Bedürftige Tsubomi kann nicht ficken hart warten

Bedürftige Tsubomi kann nicht ficken hart warten
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part 1 -buying of the slave Walking into the basement of the hotel you look around to see many men sitting at tables waiting for the auction to being. The smell of smoke and sex hits your nose hard as you slowly scan the walls you see girls standing there some of the tied and gagged all of them naked and open for any man to have their way with them ,gently you lick your lips thinking of the fun you're going to have with your new slave.

You sit down and wait, one by one slave girls are brought out on stage blonds and redheads skinny and curvy all are paraded in front of you.


One by one they are sold disappointed you feel like you may not find what you're looking for you hear the caller say the last girl for the nigh will be next. You see two men dragging me out on stage as I kick and scream. My short black hair falls over my face not covering any of my looks my full breasts are fully out there for you, slowly you scan my body my pussy is pink and shaven you think of all the things you could do to it. You get a large grin on your face as you think of all the ways you would love to break me tie me up and most of all hear me beg for you.

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They force me down on my knees tying my tarter to the front of the stage my head looks up glaring at the men almost daring them to bid on me looking like I would rather die than serve.

After you bid you look around hoping there will not be a bidding war but not a single person is interested in the fighter you look back on stage to see that they have shoved a gag and tied my hands behind my back. You chuckle to yourself as they pronounce me yours I give you a death glare before they drag me away. Getting up you walk slowly to your car when your there you see the two men still struggling to control me "want her in the trunk?" you nod as they throw me there my hands and feet tied.

When you get home you open the trunk and pull me out before I have a chance to find out where I am taking me down the stairs to your dungeon setting me on the floor you look down at me smiling "hello there little one" you look over my body well licking your lips as you see all my curves walking over to me you start to caress me slowly and gently you see me look up with fear in my eyes desperately moving my body away from you.

"shush little one I'm not going to hurt youyet" you tell me in a kind yet condescending tone I don't stop trying to move away from you. You pull me up to my feet and unbind them you then lift me up using one hand you part my legs I kick you away from me as you place me over a 2'4' that you have suspended by the ceiling its high enough that my toes can barley touch the floor all my weight it on my pussy lips I close my eyes as I try to balance to get the pressure off of my pussy you tie me so I can't move.

"there you go little slave I think this will be a nice place for you to sleep tonight don't you?" as a response I glare at you desperately trying to shift and move so my weight is off of my sensitive area you smile "good night slave" as you leave you hear me calling after you "no please don't leave me like this!" I scream for hours hoping you will come back take the weight of my soft pussy lips let me lie down instead of being hung like a puppet part 2- day one you walk into the room and see me still suspended my hair hanging in front of my face my body in-between awake and a sleep you untie me and ease me down off the bored slowly and gently lying my exhausted body on the ground I whimper as my body touches the cold floor my body shivers goose bumps forming on my skin.

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lightly looking up at you with sad pleading eyes you "don't touch me" I say my voice barley over a whisper you stroke my cheek looking down kindly your hands begin to travel over my body "I'm going to touch you as much as I please girl you are mine and you will do best to please me or you will be beat" you tell me in a matter of fact tone.

And you do touch me my skin warms as you touch my skin. I whimper as your thumbs play with my nipples you feel them grow hard at your urging as you tease me your other hand travels lower down on my body to my pussy you feel the heat coming from it because of the sores of my flesh from the night that I spent trying to balance myself on the wood bored.

You stroke the rawness I close my eyes leaning my head back moaning in pleasure "you like that don't you slave" I open my eyes suddenly remembering where I am I pull away from you again you smile and walk out of the room. I lie in the darkness trying to undo my arms from the ties. When you walk in you see me standing my arms untied pressing the walls trying to find a week spot?

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"hungry?" you throw a bowl of oatmeal in front of me I glare at you but I lean down and try my best to eat it. You watch me as it gets all over my hands and face when I'm done I take the bowl and throw it at you even though it misses and hit's the wall behind me "ooh now that wasn't nice slave" you say as I stand slowly looking at you food sticking to my fingers and my chin "you will have to learn to be nice" you tell me you take me in your arms as I struggle you grip me tighter pulling me up the stairs I kick and bite at you as you drag me further into your house.

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You get to a door opening it you step into what looks like a bath room smiling you throws me in a large glass tank it looks like and over sized fish bowl I look around as you close the door and being to turn the water on it slowly rises higher on my body. The cold water gets higher choking the breath ok of me when it gets to my chest I look up wondering when it will stop it doesn't it keeps raising till it's at my chin with me on tip toes a long hose come down with what looks like a dildo on the end smiling you say "if you want to breath suck on it" I look at you with hatred in my eyes as I slip my mouth around it breathing deeply as the water covers me.


Suddenly the strength in my legs gives out and I fall under the water gasping for air as water floods my lungs quickly you press the button to drain the tank opening the door you run to my side checking for a pulse when you see imp not breathing you quickly start CPR until I cough up the water in my lungs and begin to breathe again my body shaking with fear as I cling to you.

Holding me tight you rock me back in forth in your arms finally you stand holding me close to me and walking to the bedroom lying my weak body down you tie my writs to the bed fallowed by my legs till I'm stretched out and naked before you.

Part 3 - play time again your hands run along my soft flesh learning ever curve of my body every sensitive part you learn what makes me shiver and twitch your hands run over my soft tits holding them in your hands squeezing testing there firmness you watch them as they bounce slightly smiling to yourself as you hold them you stand over me watching my face contort as you pinch at my nipples listening to my moans and yelps as you twist and pull on my hard nipples getting undressed slowly you decided to test me smiling you take your cock and run it over my mouth I purse my lips turning my head in defiant protestyou slap my cheek so I turn back opening your mouth I reluctantly open my mouth for you and allow you to slip it in I open my eyes looking up at you and almost as an instinct I start sucking on your length my tongue swirling around its tip you relax as you being to fuck my mouth.

I gag every time you slid into the tightness of my thought your eyes close in pleasure as you slid in and out of my wet mouth my lips tight on your skin pulling on it slightly as you skull fuck me getting close you grunt squeezing your eyes shut tighter when you do I bite down hard on your cock .Pulling back you slap my face hard there's the sound of skin on skin and my cheek begins to go bright red as blood starts to fill my mouth I look up at you with a look of triumph, "you will have to be taught a lessonyou dirty little slut " you say in a rough voice your cock sore from my bite you walk away coming back with a kit on needles you lie them down on my stomach so I can see them my eyes opening in fear as I look at the different gages, my breath comes fast as I whimper watching you take out the smallest needle trying to pull away from you desperately pinch my nipple you hear me scream out at the cold metal slips easily threw my skin like its butter quickly you put a small ring in it pulling on it to make me feel even more pain every time I let out a little yelp.

I whimper in fear closing my eyes you quickly pierce it threw my flesh. I shake and moan you whisper down "are you ready for real pain now" you ask me as I franticly shake my head nearly begging you to forgive me you move your hand down to my clit rubbing it and pulling it making it swell taking a larger needle you stab threw it I scream out in pain my body twitching tears begin to form in my eyes as you place the ring in the hole I lie there shaking in pain you untie me pulling me to my feet you bring me back to the basement throwing me down on the cold floor "we will see if you ever bite again slave" I lie there shaking and scared when you come in for me a few hours taking a collar you put it around my neck grabbing my hair you pull me to my feet I keep my eyes cast down as you attach a leash to the collar not saying a word to me you begin to lead me up the stairs I fallow you silently scared at what might come next you lead me into the kitchen where you put a pair of shackles on my feet locking them so I can't run away I stand there naked staring at the floor you had me a cook book "make me something to eat" you say then go sit down watching me as I shuffle threw the kitchen getting up on tip toe to reach what I need you smile as you watch my ass tense when I reach up.

After a while you being to hear me hum as I cock my hips swaying delicate as my body moved watching my tits jiggle as I walk you lick your lips wondering what would be better dinner or having me for dessert as the food gets done I put it on a plate bringing it over to you and placing it on the table "kneel before me girl" you say to me when I refuse you grab my leash yanking it down bringing me forcefully to my knees I look up at you from the floor "you will learn that it is better to obey then piss me off girlwouldn't want to hurt that pretty face of yours" you take your hand lightly running it over my silky soft cheek brushing the few strands of hair from my faceI look up at you tears entering my eyes as you stroke me slowly you take your hand bringing it to my tit letting your fingertips slide over my nipple making it hard I look up at you as my lip trembles your hand still gripping my tit getting harder more possessive as the moments go on finally you pull my up to you moving the food out of the way you lie me down on the table your hands softly sliding over my sides as smooth ass taking your hands you slid my legs apart you take your hands and slide them over my smooth folds slipping deeper you feel to your surprise a wetness there your thumb reaches up to stroke my clit making my body twitch as you see it has swollen and grown.


You smile and pull on the piercing I yelp in pain as it's still very sore a sadistic grin spreads over your face as you look down at me "you will want me and you will beg to have me" you get up taking my body you throw me over your shoulder you start to walk up the stairs to your bedroom again you take a rope and tie me writs to the end of your bed "you will sleep on the foot of my bed from now on" you then throw me down and go off to eat when you come back I'm curled up in a little ball with a smile on my face you walk over and stroke my cheek.

My eyes open and I give you a smile. Part 4- 3 weeks latter you have decided to leave me chained in the dungeon while you are at work thinking sometime in the dark would be good for your spirited little slave.

You come home and walk down the stairs and see me chained to the wall my limp little body hanging there in perfect submission. I hear you come in and I look up and smile brightly happy to see you "Master, welcome home" you smile to yourself as you see my body come alive with my smile.

"Has the slave girl missed me?" "oh yes Master girl always misses you and awaits your return" I smile my toes curling at the thoughts of what your return really means, thoughts of your touch and the idea of pleasing you look over at your body thinking to myself how you truly are better looking then I remember when you brought me here and then the thoughts of how I had acted run into my mind and I have to stop from laughing out thinking of my foolishness.

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You come closer to me my body shakes as you approach your hands gently begin to travel over me your property I close my eyes in pleasure my body responding to your every touch as it only dose to the hands of my Master. You reach down and start to rub my pussy seeing it's all ready wet and willing for yousmiling cruelly you slip a finger into my and listen to me gasp a light whimpering sound escapes my lips. "slave did I say you could make noise" I shake my head then let it hang submissively "perhaps we should teach you silence" you tell me as you leave my side coming back you whisper "not a sound slave" you then put a pair of nipple clamps on my hard nipples.

My body shakes but not a sound escapes my lips I look at you waiting for your next move you un-chain my wrists and my ankles I quickly kneel in front of you my chest pushed forward you walk behind me and grin sadistically you take a strap out and run it over my ass "not a sound slave" you say again as you swing it back and bring it down on my ass heard a loud crack fills the air as it lands on my ass you pull it back to see a large red mark.

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My body shakes my eyes closed as I bite my lip hard. "That's a good little slave" you say reaching over to take the clamps off and then putting a leash on my collar "heel" you say to me I stand quickly at your side you lead me up the stairs and into the bed room I look around confused but I don't dare to ask or make a sound you smile and pick me up in your arms before throwing me on the bed. You being to undress in front of me you see me watch your body licking my lips you walk over to sitting on the bed as your hands genteelly slide over my flesh you whisper again "not a sound slave" before your lips meet mine your tongue entering my mouth as you explore every inch of me with your hands.

Your cock growing as my breathing become faster and irregular you stroke it then climbing on top of me you angle your cock just at my pussy lips I look down at you biting my lip pressing my hips forward for you quickly shove your cock into me I close my eyes leaning my head back in pleasure not making a single sound as you fuck me quickly and hard testing me.

My body shaking from your cock hitting my G'spot I look up at you with pleading eyes as you rock into my body my pussy tensing around your cock s you fuck me. You feel me getting tighter and tighter around you as you bring me closer to my climax you smile as you press even harder into me "please Master" you hear me whimper "I told you not a single sound slave" you say to me as you pull out, you feel your nuts tighten as you look down at my little body finally cumming all over me grunting as you let your seed cover my tits leaving me there to shake and wait for you to tell me I can realize.

Aww does the little slave girl want something you say in a mocking tone as your hand travels to my aching pussy quickly you shove three fingers into my pussy clenches around them I look at you with wide eyes as you slowly finger me your thumb starting to rub my swollen clit "beg" you tell me in a cool relaxed voice.

And just like you dreamed of the first time I do, I beg for you -the end-

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