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Another Good Home Porn Video
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The Cock Chronicles Hi, my name is Jason. I'm 21 years old and in college. I have brown hair, I'm 6'0 and I'm athletic with hazel colored eyes. I live in a dorm with Christian, my 20 year old gay roommate. He's your average, slim looking guy. He's 5'9, got black hair and green eyes. I didn't mind him being my roommate. I was a straight dude, but lately I haven't been myself. I keep noticing how big cocks are around me. One day in class, Christian was jacking off under his desk in my economics class.

He was obviously really horny and was jacking off under his desk, right next to my.

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While the professor thought he was just sleeping, he had his head back, jacking off his 10 inch cock. I became horny just watching him. But I don't know why. Later that day, I went to my dorm and turn on the computer. Christian wasn't home yet so, I had time to myself. I downloaded some gay porn and began to jack off. About an hour into mu masturbation, I still couldn't cum. something told me I needed more.


I kept going hard, pounding my meat, until I heard the door close. With my cock still in my hand, I spun the chair and seen Christian staring at me.

I noticed he was breathing heavily and watching my cock with pure lust in his eyes.


I started stroking my meat, watching as he began to undress. I closed my eyes remembering what he did in class today. Soon, I felt a warm mouth around my cock. I opened my eyes and found Chris sucking me.

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I moaned and held his head as he kept sucking me. "Uh uh uh.

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Yeah Chris. Suck that cock" Chris looked up and me and smiled. Then he started to bob up and down my cock, which felt so much better, but I wanted more. As if he knew what I was thinking, Chris got up and kissed me. I kissed him back, feeling our tongues swirl with one another. He pulled me up and pushes me on the bed, then gets on top of me.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for you." Chris said in a hoarse voice. He continued kissing me and felt all over my chest. He knew I was sensitive about my nipples, and flicked them repeatedly, making me gasp.

I hold his face to mine, deepening the kiss. HE grabbed my cock, stroking it fast and slow, which drove me crazy. Then he pulled away from me. I tried to pull him back down, but he forced me to stop. I guess he wanted to surprise me because he got out handcuffs.

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Those sure enough surprised me. But he took the handcuffs and cuffed me to the bed post. I looked at him confusingly. "Don't worry baby.

I'm not going to hurt you or anything." Chris said soothingly. "Close your eyes" I obeyed and closed my eyes as he put on the blindfold. I was about to be fucked by my gay roommate. And I was going to love every minute of it. Meanwhile, I had been lying on the bed for 5 minutes; I hear the door open and close.

Chris? Who else is there?" I asked. "Baby it's only me. Calm down." "Then why did I hear the door open?" "It was the closet door and I was getting dressed. Calm down baby." "Alright" I had relaxed again, waiting for Chris to do something to me. But then I felt a warm mouth on my cock again.

"Mmmm. Yea baby, suck it good" As I enjoyed the sucking sensation, I felt a cock at my lips. I just took it into my mouth and sucked it. I knew he loved it. "How does this feel Jason?" I stopped sucking and the cock pulled away. "What the fuck is going on? Whose fucking cock was in my mouth? And whose fucking mouth was sucking me?" I demanded to know. Someone pulled off the blindfold because light just flashed my eyes.

When I opened them, I was shocked. It was 4 other guys standing there naked. I happened to know all four guys. There was Michael from Econ class. There was Ryan, my soccer and football buddy. There was Justin, from the book store. And Jerry, from the dorm room next door. All of these guys were stroking their cocks, watching me. Even Chris. Justin came forward and began to suck on my cock. Even though was shocked, I could not feign the pleasure he was giving me. So I gave up and moaned.

The guys must have taken this as acceptance because Jerry went to kiss Chris. Michael stood behind Chris, grinding his cock in between his ass cheeks. And Ryan walked up to me with his huge black cock and put it on my lips.

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He smiled at me. I smiled back and took his cock into my mouth, sucking on it. We went on like this for a while, until Ryan had switched places with Justin.

And then Ryan was ready for more. HE pushed my legs up to my chest and held them there. "I think you'll love this", he said putting lube on my ass. I felt the cold liquid drizzle down my ass and Ryan's hands rub it in. I moaned. Then he lines his cock up to my hole.

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I wondered how his cock would fit in my hole, because he was like 10 inches long. "Don't worry, it will fit" he said. I was a little scared by the way he said it will fit. Justin was now sitting on the bedpost, where I am still handcuffed, watching Ryan.


I was staring at Ryan, waiting for him to make his move. He moved closer and closer. I closed my eyes as I felt his head trying to push through. "Don't fight it, Jason.

It'll hurt. Just breathe." I heard Chris say. Ryan pushed more and more and the pain escalated. After 5 minutes of getting his head in, Ryan said," This is going to hurt, but hang in there" I couldn't even get an ok out because he rammed his hard rod up my as.

It was fucking burning and I didn't want to cry out. He stayed there for a few minutes and then began to fuck me. After a while, the searing pain went away and was replaced by pleasure.

"Ah aha ah yes. This is so fucking good" I yelled. I could feel Ryan's balls slapping against my ass. "Get these fucking handcuffs off him." Ryan growled, pulling out of my ass. I heard the keys jiggle and Justin unlocked the cuffs. Ryan turned my over, facing my pillow as he rightfully took his place putting his cock back in my ass.

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I moaned louder as he fucked me. Then he slowed down. I had a mirror across from my bed and seen that Justin was sticking his cock up Ryan's ass. I was so turned on, I grabbed my own cock and stroked fast as Ryan fucked my ass faster than before. I looked into his eyes, and realized how sexy he was.

This only made me stroke my cock even fast. He bent down to kiss me, giving me his tongue. I joyfully sucked on his tongue, enjoying his taste. I let go once I felt myself getting ready to cum. He began grunting and noticed that I was going to cum too. So he dove deeper into my ass as I begin to cum all over my chest. Justin had already cummed in his ass and was now being sucked by Jerry.

SO it was just me and Ryan. He went faster and harder, as I felt something warm and wet fills up my ass. I realized he had cummed in my ass, sighing as he released more cum. When he finished, he pulled out his now shrunken cock. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back as he bent over to kiss me. He was laying on me, still kissing me as I grabbed his ass. I felt so good and happy, that when we finished making out, I noticed everyone was gone.

Ryan must've seen my puzzled face because he said they wanted us to have privacy. I smiled. He pulled me against him and let me lay on his chest, holding me. I noticed his perky nipples and licked them. I heard him gasp. Then I looked up at him, smiling. HE smiled back. This was going to be a beautiful start for me and my best buddy.

To be continued…