and palms.

My body tensed as she increased the pressure against my clit just a little more and she began to use two fingers on my clit. Rubbing in bigger circles I could felt like I could feel every tiny ridge of her fingerprints stroking across my now swollen and hot clit.

My back arched and I pressed my hips up against her hand as my orgasm began. "Don't stop, don't stop!" I instructed her. She continued as I looked back at her and saw the look of determination and excitement on the face that use to be mine as she persisted her rubbing and fondling or my petite little body.

I screamed out a high pitched noise I'd never heard or made before. I was embarrassed and suddenly aware that we weren't the only ones in the house. The ecstasy I was feeling was too much. I put my hand over my mouth and continued to hump against her hand as her other arm held her close to her body.

My body wouldn't quit gyrating with her movements as the orgasm continued. It didn't just continue either, it got more and more intense.

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This was like nothing I'd ever felt before. The satisfaction ran through my veins and coursed through every part of my body. My eyes locked with hers and we stared at each other as I wiggled and shook. Finally, I grabbed her hand and pressed it close to my pussy and just held it there. The feeling was too much for me to take, I thought I was going to pee all over myself or something.

Her warm hand felt good just gently bearing down against my pussy though. "Kiss me, please" I said to her. She leaned down and pressed her lips to mine. It started as an innocent kiss but my tongue slowly found her lips and licked and prodded them. My mouth felt tiny against hers and my tongue felt short and clumsy compared to how it normally felt when I kissed. But her tongue finally got the hint and reached out to meet mine.

They intertwined and flicked against each other.

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They did their own little acrobats inside each other's mouths and I'd never felt better. Her hands pulled me close and easily twisted my body around so that I was facing her and out chests pressed together.

I pulled away from the kiss to get a little air and laid my head on her chest. Her cock had risen again and was comfortably resting between our two stomachs. I could only think about how high up on my body it rested and that if would be nearly that far inside me if I could fit it. We stayed like that for a while until I looked up at her and said, "we need to figure out what we're going to do now. Your aunt will expect you to act like me in a lot of way that I'm not sure you're ready for.

You're going to have to pretend to be the 'man of the house' when she's home. I'll help you out and make sure you know what to do. But, there are certain things that are going to be a little more complicated. " "She gets up to go to work soon. I think I can fake it for a while, then we can talk about the rest when Sarah and Jason aren't around, right?" "That's a good idea.

Just remember to be 'loving' like I am to her in the mornings. Do you think you'll have a problem kissing her like you kissed me earlier?" I asked her. "Ummm, I don't know. I like kissing you. But she's a girl, that would be weird." "Just close your eyes and think about being romantic.

Think about wanting to show her how much you love her, physically, with your kiss," I said as I craned my head upward and pressed my tiny lips against hers. I kissed her deeply. The course feel of her unshaven face felt rough against my tender skin. It wasn't hurting, but it didn't seem pleasant. It crossed my mind how much my wife liked when I shaved before going to bed each night so that my face would feel smooth between her thighs as I gave her a nightly lick that normally turned to sex, but sometimes only benefited her by giving her a soothing orgasm before she went to sleep.

I could never understand why I loved being so oral with her and why I got so much pleasure from making her cum. Not that I talk to a lot of other guys about it, but very few seem to enjoy giving without receiving as much as I do… my thoughts were wandering all over the place as I continued to deeply kiss my niece and coaxed her passion for kissing out of her.

We seemed to kiss for many minutes until we both sat back a little and breathed deeply. "Wow, if you can just kiss her like that, she'll be very happy, Alice" I told her as my hands moved up and down her chest and across her little beer tummy that I was even more aware of now that I saw it from this angle.

"I need to start working out," I said as I poked at her. "Or, you need too," I laughed. "I think it's cute," she said as she poked at it with me, then poked my tummy. "see I have a little pooch too." She pressed her finger against the tiniest little crease of skin that she somehow considered a "pooch".

Her body was so sexy. I couldn't believe I was in it, and touching it and being sexually satisfied as part of it. "This is an amazing body," I said. "You're so sexy and petite and, well… I've always enjoyed watching you as you've started to get more and more mature, Alice. It's amazing that we get to do this. I'm really glad you're enjoying it." I could hear my wife and kids moving around in their rooms downstairs. "We've got to get back down there Ali… Uncle Roy," I said smiling.

"I guess we're gonna have to get use to call each other by the 'right' names now." "Ok, Alice." She said. "Can I call you the little cute names you always call me too? I guess I have to so it seems normal. Don't I, pumpkin," she said playfully as she tussled my hair a little. "You're pretty smart," I told her. "Now put your cock away" I laughed as I noticed a little cum that had dripped from the tip and created a little bridge from my tummy to its head. "Let me clean that up so you leave a wet spot in your boxers." I leaned over and sucked that little bit of bitter sweet juice from the head and made a funny face as I swallowed it down.


"I kind of like that now." "Good, I really like when you do that," she told me as she gently pushed me to my feet and reached down the raise her boxers over her slightly hard dick. "Just lower your boxers a little and let the head rest in the waistband, or else it's going to stick straight out and your aunt… you're wife is gonna wonder what you were doing up here," I told her as I raised my little shorts over my ass and pulled my shirt back into place.

"You go first and I'm just gonna hang out here for a while and pretend I was watching TV if anyone asks. Don't forget to give her a big kiss and say good morning to Sarah and Jason." As she lifted herself from the couch, I could see much more clearly how much smaller my body was now. My old body seemed to tower over my new smaller body that I was slowly getting use to.

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Alice walked downstairs and I could hear my wife say 'good morning' to her. "Good morning beautiful," Alice said to my wife. She was doing great pretending to be me. A few moments passed and I heard my wife say, "Wow, what's gotten into you lover?" I guessed our kissing practice worked out pretty well so far. I turned the TV on but kept the volume really low in case I heard something I need to help with happening downstairs. I could feel myself getting sleepy again, but didn't want to fall asleep in case I needed to run down and try to fix something.

I fell asleep anyway and didn't realize it until Jason came up and sat down next to me. "Hey, I'm gonna change this. You're wasting electricity anyway, just leaving it on while you sleep up here. Dad doesn't like that," he said to me. "Oh, yeah. I didn't mean to fall asleep. I woke up earlier and couldn't get back to sleep. So, I started watching something," I told Jason. "Whatever. Hey, you're butt cheek is sticking out dummy," he said to me as he smacked the lower half of my ass that stuck out of my short shorts.

I started to get mad at him and was about to get fatherly about keeping his hands to himself, but that wouldn't have fit in with the 'new me'. I decided to ask Alice later how she dealt with Sarah and Jason when they were alone. -