Teen amateur pussyfucked by bigcock cream pie closeups

Teen amateur pussyfucked by bigcock cream pie closeups
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Author's note: Kelly's first story. Her second will be incest. She's the sister of Trina from parts 1 and 2. This story features Wayne again. Wayne is based off someone I know in real life. Not many people like this person. I'm sure people who write stories draw influences from real life.

Also, there's some violence here. Nothing remotely as violent as in previous parts, but there is some. It will lead into to the incest story for Kelly (part 4). Part 3 here is mostly interracial porn. Policewomen 3: Kelly's Failure Chapter 1 Fat Rob adjusted his suit and followed a few of his associates into the home of Wayne, a lawyer that failed Fat Rob's business empire a lawyer that would pay for his incompetence.

Unfortunately for Wayne, he left his Miami home unlocked, giving Fat Rob's crew a more stealthy entry. "You hear that?" one of Fat Rob's men whispered, his hand gun drawn. "Porn?" Fat Rob shrugged, assuming his soon-to-be former lawyer was watching pornography with the speakers turned up. The four men ascended the stairs as quietly as possible, Fat Rob in the rear. The sounds of a woman moaning and crying out with pleasure got louder and louder.

The black men all looked at one another something sounded unusual. They kept going; all but Fat Rob having their weapons safely pointed downward, fingers off the triggers.

Sneaking down the carpeted hallway, the sounds were very loud now. "He got a woman here?" "Don't know. She's at the wrong place at the wrong time though," another of his men whispered back.

"Bitch sounds like she's got a cold or something," another whispered. "Shhh," Fat Rob, their boss said, nodding toward the bedroom door. "If there's someone else here, you know what to do," he reminded them of their plan. "Ahh! Yes! Yes!" the men heard this person cry out. One of them slowly opened the bedroom door, nearly erupting in laughter at what he saw. The other two associates of Fat Rob entered the bedroom. "Oh shit! Boss you gotta see this," one said. The mountainous black man, Fat Rob, entered the bedroom, not smiling, not laughing.

Wayne was wearing women's lingerie, on all fours; another man was behind him, nude, his cock embedded all the way into Wayne. The other man pulled out of Wayne, both of them shocked and scared. "Well, well, well," Fat Rob said, expressionless, moving past his associates. "Looks like Wayne has a few secrets. Don't worry. We won't tell." Fat Rob nodded over his left shoulder. A gun was raised, a silencer on the end; it was fired, the bullet piercing the skull of the man who was fucking Wayne.

"Don!" Wayne exclaimed, his voice tired from imitating a woman's. "Robert, no, please," Wayne begged. Fat Rob looked over his right shoulder. A fist was balled up, striking Wayne against the temple as hard as possible, knocking him out. The lawyer was dragged out by his hair, pulled down the stairs by his legs, and thrown into the back of an SUV where he was tied up; mouth taped, and struck several more times when he started to wake up.

*** Fat Rob entered the backseat of his SUV, parked in front of Wayne's house. Two dark haired women, one white, one Latina, Christine and Sandra, began to immediately service him. Fat Rob looked on as the two women Fat Rob's entourage met at a club earlier in the evening, fished out his cock, kissing it, licking it, sharing it. He made a phone call to the SUV parked behind his, the one containing Wayne.

"Hey. We're going to Atlanta first thing in the morning. Let's head back to the hotel. We got some women to wear out tonight," Fat Rob said, nodding at the two ladies sucking his cock. He ended his phone call, leaning his head back, looking forward to a night of sex. "Hey Torrie, you ok up there?" Fat Rob asked the blonde they brought with them from Atlanta one of his favorite women. Torrie took the driver's cock out of her mouth, sitting up, smiling.

"I sure am, baby." "Good girl," Fat Rob said. "Now get back to work on that dick." Torrie smiled, descending back into the driver's lap, deep throating his cock. Chapter 2 "Good! That's great news, Kelly!" Trina congratulated her sister on the phone.

"Yeah I guess," Kelly shrugged. "It is. It shows the department trusts you." "I know. But I feel like I'm still new.

I've only been here eight months," Kelly countered. "Don't worry about that. Just worry about staying safe. I have faith in you, you'll be fine," Trina reassured her. "I hope so," Kelly said. "Alright, well I need to get ready. Going out with a friend." "Ooh, a guy friend?" Trina asked.

"No! Just a friend from the gym. She's nice; we've been hanging out a bit. I was kinda of hoping to spend time with Nate tonight," she answered, referring to her 17-year-old son. "Yes, I think that'd be great. You should," Trina suggested. Kelly wasn't aware that on the other end of the phone, Trina was lying on her stomach, nude, her son Richie sitting on her, rubbing her back. "I don't know.

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I feel like drinking wine and having girl talk," Kelly said. "Alright. Suit yourself," Trina sighed. They ended their call; Trina rolled onto her back, wrapped her legs around her son and pulled him down for a long, passionate kiss. Kelly changed into pajama pants, put on a white tank top, put her long blonde hair up in a ponytail and grabbed her purse. "Where you going?" Nate asked, sitting on the couch, flipping through television channels.

"To a friend's house." "Oh," Nate nodded. Kelly paused, made her way next to Nate, putting her arm around. "Hey, I know I've been busy lately, but there's some changes going on at work for me and soon I'll have more time for us. Ok?" "Sure," the teenager shrugged. "I haven't hung out with Kristen in a couple weeks and I figured I could tonight," Kelly explained. "Is this ok?" "Yeah, mom, that's fine," Nate said his eye wandering back to the TV.

"Great, thank you," Kelly said, kissing his head. "We'll be spending a lot of time together soon. I promise." Kelly sighed, leaving her home, but comforting herself, knowing this role change at work would change her hours for the better no more patrol shifts for a while.

*** Hours later Kristen pushed Kelly onto her back on the couch, climbing on top of her. "Mmm, you ever been with a woman?" Kelly's drunk friend asked. "Nope," Kelly, just as drunk, answered back, staring up into Kristen's glazed over eyes. "Never thought about it?

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Not once?" "Nah," Kelly said. "You are pretty hot though," Kelly reached around, grabbing Kristen's butt a few times. "Mmm, I like that and so are you. You aren't drunk enough to take the plunge?" Kristen asked.

"I don't think so, no," Kelly smiled back. "Get naked, maybe it'll help." "I think I'll pass. Thanks though." Kristen kissed her, hard, moaning as she did.

"Did that help?" "Get off me," Kelly laughed, pushing her friend off her. Kristen obliged, sitting up on the couch, letting Kelly rise.

Kristen grabbed her face, kissing her hard again, grabbing a handful of Kelly's tit over her tank top. "Anything?" she asked breaking the kiss. Kelly wiped the back of her mouth, "No! Now cut it out!" she laughed. "Fine. So you said something about your job changing?" Kristen changed the subject.

"Yep. I'm going undercover." "No way! Really?" "I am. I'm as surprised as you. I figured I'd need more tenure in this department. It's only been eight months since I was hired. But I guess the experience gained when I lived in Miami made a good impression," Kelly said, refilling her wine. Kristen did the same. "Yeah. So what are they having you do? Pretend to be drug dealer?

A prostitute?" "No. Just a regular person." "Huh?" "Yeah they want me to get to know someone and learn about what he's up to. The detective told me they want me to be a patron at one of this guy's clubs, act natural, and learn what I can. Apparently, the department has been keeping an eye on him. Something about human trafficking, prostitution, operating strip clubs without the required or up-to-date paperwork. Blah blah blah." "Doesn't sound too boring. Who do they want you to meet?" Kristen asked.

"I guess I'm drunk enough to spill the beans. I might as well tell you, you'll probably forget tomorrow. They want me to get close to a guy known as Fat Rob," Kelly answered. Kristen struggled not to spit out her wine all over her friend. "Fat Rob? The Fat Rob?" "I take it you know him?" "Oh yes! I mean, yeah, we've met," Kristen calmed herself. "My sister works at a magazine publisher with him.

We've been introduced a few times. Kelly watched her friend, close her eyes, smiling, savoring the memories. "I see. So you must know him well?" Kristen shook herself from her trance, "I haven't fu- I mean, seen him in a while, but yes we had a great time.

In fact, I could give you pointers for getting close to him fast. I'll be right back." Kelly watched Kristen stumble away, only to return a few minutes later. Kristen grabbed Kelly's hand, holding it up to her own. "Good, we're about the same size.

This should fit easily." "Huh?" "Kelly, will you marry me?" Kristen smiled, sliding a wedding ring on her friend's finger. Kelly's mouth dropped, picking up on Kristen's suggestion to pretend to be married in order to attract Fat Rob's attention. "So he likes married women?" "Mmhmm," Kristen nodded.

"He loves families too. My sister said he likes to break them up, take the wives, and make them go black and so on." "Wow." "Yeah, he loves white women. Especially ones that leave their husbands and family to join his entourage." "How do you know all of this?" "I told you, my sister fu I mean, works with him. She's not married, but they are friends, I suppose.

Also," Kristen bit her bottom lip, "one time in a three-way with him and my sister, he confessed that to us, after learning we weren't married. 'This would be more fun if you two were,' he said." Kelly looked at the ring from another time in Kristen's life, listening to her drone on in the background. "He said he loved it when pretty white women go black. All they do is focus on black cock. They leave everything behind for it. They become addicted," Kristen said.

"That's silly." "It's not entirely true either. As much as I love black cock, I'm hanging out with you tonight, instead of going out and getting some," Kristen said. "So you're implying I'd be having sex with this man?" "Yes. Dare I say the first night you meet him." "Yeah right. I'm far too shy and nervous to go that far that fast." "Well you need to loosen up.

I'll prove it though. I'll set you up on a date," Kristen said. "With Fat Rob?" "No. Someone else. Someone you can sink your teeth into, figuratively and literally. Someone you can use to become very acquainted with working black dick. Someone who I slept with last week and came all night on," Kristen paused, "he's someone I've known for many years and is a close family friend." That eased Kelly's nerves a bit, glad that Kristen wouldn't set her up on a date with someone she barely knew herself.

"It will lead to sex. I guarantee that," Kristen added. Kelly shook her head and sighed, "Alright. Fine." "Great!" Kristen got off the couch, standing in front of Kelly, finishing her wine.

"Now then, you never answered my question. Will you marry me?" Kelly laughed. "Sure. Why not?" she joked, looking down to Kristen's ring. She saw something white land on the carpet in her peripheral vision.

It was Kristen's t-shirt. Kelly looked to her friend. She was standing topless, her large breasts on display. "Good. Now come to bed," Kristen said. Kelly watched Kristen walk down the hall to her bedroom, pause, remove her pajama pants and step into the bedroom naked. Kelly sighed and shook her head. She thought about her upcoming assignment while sipping more wine. She wondered if she met this Fat Rob person if it meant she'd be sleeping with him.

She wondered if she'd have to disclose that to the detectives or her captain. She doubted it, but she wasn't sure.

Next she thought about this date Kristen offered to set her up on. She thought about it causing more time away from her son. Deep down, she wanted it; she wanted to experience it, to become familiar and more comfortable with black men before getting close to one. Kelly sighed once more, looking to the light coming from Kristen's bedroom streaming into the hallway. She quickly downed her wine, shook her head, and walked to Kristen's bedroom door.

Smiling at her friend, Kelly removed her tank top, stepped out of her pants, giggled and hopped in bed with Kristen.

Chapter 3 "Hey." Kelly said to her son when he answered his cell phone. "I'm going to hang out somewhere else with my friend. I'll probably be home later than expected, so don't wait up." "Ok mom," Nate replied. Kelly felt bad that she blew her son off a second Friday night in a row. "Do NOT turn the thermostat down to 60 again. Do you understand?" Kelly ordered.

"Yes. I won't touch it. Calm down." Nate rolled his eyes, answering his mother. "I don't want to get home and it be freezing in there. Also finish up those leftovers in the fridge before they go bad." Kelly continued. "Ok! Geez, I will." Kelly paused, "You forgive me, right?" "Yes, it's fine, mom. Really it is. We can hang out next weekend." "Alright, well have a good evening sweetie, and I'll see you later." "Ok, bye mom." Nate said, ending the phone call before his mother could say she loved him.

Kelly sighed, slight regret washing over her. She was out on the date Kristen set her up on. She was enjoying herself; however, she felt she should go home soon. Pushing those thoughts aside, she caught up with her date, Ulysses, grabbing his hand, exiting the restaurant. Kelly smiled, sitting down in the passenger side of Ulysses' car. He closed her door, seeing she was in safely.

They had just had a wonderful dinner together. It was the best, and only, blind date she had ever been on. She only knew that Ulysses was black and according to Kristen, a knockout. When Kelly met him at the restaurant, she felt weak in the knees. She was borrowing a teal dress from Kristen. It was mid-thigh in length, had a deep plunging neckline bordering on inappropriate for the restaurant where they ate, and was super tight, hugging her luscious curves. Kelly wasn't expecting Ulysses to be so attractive.

He was 5'10", a few inches taller than her, and absolutely chiseled. Upon saying their polite hellos "sex" was the first word that popped into her mind. Listening to him speak, telling her about his work, his family life, smiling politely as he spoke, "sex sex sex" replayed in her mind.

As their meal ended, it was Kelly who suggested the night was young and asked if he had plans in the morning. Ulysses gave a soft, crooked smile, telling her he didn't have plans and didn't have to be up early. Ulysses suggested some wine at his apartment. They both knew where this was heading. Ulysses put the car in reverse, backing out of the parking space, exiting the parking lot. He pulled on the interstate, smiling softly at Kelly he asked, "Are you sure you're ok with joining me back at my apartment?

If not, please let me know and I'll be glad to take you home." Kelly thought about Nate and imagined him home alone watching baseball while eating warmed up leftovers. Shaking her head, ejecting those thoughts, admitting to herself that she deserved some fun, She turned, looking at Ulysses as he drove, glancing down to his arms, his thighs, and his crotch. Thoughts of her son quickly vanished.

She would spend more time with Nate in the future "It's no problem, like I said, the night is young," she reminded Ulysses. Getting bolder, she reached over to slowly trail her index finger in small circles around his thigh. "I want to play," she thought to herself. "Great. I have red wine in the fridge. Is that ok?" Ulysses asked. "Yes, that'd be great," she said, resting her hand on his thigh. Ulysses smiled, coming to a stop at a red light.

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He took Kelly's hand in his own, bringing it to his mouth, giving it a soft kiss. "My, my, you are quite a gentleman," Kelly joked. "Well I have no reason not to be one. I'm happy that such a lovely woman is spending time with me." Ulysses gently squeezed her hand, pulling into a parking spot at the apartment complex.

Making his way to her side, he opened her door, holding out his arm. Kelly took it and followed him indoors. They rode the elevator to the 20th floor in silence, occasionally flashing each other glances and smiles. "After you," Ulysses said, opening the door of his apartment for Kelly. She entered, smiling as she put her purse on the chair nearest to the door. She looked around the large living room, noticing the track lighting in the small kitchen area.

Ulysses adjusted the dimmer switch and headed to retrieve the wine. Kelly trailed her fingers along the soft, velvet sofa. She walked toward the large sliding glass door, with the shades pulled back. "Oh wow, you have a great view," she said, coming to a stop, looking over the city of Atlanta.

"I certainly do," Ulysses said, approaching her from behind. "The view from the window is nice too." Kelly chuckled, shaking her head a bit. Standing behind her, Ulysses sniffed her hair, "You smell amazing." "Thank you," She smiled, still looking out the window. She could feel Ulysses' breath on her neck and slightly turned her head to the side. She could feel something else too.

It was hard, large, and pressing against her butt. She smiled a knowing smile to herself and very subtly moved her hips to the left then right, causing her butt cheek to slide across it. "I almost forgot," Ulysses said, moving to stand next to her at the window, "your wine." Kelly took her glass, turning to stare into Ulysses' eyes.

"Shall I make a toast?" he asked. "To a wonderful evening." Kelly nodded as they touched glasses, taking a sip, never taking their eyes off each other. Chapter 4 Kelly knew where this was heading. She knew that Ulysses knew where this was heading. She knew that Ulysses knew that she knew where this was heading.

Kristen was right; sex was a guarantee. Kelly wondered for a moment if first dates with black men always lead to sex. After several sips of wine following their toast, Ulysses took her glass and along with his and sat them on the nearby coffee table.

The two of them stood, illuminated by the city lights coming in from the large, sliding door, glancing each other over. Kelly smiled, watching him slide the top part of her dress off her breasts. Ulysses grabbed the exposed tit, squeezing it gently, as if testing the melon's ripeness. He then took it to his mouth, sending shivers down her spine as he suckled on it. Dragging his tongue across an erect nipple, causing Kelly to close her eyes and arch her neck, moaning softly.

He licked his way up to her neck, pulling her face toward his, he slithered his long tongue into her mouth. Kelly moaned again, sucking his tongue, her thong soaking wet at this point.

She wanted to get fucked in the worst possible way. Ulysses felt the same way. Kelly wondered how long he had gone without sex.

Watching him unbutton and remove his shirt, salivating over his obsidian, chiseled body, she joked with herself guessing probably about five hours. She wasn't that far off in her guess. It had actually been six. Sliding his pants down, along with his boxers, Ulysses assisted Kelly with the rest of her dress. Marveling at her toned body with nice-sized breasts, he couldn't help but tell her, "You're beautiful." Looking over his dark muscular frame, illuminated by the night lights of the city, Kelly couldn't help but reply, "So are you." His cock was so glorious; entering her, stretching her, slowly impaling her to its hilt.

He gently laid her down on his bed, guiding it into her, softly grunting, realizing just how tight she was. "I'm going to go easy, alright? You're really tight," Ulysses calmly reassured her. When his bulbous cockhead entered all the way, she nearly came right then. Slowly going in and out, kissing along her neck, sending tingles down her spine, he squeezed his powerful glutes, pumping himself just a bit farther.

Gripping his back with her long red, painted nails, she moaned out in ecstasy; an orgasm overtaking her, causing her eyes to roll in the back of her head and her vagina to spasm. When she was done shaking, the hard working, single mom was rolled over on top of this black Adonis.

"You can control the depth now," he told her, supporting her breasts with his hand. Kelly did just that, slowly moving her hips up and down on his wonderful sex rod, while resting her hands on his abs. When her second orgasm washed over her, she was hooked, addicted, and nothing else in the world mattered. The next few hours were a total blur of thrusts, moans, bounces, and orgasms all over his magnificent cock.

When Ulysses was finally ready to cum, Kelly's mouth was waiting for his load, watering in anticipation for his semen to coat her tongue. She swallowed it down, sucking every last drop out of him. It was so delicious. *** Ulysses put his car in park in the empty restaurant parking lot. It was 3am and it had long since closed. Kelly had been slurping and sucking all over his cock since they left his apartment 30 minutes ago.

She felt so sexy sucking on it. She motioned for him to crawl into the back seat of his SUV. She followed him, undoing the top of her dress, letting her tits plop out on Ulysses' lap, encasing his cock in their meaty softness, she resumed sucking his dick. Using her breasts to heighten his orgasm, he came again in her mouth, groaning as he threw his head back on the seat.

"Mmmm, so good, so very good," he complimented Kelly, running his fingers through her hair while she sucked out the last bit of semen from his cock. "I agree," Kelly exclaimed, sitting up, wiping a bit of sperm from her lip.

She started to chuckle, reaching over to grab the weakening cock by its base. "What are you laughing at?" Ulysses asked. "Kristen said this would happen sex I mean," She explained. "It usually does," Ulysses replied. Kelly sat up and put her dress back in order, and then gave Ulysses a kiss on the lips. They said their goodbyes on that humid night. Kelly smiled on the way home. Upon arriving, she stripped naked, went to bed, running her hands all over her body.

She grabbed her phone, texting Kristen a brief message to let her know how the date went. "I love black cock," was all the text said. Kelly smiled, rolled over and went to sleep.

The next two weekends Kelly failed to keep her promise to her son. She was at Ulysses' having sex. The second weekend, Kristen joined in. The two blondes were lying on their backs, watching Ulysses switch from one to the other, fucking two women all night. It was incredible. Just as the sun was rising, Kelly looked out Ulysses' apartment balcony.

"I'm ready," she said out loud. "For Fat Rob?" Kristen startled her from behind. Kelly thought she was asleep. "Yes," Kelly smiled. Kristen kissed her slowly, lovingly, taking her by the hand, dragging her to the shower. Ulysses was waiting for them. The two women made out for a moment before kissing their way down Ulysses' body, going to their knees to service his cock together one last time. Chapter 5 Wayne was wasting away.

He was in a warehouse, tied up against a back wall, beaten, bloody, and starving. He was provided enough water to keep him alive. "Do you know how many millions you cost me?

All those clubs I had to close in Florida?" Fat Rob stood in front of him. Wayne didn't reply. "No one will come for you.

You have no family, no friends, nothing. Sure the partners at the law firm might have issued a missing persons report, that is, IF they cared I know that Don guy must have," Fat Rob chuckled. He punched Wayne in the jaw, "Piece of shit." Fat Rob adjusted his suit again, straightening the tie, and left Wayne there to continue rotting. *** "You sure you don't want to come back to my hotel, baby?" Kelly was asked by a man she met at the club a couple hours earlier.

They chatted, they drank, they danced, and finally in the men's restroom, they fucked. "I can't," Kelly said, straightening another dress she borrowed from Kristen.

She wanted to though.


She wanted to go back to the black man's hotel and ride and suck his cock all night. Kelly was dripping wet on the dance floor, another broken promise to hang out with Nate was forgotten after seeing the hugely muscular Ronnie approach her. "Your husband will never know. Unless I keep stretching out that pussy of yours, he'll feel a difference then," he said. Kelly nodded, looking to Kristen's ring. "Ronnie, I'm sorry. I need to stay here. There's someone I need to meet.

But thank you." "I understand," Ronnie nodded, his arm around the woman he just fucked in the restroom. He kissed her goodbye, and left her alone in the club. "Ok, that was fun. It took the edge off. But I need to focus; I need to find Fat Rob. This is his newest club, he'd better show up," Kelly thought, looking around.

There were so many black men there. Kelly felt 100% at ease. The reason being every single woman there was white.


She sipped her drink, looking over the crowded dance floor, seeing dark skin mixing with light skin. All were blondes, brunettes, and redheads, dancing and grinding against black men.

"Wow," she mouthed. Kelly looked around, not seeing anyone that resembled the pictures the lead detective showed her. She was looking for a tall and extremely wide black male wearing a nice suit. "Maybe he's not here tonight," she thought. She felt a tap on her shoulder. Kelly turned around seeing a younger black male, college age, smiling at her. "Hey," he said. She knew what he wanted and since she wasn't seeing anyone that fit Fat Rob's description, she followed the young guy to the dance floor.

Kelly was surrounded by sex, some of it simulated, some of it real. She saw one or two women performing oral sex on their dance partners. She saw one woman, being taken from behind, her dress pulled up, making out with her friend, who was also getting fucked on the dance floor. "Mmmm," Kelly moaned, "this is crazy." She grabbed the younger guy, kissing him hard, feeling the erection in his pants.

"I'm supposed to meet someone here, but he's not showing." "Yeah? Want to go back to my dorm room?" he asked. "Absolutely," Kelly replied, squeezing his cock through his pants. She took his hand and followed him out. Just before they left the club, Kelly thinking her night was ruined by not finding Fat Rob, saw a man sitting at a booth.

He was very wide and broad in his shoulders. There were two women sitting next to him, a younger redhead and an older blonde. She looked to be in her late 30s, maybe a couple years older than Kelly. The redhead looked college age if that much. The blonde nodded to the redhead. The redhead smiled, leaning down into the large man's lap. The blonde kissed him while red hair bobbed up and down in his lap.

Kelly stopped, looking in his direction. "That's him." "Aww come on," the young guy said. "I'm ready to go." "Sorry, I have to talk to him. Maybe another time," Kelly left the poor guy standing. "Hi. Hello!" Kelly said, interrupting Fat Rob and the two women. "Hello," he replied, looking her up and down. "How can I help you?" he asked, the two women not paying any attention to Kelly, still focusing on Fat Rob. Kelly used her left hand to move blonde locks behind her ear, making sure Fat Rob saw the ring she was wearing.

"Well I just moved to the Atlanta area and I'm looking for a job. My, um, husband works as a surgeon," Kelly lied. "And you want something to do to cure the boredom while he's working," Fat Rob finished her sentence. "Well I just thought that perhaps I could," Kelly said. "Do a little bit of bartending or something to interact with people and someone pointed me out and told you to talk to me about a job," Fat Rob smiled.

"Yes!" Kelly blurted out, relieved that she didn't have to lie as much, Fat Rob filled in the blanks for her. "What's your name?" "Kelly." "Well Miss Kelly, let's have a little interview back in my office.

Shall we?" *** "Ahhh yess!! Yess!" Kelly screamed, Fat Rob behind her, bending her over his desk, slapping her ass. This was so much easier than Kelly expected. "You like that? Huh?" Fat Rob asked. "Yes!" Kelly cried. "Your husband is working late, and his little pretty wife is going to be a bartender at a black club," he grinned. "Yes!" "You got kids? "Yes!" "Boy or girl?" "Ah fuck! A son!" Kelly screamed, gripping his desk hard, while he slammed into her.

"Mmm, good. His momma is going to be working a lot of late nights," Fat Rob grunted. "This is a good pussy, ugh, real good." "So big, and, ah!" Kelly cried out again. "Is, is that why that call you Fat Rob?" she asked in between hard thrusts. He grabbed her hair, pulling her back against him, licking at her neck and ear, "It is." He slammed her back down on the desk and continued fucking her brains out.

"Get that cum," Fat Rob said, pulling out, jacking his cock toward her. "There we go. That's your payment. This is how I'll pay you for your pussy and a few hours of bartending.

My cum." Kelly wrapped her mouth around the tip, her mouth sore from the stretching. Fat Rob erupted in her mouth, her eyes rolling back. "Yes, yes, so good," she thought, her mouth filling with semen. "Mmmm I love it. I love it!" "You're hired. You'll do just fine here. Let me know if you need or want birth control.

You're gonna be swimming in cum," Fat Rob explained as Kelly licked and sucked his cock clean. "Sorry Nate," she told herself, standing, pulling her dress down. "Mommy has work to do." She went home with Fat Rob that evening, admiring his luxury apartment on the top floor of a tall building.

The redhead and blonde joined them. Kelly learned the blonde was named Torrie. The younger redhead was a 19 year old named Leanna. As they took turns riding Fat Rob's cock all night, Kelly and Torrie were slightly marveled by Leanna's black cock handling skills.

They smiled, giggled, waiting their turns. Kelly and Torrie stood nude in Fat Rob's kitchen, the sounds of Leanna going berserk on Fat Rob's cock in the background. "You're going to love working for Fat Rob," Torrie said. "You'll forget about your husband in no time," she added. Kelly nodded, briefly thinking about her younger years, when she actually was married. It didn't end well. She smiled and Torrie hugged her.

"You have a great body too," Torrie said. She reached downward grabbing Kelly's butt, "this is quite nice. He and his clients and associates will love it." Chapter 6 A week went by.

Every night was spent at Fat Rob's having sex. Torrie was there, sometimes Leanna, and sometimes just Kelly and Fat Rob.

On Friday night, Kelly exited the shower, after dying her hair a bright platinum blonde. She slapped her own ass, shaking her hips from side-to-side. "I'm getting some black dick tonight!" she sung. She dried her hair, parading around her room, naked, picking out another dress this one is one Torrie bought her on a shopping trip. "Mom?" Nate called out to her, arriving home from school.

"In here!" "I was just wondering if " he said, walking down the hall toward her closed door. "I'm naked," Kelly said, examining a dress, not caring if he barged in. She's never felt so sexual before. "Oh sorry," Nate said, standing outside her door. "I was just wondering if we were doing anything tonight." "Oh shoot! I forgot!" Kelly quickly grabbed a towel, loosely throwing it on her body, not bothering to tie it in the back. She opened the door, pulling her son in for a hug.

"I'm so sorry! My work is changing up some, I have to work at nights," she said, still holding him. "Your hair," Nate said.

"Mmhmm, it's lighter. Anyway, I need to get ready. I promise we'll spend time together as soon as work calms down," she ended the hug, smiled and backed away from Nate.

When she turned around the towel fell, revealing her nude body. Nate's eyes widened, as the door closed. *** A couple weeks later, Kelly watched Torrie strip at another of Fat Rob's clubs. She was bartending and making great tips. That was due in part to all the black cock she sucked while on the job. Fat Rob commended her later in the evening by fucking her extra hard.

There were so many women that came and went. Fat Rob's penthouse apartment was constantly occupied. White women, some Latina, all visited and stayed with Fat Rob. There were orgies and group sessions. Kelly and Torrie loved being passed from one black guy to another on those nights. Kelly invited Kristen over to Fat Rob's sometimes too.

Those were wild nights. Torrie would snuggle against Fat Rob. The two of them watching Kelly and Kristen eat each other's pussies in a 69 position. "I'm kinda bummed," Torrie admitted later that night, while Kristen was fucking Fat Rob in his bedroom. "Why? What's wrong?" Kelly said. "I thought you and I might, you know. We're good friends right?" Torrie asked. Kelly grabbed Torrie's face, kissing her hard. "We are," Kelly kissed her again, guiding her to Fat Rob's room, falling on his bed, while Kristen bounced up and down on him.

They rolled around, rolling on the floor, moaning in to each other's mouth. "I just thought," Kelly said, in between kisses, "she could come over, then it happened." "It's ok," Torrie said, wrapping her legs around Kelly.

"Promise me, you'll be my partner if a black man is busy. We'll take care of each other." The two women rolled around more, hungrily kissing everywhere.

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Since a black man, Fat Rob, was busy, their legs locked, pussies met and they scissored until Fat Rob filled Kristen's pussy with cum. The next morning, Kristen left, Kelly thought about their night. "This is insane. This is crazy. Nate, I gotta make it up to him." She didn't.

Weeks passed, Kelly was gone. She was tending bar, having sex with Fat Rob's clients, associates, or Fat Rob himself. She was a prostitute for him. She knew it was wrong, she knew she had to report it to detectives, but she never did. She lied to her superiors, telling them she was still trying to obtain more information. Fat Rob would mock her imaginary husband.

He'd ask if his cock was small, if he missed his wife. Fat Rob would also mock Nate. "Mommy is very bad. Mommy is a black cock queen. Get that cum!" he'd tease. She rarely saw poor Nate. Guilt was buried with the semen of black men daily. Kelly and Torrie became very close. On nights that Kelly stayed over, she and Torrie would always sneak out when the black men in the apartment were asleep.

They would kiss, talk, and touch each other. Kelly learned Torrie left her husband and son to join Fat Rob. Torrie admitted the guilt was too much sometimes, but she couldn't get enough of Fat Rob and his crew. Kelly wanted to tell Torrie she was an undercover police officer, that she wasn't really married, and that she missed her son Nate.

But she kept quiet. She couldn't risk her cover being blown just yet. They held hands, kissing softly in the elevator back up to Fat Rob's. They entered his apartment, naked bodies of black men and white women were everywhere. Kelly and Torrie found the couch, held each other tightly, kissed goodnight, and went to sleep in each other's arms. *** "How bad is it?" Fat Rob asked one of his business analysts. The analyst shook his head, eyes lowered. "Get out," Fat Rob told the white women in the room.

The room filled with sounds of zippers zipping up and women from underneath the large table, standing, walking, their high heels clicking on the floor. When Fat Rob saw they were gone, he spoke up. "Keep as many clubs open for as long as possible. Start recruiting more prostitutes, raise prices. Don't just go after the high class black men as clients either.

There's a college filled with black students. If those boys aren't fucking their professors or classmates, then they can come to one of my clubs and find someone. Start working the women harder; push them harder than ever, stretch them out more if you need to. I want all of my white women in my clubs all night. Get the ones that aren't stripping up on stage. I want them sucking and fucking black dick all night!

Decrease their shares too. I want more money to counter the Florida loses." "Yes sir. You got it," was the consensus from his men. "One more thing. Visit Wayne. Break his fingers with a hammer all of them. Report back to me when it's done," Fat Rob added. Fat Rob watched them leave the board room.

"I gotta get away for a while." *** In November Fat Rob informed Kelly and Torrie that he was taking them on a trip a nice resort in the Bahamas.

"Are you sure?" Trina said on the phone. "I don't mind him staying here, but is he ok with that?" "Yes, it'll be great. He and Richie can hang out too," Kelly answered, referring to Trina's son, her nephew.

"I'll be gone two weeks." Kelly continued packing her luggage. "Please?" "Ok, that's fine. We'll watch him," Trina said.

They ended their call. Trina climbed off the bed, naked, and approached her son. "We're going to have a visitor for a couple weeks your cousin. We should probably put on clothes, huh?" Trina hugged her naked son. "Heh, yeah. Don't want them knowing about us just yet," Richie replied, kissing his secret lover.

Wayne was still alive barely. "Think you can make it to New Year's?" Fat Rob asked him. Wayne sneered at him, not answering. "It'll all be better on New Year's Eve," Fat Rob kneed a tie-up Wayne in the crotch. "By the way, happy Thanksgiving," Fat Rob said, this time punching Wayne in the nuts. *** Kelly was in heaven. Torrie was putting her hair in corn rows, Fat Rob was lounging on the beach, watching the two women.

He smiled, seeing them hold hands, walking along the shore, when Torrie was done with Kelly's hair. He was rock hard, watching them in the beautiful, clear water, kissing. They rarely slept, every night, all night, the two women were cumming over and over again on Fat Rob's black fuck pole. Their last night in the Bahamas, a sweaty, exhausted Kelly, collapsed on to the bed. Fat Rob was behind her, dripping his own sweat on to her.

Torrie wasn't there. An employee of the resort interrupted their three-way earlier in the evening. Fat Rob ordered Torrie to take the employee out on a nice evening as a way to apologize for their loudness. She happily agreed. While Torrie was at the apartment of the Bahamian employee, having a good old fashion gang bang with five of his friends, their Bahamian accents, reminding her slightly of Jamaicans, Kelly was getting special treatment from Fat Rob. "Ugh!" she cried, her sweaty ass high in the air, Fat Rob sliding his cock into it.

"So big!" "Mmhmm, take it baby," he said, running his hands over this white woman's sweaty, slick back. "That's it. Just like that," Fat Rob guided it in further. "Your husband thinks you're visiting family, doesn't he," Fat Rob stated.

"Yes!" "He has no idea his wife is here with a black man, getting taken in the ass." "Ah! He doesn't," Kelly said a half-truth. She wasn't married, but the man she was married to, now in prison, had no idea where his ex-wife was.

"Look at you. Look at those corn rows, that sweaty, white body of yours, taking my black dick like that. That reminds me why I asked Torrie to take care of those Bahama brothers for me." Kelly's eyes rolled into the back of her head, she never felt so full before.

"I want to ask you a question. Will you move into my building?" Fat Rob asked. "What?" Kelly struggled to say. "I have a room ready for you. All those women that come and go live in that building most of them at least. You can move there too," Fat Rob said. "My my, son," Kelly panted, gripping the sheets of the bed.

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"He still in high school, right? We live in same school district. You'll have to bring him. He'll see what his mother is really like. Leave your husband. Leave his ass, bring your boy, and come live in my building." "Yes!" Kelly was cumming. "If he sees his mom getting fucked by black men, oh well!" Fat Rob added. Chapter 7 Kelly had already given Fat Rob her answer during orgasmic anal sex in the Bahamas. However, Fat Rob felt the need to show her around some; introduce her to some of the residents all women Fat Rob and his crew fuck on a regular basis.

Kelly recognized a few, but didn't know their names or their stories. "This is Emily," Fat Rob said. A smiling, shy looking, brunette nodded to Kelly. "As you can see, she's pregnant with one of our babies. We don't know who's and we don't care. She's a baby factory though. Isn't that right, Emily?" Fat Rob smiled.

Emily nodded. "Her husband kicked her out, after learning she had sex with a black man. He kept all seven or was it six anyway, all of their kids for himself. She found me, I stretched her pussy, and I let her live in my building," Fat Rob explained. "You gonna have a big black baby soon, Miss Emily," Fat Rob said, rubbing her large belly. "'Scuse me boss," A black man appeared behind Emily, nodding to Fat Rob, putting on his coat and leaving her apartment. They moved to another apartment a few floors below Fat Rob's.

"Hi Fat Rob!" a younger, 20-something said, throwing her arms around him. "This is Gisele. She's an employee at the magazine I work for my day job. She loves black dick," Fat Rob said, hugging, kissing her cheek. "Mmhmm," Gisele grinned, from ear-to-ear.

"Ohh yes!" The three of them heard in the background, from inside Gisele's apartment. "Oh shit, Miss Gisele, you having a party? Can we see?" Fat Rob asked. Fat Rob and Kelly entered the apartment. Fat Rob laughed seeing two women riding black men on the couch. "Miss Carrie and Miss Vanessa, having lots of fun I see. These two ladies are Miss Gisele's cousins.

She moved them down from Minnesota after she found out their marriages ended. Carrie's husband left her, and Vanessa left hers for black cock." The light brown haired Vanessa hopped off the black man she was riding, grabbed Fat Rob, pulling him in for a hard kiss, "You're damn right I did." "Ooh, Miss Vanessa, I think you should visit me later tonight.

It's been a few weeks since I tapped that pussy," Fat Rob said. "I will. You won't be able to walk when I'm done with you," She said, straddling the black man on the couch, sliding his cock back inside her. "Damn, Miss Kelly you might have to protect me!" Fat Rob joked. They moved on to another room, on another floor. Moments later they were looking at a nude, 19-year-old college student, on her knees, sucking Fat Rob's cock in the hallway.

"Career day. One of my coworkers, told her about the magazine, what it stands for, who it targets. This is Rhea, she loves the target market of the magazine black men 18 to 35. She's going to do really well too," Fat Rob said, running his hand through her hair. "I'm hoping that little redhead, Leanna, moves in, they are around the same age they could be roommates. But we haven't seen her in weeks. Let's move on," he motioned for Kelly to follow. "And here we have the stripper's suite," Fat Rob, knocked on the door.

"It's where some of my employees from out of town, like Florida, stay," Fat Rob did his best to conceal an emotion of anger, knowing every club throughout Florida, dozens of them, were shutting down thanks to Wayne's failure. A busty, naked, brunette named Crystal answered the door. She smiled widely, hugging Fat Rob, her big tits mashing against suit.

"Here you go!" she handed him a wad of cash. "I was busy last night. Two men bought two hours each, then one man bought me for the rest of the night. There's your share daddy." Fat Rob chuckled, "Miss Crystal, you don't need to call me that, remember?" "I know.

But I like it!" she exclaimed. Fat Rob kissed her, squeezing a breast. "Come see me with these titties before you leave." "I will!" *** Kelly and Torrie collapsed on top of Fat Rob, kissing all over his face, working their way down to his cock.

The last room Fat Rob showed Kelly was her own, she'd be roommates with Torrie. They spent the rest of the night in bed. When Fat Rob left to tend to pussy, Kelly and Torrie continued on, spending intimate time with one another. "So your son will move in too?" Torrie asked, lying in bed, facing Kelly.

"Yes. I have no idea how to tell him. Fat Rob is taking care of the house. Plus Nate won't need to change schools or anything," Kelly kissed Torrie. "I bet he's a nice kid," Torrie said. "He is," Kelly replied, guilt stabbing at her heart. "He's wonderful. I miss him." Torrie wiped a tear from Kelly's eyes. "Maybe he'll like it here." "I don't know. I know I'll be very busy tending bar," Kelly bit her bottom lip, "and sex." The two women giggled. "He turns 18 next week," Kelly said.

"Go home then. Go spend time with him with before you leave your husband and move in here, alright?" Torrie said. "Alright," Kelly answered. The two friends kissed one last time for the night.

Kelly grabbed her things and headed home. Chapter 8 Kelly sat in front of her bedroom mirror, undoing her corn rows. She had them for a couple weeks while in Bahamas, loved how she felt with them while sucking a black dick, or getting taken from behind. But it was time to undo them. She was angry at Nate. When she arrived home a girl was here.

Kelly didn't know her, only that she went to the same school as Nate. Everyone was embarrassed. Kelly, looking like a porn star with her dress and a thug lover with her corn rows, walked in on them. She thought they were making out, but wasn't certain. Nate said she was just a friend; Kelly sighed and went to her room. Her cell phone rang. It was the captain from her precinct.

He probably wanted information on Fat Rob and what she's discovered. She ignored the call. It rang again, it was Fat Rob.

She immediately answered it, "Hey baby." "Miss Kelly, you're going to have a great Saturday night," Fat Rob said. "I hope so. Not sure what my son and I are going to do. We're not exactly " "Oh no, no, no. Miss Kelly I meant you and my boy Tony, from out of town. He has a craving for blondes. His last couple visits have been dark haired white women.

Poor Miss Emily, he almost sent her in to labor, he took her pussy so hard. Then when he had Miss Vanessa, he said she almost scared him, she was so crazy in bed." "I don't know. I have to tell my son about the move, I was hoping to do it over dinner this weekend," Kelly said.

Fat Rob calmed his anger. He turned away from five or so of crew members throwing darts at Wayne, occasionally using him as a punching bag for laughs. "Miss Kelly, Tony is a good friend. I need your help. You are one of the hottest blondes I have." Kelly wanted to cry. "I just," she paused. She thought on her feet, maybe the girl Nate was hanging out with could come.

It could be a double date she thought. She suggested to Fat Rob she meet with Tony early in the day, fuck him until dinner, go on the dinner date, bringing her son and his friend along, then that would be it. She would tell Nate about the move after Tony is gone that evening. *** Out of the many horrible things Kelly had done in the past few months, this was just another notch on the pole.

Tony was an older, gigantic, bodybuilder-like black man. From lunch until dinner he fucked Kelly. He kept going, he kept pummeling her pussy, he kept impaling her over and over all afternoon, never stopping to break he was a machine, a monster. Kelly loved it. She had trouble walking, she was numb everywhere. Sitting across from her son and his date, a cute shy girl, named Becca, Kelly fumbled her words, had trouble concentrating, and felt stupid. It was beyond awkward.

Her poor son was confused, wondering who this black guy was. When Tony placed Kelly's hand on the erection flowing down his thigh, she gasped loudly. "You ok?" Nate asked. "Mmhmm," his mother answered, squeezing the thick, massive dick of Tony's. "I can't believe he's hard again," she thought. Kelly should have removed her hand from Tony, but didn't, couldn't. Pretending to listen to her son talking about school, Becca occasionally interjecting her thoughts, Kelly slowly unzipped Tony's pants, sliding her hand in.

Since he wasn't wearing boxers, Kelly had no trouble finding his cock. "What's wrong with me?" she asked herself, stroking Tony's long dick while her son talked across from her.

"I need this so bad," she said to herself, nodding at something her son said. The ride home was agonizing. There was a wreck, traffic was stalled. Tony couldn't keep his hands to himself in the back seat of the car. Nate driving and Becca in the passenger side, Kelly and Tony were in the back, struggling to keep their clothes on. "You got a good pussy," Tony whispered in her ear.

The heater and radio wasn't too loud, but Kelly felt it would hide Tony's whispered. "I'm going to eat it for dessert." "Tony, stop," Kelly whispered, pushing his hand away from her crotch.

He kissed at her neck, she glanced in the rearview mirror, Nate's eyes were forward. "Come on," he said again. "That pussy is mine all night." "No," Kelly whispered. "This afternoon and dinner were it. You have to leave; I need to talk to Nate about something." Tony grinned, slowly guiding Kelly's hand to his crotch. In the dark backseat, Tony had taken his cock out.

Kelly closed her eyes and bit her lower lip when her hand closed around it. "Shit," she whispered. She glanced at Nate's eyes in the rearview mirror, they were still forward looking to the slow moving traffic. "I can't believe this, I can't," Kelly struggled to tell herself, her hand slowly stroking Tony's cock. On more glance to Nate's reflection in the rearview mirror and Kelly lowered herself into Tony's lap, mouth open, sucking that big, juicy, black cock in the back seat. She tried her best to be quiet, but an occasional slurping sound or moan was louder than she intended.

Becca glanced over to Nate, wondering to herself if Tony moaned or yawned. She had no idea her friend's mother was in the backseat giving a black man a blow job. Fifteen minutes later, traffic was moving normally now.

Tony stopped Kelly, bringing her face to his, "Get on it." "What?" "My dick. I want your pussy on it now," Tony quietly said. "Tony, no, please.

They'll hear, they'll see it," Kelly pleaded. "Bitch, I don't give a fuck. Get on my dick!" Tony answered, a little louder than a whisper. "I know you need it." Tony was right. She needed it more than anything. She was addicted. Kelly looked to Nate, if he heard the sounds of oral sex, he didn't seem to acknowledge them or look to see what was going on in the back seat. Kelly shook her head, she knew what she was going to do. Tony slid over to the middle of the back seat.

Kelly pulled her dress up. She wasn't wearing underwear either. She quietly straddled Tony, guiding his cock into her. She was still, sitting on him, her already exhausted pussy oozing lubrication. "Get to work," Tony whispered. Kelly glanced over her shoulder. "He'll see me. I know it. But I need this.

Forgive me Nate," she told herself. Kelly turned around, arms wrapped around Tony, and slowly rose up and down on his cock. They were surprisingly quiet. The only sounds Kelly heard was the sound of bare skin sliding across the fabric of Tony's slacks and shirt.

"That's it. Just like that. Work that pussy, milk my dick," Tony whispered, his head leaning back on the seat, arms stretched to the side. "Yes," Kelly said to herself, fighting off an orgasm. "Keep quiet, go slow. Feels so good. Please don't turn the heater down Nate," she begged him in her head. A few minutes from the house, Nate glanced in the rearview mirror. He saw something that made his eyes widen with shock. He wasn't sure what it was at first, due to the low light, but then he realized after watching it move up and down for a few seconds.

He was staring at a woman's ass - his mother's. His mouth hanging open, he had to regain control of the car. Shaking the image from his head, he drove on. Nate couldn't help but look again, this time adjusting the rearview mirror to see her entire ass.

"No way," he mouthed. Nate saw a large, dark skinned hand grab one of her butt cheeks. He refocused on the road, adjusted the rearview to hide her from view, and sped home. Kelly was in a trance, unable to stop if she tried. Nate pulled into the driveway. "I'll walk you to your car," he quickly told Becca, rushing out to meet her. "Thanks," she quietly said, glancing over her shoulder in the back seat.

Her mouth dropped next. The passenger side opened and she was practically yanked out of the car by Nate. "They're gone," Tony said, slapping her ass. "Uh huh," Kelly breathed, picking up the pace, bouncing hard up and down on him now. "Do you want to come over?

My mom made cookies," Becca asked a thoroughly embarrassed Nate as the two of them watched the car in the driveway rock back and forth, the back window steaming up. "Um," Nate said. The two of them heard his mother cry out with orgasmic bliss all the way from Becca's car 30 feet away.

"Yes, that'd be great." Tony pulled her dress off, tossing it to the floor, grabbed Kelly's purse. She fished out her keys. "Inside," she said. Tony didn't allow her to get off his cock. He maneuvered his way out of the car, holding onto Kelly. He walked toward the door, a nude white woman impaled on him. Kelly was able to reach around and unlock the front door. Tony entered with her, kissing her, removing his clothes. He thrust into her, slamming her against the wall of the hallway, pictures falling to the carpet.

Tony slammed her on her bed, flinging his shirt off, propping himself up with his hands next to her head and began his onslaught. The bed banged against the wall, Kelly and Tony rolled around several times, knocking over a lamp off the bedside table. They rolled around more, knocking the digital clock, reading 8:27 pm onto the floor.

Another promise Kelly made to herself to talk to Nate about the move and spend time with him during his birthday weekend was broken. *** Nate was asleep on a couch, Becca asleep next to him, the movie they were watching long since over.

Nate felt a gentle nudge on his shoulder, stirring awake.

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"Oh hi, sorry, I feel asleep." "It's ok," Becca's mother whispered. "Let's get you home." A few minutes later, Nate thanked Becca's mother, glanced at the clock in the car 2:46 am.

He smiled and made his way to the unlocked front door. The house was a mess. It looked like a hurricane went through it. Things were knocked over, books on the floor, the couch cushions disheveled.

Nate was able to deduce his mom and Tony had sex everywhere. He hoped he was gone, he hoped they were done. Kelly was breathing through her nose, her tongue swirling around inside Tony's mouth. He was on top, inside her balls deep, taking a break after giving Kelly another orgasm. He broke the kiss, sat up, pulling her limp body with him. They were covered in sweat and exhausted, but Tony kept going. He was ready to end it, to finally cum.

"Ahh!" Kelly cried out, after one powerful thrust from Tony. Nate heard it. "No," he winced. His mother cried out again, Tony gripping her waist, delivering the final thrusts. "Ahhh!" She cried out again. "You ready?" Tony asked Kelly. "No!" Nate said, rushing to the front door. "Yes!" He heard his mother cry out in the background. Tony thrust several times, very hard, Kelly's body flailing in his arms with each impact.

Nate grabbed his coat, opened the front door and ran out into the cold night air. "Ugh," Tony grunted, his balls tightening, his cock pumping semen into Kelly's pussy.

"Yess!" She moaned, the final orgasm of the night coursing through her body. Tony laid her on her back; his cock slithered out, her pussy gushing with cum. He gathered his clothes, putting them on. He picked Kelly up, slinging her over his shoulder.

He grabbed her keys, made his way to her car, put her nude body in the passenger side and drove off. Forty minutes later, Tony woke Kelly up, got out of the car and went to his hotel room, not saying a word goodbye.

Kelly, naked, looked around, realizing she was alone and the night was done. She climbed into the driver's seat and drove home. After realizing she was home alone, she cleaned up her and Tony's mess.

Still naked while she straightened things up, she called Nate no answer. After putting books back on the bookshelf, she put pictures back on the wall in the hallway. She looked at a picture of Nate when he was younger, guilt overtaking her. "I'm sorry," she whispered. Movement caught her peripheral vision to the left, Kelly turned, seeing Nate standing, looking at her. Kelly didn't bother covering up her nudity; she simply looked at her son, watching him glance at her hourglass frame.

Their eyes met for a second and Kelly spoke again. "I'm sorry," she managed to get out. She turned, walked to her bedroom, embarrassment overtaking the both of them, and gently closed the door. Chapter 9 Kelly spent the next day at Kristen's. She told her friend about everything she had done the previous night. Kelly told Kristen about Torrie and how she left her family to join Fat Rob, she told Kristen about how the department has been calling a lot more lately, wanting updates.

Kelly confessed to her friend that she had no idea when or if she'd blow her cover to take down Fat Rob. She wanted to move into his building, she wanted to be part of this life, she felt her sister Trina, wouldn't understand. Kristen held her, consoling her, telling her to do what she thinks is right. Kelly, at this point, didn't believe she could. "Come in ASAP" was the text Kelly received on her way home from Kristen's. It was from a lead detective. She ignored it, anger at herself overtaking her.

She sat in her driveway, ignoring calls from the captain. She grit her teeth, she didn't want to give this life up. She called Fat Rob. "Get a moving truck here today," Kelly demanded. "I want to be moved into that building tonight. Whatever we can't fit in the apartment, will go to storage." "Yes ma'am, Miss Kelly," Fat Rob said.

"Will it be just you? Or is your son going with your husband?" "My son and I, yes," Kelly answered. "Good.

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I'll send movers over immediately," Fat Rob grinned. Kelly entered the house, barged into Nate's room. "We're moving. Pack your clothes," she said opening his closet.

"What?" "You heard me," Kelly turned around, facing him, this time with clothes on. "We are leaving this neighborhood and moving. Nothing will change for you. Same school, same friends, all that. Get packing." "Mom I don't understand, I " "JUST DO IT!" Kelly yelled at her son. Several hours later, the huge moving truck was loaded, Nate sitting in the packed car waiting to follow it, still utterly confused and angry.

Kelly got in the truck with the movers. They were black. She stripped naked, sucking the cock of the driver, while the other man, licked and ate her pussy the whole way. Arriving at Fat Rob's building, Torrie greeted her roommate with a huge hug. She gave Nate a brief hug, sensing his anger. She smiled at him, saying they'd have a great time here, hoping to ease his nerves. He nodded and began unpacking. After everything was unloaded into the apartment, Kelly and Torrie went outside with the movers, climbing into the truck and riding their cocks to completion as their way of thanking them for their help.

Kissing in the elevator again, Torrie asked Kelly how she was doing. "Not good," she replied, not wanting to tell her about being a cop. "This will take some adjustment for Nate, plus last night was horrible. I was having sex in the back seat of the car while Nate was driving." "Well, he'll learn soon enough that loving black men is what you do and who you are.

My family learned the hard way I would do anything for black cock," Torrie said. Kelly saw what she thought was a twinge of guilt in Torrie's eyes. Nate stayed in his new room that night. Torrie and Kelly went to one of Fat Rob's clubs, sucking cock and fucking him and several of his associates on the dance floor.

When Kelly came home the next morning, Nate had left for school. This was the routine for the next couple weeks. Nate would get up in the morning, the apartment empty, go to school, come home finding the apartment empty once more. He rarely saw his mother, when he did, he wanted to yell at her, demanding to know why she moved them here.

He learned Fat Rob was paying for everything, food, utilities, and rent, all of it. A few days before Christmas, he heard his mother moaning loudly in her bedroom and her bed banging against the wall. Nate covered his ears. When it died down for a moment, he called his aunt Trina. She invited him for Christmas. Trina and her son, Richie, were acting strange, but it was nothing compared to being around his mother having sex all the time.

Kelly and Nate argued the night before he drove up to Trina's. He demanded to know why they moved there. She tried to calm her son down, begging him to stay for a nice Christmas holiday, and that things would work out soon. He pushed her away, shaking his head, disgusted. The morning of the 26th, just after dawn, Kelly returned to her apartment, naked, limping, and exhausted. Torrie was right behind her, naked too, smiling weakly.

They went all night. They lost count of how many men they slept with. Torrie collapsed on the couch next to Kelly and began licking the half-dried cum off her friend's face. "I want to keep going," she said in between licks. The two ground their used, gaping, oozing pussies together until they passed out around 10 am.

*** "It's getting worse. Attendance is much lower than we expected," the analyst told Fat Rob in another meeting. "We just aren't seeing as many people out in the clubs. We don't know why." Things were crumbling before Fat Rob's eyes. It wasn't entirely Wayne's fault.

He was one nail, out of many, in the coffin of Fat Rob's empire. It was New Year's Eve. Fat Rob picked up Kelly that evening, saying he preferred her by his side, ordering Torrie to strip at the club instead. After a few drinks and a few dances from Torrie, Fat Rob, his men, and Kelly left the club. Kelly providing cock sucking services in Fat Rob's SUV, they arrived at an abandoned warehouse 30 minutes later.

Kelly watched Fat Rob, wearing a nice suit as always, slowly circle a man. The man was on his knees. He was beaten, bloody, and wearing tattered remains of what appeared to be women's lingerie.

"Do something," Kelly told herself. She looked around, seeing several of Fat Rob's men. She couldn't act. She was unarmed, she had no back up.

She was trapped. "No one came for you. No one is looking for you, Wayne," Fat Rob said. "It's New Year's Eve 1 minute to a new year." Wayne couldn't move. His hands were tied around his back. Kelly saw his mangled fingers. "They're going to kill him," she thought, her heart rate increasing. "Fellas, this is what happens when someone doesn't do their job when someone fails," Fat Rob said to his men. It was a double meaning to Kelly. She was failing at her job, she's been failing it since day one of being undercover now this execution is happening, another product of her failure.

"Any last words?" Fat Rob asked Wayne. "FUCK YOU! You all will pay, you all will get what you deserve!" Wayne yelled. Fat Rob rolled his eyes and signaled to a man holding a baseball bat. Wayne's jaw was broken instantly by the bat, knocking him over, teeth spilling out of his mouth onto the concrete. "Damn! Precise!" Fat Rob congratulated his employee for shutting Wayne up. "You ever try out for the Braves?" "Heh, no sir," The employee chuckled.

Another employee handed a nine millimeter to Fat Rob. Fat Rob pulled Wayne up to his knees once more. Kelly watched in horror, knowing the extent of her failure would be realized in a couple seconds. Fat Rob pointed the gun in between Wayne's eyes and pulled the trigger.

Her mouth hanging open, watching Wayne topple over, she stopped breathing, her ears ringing from the gunshot. She brought hand to her mouth, tears welling up. "Happy New Year, Wayne," Fat Rob said, nodding to an associate to dispose of the body. *** There was an orgy at Fat Rob's penthouse, luxurious apartment. Kelly, Torrie, and all the women she met before moving in and then some, were passed around all night.

Kelly felt numb; not from the sex, but from everything she'd witnessed and done in the last few months. She failed to act, to turn Fat Rob over to her superiors, to even report to her superiors. While her poor son sat alone in his new room, his mother was at a wild orgy a few floors up. Kelly on her knees, sucking a cock, while one penetrated her from behind, Fat Rob looked on.

He made a phone call. "When do they arrive?" he asked. "Good. I want all the women in this building wearing them. I will know where they are at all times. The building is on lockdown. No one leaves unless they have my permission." Kelly looked at Fat Rob. He hung up his phone and stared back at her. Their eyes locked on each other, the man behind Kelly pulled out, spraying semen all over her back. The cock she was sucking left her mouth, spurting its load on Kelly's cheek, nose, and open mouth.

Semen hung off Kelly's chin and dripped off her jaw. Staring at Fat Rob, anger building up, she thought about her situation, and how to make things right. Watching him walk away, ending their stare down, Kelly knew, in due time, she would bring about complete and utter ruin to Fat Rob's empire.

The end.