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Blonde Lesbians eating each other out on bed
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It had been barely 24 hours since the battle between harry potter and lord voldermort, since the battle harry had destroyed the elder wand and spent most of his time with his best friends ron weasley and hermoine granger, he had also spent a little time with his girlfriend ginny weasley who just happened to be ron's little sister, after a soft kiss on the cheek from ginny harry had wrapped both arms around her and cuddled her softly as she mourned the death of her brother fred weasley, during the battle countless casualties had occured with harry and the people he for all intensive purposes called his family the weasleys losing people they knew and loved.

The morning after the battle everyone awoke from their sleep, most people had spent the night at hogwarts, only the weasley's, harry and hermoine chose not to instead they all spent the night at the weasley home, Mrs weasley was first up and was preparing breakfast for everyone when she heard footsteps running down the stairs, ron burst into the kitchen shortly followed by ginny and hermoine, *mum have you seen harry* Ron asked in a half worried tone - *no why dear* mrs weasley replied not even taking her eye's of the cooking - *he's gone* ron nearly shouted *his bag, all his clothes, all his possesions, everything is gone* - Now that got mrs weasleys attention as she nearly dropped the knife she was holding, *what do you mean gone* she said in a extremely worried tone - *mum, when we woke up this morning harry just wasn't there, we thought he might of slipped out this morning* ginny quickly explained - *he hasn't gone past me, i would of seen him and would of stopped him* mrs weasley calmly replied - *well were going to go look for him, hope he hasn't gotten too far* ginny replied before running back upstairs - *yeah what she said* ron quickly said before heading back upstairs himself with hermoine on his trail, five minutes later hermoine, ron and ginny were dressed and on there way out the door.

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After the best part of three hours of searching hermoine, ron and ginny found themselves outside number 12 grimmauld place, knowing that harry knew of the place well as it had once belonged to his godfather sirius black they all decided it might be a good place to start searching for harry, a quick sweep of the house came to some avail as it had proved harry had been there recently, seemed to have spent the night there aswell as there was a sleeping bag set up, Deciding he might return all three decided to set up camp in the house for the night and wait to see if harry would come back.

The next morning it was apparent harry wouldn't be returning to the house, he hadn't shown up once since ron, hermoine and ginny had arrived and it was doubtful he would return for aslong as they were there.

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It was three days later that they found there first hint that harry was still alive and doing okay as far as they could guess, a letter had arrived via owl early morning landing on ginnys bed scaring her half to death, she opened it pretty quickly with the exception of fully waking up, now i know everyone is expecting some massive long letter explaining where he is and how he is doing so here is what he wrote - *i'm okay, dont worry im thinking of you* - after reading it over and over ginny finally let out a sigh of relief before jumping out of bed and crashing straight ontop of hermoine, in all her excitement ginny had forgotten hermoine was sharing a room with her per her mother's request, hermoine awoke in shock having someone crash down on her, looking to see who it was she saw ginny quickly climbing off her with an apologetic look on her face, *well that was one way to wake up i guess* hermoine stated in a mock angry voice - *sorry, im really sorry* ginny cried out apologetically *just ive got a letter from harry* - *what!!!* hermoine pretty much shouted *when, how, where* - *just now, its here look* ginny said as she held out the letter, hermoine took it and read it over and over for what seemed like an eternity to ginny who stood there waiting, *this is it* hermoine asked a little quizzical *this is the letter that has you all excited* - *yes* ginny replied a little sheepishly *i know it's not much but* - *not much, it's nothing* hermoine quickly said cutting ginny off from finishing her sentence - *but* ginny quietly said - *ginny, it's nothing, it doesn't tell us where he is or when he will be back* hermoine softly stated seeing her friend was close to tears - *but atleast we know he is okay* ginny quietly said more to herself than to anyone else - *yeah* hermoine replied *we know he is okay* - Hermoine knew deep down that the letter was a fake, harry wasn't doing okay and she knew he needed help but she put on a brave face for ginny's sake, the rest of the morning hermoine and ginny just sat around talking about harry, ginny kept sounding so upbeat everytime she mentioned the letter that hermoine thought better than to try and tell ginny that she knew harry was in trouble, how did hermoine know he was in trouble - well - it was the night they were all at 12 grimmauld place, ron and ginny were fast asleep when hermoine had heard the front door to the place creak open, knowing it could mean trouble she drew her wand and pretended to be asleep, as soon as she saw a figure pass the room her, ron and ginny was in she quietly got up and walked out the room, hearing noise coming from the floor above she slowly and quietly crept up the stairs only to see a dark figure with his wand aimed straight at her - *hermoine* the voice quickly said beforing lowering the wand they were holding - *harry!!!* hermoine screamed - *shush not so loud* harry quickly said in a hushed tone *dont want the others to wake up* - *but harry, where, how* hermoine stuttered out before rishing over and hugging harry tightly causing him to wince in pain - *not so tight* harry said in a pained tone - *sorry* hermoine said apologetically before raising her wand and muttering the spell lumos, the first thing she saw was harry's face, it was cut, bruised and she could swear his cheekbone looked like it had been fractured, that was only the half of it, as she looked further down his body she saw more cuts and bruises, a few fractures and what looked to be a bandaged leg under his torn jeans, *harry you look dreadful* hermoine exclaimed *what happened to you* - *death eaters* harry quickly replied *ever since i defeated voldermort they have been after me non stop, everywhere i turn there is a whole bunch more looking for revenge, been fighting them non stop since i left the weasleys home* - *but why did you leave, we could have helped you* hermoine quickly asked in a serious tone - *i didn't want anyone else to get hurt or die because of me* harry quickly shot back *what happened at hogwarts, all our friends* - *harry, they died fighting for a good cause* hermoine softly said as to try keep harry calm *they died protecting the place they loved, their friends* - *they died because of me* harry shouted *they died because i couldn't face the army alone* - *harry listen to me* hermoine said in a demanding tone which caused harry to look at her *it wasn't your fault, our friends chose to defend hogwarts, they gave their lives to protect everyone else* - *you're wrong* harry shouted causing hermoine to back away a little *they thought because of me, if id of surrendered, if i'd of faced voldermort straight away, the war wouldn't of happened* - *but harry, you needed to find the horcrux, without it voldermort would of won* hermoine stated in a matter of fact tone *you know that, is that what you'd have wanted, voldermort to rule the wizarding world* - *no but still* harry stammered, he didn't know what to say, he knew hermoine was extremely smart and she could easily use words to outwit him *it doesn't matter now does it, voldermort is gone, our friends are gone* - *harry, they died so we could all live, you managed to stop voldermort, just be happy please* hermoine half pleaded half stated - *i.i.i have to go* harry quickly said *please dont tell anyone i was here* - *wait harry don't.* her sentence was cut short as harry disapparated leaving her standing there all alone, knowing harry wouldn't be back she quickly snuck back down into the room and climbed back into bed.

Later that morning once hermoine and ginny heard ron getting up ginny quickly rushed into his room only to be greeted by him standing there with his boxers half way up his legs, ginny caught a quick glance at his penis before blushing and rushing back out the room and nearly knocking hermoine over in the process, *woah ginny slow down* hermoine quickly exclaimed as she quickly moved out the way as to avoid ginny - *sorry* ginny said a little flushed *just saw a little too much of ron if you get my drift* - *oh, well maybe i should go in and see him* hermoine said with a little giggle, with that she slowly walked into roms room to find him nearly fully dressed, he was sat on his bed putting his socks on as she entered, *oh, shame, ginny got to see more than i do* hermoine said with a half giggle -*guess we could change that* ron said as he slowly advanced towards hermoine, upon reaching her he wrapped her hands softly round her as he pulled her to him for a kiss, the kiss lasted all of five seconds as they knew they were on a time limit with rons parents still been asleep in the room not too far away, ron quickly ran his hands down hermoines sides and gripped the bottom of her pyjama top, that was quickly pulled up and thrown aside to reveal her braless 34b cup breasts, *no bra* ron asked a little quizically - *thought i would go without* hermoine replied a little shyly *hope you like* - ron didn't answer, instead he quickly latched his mouth onto her right nipple and began flicking it with his tongue, hermoine let out a soft moan followed by a little louder moan as ron's hand found its way to her left nipple and began softly pinching it, his spare hand had began running softly down her stomach and was almost in her waistband when they heard ginny scream, while hermoine and ron had been having their little fun ginny had decided to go make breakfast, whilst she was pouring milk over her cereal she had heard a faint knock on the door, quickly putting down the milk she walked over to the door and opened it, the look on her face said it all - she was shocked and all's she could do was scream, *harry!!!* she screamed louder than she had meant to *harry, are you okay* - Harry was just laying there, unconscious, bloody, bruised and broken, ginny's scream had woken up the rest of the house and she heard footsteps rushing down the stairs, *harry!!* hermoine screamed as soon as she saw him - *harry* ron quickly shouted *you okay mate* - *of course he's not okay you idiot* ginny shouted angrily at ron, he was going to say something back when he noticed the tears streaming down ginny's cheeks and thought better of it, mr and mrs weasley were soon down the stairs and noticed everyone crowding around the door, when they saw harry mrs weasley nearly collapsed on the spot and would have if it weren't for mr weasley holding her up, *come on ron, help me get him inside* mr weasley said - *yeah good idea, but where we going to put him* ron quickly asked - *my room* ginny quickly shouted *put him in my room please, i'll look after him plus in there he get's to have a comfy bed* - *i dont know* mrs weasly said a little worried *might be better putting him george's old room* - *no!* ginny pretty much screamed *put him in my room* - *ginny, it's a lot of work caring for someone* mrs weasly exclaimed in a soft tone *he would be better off in george's room where i can look after him till we can get him some real care* - *no!* ginny shouted in a way that made everyone back off from her *put him in my room* - *oh fine* mrs weasley said in a defeated tone *take him up to ginny's room* - with all said and done ron and mr weasley carried harry up the stairs and into ginny's room where they laid him down and mr weasley left leaving him with ginny, ron and hermoine.

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