Australian gay porn police photo Shoplifting leads to butt fucking

Australian gay porn police photo Shoplifting leads to butt fucking
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The clock strikes midnight. I am lying in my bed, thinking of everything and nothing, the thunderstorm outside adding an eerie ambience to the whole scenario. The door creaks open. I look up, surprised at such a late night intrusion. The harsh winter manages to lull everyone into sleep but somehow this intruder has managed to keep its charms at bay.

Lightening strikes, illuminating my room for the briefest of time, but it is enough for me to catch a glimpse of my late night intruder. Dressed in a t-shirt and white panties, she gasps as though struck by the lightening, clearly intimidated by its ferocious intensity.

She comes up to me, seeking my solace and comfort. I am in two minds. Though i would like nothing better than to comfort and hold her close, i'm unsure if i can resist her virginal innocence.

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Before i reach any sound conclusion, she lifts the covers and slides into my bed. Her body shivering uncontrollably, i gather her in my arms, trying to shield her from the bitter cold as well as reassuring her through my embrace.


The minutes tick by, her sweet body happily enveloped in my safe arms. As her temperature rises, so does my arousal. It is morally wrong, i repeat to myself, but faced with such a beautiful test, how can i resist?

As though giving me a decisive answer, my cock rises in my shorts and i'm sure she can feel its heat on her belly.

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Time ceases to exist for both of us, the distant thunder a faint background score for the scene within. I hear her breath quicken, no doubt asking herself what to do.

I can feel her petite body shivering, not from the cold, but from the sheer decision she is about to take. Although we have been giving heavy hints to each other during the past month, nothing concrete has actually taken place between us. It had all started a month ago, when she had forgotten to knock my door before entering.


I was completely naked, critically eyeing my body in the mirror with a narcissist expression. She had blushed visibly, but it was nothing compared to how i had coloured. My brain had deserted me at this inopportune moment, my hands not even trying to cover my nakedness. She had left but not before casting a furtive glance towards my cock.

That incident seemed to have developed some kind of 'naked bond' between us and things had been going uphill since then. Of course i could have made a move earlier, but i was afraid she'd shy away from my advances.

Also, the morally incorrect nature of my proposal didn't help matters one bit. But i hadn't done nothing to further my cause. Apart from the double entendres i had resorted to, i had tried everything short of actually saying it aloud. Giving those love struck looks, thrown with an occasional sigh, she probably thought i was losing it. Growing highly uncomfortable by the second, i try to unwrap my arms around her.

Shockingly, she clings closer to me, her erect nipples poking sweet holes in my chest. I try to look into her eyes, to confirm if this is real or just a sad delusion. She touches her lips to mine, our lips locking in bliss. I moan out in joy, happy to know that i'm not alone in this fascination. Our kiss deepens as we wind our legs together, both of us moaning and groaning in anticipation of what is about to happen. I offer my tongue and she accepts, allowing me into her heated mouth as i swipe at everything within reach, tangling my tongue with hers.

My hands start to wander, caressing her long brown hair and her seductively feminine curves, eliciting a throaty moan from her.

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She slides her hand under my shirt, feeling my flexing muscles as she renders me powerless. She feels my thumping heart beat, erratic and excited. Slowly we break the kiss, eager to uncover more hidden treasures. I make her lie on her back, bending over her and trailing my hand over her glorious body. She closes her eyes in pleasure, her sighs a clear indication of her condition.

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I caress her breasts paying special attention to the little nubs, my fingers travelling across her flat tummy and reaching the waistband of her girly panties. I slip my hand under it, my fingers feeling her soft and furry pubic hair. She gasps, quickly crossing her legs, denying me entry. A shaft of moonlight illuminates our faces, highly textured with our arousals.

I look deep into her eyes, trying to reassure her with all the love i feel for her, silently imploring her to trust me completely.

She takes a deep breath and uncrosses her legs, allowing me access to her most sacred treasure. Maintaining eye contact, i softly feel her wet slit, running my middle finger along her divine crack. She shivers slightly, still unsure of her actions.

I slowly traverse all around her pussy, feeling the puffy lips and the little nub protruding out. Gently, I insert my middle finger into her, finding her wet hole and gasping at the tight erotic crevice.

I retract my finger, before beginning a gentle rhythm, increasing my speed gradually. She moans out loudly, linking her hand with mine and squeezing it hard. As i sense her rising excitement, i flick my thumb over her little clit, intent on bringing her to a mindblowing orgasm.

She closes her legs reflexively, before spreading them apart to give me unconditional access.


I rub my thumb over her engorged clit more rapidly, my middle finger a blur as it tries to hasten the inevitable. She bucks and thrashes, no doubt experiencing the slow advance of her impending orgasm, its tingly tentacles spreading all over her body. I release my other hand from her grip, threading my way under her shirt to find her hard nipples, begging to be teased and caressed. I roll her delightful nipples in my fingers, cupping her breasts in the process.

I pay equal attention to each nipple, unwilling to favour one and neglect the other. She opens her eyes briefly, her eyes shining with lust and love, acting like a beacon for my actions. She cries out aloud as her slippery wet walls squeeze my finger obscenely, pulling more of me into her.

Her juices wash over my embedded finger, squishing and sloshing around it. Her orgasmic contractions ripple across my embedded finger, making me sigh in response to her sensational slippery pussy. She is like a drug that is flowing in my veins, ensnaring me with her innocence and sensuality. As i remove my finger, her legs shiver from the aftermath of orgasm. I lie satisfied in the knowledge that i am responsible for her delirious state. She recovers from her delightful ordeal, smiling at my beaming face.

She brings my face down, meeting my lips halfway as our union becomes much more passionate than the last. She gives herself to me completely, thanking me silently for bringing her off. My cock, an unwilling spectator in the whole saga, twitches to remind her that the night isn't over yet. She pushes me on my back, straddling my chest and facing my erect pole. Ever so slowly, she removes my shorts giving my cock unbridled freedom.

She grips my shaft in her hand, examining it closely. Suddenly, she inserts her other hand into her wet panties and rubs her pussy thoroughly.

Her ass facing me, i let my hands roam free as i thoroughly enjoy her womanly flesh. She removes her hand coated with her love juices and runs it all over my cock, lubricating it with our combined juice and precum. I close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of her gentle hands moving up and down, cupping my heavy balls in the process.

Again and again she jacks me off, lightly running her little finger along my ultrasensitive base. I cup her breasts, kneading them while rolling her nipples in my fingers. She places one delicate hand on my base, running it along my shaft slowly. Her other hand lightly grips the bulbous head, engorged with blood.

She runs her hand around the head, spreading my copious precum all around it. Her other hand continues its periodic motion, moving up and down in complete coordination with the hand gripping the head. Being a man after all, i can hardly hope to prolong my orgasm, much less control it. Pausing, she grips my balls, rolling them in her fingers, making them heavier than ever.

She increases her speed rapidly, my cum having left my scrotum and proceedimg towards lift-off. I try to warn her of my eruption but all i can manage is a strangled groan as orgasm grips me forcefully with both hands. She moves her hands faster on my cock and i get that tingling feeling in my balls telling me its all over. My cock rises high, releasing spurt after spurt of my hot cum, shaming Mt. Vesuvius by its sheer eruption.

I groan loudly, the hour forgotten in the hot world of desire where pleasure reigns supreme. My cum rises high, coating her hands and face with the sticky white fluid. I collapse from the glorious load, both literally and figuratively. She grabs a tissue and wipes herself, cleaning my cum.

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She gets off and lies down next to me, kissing my cheek. I look at her, so beautiful in the pure white moonlight, knowing that we are both ready for the final step, the culmination of all our earthly desires. Before writing part 2, i'd like to gauge your feedback. Constructive criticisms would be welcomed and incorporated in the next part. Also, please rate this story as it gives me an indication of how successful this story was. <<abhotcool>>