Hot gay sex Watching this fellow bend over like that Acirc_ hellip_as if taunting

Hot gay sex Watching this fellow bend over like that Acirc_ hellip_as if taunting
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Went this afternoon to my physical therapy appointment, Hollie is dressed in a pink pull over shirt that enhances her small firm breasts, showing them nicely. Her black pants cling to her slender body showing her small flat firm ass, her flat tummy and small hips. Just seeing her caused my cock to come to life, watching for the next three hours drove me insane.

My cock is now painful hard and I know I need relief soon. Hollie leaves work at 5 pm, I decide to go to her apartment and wait for her. Thank god the day is over, Hollie thought as she walked in the door of her apartment. It is windy and cool outside, being home relaxed her.

The only thing she wants to do now, after a long day at work, is kick off her shoes and take a long, hot bath. The trail of her clothes followed her as she made her way into the bathroom. Holli took off the last of her undergarments, and then ran the hot water. While the tub filled, she got into the cabinet and took out several scented candles, placing them on the windowsill above the tub.

She lit them using a nearby lighter. Soon the tub is full, and she slips into the steaming hot water, letting out a sigh of relief. Hollie submerged herself up to her shoulders, and then closed her eyes. The wind outside is blowing harder now. Hollie barely noticed, for she is recalling our last erotic meeting. She is in a far off world, with me, right now, he was looking at her with his intense, breath-taking gaze.

His strong, rough hand was stroking her long brown hair, while the other was on her hip. He was leaning his head in to kiss her mouth, urgently thrusting his tongue inside. Hollie moaned softly. Then he had his hand on her bare breast- picturing this, Hollie began to stroke her nipple. Then he was stroking her between her thighs. Hollie rubbed a finger against her clit. She was smiling dreamily to herself. Suddenly, there is a loud knocking at her front door.

Startled, Hollie cursed aloud. Hoping the intruder would go away, she sat still and waited. When the knocking persisted, Hollie sighed and stood up from the tub. Not even bothering to towel off, she grabbed the bathrobe from the hook on the door and put it on. The knocking came again as she walked toward the front door. " Hold on, I'm coming!" she yells, irritated. She finished tying the belt around her waist, and then opened the door. She gasped as she came face to face with me, I'm wearing the jogging suit I had earlier at my appointment.

" Hello, sorry to bother you," I said, in a very business-like manner. " Hollie is befuddled. " What are you doing here John?" " I needed to see you." I said. I push my way in, Hollie is still left in irritated confusion. She gave up the idea of trying to argue. Instead she sighs and said, " Okay, I'm going to get dressed." She turns and made her way toward the bedroom. In the back of her mind she thought, God, how embarrassing! I walk into her apartment while she is in a bathrobe and her place is a mess.

But more than that, she is angry that I had not bothered to call her and tell her I was coming. Plus that fact that I had been so rude. Once in her room, she took off her robe and let it fall to the floor.

Before she can even get a chance to walk to her closet, she is grabbed harshly from behind. She cries out alarmed, struggling futilely as she is thrown onto her back on the bed. There above her I'm pinning her arms above her head, and smiling down on her. Shocked and frightened, Hollie screams and tries to squirm out of my hold. But somehow I managed to hold both of her arms down with one hand, and with the other I muffled her mouth.

" Well, aren't you a fighter?" I smirked. " If you scream again, beautiful, there will be trouble. Understand?" Her eyes wide with fear, Hollie nods. Tears have welled up in her eyes, and she is unable to keep them from streaming down her cheeks. I took my hand from her mouth, gently brushing the tears away. " Shh," I whispered. " Hollie like you shouldn't cry like that.

It breaks my heart." " Fuck you!" Hollie managed to spit at me.

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"Let me go!" I laughed softly. " Trust me, sweetheart, it won't hurt. You will enjoy it." Still gripping her wrists in my hand, I leaned over the bed where my bag is waiting. From it I produced a long strand of rope. I then proceeded to tie her wrists to the bedpost. She is crying, and had begun to whimper softly. " Shh," I said again. " Just trust me, honey." I ran my fingers through her hair, and then trailed them down to her lips, which are trembling.

" Open your mouth," I demanded, though my voice is soft. She didn't want to comply, but fearful of me, she did as I asked. I put my fingertip between her lips, touching it to her tongue.

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I made a sound of pleasure, as I pulled out my finger and trailed it over her chin down to her neck, leaving a trail of wetness that gave Hollie chills. I chuckled as I feel her shiver.

Then I wasted no time in putting a hand to her breast, giving it a squeeze. Hollie uttered a soft cry of pleasure. I rubbed my thumb against her nipple, causing it to harden involuntarily. I did the same to the other nipple, and Hollie writhed.

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I laughed softly. " Don't worry, sweetheart. The fun is just starting." " Please," she whispered. " Please, John stop." The fight is out of her, and the last thing she can do now is plead. She didn't want this.

She is certain she didn't want this. But as I kept going, now flicking my tongue against her nipple, she moans in defeat. I'm suckling her breasts like a newborn, my hand slowly moving over her quivering stomach, then to the inner part of her thigh. Then I slide my hand over her pussy lips, slipping a finger inside to find that she is already wet. " I knew you were enjoying it," I taunted her; my breathe hot against her skin. Hollie cried out with passion as I rubbed my finger against her clit.

She hated my smugness, but now had come to love me for what I'm inflicting upon her. As my head lowered, an " Oh, God!" escaped from her lips, as she is very aware of what I'm will do next. My mouth envelopes her, and my tongue flicked deep inside her. Hollie moaned, squirming beneath me, and yet lifting her hips to encourage me. I went on forever, it seems, until at last she came in a way that she has never done before, screaming as she did.


Then I stood up and begin to undress. Hollie cannot tear her eyes away, then I took off my pants, showing that I wore no underwear beneath. His member was intimidating, even frightening.

Astrid was fearful of being hurt. As he came back to lie on top of her, Hollie had begun to cry again a little. Again, I laughed, which annoyed her. " Don't worry, love. I promise I'll be gentle." First I slide my phallus against her opening, making her whimper.

Then slowly I begin to ease inside of her. Hollie gasps. Then I'm fully sheathed, we both exhaled a low moan. I begin to thrust, lowering my head to rest in the crook between her neck and shoulder. The pain Hollie feels lasted only a few seconds, then the sheer pleasure took over. She is rocking her hips against me with every thrust I delivered, crying out in rapture. She wants more than anything for me to release her hands so that she can dig her nails into my flesh.

" Please," she cries out. " Please untie me!" I stop for a moment looking at her. It must have been the wanton look on her face that made me comply. As I'm still inside her, I reached up untied her wrists from the bedpost. Hollie sighed with relief, but didn't waste time as she rolled me over onto my back and straddled herself atop me. She begins to rock against me fiercely, digging her nails into my chest, causing me to groan.

She tosses back her head as she fucks me, as I moan and play with her bouncing breasts. Soon both of our moans are rising, until the two of us are screaming our release at the same time. Exhausted, Hollie fell against me, her head on my chest. We were both slick with sweat, breathing heavily. After a long, quiet moment, Hollie feels me gently rolling her off of me until she is on her side. She lifted her eyes to look at me.

Smiling, I placed a hand on her lips. " Hush," I whispered. " Don't say a word. I will go get carry out and be back. Heading towards the bedroom I notice the bathroom light is on and hear the radio in there, blaring.


I stuck my head in to let Hollie know I was back. Ah. Now there is a sight, Hollie had apparently hopped straight out of the shower and then gone to the sink to dry her hair. Her head is buried in the sink with a towel across her shoulders, but the towel that she'd wrapped around her waist had dropped off, giving me a view of her small flat ass and shapely pussy.

" Hollie, I'm back." I called, stepping up behind her. I reach down and patted her ass, my hand wandering down to stroke her pussy.

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Hollie gave a squawk and shook her head, trying to stand up. I can't hear what she is saying over the blare of the radio and didn't really care. I had the superior position and I'm going to take advantage of it again. I hold Hollie effortlessly in place with one hand while my other hand continues to stroke her ass and pussy.

" Don't worry about what I'm doing," I told her, speaking loudly to be heard over the radio. " You just keep working on your hair. You wouldn't want a bad hair day." I can hear Hollie yelling something, but the radio and the fact that she is head first in the sink completely muffles her reply. I suspect that she is trying to say ' not again, you bastard,' but I intended to ignore that.

I continue to hold her and stroke her. I'm now spending my efforts rubbing along Hollie's slit. I feel her squirming against my hand and can sense the heat starting to rise within her. Slipping my finger forward, I darted it between her lips, testing for the dampness that will facilitate my entry.

She'd stopped trying to wriggle away now, apparently resigned to what is going to happen and her pussy is pressing back against my hand. Sensing that Hollie is now ready again, even eager the way she is pushing back against my hand, I stop holding her in place. I continue to rub and tease with one hand, my other hand is undoing my belt and dropping my trousers.

Holding my cock, I ease it forward until it is rubbing against Hollie's slit. My fingers carefully moving her lips apart as I slide into place, driving my full length into her.

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I hear Hollie yell as I plunge deep within her, and I grin. She can be a noisy little thing at times. I reach forward cupping her breasts. Holding them firmly I start to move within her, driving deep while I squeeze her breasts and slowly withdrawing and relaxing my grasp on her breasts. The rhythm builds quickly, I'm thrusting in and relaxing, Hollie is thrusting back against my cock as I drive forward and then relax, her turn to let me withdraw for another assault.

Minutes passed in energetic exercise, I'm taking care not to rush to a conclusion, knowing Hollie needs a little more time before her climax. On I went, enjoying a second sudden interlude. It was an hour ago since we had made love on the spur of the moment, and I'm determined not to waste the experience. I hear Hollie gasping and giving little squeaks as her climax drew near. Loud squeals, but the radio is drowning them out. Knowing she is ready, I start thrusting towards my own climax, thrusting harder and faster, finally exploding deep within her.

I feel Hollie clamping down on my cock, surrounding it and squeezing it, and I feel the tremors racing through her as she climaxed. Standing behind Hollie, I gave her breasts one last squeeze before slowly withdrawing.

Hitching up my trousers, I dropped a kiss on her back and told her that I was going to go to the kitchen.