My girlfriend gives me a good night blowjob

My girlfriend gives me a good night blowjob
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CHAPTER 3: SURRENDER Claire had been hoping that the turmoil in her mind would settle down now that it was over with, but instead she felt conflicted as ever.

She tried to put it out of her head anyway, but she knew that sooner or later he would be hungry again and she would have to do something about it.

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Plus, she still didn't have any facts on his normal "feeding" behavior beyond the poorly detailed testimony of a traumatized college girl. What she needed was direct observation. She didn't want to demean herself, but she had already started down that slippery slope. It was getting difficult to determine where scientific inquiry ended and her own sexual curiosity began, however.

Though initially put off by their typical use for violent sexual assault, she continually found herself thinking about his tentacles and the pleasures he claimed they could bring. It's not generally considered good judgement to use oneself as a test subject, but there wasn't anyone else, and besides, given the promise of an inhumanly long cock inside her, shouldn't she want to?

It had been so long since the last time she got laid. Dammit, how embarrassing. She wasn't into kinky sex or anything like that, why on Earth did she keep wondering what getting stuffed with tentacles was like? Gruthsorik, for his part, was much improved.

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He watched the television and played around on a laptop computer Claire had given him. The access to the building systems was disabled, but it could still get to the internet. She rigged it with a keylogger to keep on eye on his online activity, but he kept out of trouble.

Claire busied herself with the biological data she had gathered on him. She checked in on him occasionally and exchanged light pleasantries, good morning, how are you doing, good bye, see you tomorrow, that sort of thing. She avoided the topic of her little feeding stunt and he didn't bring it up either. That lasted a little over a week. Claire noticed Gruthsorik was back to laying in the bunk all day and night, conserving his energy or perhaps already too weak to move again.

It was time. Now or never. She stood outside the door to Containment Room 1, and toggled her camera feed macro on again. She took off her lab coat and dropped it to the floor. This was crazy, and completely unprofessional.

She begged herself to reconsider. Her blouse and skirt joined the lab coat. It wasn't too late. She could still go home and get her vibrator again. She kicked away her shoes and pulled her socks off. Stop it, dammit! She threw down her bra and panties and walked through the door, and straight into the cell.

Claire could feel Gruthsorik's cold gaze on her as she entered. She was in great shape, the result of the building having some exercise equipment and her using it often just to break the daily tedium. Her long dark hair swayed with each step.

Gruthsorik stood up with great effort, getting himself ready. His eyes began to glow with bioluminescence in the irises. She stopped in the middle of the cell and held her arms forward. She screwed her blue eyes shut and said, "Do it. Take me." She opened them again and added, "Before I change my mind." The tentacles lashed out so quickly she barely saw them.

They grabbed her wrists and ankles and held them firmly. She successfully resisted the reflex to yelp and pull away. She didn't resist as they pulled her arms up and spread her legs wide apart. Without loosening their grip, they slithered around her arms and legs, making coils spaced several inches apart, all the way up to her shoulders and thighs. With Claire secure in his grip, Gruthsorik took his time with the rest of his tentacles.

She watched as the next two extended from his crotch and made their way towards her. They made contact along her left hip, and wrapped around behind her, sliding across her body. They felt smooth and slightly slimy against her skin, but pleasantly warm, not cold or clammy.


Nevertheless her skin crawled as they made their way across her belly, around her back again, and then towards her rib cage. At that point they separated and took a sharp turn to curl around her firm D-cup breasts, encircling her mounds more than once. The tips of the tentacles reached her nipples and started to gently rub them, while the coils began to squeeze and undulate, in effect fondling her tits.

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Claire felt her feet leave the floor as the tentacles lifted her a few feet into the air. She now realized why the demon had his large tail. It served as a counterbalance for the tentacles and whatever helpless woman or girl they had in their grasp. The next tentacle moved slowly up her thigh and straight to her pussy, and rubbed its cock head across her lips.

She was already breathing heavily with a mix of nervous excitement and barely contained panic, the touch on her eager vagina made her moan.


"Oh yeeesss, you want it, don't you?" Gruthsorik teased. Without waiting for an answer he pushed the tentacle into her, making her moan louder. The tentacle fucked her with moderate speed, moving back and forth and deeper and deeper inside her wet pussy.

She felt it advancing inch by inch and moaned encouragement, her previously conflicted feelings now completely turned over to arousal. Before long it was stretching her inside as much as most men.

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Then she felt it match and surpass the largest cock she'd ever taken, and it didn't stop there. She cried out, "Yes, yes, oh fuck!" as it filled her even further. She tried to figure how much, she decided it felt like at least eight inches, maybe even nine. Upon reaching her pussy's true limit, the tentacle adjusted its rhythm. First it sped up, pounding her inner depths hard, as she screamed, "Oh God, fuck me, fuck me baby!" Claire was impressed as Gruthsorik continued to vary his technique, using short and long strokes, both fast and slow.

He even mixed it up a little by going slow on the out stroke and slamming the tentacle back in quickly, and vice versa as well. She moaned in appreciation. After a while of that, Claire felt something rubbing across her asshole, and knew it was time for the next tentacle. She'd never been one to ask for anal sex, but she'd never refused it from her boyfriends either.

She briefly wished that Gruthsorik had a smaller tentacle he could use for this, but she knew she'd be able to manage.

She relaxed her back door and felt the tentacle slowly ease into her ass. It fucked her in and out, while advancing steadily up her rear passage. The tentacle in her pussy didn't miss a beat, she briefly marveled at the independent control before she lost herself again in moaning and yelling words of encouragement to keep fucking her hard. Her ass was getting stuffed to an extent that might have been uncomfortable if she wasn't enjoying it so much.

She felt it jab into her sigmoid colon, the last little curvy bit of the large intestine before things made a straight shot down to the rectum. Oh God, if she remembered her anatomy correctly that meant she had roughly twelve inches of tentacle stuffing her ass. Fortunately it stopped its upward journey there and started fucking her in earnest.

The feeling was incredible, being jammed completely full in her tight ass and her hot, juicy pussy, while the tentacles around her breasts continued to do their thing as well. In addition to the variations in rhythm, sometimes they fucked her pussy and ass in unison, then they would switch to alternating strokes, or one fast and the other slow. Gruthsorik let out a moan of his own and said, "Such a good girl, yessssss." Claire yelled out in pleasure as a reply.

She felt another tentacle crawl up her leg and join in, this one rubbed her clit, driving her wild, making her scream even more. Then yet another one appeared, its tip hovering in front of her face. She realized what it was after, and a wave of panic hit her. How the hell did he expect her to take one of those in her mouth? This was insane.

There was nothing about this in the testimony Monica had given. Wait, no, of course there wasn't.

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Gruthsorik was interrupted before he got that far. She was sure he could force his tentacle into her mouth if he wanted to, he must have done so with countless other girls.

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In fact he probably would if she didn't submit soon. He was apparently giving her that chance, just to see if she would.

Something he does for all his victims, perhaps? Well, she did ask for this, after all. Claire slowly opened her mouth. The tentacle plunged into it, ramming down her throat. She started to gag, but it pulled back out just as quickly. It stayed in her mouth, fucking it in and out by a couple inches.

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The taste was unusual but not unpleasant, thankfully. She moaned into it, enjoying the new experience of having all three of her holes full at the same time. The tentacle forced itself down her throat again, and back out to her mouth. Now she understood. She wasn't able to deep throat, and most other women can't either. This was a compromise between violating her with as much of the tentacle's length as possible, and keeping her from vomiting.

It also made sure she would be able to breathe. She wished she could keep it down longer, even when gagging there was something strangely erotic about it. She could hear Gruthsorik moaning more and more, now that her own moans were muffled by the tentacle. The tentacles held her inside and out, owning her body completely.

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They pounded her ass, pussy, and mouth, squeezed her tits, and teased her nipples and clit. Her body strained against the tentacles that bound her, trying to thrash in the throes of passion, but they held her almost completely immobile.

Claire felt her orgasm building from deep inside, like an overloaded rope reaching its breaking point. Finally it snapped. Her back arched and her head went back, wave after wave of it washed over her and she screamed at the top of her lungs through the tentacle in her mouth until she ran out of breath. It was the longest and most powerful orgasm she'd ever had. Claire's body went limp as she came back down from the heights of pleasure.

Her mind had barely recovered when she felt the tentacles all tense up and shudder. Gruthsorik roared as they all started spewing thick white goo onto and into her. The tentacles within her exploded with demon cum, pouring it into her pussy, ass, and mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, gulping it down.

The other tentacles released their loads onto her body. The ones holding her arms shot jism onto her face and into her hair, and the ones around her legs aimed for her belly. Her breasts and crotch got their fair share as well, of course. There was a lot more cum from each tentacle than most known members of the animal kingdom, much less any human man, could produce in a single ejaculation.

Combined, it resulted in her being absolutely covered with it. It was a little more viscous than human spunk, too. The taste was similar, a bit tangier though. She knew that she should have been disgusted, but instead it was a tremendous turn on. The tentacles held her there for a while, still inside her but no longer moving. Some of the cum dripped from her body onto the floor as her beating heart slowly returned to it normal pace.

Finally Gruthsorik eased her gently down to the floor. The tentacles around her legs and arms loosened and pulled away, followed by the ones on her breasts. The tentacle withdrew from her mouth next, once it was gone her head rolled to the side and she coughed lightly, spraying demon spunk from her aching jaws.


Then she felt the tentacles slowly pull out of her pussy and ass. As they popped free of her tight holes, she felt keenly empty inside. Cum ran out from them and what she hadn't been able to swallow drooled from her open mouth as well. She laid there, her body coated in goop and a puddle of it slowly forming around her.

She was too exhausted to move, but also immensely satisfied. She had no idea how long she stayed there, she suspected that she fell asleep once or twice as well. Finally she gathered enough willpower to push herself up on her elbows.

Gruthsorik was gone. In the cell with her instead stood a man. No, wait, the shape-shifting. That was Gruthsorik after all. He finally had enough energy to use his disguise form and was showing it off. Claire broke the silence, "My God, that was unbelievable." "I'm glad you enjoyed it," Gruthsorik said with sincerity.

His voice was now a normal human pitch as well. She examined his human shape. He was fairly nondescript in appearance, wearing a plain shirt and slacks. The kind of guy you would never give a second look if you happened across him. The kind of guy a woman would never be afraid of if she took notice of him at all. Amazing.

"You form those clothes from your skin?" she asked. He shouldn't be able to do that. Add it to the list of things he shouldn't be able to do and does anyway. "Yes, and it took a lot of practice to be able to pull off," Gruthsorik responded. "That and altering my racial appearance for when I first ventured to a different continent." "Been around the world, have you?" Claire said. "Over the centuries, yes, I've seen quite a bit. Many countries, many cultures, and their women," Gruthsorik said with a lecherous grin.

"I'll bet," said Claire as she peeled herself up from the floor. The cum on her body was mostly still thick, only just now starting to show signs of drying out in a few places.

She moved a hand over her body, feeling it. "That was an impressive finish. Does that always happen?" "Oh yes," Gruthsorik said.

"Regardless of my primary needs, a good fucking is pleasurable to me on the physical level as well. Once I've got three tentacles in, all holes filled, I have to start holding it back. If the girl cums, I can't hold it anymore. If she doesn't, I last a little longer, but not much." Claire moaned a little as she was reminded of the tentacles unleashing their load on her. It was still exciting to be covered with the remnants of her thorough tentacle fucking, but she really should clean herself up.

She stumbled into the cell's shower and rinsed off. She dripped water on the floor as she crossed back to the cell exit, no longer timid about prancing around in the nude in front of her captive.

Before she left the containment room, she turned back to Gruthsorik and said, "Thank you. For that. You'd said you make it feel good but I had no idea it could be like that." "My dear, it was my pleasure as well. I'm just glad you finally came around." He was right. If she had known how mind blowing it was, she would have offered herself to him the day he arrived. Continued in Chapter 4: Sample - - - This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.