Ashly anderson drops on her knees to suck a strangers cock

Ashly anderson drops on her knees to suck a strangers cock
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I know it's been messy! I'd decided to change Leon's his name to "BOBBY", when I realized it was too late!

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So far, I've sent three million e-mails begging the site for help. But no one responded. You know? just enjoy the story. We're not calling him anything this time. I can't tell you how great it felt to get those 4 positive ratings. My only need was for someONE to feel what I felt while writing the story, and instead I got FOUR! Thank you guys, so much!.

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. . BOBBY's Fag Bitch BOY: part two - What a real man smells like . . so, We fell asleep. I was drunk on the overpowering stench of his balls. I knew I was gonna become addicted to having my face in there, somewhere of his body where the sun never shines, where it gets sweaty, dirty and horny, and he could do nothing about it. "Wake up" I opened my eyes to his lazy black voice, and the feel of his heel on my belly. Before I could remember what was going on, where I was, was it 08:00PM or 04:00AM, I found my head was stuck in between his thighs.

While I looked in his grinning black face above me, I took a deep breath, filling my lungs with his crotch smells. "YES SIR", I yelled, as soon as the smell brought me back to reality.


"Get up, boy" "Yes SIR" He removed his heavy leg from my belly, so he could put his both feet down, lifted his black ass, and grabbed a bottle of water he'd left on the floor next to the bed. "You got thirty seconds to drink", before he kissed the bottle tip and started to kill the thirst. "Thank you SIR" On my fours, I jumped down to the floor, walked to the kitchen, and drank a glass of water.

When I was finished, I found that he was already stepping to the bathroom, so I followed him there, as supposted. and in the Bathroom. He waited for me to hold his dick, before letting his bladder relax, shooting his own golden juice into the bowl. "Guess what", he said. "I'll let you get a taste of my piss this time".

and That was one of the things I'd been waiting to hear for long time. "Thank you SIR". I kept my fingers around his dick, directing the stream of piss so it continued splashing into the water. Until I got the command, "Last drop, open yo' mouth" I obeyed, opening my mouth, and resting his dick on my tongue. He shot a huge, thick stream of piss deep into my mouth, and it tasted like it'd been loaded with salt and lemon. I swallowed it down, only to feel the flavor starting to fill my breath.

Instead of turning to leave, this time he turned around, parking his ass on the toilet seat, and rested his arms on his thighs. He then took a deep breath, before the voice of a massive fart scared me to death. "For you", he joked "Thank you SIR" While the smell filled the air around my nose, it took him just a few seconds to drop a big fat turd into the piss-water. From the heavy smell that I had no choice but to inhale, I could tell it wasn't fresh.

Probably, he'd been holding it since yesterday's roasted chicken dinner. He continued to fill the toilet with his body products while I remained silent, until he gave me a command, "Wipe my ass", standing up, turning his back to me "Yes SIR" I grabbed a large tissue of toilet paper, gently slipped it between his hairy cheeks, and rubbed his hole with it, what made him twitch.

I then threw it in the bowl, and pressed the wash-down button. He yawned as he walked to leave, and I followed the movement of his feet. We headed to a couch that faced the TV screen, and I found his clothes still thrown on the floor. Just like it would be for the rest of our 'friendship', he collasped on the couch, while I crawled between his legs. "Light me a cig, boy" "Yes SIR" I pulled a fat brown cigar from the the buck next to him on the couch, and placed in between his big nigger lips.

While he held it there, I brought a lighter from the stool on the left, and lit the head of his cigar. He took a deep puff, with his eyes closed, until his lungs were filled. That was the last thing I could see before the heavy smoke started to blow in my face, as he exhaled. Reacting, I caughed out what had forcefully streamed into my nostrils, and shut my eyes close. What only made him laugh. "Open yo' mouth" I obeyed, only to feel a salty, tobacco-filled, very huge wad of spit sticking to the legnth of my tongue.

"Now you'll hold this in yo' faggot mouth, no swallowing, and stick yo' nose between my balls" I closed my lips around the liquid he'd just threw in my mouth, while he put the cigar back in his mouth, and puffed. I lowered my head to his crotch, and put my face where he'd just told me.

"and Whenever I fart, you'll sniff it as deep as you can, and then give my balls a kiss if you wanna thank me" I'd always read stories, watched movies, but never found anything this cruel.

Damn, I got me the baddest dom daddy in the history or what? I could never have dreamed of that level of slayage, if it wasn't for him. He knew what he was doing, he knew how to get my blood boiling, and keep my hard-on raging. I'd never wanted anything more than a younger dude to treat me like pure shit, and use me for his own pleasures, that he could never find with his dick deep inside a girl's pussy. So, for the next half hour, I remained in that position.

Fully dressed in official uniform, between his thighs, with his low-hanging, hairy sack resting on the bridge of my nose, holding his own saliva in my mouth, what gave me no choice for air but the heavy stink of his balls, expecting for one of his massive farts to blow in my face anytime.

The whole time, while he watched TV and filled the air with his cigar smoke. Suddenly, his ass jetted a loud fart, which was followed by the sound of his nasty laughter.


I inhaled his ass gas, deeply, more than twice, and then stuck my lips to his filthy ballsack, and kissed it with all love and respect. Less than ten minutes later, again, he fired another fart, which I inhaled with all lust, before kissing his balls 'thank you'. Only to find his dick jump up.

"Damn, boy. Looks like I got another load for you to swallow today!" Seconds of total silence later, he continued, "What you waiting for, boy? Get to work" "Yes SIR" Instantly, I held the base of his growing dick in my two fingers, and wrapped my mouth around it. He moaned while I took his dick deep inside, and then back.

I thought it was a refreshing time break for me, from breathing his stinky balls, but I was kinda wrong. With my nose buried in his pubic hair, I had no choice for air but the smell of his own groin, all the time while I did my very best servicing his dick and keeping it comfortable and happy in my warm, wet mouth, until he filled it with his semen. "Swallow", he later commanded I obeyed, letting his spit I'd been holding and my mouth for a while, and his ball juice, mix while they flew down my throat.

"My dick feels much better now", he commented "Great thing to hear SIR" "Yeahhhh.!!!!", he closed his eyes in delight for seconds, and then continued, "What you wanna do next?" "Thank you SIR, for giving me the choice", I said. "SIR, it's about nine thirty, would you like to have dinner?" "Yeahh, Sure.

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and Maybe we'll stop by the mall and get some stuff too." From what I understood, it was gonna be another one of them money-spending nights.

Not some lame-ass home-made food like I thought. "Yes SIR" "You'll come with me and help me with my clothes, but first, I got a gift for you" "Thank you SIR" "a Huge gift" "Yes SIR" "On yo' knees, boy" "Yes SIR" I obeyed, he turned around, with his ass facing me.

"I got a huge bomb of gas up my ass, and it's going nowhere but yo' nose", he said. "You'll lick my hole real good and make it nice and wet, and when I tell you to stick yo' nose in, you'll stick it in, and never take it back until I do that on my own.

Got it?" "Yes SIR" I stuck my tongue out, and slipped it in between his cheeks, straight to his hole. I started to lick it around, fuck it, tasting the dirty black male taste. He later commanded me, "Stick yo' nose in" I obeyed, lowered my nose to his well-lubed, large, flexible hole, and pushed the tip in. "and If you open that mouth, I'm gonna shit in it the next time", he warned me As soon as he stopped talking, I felt his hot ass gas being emptied into my nose.

All I'd been through that day, smelling, tasting and swallowing all kinds of his body products, could hardly be compared to ten precent of what was happening to me that moment.

Not only that my head was spinning as intoxicating the stink pumped into my head - I felt like every living cell of my body was being eaten by the millions of germs he had up his rectum.

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Sure as hell, I wasn't allowed to open my mouth for any 'fresh' air, I couldn't even take my nose back. I couldn't even ask him to help me with a hand behind my head so that I couldn't let go.

No, I had to do it all on my own. I had to prove to be a good store for his body gas, keep myself right there and feel every moment of it.

and God, was it huge? Was it smelly?

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Hadn't he just taken a shit? Did he swallow a Pepsi Max in his dreams? How much gas had I breathed during our afternoon sleep when my face was buried in his crotch for entire hours?

Finally, I felt his fat fingers grabbing my hair, and pulling me out in a way that forced my mouth open. "Enjoyed it?" but I was still too breathless to speak. "I take it, you didn't like it. But who gives a damn, I did", he laughed, "Now get yo' ass to the bedroom with me, you know you're gonna be doing most of the work" to be continued.