Uncensored japanese french sakura sakurada

Uncensored japanese french sakura sakurada
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She Rented my boyfriend &hellip.I sat in the her driveway in my new car. I couldn't stop smiling with contentment. My cock was sore and it felt good&hellip.I thought back on how I got here&hellip.I said to myself&hellip. …'Jack.life is good.' ------------- &hellip.I called her 'Candy'. Her name was Candice. We stood there hugging and feeling our body's. She was shaking and breathing hard.

She had never had a man get her sexually excited before. I was feeling her body, and she was loving this. She had a hot figure, nice tits, hot legs and had gotten herself&hellip. hooked on me. &hellip.She had been terribly sheltered in life. Daddy had big bucks and set her up good for life. Then daddy died. I met her at that point. &hellip.My girlfriend Kate was a makeup artist and got a call to go to her big house to help her look good for some business meeting.

I just happened to go with her that day because her car was in the shop. Kate and Candy became instant friends as Candy seemed pretty helpless, lonely, very young and needed a friend.

She already looked hot to me, but Kate was getting paid good to do her makeup.


I sat and watched as Kate made her look very hot. Candy keep looking at me for a reaction. I really just smiled and told her she looked sexy. She liked that and kept looking at me with her sexy smile. She was hot, and didn't really need Kate's help at all. ……She brought Candy to our house one evening to just to visit. Kate, had told me Candy need some 'street wise' education bad. I said I could help her with the real world ways. As I looked at this naïve beauty, my cock started to rise to attention.

She spent a lot of evenings with us, but Kate had to get up at 3am to go to the movie studios to work. Kate went to bed very early, so that left Candy and I&hellip.alone. &hellip.It didn't take long and Candy started in dressing in sexy clothes.

She sat closer and closer on the couch after Kate went to bed. I found out she was just legal age and had never had sex, never had a man feel her up or anything. Daddy had kept men away from her. She had private teachers and not much contact with the outside world of theirs. Their mom had left when she was little and daddy just hired what was needed for them.

&hellip.After a while I slowly found out why daddy kept her isolated from the outside world&hellip. &hellip. Daddy would have her undress for him while he watched and jacked off in the shadows of her room. He had her finger her pussy and feel her own tits. She liked the attention and the feelings.


He hadn't touched her&hellip.yet, and then he died in a plane crash. He did tell her when she turned legal age, he would show her about sex and a lot of new things…and…they could have sex.

&hellip.She was very horny and excited waiting&hellip. then he died 4 days before her birthday. &hellip.She hinted that someone like 'me' could maybe show her all about sex.

&hellip.I whispered that I would 'help' her, but it would take lots of practice. I said we could do a little 'practice' quietly while Kate slept. &hellip. Lesson 1, 'Tongue kissing and feeling our bodies', I told her. It didn't take much to get her hot.

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Just touching her neck, and I had to stop as she started to tremble and moan. I said we'd better do this at her house alone, so as not to wake Kate. She whispered excitedly that she had tingles in her pussy and her tits already. &hellip.I walked her out to her car and we sat and talked. She asked if we could do the kissing and feeling thing some more. I slowly laid her down in the front seat and laid on top of her. We started in as I slipped my hand into her blouse and felt those nice tits.

She opened her legs and started in pushing her pussy up to my boner. I pulled up her dress and slipped my hand in her wet panties and slit. She moaned and jumped each time I felt her clit. "Oh god…when can we have sex, I want to have sex with you so bad&hellip.could we maybe have sex right now?" She asked.

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&hellip."Tomorrow night, too many people might see us here." I said. She said: "Ok, but can I feel your cock before you go?" She didn't wait for an answer and her hand went in.

She moaned as she felt a mans cock for the very first time. "Tomorrow night I want to feel it more, I love it. It excites me so much." She said. ---------- &hellip.Kate lay in bed smiling. She thought…This is working out fine.

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Not only is Candy secretly paying me for the 'boyfriend rental' but I've met this co-worker guy that gets me real horny in the back room at work. He loves to feel my tits and in my panties. I sneak in a handful of his cock. We found a place where we can fuck anytime we want. Jack, not knowing a thing about this, just makes it all the more exciting. &hellip.Candy's thoughts about Jack and Kate&hellip.

&hellip.They think I'm this naïve girl who doesn't know anything. That's just how I want them to think. My daddy didn't raise a dummy. He told me that if you find a man you want, just do whatever it takes to get him for yourself.

I want Jack and soon I'll have him away from Kate. She doesn't care about him, otherwise she wouldn't let me rent him.

She cute alright, but I have something she doesn't&hellip.money and brains. Jack&hellip. &hellip.I told Kate I had to go and do things that evening.

I arrived at Candy's big house and she was waiting in a beautiful black night gown. We sat with some mixed drinks. &hellip. Something was different&hellip. &hellip. She told me how she felt about me and "what ever it took", she wanted me as her boyfriend. &hellip.Gone was the naïve Candy and now a sharp, business savvy girl came to the surface. She said not to concern myself with Kate anymore. She told me about Kate's boyfriend at work and that she was paying to 'rent' me from Kate… &hellip.I sat in shock at the real Candy.

The girl I had gotten great desires for, and her for me&hellip.the desires just got greater between us. Now the fun began with a beautiful girl&hellip.

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&hellip.In that one night, I became her boyfriend and personal sexual trainer. &hellip.She told me her daddy had her working in his business at age 6. Seven days a week. Now she wanted to catch up on those lost years when boy meets girl and things happen naturally. &hellip.The night began.

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The 'sex' lessons were beautiful. I was training a beautiful girl to have sex just the way I liked it. I stood her up and danced first.

Her sweet body next to mine was hot as we felt whatever we wanted to. We went back down to her couch and we laid next to each other. I 'showed' her about foreplay between man and woman again. She like that part and she slowly took my clothes off and I took hers too. We let our arm and legs go as they wanted.

Two happy naked people kissing and licking tits, dicks, pussy and just all over. She was free to moan now and she let it out. &hellip.We could hardly make it to her big bed. Instant 69 as she became hyper with excitement. &hellip. Our foreplay was building into a moaning squirming mass of wet oral sex.


I loved to hear her moan with pleasure as I licked her pussy for the first time. She orgasmed so hard, she shook like a wild woman.

Her lips found all my hot spots on my cock and she honed in on them. I had to stop her as she was going to make me cum right in her mouth and didn't realize it. I wanted that for later. Finally I spun her around and grabbed her legs and put them up.


I just had to lick her again and watch her orgasm again so hot. In went my cock slowly as she trembled and moaned. It was her first and her fingers dug into my back. . "OOOOHHH"&hellip.she yelled as my cock went deeper into her tight pussy. She didn't hold back her feelings and moaned continuously.

She adjusted to my cock and started panting as we started fucking. Damn she was nice and tight, and it felt good. Her legs shook around my shoulders as our cums were building up to the time we both had waited for. Her trembling hands were pulling on me, taking me deeper in her tight pussy.

…When my cock touched bottom in her pussy&hellip.and kept touching it…she lost it and started fucking me so fast and then locked me up with a thrust and a scream of joy&hellip.I can't put in words the joy we both felt. We felt like we had left planet earth in a rocket. "Squeeze Candy…squeeze!" I moaned and she learned how right then and there. I shot rapid fire cum shots in her until I fell weak. The poor girl was out of it, moaning and squirming.

She acted like she had gone crazy and mumbled pleasure sounds. She kept squeezing my cock like it was her toy to keep. My cock kept cuming without any cum left. I got so dizzy I had to let my brain take me to euphoria with her……&hellip.I went out… &hellip.It was still dark as I tried to open my eyes. I felt a warm girls mouth on my cock…I just smiled and let her play…I smelled the aroma of a freshly showered woman's pussy&hellip.I opened my eyes a little and right in front of my face was Candy's sweet pussy.

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I pulled to me and let my tongue have it way with it. I loved the moaning around my cock as she took it in deep. Her pussy was wet with her sex and I licked every part of it.

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Her hips moved with my probing tongue as we got a rhythm going. Her head worked my cock as I felt a huge rising cum on the way. She knew it too somehow, and held my flexing balls. I had to cum, I had no choice as I stiffened up to her sucking and her tongue circling my cock head. The first shot made her squeal and down her lips went to take all of my cock in her wet mouth. I shot and shot as my cock took control. Her pussy trembled as it thrust on my tongue. My ears began to ring as she moaned so loud.

&hellip.We both ……well…no words can ever possibly describe it… we both moaned until we went out again&hellip. &hellip.All I can remember of that,… just the first night with Candy, were my thoughts&hellip. &hellip.'Jack…life is good'&hellip.