Grandpa group with me gay sex movie gallery Two Sexy Hunks Fuck

Grandpa group with me gay sex movie gallery Two Sexy Hunks Fuck
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"Ok, pet. Hands back behind your head. And stand very still again." No verbal response. Not surprised. We'll work on that. Orders need responses. It's still early. I reach into my back pocket and retrieve the scissors. I move behind you. I work my finger under the left side of your panties, pull them a bit out from your body, and… Snip.

I let them fall, uncovering your left hip. I do the same to the right side and… Snip. They don't fall to the ground, but I didn't expect them to. I grab the rear portion, and pull them down and forward to release them.

"My, my. You are excited, aren't you, little one." I lightly chuckle in your ear. "Yes, Sir. Very much so." is your throaty response. "Understandable. I'll be back in a moment." I turn to walk to the bathroom. Can't put soaking panties in my bag straightaway. They'll need to dry out a bit, first. I simply hang them over a washcloth on the shower curtain rod.

I also grab two bath towels. I think they will be necessary. Can't have you soaking the bed, too. That might make things a bit uncomfortable for me, which isn't an option. Soon, you will be taking care of all these arrangements. I walk back and stop again, behind you. I want to admire the view. Barenaked pet.

One of my favorite views. I'm enjoying the curve of your bare ass. How it merges into your back and your thighs. A wonderful view. And I'll get to know it significantly more detail soon. I walk over to the bed and pull down the covers on the left side. Then walk over to the right and turn that down. Even out the sheets. Must be even and tidy. I then walk back to the left side and lay the towels down. They are large enough that I can fold them in half and have ample coverage for that side of the bed.

I avoid looking in your direction. I still have some more preparations to make and don't want to get distracted. For distract me, it will. You've been distracting me for years. But now is the point where you move from distraction to necessity.

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Besides, I want to examine you. A fleeting glimpse now would just ruin that. I'm patient and disciplined. I walk back a grab a couple of items from my bag and put them on the nightstand. You'll be using these in a bit, but I don't want to forget them and have to pause things later. "I'll be back in a few. When I get back, I will begin an examination of your offering. Think on that." I walk downstairs. I need a little break.

Time to calm down. In the fridge is some cold water. I grab a bottle of that and start to sip. I reflect on what has gone on to this point.

A slow smile crosses my face as I remember how I've left you. I figure I'll relax for five minutes or so and then head up. By then, you be fit to be tied. A little chuckle at the stupid pun. I continue sipping on the water as I check my computer. Nothing of any import going on. Good. Will probably be the last time to check that. I finish the water. Use the bathroom. Wash my hands again with cold water. I then grab 4 more bottles of water and head back upstairs.

I walk back into the room. You're still standing there. Hands behind your head. Swaying a bit. Not surprising.

I would expect you get starting to get a bit tired from the standing and the excitement and anything else wandering around in that pretty little head of your. You'll be able to 'relax' soon. I put the bottles of water on the other nightstand. I keep one with me. "I assume, by all that panting, that you might enjoy some water." "Yes, please." You start to move. Hand starts for the blind fold… "STOP!

Just what the hell do you think you are doing? Have you forgotten where you are and with whom you are?" You catch on quickly. "I'm sorry! Sir! I wasn't thinking." "Well, that was obvious. You are very lucky I'm in a benevolent mood. Next time, in real training conditions, there would be no water until the punishment was completed." "Sir, I'm so sorry." "Not yet, you aren't.

But if you don't learn a bit quicker, you certainly will be. "Back to the position you were in. Don't speak… Okay, hands at your side." I undo the top of the water bottle. I know, another menial task that is normally yours, but for what you are going through tonite, I'll deal. "Right hand in front of you." You lift it straight up, no bend in the elbow, hand straight. I hold the water bottle against your hand. You don't move. Another good sign. "Ok, take the bottle and you may drink.

Don't gulp, just some sips. I won't take it away immediately. Blindfold stays where it is." You bring the bottle to your lips. I take the few moments while you drink to look at you. I start at your feet and work my way up. Nice strong legs. Have to watch those. They might be able to take me out in an inopportune moment. Nice shaved mound. Nice waist. Nice tits. Nice chest. Blindfolded face. Overall, very, very nice.

Just what I need. More importantly, that which I desperately want. My breath catches a little and I start to stare. Intensely. I enjoy that I don't need to avert my eyes now, like I've done so often in the past. No, with you blindfolded, I can stare as hard as I want.



"I'm finished, Sir", you say, handing back the water bottle. "Hopefully not for the nite, pet," I chuckle. "Sir? Oh no, Sir, not in that way." "You probably should be saying what you mean then, or at least complete a thought. We will need to work a bit on your verbal communication skills.

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But, that is what training is all about." "Yes, Sir. I meant that I'm finished with the water. Thank you, Sir." I smile at you. You can't see it, of course, but I'm pleased. "Very well done, pet. That is more of what I'm looking for." You can hear the praise in my voice and that generates a little smirk on your face.

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I walk over and take the bottle out of your hand. You had about half the bottle. Good. You'll need it. I expect that you'll be panting quite a bit over the next hour or so. Now, its time to embarrass you and explain the rules of the game. This will also give me quite a bit more time to examine you in more detail. "Time for me to examine you, pet. To gauge if what I see is as good as it appears.

Also, this is a little test for your obedience. I want you to obey me quickly and without comment. If I have a question, I'll ask, but nothing out of you til then. Also, I expect that some of what I'm about to do may cause you to squirm and possibly squeal.

I understand that, but caution you to keep both to a minimum. Consider that, while not an order, a really strong suggestion. "I know that this is all new to you, but if you decide to continue, then that will become an order.

So keep that in mind and think on that." I step back and now it is time to put you through your paces. "Hands straight up over your head. I want to start by examining the front.

Spread your legs a little further than shoulder width. Stand up straight. Clasp your hands together, too. Remember this position.

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This will be the Vertical Examination Position. I expect you to be able to be in this position on demand. There will be other positions that you will need to learn. So I'll start with this one." I start a clinical examination. This isn't erotic to me. This is actually a bit of work. I need to understand your body at least as well as you do.

In some ways better. I need to know your reactions and how you express them through your body. To help me tease more effectively. I start at the top and work my way down. "Ticklish, pet?" "Yes, Sir, very" I twitch a bit. God, how I love a ticklish sub. I run my fingernails down your arms and over your arm pits, and flick them a bit there. Need a better shave there, but I will deal for the time being. I continue running them down your sides.

You have been squirming since I reached a bit below your elbows. Yep. Ticklish. Very ticklish. Up until this point, I've been slowly losing my erection, but now it starts back. Oh, I'm going to enjoy this. I continue tickling until your arms start to drop and you start doubling over. Your chest is heaving rapidly as you try to contain the laughter.

Your breasts jerking up and down and left and right. So beautiful, your reaction to my touch. Just what I've needed for so long. "Very well. I'll stop. For now," I utter a bit ominously. I'll have more fun with that soon. You stand back up and re-assume the position.

"Well done, pet. Didn't even have to remind you." "Thank you, Sir." I cup each of your breasts, one by one, in my hand and heft them a bit. Just getting used to the feel and the weight of each.

Your nipples are hard, so either I'm doing something right, or you're a bit cold. There is a very light sheen of sweat on your upper lip, so, I guess you aren't cold. "Are you too warm, pet? Shall I lower the temperature in here?" "No, Sir. I'm fine." "Very well." I continue my examination. Looking under your breasts.

Tweaking your nipples a bit. Moving my fingers around your areolas.

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Your lips parts and you softly moan. So sexy to see this. Your reactions. I move my lips to your right nipple and take it into my mouth. Covering it with my lips and lightly licking the tip. Enjoying the taste and the sigh escaping your lips. I bite down a little, just to test the feeling. Not hard enough to hurt, or maybe just a little. All the while, I'm lightly pinching and teasing and rolling the other nipple between my fingers. I suck a little. Then a bit harder. Then let go with an audible 'Pop'.

Can't allow the other nipple to get lonely, so I give it the same treatments. Your breathing is coming in gasps, now. Time to cool you down a bit. I grab both nipples between my fingers and start to squeeze. I'm not hurting yet, but it will.


I slowly increase the pressure and start to twist them. "Tell me when it's starts to hurt a bit, please, pet." I lift them up while I continue, pulling on them and lifting each mound. And more pressure. And a little more. Must be starting to hurt how. But you say nothing. I see a little tension around your face. This is hurting. Maybe not much. But enough for it to show on your face. "Don't try to take whatever I give. I need to know where the pain threshold is.

This isn't an exercise in seeing how much pain you can take. I need to know when it starts hurting." Still nothing. I increase it a bit more. "Now, Sir. It's hurting." "Thank you, pet." I don't release. I hold it at the same pressure. I also pull and raise them up a bit higher, slightly increasing the pain. After about 20 seconds or so, I relax the pressure and the pulling and let them relax. "Very good, pet. Time for a slight reward." I caress the nipples and the areolas, first with my fingers and then with my tongue, again alternating between the two.

Softly, delicately I work my tongue around them, gently caressing. No pain, pure pleasure. Enjoy this, you did well, pet. Soon, I expect you are going to be fairly uncomfortable.