Naughty hottie gets cum shot on her face sucking all the semen

Naughty hottie gets cum shot on her face sucking all the semen
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Chapter 2 I had Sasha ride in the back naked with her legs spread wide on the roof and her crotch fully open and her hands squeezing her tits tight. I kept ordering her to lube her hands with her twat and squeeze her tits as tight as possible to force the blood into her nipples. Her copious and slippery cunt juice was making her hands slip off her A cup titties and I yelled that she should squeeze harder and if her hands slipped off they believe tter grab and squeeze her nipples.

I ordered the sound guy who I'd named Radar to get in the back and kneel in the footwell and grab her nipples as hard as he could in between his fingers and thumbs to show her what I expected.

He scrambled to obey making me smile that the whole group was onboard with me being the king. Sasha yelped as Radars fingers brought her nipples pain. Good I thought, the kid isn't soft in executing my orders. "Good, now slowly pull her tits as tight as possible, and Sasha, you keep pushing the blood toward your nipples, I want you to be super nipple sensitive as my permanent suck slut sex slave whore." I loved the gasp from Sasha as her brain computed my words.

I was offering her a lifetime together but only as my trained sex slave that clearly involved extreme submission.

I had the slut hooked and we both knew it. The 25 min ride was over quickly and I pulled into the garage of my ranch style at the top of the San Fernando valley and ordered Sasha and Radar to get out. I told Radar to strip. He dropped his clothes in a second like a champ.

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"Go grab Sasha's dress from the car and put them and your clothes in the washer over there." The garage door was closed and it was hot in there, but I like the heat and I was waiting for Lisa and Trish to get here so I could give orders to everyone at the same time. I just stood there and looked at the two horny twenty somethings and raised my eyebrows. Sasha looked terrified for a second then fell to her knees and grabbed Radar around his legs as she spun him away from her so she could get her slutty mouth on his asshole.

I complimented her on her remembering her duties were to suck ass at all times that her mouth wasn't filled with cock but warned her that she still would be punished for requiring my reminder. Radar was half squatting half leaning forward so I yelled at him to kneel and present his asshole for eating to such an eager suck slut as Sasha was being.

His eager compliance warned me that he might be a sub and likely wanted cock as much as the three sluts. Oh well I might be wrong. Sasha immediately used her hands to spread his asscheeks and lapped up his crotch from ballsack to sphincter over and over for a minute and then began drilling her tongue up his ass.

I watched for a few minutes and marveled that Radar wasn't jerking off. Good, all his cum would go where I directed it. Excellent. "Switch to a 69 but asshole sucking only unless you make him cum in which case you better drink it down! You best remember our agreement, I'm the master and you are my sex slaves and I will punish you for messiness!" "Yes Master!" Came from both of them but muffled by the ass eating that they both were deeply into by this time.

I then opened the garage door and told them to continue eating each other's assholes until the fluffer sluts arrived at which point I would return and give them new instructions. I walked into the house and went to my bedroom and stripped off my clothes and got into the shower. Having Sasha suck Radars asshole with the garage door open to the street was a little favor for my neighbors across the street, 4 collage kids who rented my second house.

I'd been smart with my money, living on the road my housing was paid for so I made a profit on renting my place and I'd bought the house across the street when it was for sale during the housing crash.

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The guy who lost it had paid double what I paid for it and I'd found the tenants easily and the guys had been there for 4 years. Being a cameraman and voyeur I'd set up security cameras in both houses in the kitchens and living rooms and bedrooms. I had 3 cameras each just for the bathrooms.

I also had cameras in the garages and back yards as well as pointing out onto the street and at the other house so I knew everything I wanted to about my houses for years from anywhere in the world just by logging into a secure server.

I had some great footage of those guys gang banging a couple of local sluts and having full on sex parties. Remember it is the valley after all, porn is the biz for 20% of the ppl and among the rest are plenty of horny valley girls so it's not hard to find sluts at all. 15 minutes later I was clean and I walked out naked as I like to air dry and I keep my body hair free from the neck down and don't use A/C.

I heard Lisa's car pull into the garage so I went in and closed the door. Radar gave me a look from his back where he was eating Sasha's asshole but she was focused on his ass as she had his legs pulled back and was snuffling into his ass relentlessly even though she could hear I had returned. "Ok you two, stop sucking ass for a minute and go help your mistresses with their things." They both got up and walked straight over to the rear doors where Lisa and Trish were grabbing bags out of the back seat.

I'd given them instructions to go and shop at the sex store Phil owned near me and they had grabbed a nice assortment of toys, smut, and bondage gear, all on the company tab which was a nice bonus. I ordered Radar to kneel at the feet of Lisa and Sasha to kneel at Trish's feet. I then repeated that everyone who entered my house including the garage was my sex slave and was eager to be sub to me, and was also sub to whomsoever I chose.

They were all agreeable so I ordered Lisa and Trish to strip and Radar to put their clothes in the washer with Sasha's and his own and start the cycle. I had all four of them dig collars out of the sex shop bags and I chose a thick truly inescapable one for Sasha, a thin elegant one for Trish and a metal chain for Lisa. Radar I had put on a matching collar to his mistress Lisa's. I was intent on taking Trish away from Lisa to be my own personal slut slave whore whether I had Sasha or not, I now wanted Trish as a slutpet and I thought that Lisa having Radar as a new slave would be a fair trade.

Alternatively if Lisa would agree to be my love whore then I would get Trish as a given. Either way having Radar be sub to Lisa was a good thing. I handed Radar a Cannon D-10 camera and a couple of memory sticks and told him to film everything and bring the smut bags and follow at the rear. I then walked into the house and showed my pets the layout. It's a 4 bedroom plus den split level with a fully finished basement walkout into a secluded backyard with a small kidney shaped swimming pool.

I took the group downstairs and showed them the huge sectional couch. "This is where you sluts are staying. You are going to stay naked and horny at all times. I will be using each one of your cock holes fully and solely at my own discretion." I put the camera on a shelf aiming it at the couch andordered them to form a daisy chain.

Sasha sucking her mistress' Trish's asshole and Trish sucking Lisa's cunt and Radar cleaning Lisa's asshole. That left the two most submissive slutsserving but not being serviced, good! The two other subs were being serviced also good but I needed more. I sat on Lisa's face and ordered her to eat my asshole, she was so eager to comply that I was taken by surprise. I grabbed Lisa's nipples and squeezed softly at first but as I rolled the nipples in my fingers and they hardened I began being much harder on them until I was pulling then away from her body enough to lift her if I hadn't been sitting on her face forcing my asshole around her tongue.

I love sex with sluts who have been used but never to the full extent of their own imagination. This is the level I start at and I take them into a world that is more exciting than any other. Chapter 3 I had throat fucked Lisa last time so I knew she was a well trained cock sucker, and I had eventually gotten my full 9" cock down Trish's gullet, so I knew that I could again and that I needed to spend enough time there to get Trish used to accommodating cock in her throat more.

As in a couple of hours a day with my cock deep in her throat, get her used to cock more, the prospect of which made me very excited.

But Sasha was the main goal though, and getting her to give up any personal thoughts and giving me full control of her body was the immediate plan.


"Ok so here are the orders." "All bitches will only suck cock that has just been deep in a slut's asshole. All cum will be swallowed as cum swallowing is one of the basic tenets of my slaves' duties. Understand?" "You will only be ass fucked by me, never will I use your cunt for fucking, I may whore you out to someone who will use your cunt but I will never fuck your cunt with my cock." "Video will be taken of every act and critique sessions will be implemented to guide each one of my slaves to sexual performance at the highest level possible." At that point I ordered the sluts to line up for assfucking.

The three bitches immediately fell to their knees on the shag carpet and all reached back and spread their asscheeks to fully expose their assholes. I was pleasantly surprised that Radar stood up next to me and waited for instructions. Good, maybe not a cock slut after all. "Grab the camera and get close ups of my cock as I fuck these assholes and mouths." "Anytime you get hard I want you to fuck whatever hole of these 3 whores you want, just be sure to cum deep inside whatever hole it is and then have a different slut suck it out.

I want your cock soft, if it's hard fuck a hole until you cum, got that Radar?" The kid just nodded. My cock was hard and ready so I squatted down behind Lisa and grabbed her hips and placed my head against her anal pucker. I pushed and the saliva from Radars ass sucking along with Lisa being well practiced at anal allowed me to sink my cock into her ass with a minimum of difficulty.

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Four strokes and I was bottomed in her asshole. A few more short strokes and then I was starting to stroke my full 9" in and out of her anus. I then slammed into her ass and ground my groin into her asshole to root my cock as deeply into her bowels as I could. I did this because all these whores had prepared themselves for a day of anal so they all had clean colons but part of anal for me is the smell of anal mucus.

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I'm not into scat as I'm not turned on by the smell of shit, but the scent of anal mucus is different and it excites me, I also love to receive oral and I love submissive sluts so watching a horny cunt lick my cock clean of her, or some other whore's ass cream is great pleasure for me.

I've found that once a slut gets used to the taste of ass and anal mucus while she's being well fucked she associates anal with orgasm.

Lisa grunted as I pushed into her ass so I pulled her back with me by her hair and ordered her to get her filthy ass off my cock. She had to contort her body to step aside my legs and get my cock out from so deep in her ass without moving her head which I was holding in place by her hair. Once she was off my cock she started to move her head toward my cock to lick it clean.

Smiling, I let her get the head into her mouth and I ordered her to suck the ass slime from the head and swallow it. Once the head was sucked clean I then slowly forced my cock all the way down Lisa's throat pulling her by the ears. Lisa had yet to gag during the times I'd throated her before so I was further pleased that ass tasting cock was not a problem at all.

I used her throat as a fuck hole for six or seven strokes and then pulled back and slapped her ass as a sign for her to get back in position for assfucking. I then moved over to Trish and grabbed her hips, as I did she pulled her ass wider apart and winked her asshole at me. I thrust my cock into her moist anus and was pleased with how wet yet tight her asshole was. I probed her bowels with my fuck stick until she was on the verge of cumming, then I stopped thrusting and simply ordered her to throat my cock.

"Fully and deeply into your throat in one motion slut!" I yelled. She pulled her asshole off my cock and spun around and slowly ate my cock all the way in her throat until her lips were tight around the base. She gagged a few times but didn't puke. We didn't move for 30 seconds.

Her with my filthy ass cock deep in her mouth and me just enjoying a slut behaving like I wanted. "Ok Clean the ass scum off my cock and swallow it and then turn around again and let me plunder your asshole some more." Trish vacuumed my cock as it left her throat and as soon as her lips closed at the tip of my cock she spun her ass toward me and again spread her asshole open inviting me in.

I was very pleased with Trish's subslutness and I told her so. "Perfect so far Trish you sexy slut!" I placed my cock head against her pucker and slapped her asscheeks and told her to impale her own asshole on my big cock.


She responded by pressing her asshole like a pair of cocksucking lips against the tip of my huge cock. She pushed softly at first and then harder and harder and she also was bearing down to dilate her asshole until finally her asshole opened up enough to allow the head in and then the shaft followed smoothly until I was once again fully ensconced in Trish's asshole.

I pulled her hair to leverage my cock further into her ass and then again simply said "clean me" and she again pulled her asshole off my cock and immediately throated my cock to its base. Her eagerness to throat my rather large cock bodes well for having me use her for some time to come I thought.

"Good cocksucking Trish! Nice suppression of your gag reflex, I hate the sound of gagging and too much saliva so your being eager to let my cock fuck your throat is exactly the sub slut behavior I demand." "Suck it clean and dry now, I have another asshole to fuck and I don't want my cock to be too lubed for my new slut slave Sasha." I slapped Trish's ass and she slurped her way off my cock and spun back into ass fucking position head down ass up and hands spreading her asscheeks wide.

I marveled at Trish's innate whoreishness as I approached Sasha. She had her knees wide apart splitting her wet cunt wide open and I could see her clit was engorged and erect. Sasha had placed her long delicate fingers across her asscheeks and was using her index and ring fingers to spread her asshole. The effect was her anus was gaping a tiny bit, enough to let a pencil glide into her ass. Perfect. "You want to be my personal whore slut?

You want to be my cum bucket? My anal sex slave? Answer me slut!" "I'll be whatever you want lover." Sasha cooed and spread her asshole more for me. I nudged her asshole with my cockhead and lined myself up to plunge into her ass as I reached under her and grabbed her small tits in my large hands. I had her tits held tightly and used them to pull her body back toward me as I thrust froward with my hips.

The result was her asshole and tits were pressured very hard until my dry cock was deep into her dry asshole. I loved fucking her asshole as she was clearly up for this anal dry hump which I could feel from the burning heat coming from her cunt as my waxed balls pressed up against her as I reached full penetration. I prefer to dry hump ass as a rule but few sluts like it after the first time. Many sluts like a hot night of rough sex that pushes their boundaries but the kinkiest they ever got would be about the base level that I expect every day.

I knew that the way Sasha's asshole felt around the base of my cock and the way her lower colon ensconced my shaft and head was well practiced.

I knew that as time went on that it would take a long time to tire from assfucking this particular whore. She liked cock in her ass and was clearly practiced at accommodating herself to anal penetration and she was using all her skills in assisting me in my dominance over her ass.

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As enlightening and pleasurable as sodimizing Sasha was, I was eager to explore her throat with my newly ass scum coated cock. I squeezed her nipples hard enough to cause her to yelp and pulled her off my cock still using her tits to guide her.

I grabbed her head in one hand grasping her hair and placed her with my cock at her lips. "Swallow" was all I said and released her. She clasped my cock in her lips and she slowly and steadily drove her face down into my crotch. She had opened her throat and swallowed my cock as smoothly as she would swallow a milkshake. Her hands grasped my ass as she pressed her mouth tightly against my bald pubic bone and snaked her tongue out along my smooth ballsack.

I have my whole body waxed once every week as its hygienic and great for sex. Sasha moved her tiny hands to my balls and gently grasped my balls and spread them wide apart so she could lick my scrotum and work her way to tonguing my asshole with my cock deep in her throat. "Ass" is all I said and Sasha extended her tongue like no other slut ever could and licked my asshole with the tip of her tongue.

"Very nice tongue action slut! Good work. Now suck me clean and I better not have any slime on my cock, I like the way your asshole feels on my dry cock, that was good, that's the way I always want to feel your asshole when I fuck it." Sasha couldn't help grinning which made it hard not to spill the saliva and anal mucus mixture that she was squeegeeing from my shaft. She reached the tip and swallowed the slime and then opened her lips and pressed forward until her wide open mouth was brushing my stomach, then for the first time she looked up into my eyes as she clamped her lips tight and vacuumed her mouth while she pulled off my cock.

She swallowed again while looking deep into my eyes with lust and affection and said: "I hope your cock is dry and clean to your standards, Master" she smiled and immediately she resumed her anal penetration posture. I grabbed her tits again and thrust at her ass a few times missing her orifice and poking her cheeks hard before I got my cock lodged in her asshole and then I thrust fast and deep into her dry anal cavity.

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Sasha gave a pleased grunt as I bottomed out in her rectum. She was a true slut and I liked that she was an eager ass fuck and so inventive with her oral subservient skills. She had caught the tone of the session with her "cleaning standards" comment. It was time to raise the bar. I pulled hard on her titties as she spread her cheeks wider so I could penetrate her ass as deeply as possible. I stood up then so her weight and her own eager compliance forced her ass even deeper onto my rigid cock.

I was so turned on to have three slut slaves all trying to outdo each other to be my personal sub slut that my cock was at high mast.


I looked over her shoulder at the sluts spread wide in front of us and at Radar recording everything standing at attention next to me. "Radar, it's time for you to start filling these slut's with your cum. Lisa get under Trish and you two lick each other to orgasm while Radar assfucks Trish until he cums deep in her ass.

Then Trish will fart it out into Lisa's mouth while Sasha sucks his cock clean straight from Trish's asshole. While he was fucking Trish's ass I pulled Sasha's asshole off my cock and held her upside down and plunged my cock into her mouth. I should say I tried to plunge her throat but that eager little cocksucker beat me to it and slurped my head into her mouth as I spun her and she thrust my cock into her throat as she settled down onto it.

She was as good at getting cock into her throat as she was at getting it into her ass. Eager slut I thought, what a lucky bastard I am. I pulled her mouth off my cock and placed her on her knees next to the 69ing sluts and said "Nice mouth whore! I want to help you know how good your mouth is.

Your new order is that you will swallow every drop of cum you can for the next 8 days." "After Lisa sucks Radar's cum from Trish's asshole she will spit it into your mouth slut. If one of these sluts takes a load in her asshole or cunt you will suck it out and show the camera and then swallow the cum.

You will rub yourself to a cum anytime you have a cock or cumload in your mouth. I want you to always associate cocksucking with pleasure. Understand?" "Yes master!" "I will use your throat everyday as a first fuck of the day. Everyday." I said. "You will wake me with your mouth and when I'm hard you will wait with my cock in your mouth until I wake!" "Once I'm awake I will have you eat the cunt and ass of the whore in bed next to me as I assfuck you.

When I'm happy with the coating of asscream on my cock I will order you to lie flat on the bed and I will mount your face and fuck your mouth like I do your ass. I will plunge as deeply as I can into your throat and then short stroke for as long as I can until you need to breath." "I expect you to be able to achieve 2 minutes at a time for 3 or 4 times in a row in a day or two and unlimited 2 minute throat penetration after a week." "I will have a slut suck your ass and cunt and clit for the first couple of weeks until you become addicted to orgasm from throat fucking only, after that the mere use of your mouth by a cock will be enough to bring your to orgasm." "Now anal 69 with Lisa.

Eat each other's assholes and prepare for throat fucking school." Sasha smiled and spread her legs. Lisa crawled over her until she was face to cunt with Lisa then she scooted her ass toward her and then leaned back and was ass to lips with Sasha flat on her back under her. Sasha smiled and spread Lisa's asscheeks and started sucking her cunt and asshole.

I had Trish lie on her back and Radar kneel over her face and ordered him to use his long thin cock on her throat. I wanted her to start getting ready for throat fucking as it was exciting me to think of three trained throat whores at my service.

I smiled down at Sasha and asked her if she was ready for my cock to start using her throat as a fuck hole. As she pushed Lisa's ass from her mouth to answer me I speared Lisa's asshole with my cock. "Hold her cheeks wide so I can dig deep in her ass and get my cock all covered in her asscream to make fucking your throat tastier for you." Sasha smiled and pulled Lisa's asscheeks wide apart.

What a horny obedient slut she was! Lisa too was doing her best to show her sub side as she pushed her ass onto my cock, squirming her asshole as far into my crotch as she could.

The competitive efforts of these whores was a turn-on and was helping my imagination. I slapped Lisa's ass and she popped her anus off my cock and stepped off Sasha's body to stand next to the couch. I positioned myself above Sasha with my cock pointing at her mouth. "Sasha, you are going the reach up and cup my ass in your hands and pull on my ass to get me to fuck your throat. I don't want my cock cleaned, I want it to coat your mouth and throat with asscream so that you will taste ass everytime you swallow." Sasha arched her back and caught my cockhead in her mouth as her tiny hands gently pressed on my ass as she angled her head so that my cock would have a smooth passage down her throat.

Then her pressing on my ass became harder and I sank my cock into her mouth and throat as easily as her ass had accepted my cock 15 minutes before. I held myself rigid and the only part of our bodies touching was her hands on my ass and my cock in her lips, mouth, and throat with her tongue lightly touching the top base of my shaft.

Her lips were clenched tightly around the base of my cock and her throat was so ready it was stiff and my cock wasn't even held tight but rattled in her esophagus like a parfait spoon in a glass. I stayed still for 20 seconds before extracting my cock from her slutty sucking mouth.

I smiled down at her and said "Excellent throat my sweet slut! I am impressed with your first time. Good blowjob!" Now let me coat my cock some more, Lisa spread your slutty asscheeks so I can buttfuck you and give Sasha the asscream taste that I want her addicted to.

Lisa stepped back over Sasha's body and spread her legs and arched her back offering her open asshole to my cock. I was really loving the way Lisa assfucked and everything about her said that she was an even better choice for pornwhore girlfriend than Sasha.

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