Rico strong daddy Sneaky And Sleepy Step Sex

Rico strong daddy Sneaky And Sleepy Step Sex
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At 57 year old 5 feet 6 inches tall and 4 stone over weight Angela thought her sex life was over, after all Steve her husband seemed to prefer sitting watching tv all the time rather than do anything with her, in fact Angela guessed that if it wasn't for the fact that he had to work Steve would spend all his time in front of the tv! One day Angela went round to a friend's house unexpectedly, knocking on the door she waited for ages before Sue opened it looking flushed and a little embarassed she let Angela in.

Sitting talking for a while it got round to sex or Angela's lack of sex was more to the point, Sue started to blush again and this time Angela couldn't stop herself asking why as they had always been open and talked about things like that before.

Sue guiltily admitted that Angela had caught her. 'Caught you doing what?' asked Angela, 'you know.' was all Sue would reply at first, 'No I Don't came Angela's reply. Blushing harder Sue blurted out 'I was masturbating!' then even Angela blushed. 'What just like that?' she asked despite herself. Shaking her head Sue told her she'd found an adult chat room where she talked to men and played with herself while she did it.

Turning to her PC Sue turned the monitor on and Angela saw it come to life displaying a scrolling window, different names were shown with comments, 'all you do is find one you like and message him, then chat was Sue's explanation. Angela sat for the next hour watching as Sue talked to 3 different men, all 3 chats were sex, sex, sex!! She couldn't help noticing Sues hand was between her legs and she was panting fast despite Angela sitting next to her, that's when Angela realised her own panties were soaking wet too.

At home that evening all Angela could think about was what Sue had been doing and with men she didn't know. The next morning she waited for Steve to go to work, walking out the door he muttered something about working late.

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She watched as he drove off and nervously waited 10 minutes before sitting down in front of their PC and typing in the name of the site she remembered seeing on Sues PC the day before. Seeing the login box Angela froze, what could she put as a name. quickly she entered 'Neglected wife' the clicked open, the wait seemed interminable as the room loaded and she saw the names start to scroll.

Quite soon a box appeared as someone sent her a message, clicking on it Angela couldn't believe what she read. 'So you need a nice cock to stop you being neglected?' slowly she answered 'my husband doesn't want me anymore' the man replied and Angela felt herself blush, suddenly a message came up he had posted an image for her. not knowing what to expect Angel clicked on it and the image of a large hard cock appeared, Angela gasped and felt herself get wet and she slowly slipped her hand inside her panties.

they chatted for what seemed like hours before Angela reached her 1st massive orgasm in months, after she stopped shaking Angela realised it had only been 10 minutes, shocked at what she had done she switched the PC off without another word to the unknown man and tried to stop thinking about what had happened.

Even shopping her mind kept going back to how she had felt and how wonderful the orgasm had been, walking round the shops Angela had the feeling all the men that passed her by could read her mind and knew what she had done. Getting home on the bus had been worse than she could have thought, Angela could feel her wet pussy and soaking panties as she sat on the back seat, then she realised she could smell her own juices too, jumping up she got off the bus and walked the rest of the way.

That night all Angela could do to stop herself teasing her pussy was think about Steve fucking her and she was horrified to realise it turned her off.

The next morning after Steve had gone to work Angela found herself in front of the PC, determined this time not to go on the site she browsed online shopping sites, without thinking she suddenly realised she'd logged into the chat room. This time another man talked to her, he seemed different and didn't make any rude comments, after a while Angela relaxed and told him about her marriage and how she missed real sex.

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The man was quiet for ages and Angela thought she'd put him off talking when he sent a message that shocked her. 'Would you like to cheat on your hubby?' Angela realised it wasn't the question that shocked her but the fact that she had to admit she would, she sat frozen staring at the screen for a long time without moving, 'Angela?

Are you there?' he asked. Slowly she replied 'Yes'.

to both your questions' she couldn't believe she had just told a perfect stranger, a man she had only been talking to for a little while that she would cheat on Steve. There was a pause from him, then a image file appeared, 'this is me' he typed, Angela held her breath as she clicked on the file, the image of a tall man in a tailored suit appeared, dark hair, tanned skin and toned. Angela felt herself tremble as she replied 'you're gorgeous'.

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He asked to see one of her, worried that when he saw her he'd go she picked a photo from a wedding a few years back of her standing by a fountain in a black dress taken by a nephew, she still didn't like it but it was the best she had though anyone could see she was overweight. Angela waited for his reply, the minutes seemed to drag on finally as she decided he'd gone a message popped up, 'lovely' was all he put, then 'were you serious about cheating on your hubby?', Angela took a deep breath before replying 'yes, nothing goes on in our bedroom anymore so it wouldn't really be cheating I guess'.

'Would you meet me' he asked, before she could reply another message appeared, 'this weekend?' Angela realised he was serious and felt herself shake as she replied, 'where?

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What time?' in answer he asked her for an e mail address as he had to go, he promised he would message her.

Feeling foolish she gave him her e mail and the screen message showed he'd gone.

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Angela regretted giving her e mail to him almost straight away thinking she was in for trouble and scams. On impulse she opened it and there was a message which quite simply said 'lovely to chat Angela, I will be in touch tomorrow, by the way my name is Mark', she checked the senders detail and it was from Mark.

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All day Angela stayed on the site chatting with other men, being turned on by them, she was shocked when one wanted to call her and have phone sex but she backed out, the following morning Steve had gone when she woke up, without getting dressed Angela sat at the PC and opened her e mail, there was another message from Mark, opening it she read the 4 lines. If you're still serious about meeting Mendalson Hotel, 8pm, Saturday night Wear something sexy for me Just e mail back 'YES' if you're going to be there.

Mark Angela replied 'YES' she was shaking as she closed the PC unable to concentrate on anything for ages, then she decided to make sure she impressed, 3 hours later Angela walked in to her bedroom numerous bags in hand, dropping them on the bed she stripped naked and tried on what she had bought, looking in the mirror she thought how corny she looked in the black and red stockings and suspenders, a tiny thong and almost useless bra, her 42D breasts almost flooding over the tops of the cups.

Hearing Steve's voice in her head make some comment about her body she was determined to wear it all, slipping the new black cocktail dress on she silently thanked the assistant for helping her pick it out. Saturday night came and as usual Steve said he was going bowling with his mates, which meant loads of drinking and not much else, he'd probably end up sleeping on one of their couches. As soon as he left Angela shower and dressed, calling a cab to take her to the hotel.

Arriving just before 8pm she went in and sat at the bar, ordering herself a large drink to steady her nerves, she started to wait. Not long after she felt someone behind her and before she could turn a husky voice said, 'you look even better in person than you did in your photo'. Angela turned and Mark smiled as he slipped into the seat next to her, he ordered them both drinks and they chatted for a little while. As she relaxed Mark slipped his hand onto her knee making Angela jump, but she smiled to let him know it was ok before he could take it away.

Leaning towards her, he looked into her eyes as he asked, 'are you sure you want this?' All Angela could do was nod and blush a little, smiling at her Mark took her hand and a thrill when through her body 'shall we go then?' he said as he stood and gently pulled her to her feet. As they walked out Angela whispered 'where are we going?' turning towards the lifts Mark told her 'I booked a room just in case you still wanted to.' stepping into the lift ahead of him Angela felt Mark step close to her his arms circled her body as he kissed her neck, feeling light headed Angela tilted her head so he could do it again and leant back against him, feeling his hands roam over her body made her quiver.

One hand cupped her breast through the dress and gently squeezed making her moan the other, Angela was shocked to find, had pulled the hem of her dress up and was exploring her stomach, moving down to her thong and over it, then started to massage her pussy mound through the thin material. Angela gasped and almost cried out as she felt her pussy flood and her thong become soaked, she knew Mark could feel how wet she was as he moaned low and long.

Suddenly the lift stopped and Mark backed out into the corridor pulling Angela out with him still teasing her, her dress pulled up and exposing her underwear as his other hand massaged her breast, looking down Angela's eyes widened as she found he had expertly released one breast from its material prison and anyone could see her hardening nipple as he pulled and pinched it.

Reaching a door Mark opened it, guiding Angela inside and kicking it shut, turning her he dropped to his knees and looked up at herslowly Mark lean towards her and kissed her hot throbbing pussy through the thong, Angela gasped again as she leant back and opening her legs a little wider wantonly offered her pussy to him.

Mark kissed it again before licking Angela's mound through her thong, before she could move he slipped it to one side and buried his tongue deep inside her, tasting her juices for the 1st time and making Angela orgasm almost immediately, Mark didn't stop as she came hard over his face he licked and sucked at Angela's pussy finding her hard clit and working it round and round with his tongue, Angela almost screamed as she came again and again.

Mark pulled away as Angela, barely able to stand leant against the wall shaking; slipping the straps of her dress off her shoulders Mark quickly stripped her down to her underwear. Mark gazed at Angela with lust in his eyes, speaking his 1st word since entering the room he asked Angela, 'Are you my slut?' not trusting herself all she could do was nod and moan with the ripples of her orgasms still running through her body. Taking her hand Mark led her towards the balcony, opening the doors he stepped out, looking at Angela he gently pulled her outside and self-consciously Angela looked around realising they were high up.

Suddenly Mark let go of her hand and started stripping, all she could do was watch until he was naked, Angela's eyes wandered down to his cock and widened as she looked for the 1st time at his 8 inch member, Marks command was quiet but it hit her hard. 'Suck it' his hand gently pushing on her shoulders making her kneel he touched the tip to her lips, almost of its own free will Angela's mouth opened and slowly she started to suck the tip, Mark moaned as she worked on his cock tip more and more, he unconsciously pushed more into her mouth as she swirled her tongue round the shaft.

Mark started to fuck her mouth pushing deeper and deeper each time, Angela started to feel panic as he filled her mouth and wasn't stopping suddenly Marked stiffened and she gagged as his cock twitched shooting streams of thick hot cum down her throat, Angela had no choice but to swallow as much as she could. Mark pulled his still twitching cock out of Angela's mouth spraying cum over her face, and Angela gasped loudly.

Pulling her towards him Mark almost ripped the bra from Angela freeing her breasts, he gasped them roughly as he pushed his still hard cock between them and started thrusting the tip pushing up towards Angela's face, she looked down and each time it appeared she sucked the tip.

'You're my slut now Angela' Mark said as she looked up at him and gasping she replied 'Yes I am your slut Mark', he smiled at her look across the road, Angela confused look and suddenly she realised there were men watching them.

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'NO!' She whispered and looked back at him, 'you knew!' she accused him. Mark, grinning pulled her upright, 'would you like to be a real slut' he said, Angela stared at him and then heard herself answer ' Yes make me a real slut'. Taking her arm Mark turned her towards the railing and made her hold on as her bent her over and for the 1st time pushed his huge thick cock into her soaking throbbing pussy, Angela almost screamed as she felt him bury almost all of its length deep inside her, stretching and almost splitting her pussy he started to fuck her harder and harder, all the time whispering in her ear that the men were watching her be used, Angela could only look across the road to the men in the windows of the building opposite as she was fucked for them to see.

Feeling Mark grasp her hips tighter Angela pushed back on to him as he buried his cock deep inside moving in and out of her swollen abused pussy and using his hold on her to ram his thick cock in with each thrust he pulled her back harder, Angela started panting and moaning feeling her breasts slapping back and forth wildly as Mark used her. Without warning Angela's orgasm hit her hard she screamed as waves of pleasure coursed through her body but Mark didn't stop fucking her harder and harder, she felt him stiffen and her pussy flood with his hot cum, feeling it pump deep inside, Mark stopped his cock buried deep as he moaned louder and louder.

Angela was still shaking as she felt his cum leak out of her round his cock and start to run down her thighs, 'Oh fuck', she gasped as her body shook uncontrollably, Mark wasn't finished with her as he pulled out she felt him move his cock up, rubbing it across her arsehole, 'No, I've never.' she begged but wasn't able to stop him as he forced his still rock hard cock inside, this time the pain almost made her faint as Mark, holding her up turned her and forced her to lean on the wall, she knew he was letting the men see her fucked from the side he kept fucking her virgin arsehole even though she was sobbing with the pain and begging him to stop, feeling him cum again this time filling her arse made Angela orgasm again and again, she couldn't separate the pain from the pleasure.

As he pulled out he let her hips go and Angela fell to the balcony floor cum leaking out both holes coating her inner thighs. Slowly Mark helped her up and gently led her to the bedroom where he laid her down and whispered she should relax for a little while, shaking all Angela could do was collapse on the bed naked except for her stocking and suspenders.

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Coming to herself Angela wasn't sure how long she lay on the bed but heard movement from the living room, Mark entered fully dressed and leaning over her kissed her tenderly on her mouth, 'I've got to go he' told her 'but I've made sure you won't be lonely!' he grinned wickedly before walking out.

Laying still Angela was confused by what he'd told her until the door opened again, starting up she saw 2 men enter, shaking she realised they were some of the men that had watched her being used on the balcony! 'What are you doing? What do you want?' she almost screamed.

Both men started stripping and one grinning replied 'your master said we could use you!' Angela tried to get away but the men had come up on both sides of the bed and grabbed her, one forcing his hand between her legs and the other grabbing her hair, twisted her face towards him and pushed his cock against her lips, 'suck it' he demanded 'or we can beat you, your master said' he almost shouted.

Angela was so terrified she could only open her mouth and accept the hard cock, sucking it in and gagging as it hit the back of her throat, the other man pulled her legs up and rammed his cock inside her swollen sore pussy making Angela cry out, trying to pull away from the cock in her mouth she begged them to stop but they just laughed saying Mark had said she'd say that and it was all a game.

Angela lost track of time after that, the men took turns in using her again and again, fucking all her holes repeatedly, when they left Angela was shaking still with fear and the pleasure of repeated multiple orgasms that still racked her body, laying on the bed she tried to gain control of herself. When the door opened and Mark came back in he was smiling, 'so you wanted to be a slut and I made you one are you satisfied?' he asked her. Angela looking up at him covered in 3 men's cum, all her holes sore, throbbing and leaking cum she could only gasp back a reply, 'Yes Master, will you let me do it again!'